How to grow a Mother Plant & Clone Her


What's up GreenBox Growers and welcome back to another lit episode of GreenBox Grown! So today I am really excited to announce that I will be  starting my cloning and mother plant how to grow series, and the reason behind this is I just passed up my second patreon goal in the last month, so huge shout out to my Patrons who have been signing up as I couldn't be doing this without you guys! And now before I get started I got to tell you Guys as always to check out our MERCH at under the Merch and Smoke section, and of course don't forget to check out our patreon page if you're not already signed up. Where you can sign up for one-on-one growing advice from myself. All right now that you guys know we're doing today's video, let's get started! 

All right guys here we are in my garage with the set up where I'll be growing my mother plant telling and also where I will be growing the clothes once I cut them. So you'll see I've got this 2 by 4 grow tent and then I've got my to propagation and humidity domes which is where the cuttings will go. I'm going to be putting the cuttings into rockwool cubes, these are the 1.5 of 1.5 no 2in X 2in. And then I've also got myself some clonex rooting gel which will be my rooting hormone. So for the mother plant I will be growing it in either at 4 or 5 gallon smart pot with some Fox Farm ocean forest. And then here is of course the bloom Beast row light that I was talking about, that I got hooked up with by the people over at Bloom Beast. What's really cool about this light is it has 3 adjustable settings. 

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3 dial so you can adjust them so one for seedling here one for veg, and then flower. So I'm going to turn this guy on the show you So what I'll be doing is all the using this late for the entire grow from seedling all the way to veg for the mother plant and then I'm also going to use it for the clothes so I can show you guys versatile this light can be. And then of course if I decide to flower these clones and mother plant afterwards all use this light as well. So here we are with the seedling knob, so I guess it's just the middle lights there. And then you keep that on and go to the veg 1 once you're in veg, and it's adjustable so you can slowly adjust it and increase.  And then there's flower And you get those red lights. All right so that is the setup and that's what I'm going to be doing. Well actually let me go show you guys the seed right now that'll be growing into the mother plant.

All right all right so I'm going to be going this Limoncello Haze seed for my mother plant, so I just put them in the paper towel today so hopefully will be cracking open and ready to plant in the next couple of days which I will be planting this one into a rockwool cube as well. And a huge shout-out to Amsterdam marijuana seeds for hooking me up with these lemoncello Haze seeds, I'm really stoked about these genetics.

What's up green box Growers were back here 24 hours later and my lemoncello hay seed has germinated to the point where it's Taproot is just half an inch in length. So now I'm going to plan it into my rockwool Cube and get that into the seedling phase so let's check that out. Here we go with the Limoncello Haze Seed and I have this plate over the top because it helps keep the water in as well as keeps it dark which is helpful. So there we go yeah it's well over half an inch in length their the Taproot that is as you can see so very healthy and again this seed came from Amsterdam marijuana seeds as they hooked me up so huge shout out to them for that and this is their limoncello Haze. 

 All right so I have my rockwool cubes here the 2-inch by 2-inch blocks, and you're going to keep that rapper on the outside for now and then there is the whole it got a little here I'm going to get a different one is this whole got mashed in.  All right so this one still has a good home for the seed to go into, and the first step is to get your water PH that 5.8, so I've got a little bowl of that and I'm going to soak this rockwool cubes for 10 seconds. Once it's done soaking your not going to squeeze it or anything like that you're just going to shake it and take it out of there and then you're all done.

 All right so you can let it drip a little if you want it's going to be heavier because it's not full of water but that is good it's what you want, and now I'm going to put the seed in. So very important to do it root down and to be extremely gentle during this process, you don't want to damage the root or anything like that. It does sometimes get a little curled up like it has done here but you just want to slowly work it until you got it again Root Down and push it so it's below the surface and then you're going to want to cover that hole up so no light can get in. And I usually just smash it together like this. Just so you can so you don't see that root or seed in there anymore. And then you're good I'll write properly planted and time to put it into the tray and under the light. And again it's got the seedling heat pad underneath and you're also going to want to have some water in the slats of the tray. So I'm going to pour that from the bowl and you really only want the slots a little bit filled up so that the root can come down the rockwool cube and drink from it. You don't need it to be underwater or anything like that so just like this is good and that will help keep humidity high.

 All right so now you're going to want to Have a bottle of water that is pHd for misting the interior of the Dome as well as the seedling once it sprouts. So I've got the Dome all missed it and you want to make sure it's completely closed and sealed all the way around the edges as well as with the vents completely closed up top. Making sure the corners are pressed all the way down from the lid and now the seed is planted and all we have to do is turn the light on and we are good to go. I've got this about two feet above the plants on the 18 hours on 6 hours off timer, and I'm just going to turn the Seedling dial to 50% so we will see how they handle that.   Make sure the line is right above the humidity Dome and there we go, this will probably be sprouted up by the end of today or early tomorrow and I will be back to show you what that looks like.

 What app green box Growers here we are another 24 hours later And we will actually be seeing that the plant has sprouted do the rock woke you. It's a little bit on the yellow side and a little short because I'm guessing I have the light turned on too high so I dialed the light down a little bit even though it's on just the seedling setting, usually when they pop up they are Green we will actually be seeing that the plant has sprouted through the rockwool Cube. It's a little bit on the yellow side and a little short because I'm guessing I have the light turned on too high so I dialed the light down a little bit even though it's on just the seedling setting, usually when they pop up they are Green and this one is not super yellow it's just got some signs of light stress so.  

I didn't raise the light up I just turn the dial down a little bit and that was it, but I think nothing to worry about here. Humidity is really high and temperature is on point. I'm just misting the interior of the Dome as well as making sure there's just a little water down there for the rockwool cube to drink up. 

All right guys we are back 4 day 3 of being in the rockwool cube, and actually it started stretching little bit this evening did so what I did was starting lowering the light the bloom Beast a little bit, I have the dial turned on right now at 45% for the seedling 1 so I'm going to see at this Lower Height how that works. Just providing the same conditions misting with plain pH water and making sure there is water in that tray below. this one's dried up a little bit so I can put some more water in and then that's really it for now. Hopefully tomorrow we will see a lot more growth now that I lowered the light and you'll see that first set of serrated fan leaves has started to grow. It's just really small and the Cotyladon leaves have formed and the leaves have gone back to being fully green and healthy so we are back on track with everything. All right I will be back in 24 hours with another update where hopefully this guy is showing some vegetative growth.

All right green box Growers we are back another day later and I think I have figured finally figured out this light because it does well I've got it a lot closer as you can see and it is now allowing the seedling to get some good growth going. So here's a nice little close up it's got its first little set of serrated leaves there and she is now working on that next set keeping it moist in there and nothing crazy. Just making sure there's always some water in the tree below and then you're good.

Alright Growers here we are another day later and the seedling is actually ready to go into a solo cup up with some Fox Farm ocean Forest soil. So the supplies that you are going to need of course is your spray bottle with plain pH water at 6.3. you're going to want to Solo cup with plenty of drainage so I cut out holes with plenty of slits around all the edges. And then finally the fox farm ocean Forest potting soil, I'm going to be keeping this guy in the humidity Dome after transplant for now and I will show you guys now the root coming out of the bottom.  With the bloom Beast light I've got going here it's on the seedling stage at 100%. At this height that seems to be what's working best so you can see the foliage growing up top and we've got that second set of serrated leaves that is coming in and out of the bottom you can see that small root right there.

All right so I'm going to keep the light where it is for now, may raise it a little bit after transplant but the first step for transplant is you're going to want to take this rockwool Cube will actually I'm going to fill up my Solo Cup first so I like to fill it up so that once the rockwool cube is in here it is just about a quarter of an inch below the lid of the cup so you can cover it with some dirt and it's not too low. So I just like to fill it up about 3/4 of the way with soil and don't want to pack it, you want to keep it really nice and broken up and loose in the cut. So I'm going to say filling it up about that much is perfect and then what you're going to want to do is take a rockwool cube and remove the rapper around it. You want to leave it on while it's just in the queue but once you're going to transplant it's time to remove it.

 The best way to do that is with some scissors which I've got right here so yeah this guy got pretty tall Because I had the light to high up it just seem like a light that I could have further away but anyways. So now I'm just going to remove that and sometimes you'll see some routes it looks like you're just about to be poking out of there out the side and then they kept going back down. And then once you take it you can trash that and place the rockwool cube and place it in the soil so it's actually lining up pretty good like that. All right so fully transplanted in there covered up the top and filled in the sides where the rockwool cube wasn't sitting in the cut fill that up with soil and gently packed on top. So one thing is one thing is cool about putting it in the cup as you can shorten it if they stretched.  you can actually shorten up that stem by burying it and covering it was so oil so that way I can just grow roots and that way it won't be so lanky. Another thing is you can see how it is leaning to the side because it is so tall and lanky and you can fix that but I just kind of packing the soil to the side and helping it stand straight up.  

Now tomorrow this guy should look a lot better and have a lot thicker of a stem now that it's got the support system. So now the final step is to just give it of light watering and then I'm missing you just want to get those roots growing out of the rockwool cube. And that is normal for the soil to kind of fall off so that's why you want to do it kind of slowly and it's just kind of going to get used to the water since it's been so dry and it's packing itself in a little bit. It's pretty aerated right now since it's been dry. But be sure to keep it so that your plan is still standing up right after the watering and then give it a misting and you are all done. And I'm going to be keeping it in the same conditions and terms of heat and I'll be keeping it in the humidity down as I want that humidity to be high. I've got a little bit of water in the slats Below in the tray and that's it. I'm keeping vents closed for now but I will probably start opening them tomorrow in the video.

 What up GreenBox Growers I am back here for the next day of the cloning series and it looks like I really figured out the right height for this grow light as we are getting a lot of fast growth now. Again this is the limoncello Haze feminized and you can see these leaves are just blowing up now. So continuing with the mistings each day several times throughout each day and again keeping some in the bottom of the tray. And what I am watching out for right now is roots coming out of the bottom of the Solo Cup so of course not there yet but you want to keep an eye on that cuz once you are around that stage it's going to be close to time for transplant to this guy.  So going to put the Dome back over now that I missed it and as always I got to crack these open a little more each day so I am about a quarter of the way open for each of these. I'm going to leave it like that and that's really it for now.

What's up GreenBox Growers were back here a day later with the Limoncello Haze seedling which is really starting to take off. She's probably only a couple days away from her first nutrient feeding, so let's take a look here to see that new veg growth. So she's basically growing a new set of fan leaves each day. So looking really good and healthy to she's got one two three and working on her 4th set of fan leaves. So tomorrow or either the next day I will probably be giving her her  first nutrient feeding which will be at 1/4 strength.  I let the tray dry out today so I'm going to refill it a little bit and I'm going to give her a good misting here.

All right guys this is the very next day and she is ready for her very first nutrient feeding so let me show you before hand.  First off what's really nice as you can see how big and nice and thick and the stock of the plant is getting which is a great sign of a healthy and vigorous plant, which is of course what you want when you are cloning 1. So you can tell this is ready for nutrients because she's got this one set down here second third and now the fourth is just about to finish. So that's how you know she's just about ready for that nutrients feeding and tomorrow I will be transplanting into the big airpot. 

So the way you can tell she is ready for transplant is the four sets of fan leaves and of course the roots coming out the bottom but I don't want to transplant right after this nutrient watering so I'm going to do the water in, let it dry out for the next day and then transplant. So for a Seedling first nutrient feeding you want to do it with the ceiling and cuttings mix which on the fox farm feeding schedule is this first one right here. I do it at 1/4 strength since it's the first nutrient feeding, that's what's always worked best for myself, and then I always add Cal Mag so I'm trying to work up to 1 teaspoon per gallon of water. So that means a quarter teaspoon for this feeding. And then since I'm in regular soil with a fox farm ocean Forest I ph to 6.3.

All right guys I've got my nutrient mix right here in this cut it doesn't look very strong and that is of course good cuz you don't want to shock them with the first nutrient feeding. I've got this rockwool Cube here and that is something I will show you later with that is 4 and right now I'm just going to do the watering. So you're going to want to be sure to water all of that topsoil and you're going to want to get a decent amount of runoff so try and do it slowly there's going to be a good amount of spillage but that's alright because if it goes into the tray in the bottom it’ll just soak it up later. Just give it a good little watering there and then I'm going to leave some of the solution in the trade down below and that's really it for the water in, now just misting with the plane watering like I do everyday. Keeping the seedling light, I mean keeping the light just on the seedling mode for now I'll turn back on once I'm done transplanting.  

But anyways, now I'm going to show you guys what this rockwool cube is 4. So the nutrients feeding is done and I'm going to put the lid back on I've got water in the tray and you'll notice the vents are completely open and they have actually been fully open for the last two days I forgot to mention that. So now I'm going to move to the next stage which is having the tray propped open for the lid propped open with this rockwool Cube. So keeping the vents open and then doing that as well as going to help keep the plant used to the lower humidity climate.

What up GreenBox Growers here were are 24 hours and today is officially the day I'm going to transplant the Limoncello haze seedling into its final pot. So it's kind of passed the seedling phase now so it's not a Seedling anymore, it's more in the veg state so let's say it's about to start Week 1 of veg for this plant.  So in this video I'm going to show you guys the transplanting process and what I will be doing next 4 this future mother plant. All right now it's check it out. So I've got the air route spot right here in one thing I forgot to mention about this as you don't really have to put this on the table or anything since it self drains itself. And has that little lip at the bottom that keeps it off of the ground and allows the water too kind of flow out the bottom and out of the sides.

 All right GreenBox Growers I've got the pot filled up almost all of the way And I actually filled it up higher than I was saying because I like to do this little trick I've shown you guys before where I kind of been print a little pre-press spot with the cup.   so you wanted to be directly in the middle of the part of course and then you want it to be deep enough so that once in there is not going to be too high above the rim of the pot but it's not going to be below it either. All right so I've got that figure it out and you can see the little pressed whole right there. Hard to show you right now but there were roots coming out of the bottom here but they are now covered in dirt and that's how I could tell this guy was ready for transplant as well as the fact that it has over four sets of leaves. And you can see it's already sprouting some new tops right there under that first node. Pretty cool. And again this is the future mother plant for this grow series. 

So yeah I just loosen the soil around by squeezing the edges of the cup, put your hand over the top and flip it over and she will slide right out like that. Good shot of the healthy root Zone I mean there's tons going all the way around there and you guys can see. Now I'm going to just plan it straight into that hole, Bam. Now after your transplant you do want to give a plain water pH water at 6.3 for me since I'm in the fox farm ocean Forest so I'll be doing that just a second. But I would also like to mention I'm going to be the turning on the veg switch here of the grow light, so right now it's just been the seedling switch for what I'm going to do is raise this up to about three feet from the top of my now vegging plant. And I'm going to keep the seedlings switch on at 100% And I'm going to turn this dial on the veg dial to about 40% to get that started.

All right guys here we are with the finished lemoncello Hayes transplantation. You can see it's got about five sets of families now that the set came in real fast last night. Temperatures are we going to say the same around 75 degrees Fahrenheit you didn't want to keep it in the rain just like 72 to 78 right now and then humidity is going to be about 60 to 65%. Got the fan pointed kind of towards the seedling, if I have it blowing it directly towards the seedling it will kind of flip it out have the leaves blowing shaking to vigorously which is not good and will cause too much damage so I've got it so they are just fluttering and lightly dancing as you don't want them standing still. And what else oh yeah so I raise the light up as I couldn't get it to 24 in its about 21 inches from the top of the seedling.

Now what I'm going to do is turn on that veg dial so I've got the Seedling one on at 100% so you leave that on and then I'm going to turn this one on so it's on at about 35% for now since it's a little closer than 2 feet. Make sure it is directly above the plant and that is pretty much it. Still going to be misting the plant each day. like 3 throughout the day and then I'm going to give it that first watering now. So it's a plane pH watering at 6.3. Since you just transplanted you want to be very careful with the watering as you don't want to be disrupting the roots and moving the soil around so I recommend pouring from a smaller bottle like this one right here. You just want to get the soil kind of damp as you don't need to soak it or get run off. And what this will do is help the roots expand out into the new soil that it is now in. If there is no water out there then it will just stay to the center where the moisture is but getting this around it will help a lot.

 All right folks that concludes the introduction as well as seedling phase for my cloning and mother plant grow serious. I will be back shortly 4 week one of veg where I will start training this plant so that it grows bushy and properly so that it becomes a good mother plant. Now as always if you guys enjoyed the video don't forget to smash that like button and don't forget to comment below with your feedback or suggestions for other videos you want to see me film. Also don't forget to subscribe to the GreenBox Grown Channel and to turn on those notifications for updates on my latest grows.  As always, thank you guys for watching and until next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown