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What's up GreenBox Growers and welcome back for another lit episode of GreenBox Grown! Now today  kicks off week 5 for my  LST Autoflower series, and of course all of the plants are thriving and doing really well, but some are at different stages than others. So as you will see in this week's video some are still growing align terms of vegetative growth While others are already budding and are focusing on that part of their growth cycle.  

Now of course I'm going to go over each day of the week so those of you who are going along can continue to do that.  Now as always I gotta mention to check out our Merch at under the Merch and Smoke section and don't forget to check out our Patreon page at the link Down Below in the description so you can sign up for one-on-one growing advice with myself. All right now that you guys know what you're doing in today's video let's get started!

Alright Growers I'm out in the garage here for day 1 of the week and you can see first of all I've got my other grow tent set-up here, it's kind of a smaller one but I'm growing a Limoncello Haze seedling in there, and that's going to be my mother plant for my mother plant in cloning series. Or as soon as you guys can see I've got the 360 camera going in there.   but back to the auto flowers, they are actually ready for their next watering which is a nutrient feeding and I've got it mixed up right there. To cover that it's going to be the second week of flower mix on the dirty dozen, which is week 6 overall. So I'm doing. Drinks at this time since last time was 3/4 strength and it is pH to 6.3 and I've got my 1 teaspoons of Cal Mag per gallon of water.

This is actually a strong well a lot of additives are in this nutrient feeding so we should see a lot of good growth from it. Before I water them though I want to show you guys, since raising this light about 2 days ago these guys are starting to do a lot better, you can see the leaves are coming back up from that light burn and light stress, and the buds are starting to grow a lot as well. This one in the back here that's the blue Amnesia and then this is the other blue Amnesia, they are pretty small and I think it's because of the light stress kept it down low and they never really grew up that well, so they probably aren't going to get too much bigger than that. They may get a little larger we'll see I mean the buds will definitely get larger butt this probably won't be a good deal there, but this guy in the other hand is definitely blowing up with all of these different talks. It hasn't really started flowering yet I mean there is some signs of it but nothing much.

 Here is a good close-up of that and we actually do have some pistols going, but like I said still growing really tall And I think this guy in the back will be a really good deal there as well it's not super big but still getting out there. All right so now I'm going to do the nutrient watering which is again the second week of flower mix. All right I also forgot to mention that I also have about a gallon and a half mixed up here not a gallon and I will be giving that all to the plants. Giving them a really good soaking as always as each feeding is going to be more and more important as you get further into their life cycle. 

All right now the back ones. All right, so I'll let that soak in as usual. And then I will finish and just a little bit. All right guy said there you have day one up we 5 and I will be back in 24 hours for day 2 of the week.

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 What's up GreenBox Growers, we are back in the garage for day 2 of week 5. And I am really stoked again like I was saying the plants are growing much better, they are back on track and I think this Tangerine Dream and the front left is really going to yield a lot and it's actually starting to but a little bit. The other two that are flowering, their buds are looking really nice and Frosty see, they are probably not going to yield as much cuz I didn't get them to grows tall, but we're still going to take a look at those buds as they are growing. Here you can see that guy in the back right is still growing and doing a lot better, leaves are drooping anymore and it's starting to grow a little taller as well with little flower grows.

 This blue dream here in the front I'm really liking how her buds are coming along, it's going to focus on there, you can see the sugar leave starting to form, some nice try comes on their pistols are nice and white until and very sick, and there are some buds down here below that won't be too big in the end but like I said I learned a lesson with this light. I think we'll have a nice big nug here that will get really big and dense, as you can see filling out below but with time that will come. Here's the Tangerine Dream that's really blowing up like I've been saying, it's got about 10 main colas that are going to form on her, Orwell main 10 10 main types right now that will become colas. This is the big main one that is towering over the rest but these other ones will form some nice snugs as well.

 Back here this is the other blue Amnesia, so it's the to Tangerine dreams that are really tall and the blue amnesias,  as they are probably not the best trained to use low stress training on as they did not grow very tall. But they are starting to Bud as you can see, this one not as far along as the other blue Amnesia but still doing well, and there's a lot of nuggage under the foliage here, but only a few of those tops made it through the canopy.

Here you can see buds are starting to form but she's also growing a decent amount in terms of vegetative growth, as you can see she's kind of got a nice bushy shape going with about 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 I would same 8 main Tops This one being the best biggest main one. Alright folks I will be back in 24 hours for day 3 of the week hoping to see maybe some pistols forming a little larger here on this front Tangerine Dream as she is the furthest behind in terms of flour. All right but I will be back 4 day 3 and I will see you guys then peace.

What up GreenBox Growers we are back for day 3 of the week.  You can see I've got the lights up there hi still but anyways the plants are doing really well and I am super stoked on how this one has recovered here, this  tangerine dream in the back here.   the others are doing well, this one is going to have a big nice Cola with a few other buds on the sides this guy I don't know what's going on with this one back here it's really short, hopefully it will shoot up a little more so we can some more yield from it but looking like over there. Now this one over here is going to be really nice it's got about one two three, one two three four five six 7 and 8 main Taj, so that's pretty nice. And then this one you can see is by far the tallest and it's got this massive what was going to be a massive bud right here.  

And then 2 3 4 5 6 7 89 with a few others but 9 main tops with it a couple other medium size tops, so you're going to be a pretty nice yield. Soil is dry and inch deep, so they are ready for their next watering which would so be another plane pH watering at 6.3. Last time we did nutrients so this time I'm doing playing. All right so now I'm going to give them a watering, and the Tangerine Dream in the front over here is actually starting to flower now so I'm probably going to slow down and terms of vegetative growth and really just focus on the buds now. Let's see if I can get this to focus their I go anyways you guys get the idea it's starting to flower.

 All right so I'm going to do it a little differently this time and that I'm going to film from a more aerial perspective so you guys can see all those tops as well as how I am watering each plant individually. These guys can really take a lot of water now that they are getting bigger and their roots are really filling out the pot a lot more so you can really soak them. I'm probably getting about 20% runoff right now which is pretty good and try to hit the corners of the pot so those roots grow out as wide as possible. That's where they are going to help a lot. All right so now I will move on to this plant over here. And this guy is putting the most at the moment, as I've been saying, it's looking the best to in terms of the buds but I think this other Tangerine Dream in the front left here I think that's going to end up being the best in terms of  but quality and yields.

 All right so I'm just going to show you guys these two for today since you already kind of know the drill already and as always I'm going to let him soak a little bit  and then I'll give them another watering and you can already see there's a lot of runoff down there. But yeah it's pretty cool getting an aerial view because it gives you an idea of how wide the plants really are and how big their footprint really is. Let's see if I can get a good one this back right plant yeah it looks like the to tangerine dreams are really coming out on top and then it's the blue Amnesia seeds and of course it's my fault with the powerful light having it too close for too long there.   But it seems like The Tangerine Dream seeds were able to handle it better.  All right guys that concludes day 3 of week 5 and of course I will be back in another 24 hours for day 4.

What app green box Growers and welcome back 4 day 4 of week 5. Are at so as you guys probably already noticed as I've got my shades on and that is because of how strong the LEDs are, after a while of being in here with a grow tent open and no shades on, your eyes will start to get really sore and it's just really bright and hard on them. So I ordered a pair of sunglasses that are made specifically for wearing in Grow rooms with LED and HPS lighting. And I will be doing a video review for you guys wants that arrives,But in the meantime I'm just going to be using these Shades and I recommend you guys use some sort of eye protection or tented Shades while in your grow room size as well.

 So professional Growers always use these because people who don't they eventually lose their sight or it gets very weak, and it can also cause severe headaches because of how Right the lights are and if you're in there all day or even just for 30 minutes you will really notice a difference. So definitely wear some eye protection and now let's check out how these plants are doing today. You can see of course you can see my Superstar TNG dream in the front left here is just doing amazingly and she's flowering now. Slowing down on the bench gross but still getting some more height out of those tops. This is going to be for sure my highest yielder, And saying that the other Tangi dream that one is doing well also. It was a little hot in here earlier so lowered the temp so that so that they can get back to where they want to be.

 This bud is really fattening up here under these leaves, so that will be a nice big one there with a couple small ones. And of course this guy in the back the other Tangerine Dream doing really well. And the to Blue amnesia's they are doing really well too it's just that light that I had to close to them really made it so they didn't grow Too Tall, but next time around now that I know how they are in terms of being Sensitive to that light so I'll be able to get closer to this kind of growth which is what I was aiming for with all four of them of course.

 All right so pretty exciting now that this one is starting to flower and should start some good growth and terms of Bud growth over the next week. These other guys are flowering pretty nicely as well too and they seem to be progressing almost daily. All right salt before I go real quick I wanted to show you guys one of the spiders has actually taken up residence in my Tangerine Dream back here. I don't know if you guys can see him right there under that little top in the shade right there kind of. Yeah so definitely guarding this grow room which is what I want but eventually I'll have to get them out of there when I want to harvest but yeah just wanted to show you guys that, spiders are our friends. Of course I will be back in 24 hours for day 5 of the week, and until then I hope you guys enjoy your grows at home.

Alright Growers we are back 4 day 5 of week 5 and you can see I've started lowering the lights back down that the plants are no longer having any issues with light stress. So what I'm doing this for is once they are in flour you want start moving the lights closer so they can get more power and they will get more Bud growth that way, otherwise the plants will eventually grow smaller Buds and kind of stretch up to the lights causing them to have weaker stems, and they can tend to fall over and not be able to hold up their own way or the way that the buzz. So I'm just starting this first one and if they showed start to show signs of stress I will move them up a little more, but if not then I will keep going until I am as close as I can be.

 you also always want to put your hand at the same height as the top of your plants once the light is at your desired level and if your hand is too hot for the heat is too much for him to handle, that means it is too close because that means your plant won't be able to handle that slight either. So that's a good test for figuring out if you are too close or not. So just check the soil and it is dry heave so they are ready for their next watering which is a plane pH watering, this will be the second one since their last nutrient feeding. So that is what I will be doing today's video.

 the biggest change of course is lowering the lights that is very important of course for flower of course so be sure to do that once your plants are budding. So before I do the watering I just wanted to give you guys a little update on each of the plants and how their buds are doing. So this Tangerine Dream is really starting to flower now, a little further than the rest but you can see it's got some nice white pistils forming and it's right there Pass that transitional phase add flour. Now this blue Amnesia plant is a little further along as you can see the buds have developed a little more, still really white with the pistols they are not really orange you yet and you can see the buds are fattening up below the canopy here. For the swimming pool as well as for the others.

 This is the other Tangerine Dream in the back here and it's buds are a lot further along than the other ones, they are really developing nicely with those white trichomes or pistols as well. But I think this guy this one is probably just a week ahead of the other Tangerine Dream, now course this is the second blue Amnesia and here Nice little close up and it's getting Frosty as well like the other blue Indonesian here. But again those two plants stayed pretty short while you can see my Tangerine Dream plans got really tall almost two to three times taller. Let me give you guys a good comparison shot there you go. Now this Coley here of course is going to be the largest as it's the tallest and we'll get the most light, but these other ones will still be plenty of large. All right now I'm going to show you guys how I water this one Tangi in the front since several times before.

It's the same process except this time I'll be using about two gallons total, they are drinking a lot more than they have been so each plant is getting just about half a gallon maybe a little more for the big ones. All right so we got to do these two in the front here so that's what I'll show you and again playing pH water at 6.3 this is the second watering since last nutrients so one more plane watering and then I'll do the next nutrient feeding. And as you guys are probably already noticed Autoflowers really get a whole lot of nutrients since they don't get too large and because they have such a short life cycle. But that's all right,  as you can see you can still grow them really big and strong without them. Again each of these plans are going to get about a half gallon total each because they are really getting their root system going now and they are going to drink that all up. And because they are getting bigger and getting more full age of top as well.

 All right so as usual I'll give him a second watering One Stop first one has soaked in, but that will be it for today's video. You guys got a check out at the pistols on this Tangerine Dream back here, I mean they are absolutely perfect and perfectly white, standing straight up. No curling or burning to the tips just super healthy and a great sign of what is to come. Some really nice buds. And they are already starting to smell really sweet and Citrusy. Tomorrow I will be back 4 day 6 of the week and you will definitely I mean these buds are starting to take off on this Tangerine Dream, so that tomorrow we will see a difference in all of these guys. All right I'll be back in 24 hours.

 What app green box Growers and welcome back today 6 of week 5. So as you guys can see I've got my new pair of grow glasses on and these are specifically made for protecting your eyes while in the grow room and working with very bright lights, whether it's HPS, metal halide or even LED lights. So if you're going to be around your plans you're growing in your room at least once a day, I recommend picking up A pair of these as they are only 10 or 20 bucks and it's really going to save your eyes. Like I said if I'm working in the grow room for a while I'll get a headache or just a very funny feeling and I can tell it's just really hard on my eyes. It just feels like they're really worn out almost afterwards. So I've got these from Mars hydro and as you can see they Protect the sides and I've got them listed under the lighting section on my website so feel free to check that out. The plan since I lowered the light a few inches are doing really well and I will give you a close up on them in just a sec, but I lowered this light another 2 inches today.

 you can see here with this Tangerine Dream, so I this is the tall  Tangerine Dream, the superstar in the front. Now you can see all those branches you're comparing to hold these massive but they're starting to grow so it's no longer focusing on foliage growth and are now focusing on fattening up the stones and hardening them. So that they can withstand the weight of these bud. So you can see this pistol starting to form, looking a little scraggly right now I'm not looking As big or thick as the other ones. Let's see if I can get this to focus, but that's just because this one is still pretty early on compared to the others. Definitely getting those pistols growing though and looking really good. You can see this Baby's got a ton of different toss that will become main colas but this one in the middle is really going to be the big Mothership bud.

 you can see these guys they're developing further and they're not going to get much yield like I keep saying but at least I'll get high-quality Bud from it. Same with the other one that's short in the back the other blue Amnesia over there. Not really worth looking at right now, but the other Tangie dream is doing spectacular and you can see when we get a close-up the white pistils as they are called which are the first formations of the buds you can see just how tall the ones on this plant are getting and how much they are sticking up straight. Just really thinking clear and that's just a great sign sorry not really clear but milky and that's just a sign of big healthy buds to come. No water today so it was still wet from yesterday's pH watering.

 Conditions are the same as always, Right now it's at 70 so it's a little cold and terms of temp so I'm going to get that up there and then for humidity I'm going to try and keep it in the low 50s for now. All right so one more thing I'm going to show you guys before I go for today is I'm going to show you guys the different but that these glasses make. So you can see here how purple everything is here which is the light that's hard on your lies and then here we are with the glasses and you can see it's like there's no LED light there. but anyways just To give you guys an idea of what it look like when you got your grow lights on and see doctor strain.

All right girl rows were here for the last day of the week and the buds are starting to fill out really nicely on some of the plants, they are ready for their next playing watering today so that's what I'll be showing you guys and as always I lowered the lights a couple more inches each,And you can see I'm not harming the plants as they're reacting just fine to Lower Lights and they're not drooping like before because I'm slow or lowering it. And they have had time to adjust. So like I said soil is dry and inch deep so they are So they're ready for their next to watering which is going to play this plane pH watering at 6.3. I've got about two and a half gallons mixed and that's probably going to be enough for all of them split evenly between all four. As they get bigger and further into the flowering process they will continue to need more and more water. Especially this big guy here since it's so large. So don't forget to increase that and give them what they need as you don't want to be under watering them at this point. You also want to be very careful about stressing your plants now that we are in the flowering process. 

This is where you want to make no more mistakes I mean you really don't ever want to make mistakes with your grow but this is where you really want to lock it in. Keep the temp correct you don't want to be watering too frequently so make sure the soil is dry enough when you get to that point as you don't want to be over watering.  All right so buds are developing really nicely on all these plans and I'm going to start the first Tangerine Dream here which is the earliest in the flowering stage in the least development thus far but it is coming along nicely what has started. All right this one again is going to be the biggest yielder as you can see has the most tops and they are all really tall. Now this guy is further along as you can see or this lady as you could I could say. You can see it smaller but the buds are getting really Frosty and really dense and just a second ago I took my finger and wipes y'all in the bud to get a little sniff and it started to smell really nice.

Now the Tangerine Dream in the back here is starting to flower really nicely already like I was showing you guys the other day those pistols are really standing up and are nice and white and thick like I was saying is a good sign of what to come and they are starting to get Frosty at the tops 2. You can see the bud starting to fill out underneath the canopy as well which is good because you don't want short colas up top, you want them to be really long and go down into the canopy. And then there is this guy which is a little bit of a disappointment but we will see but the buds are getting pretty fat under there actually so hopefully it gives us something good but yeah this one didn't get too tall neither of the blue amnesia. All right guys to know I'm going to give them their plane pH watering.

All right here's a nice aerial shot of the footprint it's got and how wide it is growing with all of those Tops This one usually takes the most watering which would make sense just based on being the largest. But still the rest still have to get their water as well. And again this is the 3rd pH watering since last nutrients so that means the next watering will be the next nutrient feeding it's also important to keep up with nutrients during the flowering phase, you don't want to overdo it of course, but they can help you increase those yields a decent amount. So stay on top of that for sure. And there we go, I'm not going to show you guys the other two plants getting watered because you already know how that goes, but that is the final shot there for week 5. Damn, so they are all looking good and next week will have a lot more in terms of budding and these guys should really start filling out, especially as soon as you dream in the front. All right guys so that concludes day 7 of week 5.

 All right GreenBox Growers above the low stress training Autoflower series, and I will be back in a week or two with week 6 where we will see a lot more in terms of Bud development and seeing those buds fatten up. If you guys enjoy the video please smash that like button and don't forget to comment below with your feedback or suggestions for future videos you'd like to see me do.   Also don't forget to subscribe to the GreenBox Grown channel to turn on those notifications for updates on my latest rows. As always thank you guys for watching and until next time…

Happy Growing!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown