Week 4 LST Autoflower Grow Series


What's up GreenBox Growers and welcome back to another lit episode of GreenBox Grown. So today I'm going to be starting week 4 of my LST Autoflower series, and this week we will see a lot in terms of the vegetative growth as well as flower grows because they are now transitioning over into the flowering phase. Before I get started with this week's video I want to remind you as always to check out our merch at green box grown.com under the merch and smoke section. 

And don't forget to visit our link Down Below in the description to check out our patreon page where you can sign up for my cannabis growing classes, where I will teach you everything you need to know about home growing and how to grow the best bud possible. All right now that you know what we’re doing in this weeks video, lets get started!

All right bro as we are outside here in the garage, and it is day one of the week and I'm going to give you a close up on the plants to show you how they have progressed since the last video. So you can see they are all getting really tall now, they are not ready yet for a watering and the last watering I did was a nutrient feeding. But like I just said they are getting a lot taller and are mostly starting to flower. This one is the one that is still yet to start, but the other three with this one being the farthest a long are definitely starting to show signs of those pistols for me, which is what those white hairs are or those little white thing sticking up at the center of each top.

 So they are still going to go a long ways and terms of vegetative growth and these are autoflowers so they do flower early on but that doesn't mean that they will be this short when they are done.   So I am expecting these guys to add a couple feet and height each before they finish up. Temperature is still 75 degrees Fahrenheit and with the humidity it lowered a little bit so it's still around 55 to 60% now. And again no more LST training or low stress training. I'm just going to let these guys grow up so you can see how long each of these thoughts really are now that they've had some time to grow. And they are all coming right from the center of that canopy.

Like I said these guys are going to continue to shoot up in height, but they are also going to start to develop a lot in terms of Bud, so I'm very excited now for this part. They are kind of talk the transitional phase except for this guy, all right so it looks like our little spider friend is making an appearance in this week's video. And again I am just keeping, well there's a couple of spiders crawling around in here actually but that's the only one around right now. But like I said the reason I keep it around in the tent because it prevents passed by eating them,  and if he does spend any webs which this doesn't look like the one that does, but if they do just brush them off and you are good to go.

 Another Important part of the start of flower as well as love whole flowering phase, is to have great air circulation and air movement. So you want those families fluttering, but you also want a lot of fresh air exchange coming into the tent so you don't have stale air moving around and that breeze is great for preventing things like mold as well as past from landing on your plants. If they do happen to get your grow room, but important to prevent that all together. and also the breeze or the fluttering helps with strengthening the branches and line them to grow taller with heavier Buds.  Alright guys I will be back in 24 hours with day 2 of the week, peace.

All right green box Growers we are back 4 day 2 of week 4 and you can see the plants are no longer showing signs of light stress and they are also ready for their next watering so in this video I will be doing their next plane pH watering at 6.3. Temperature is still well it is still a little high about 80 81 Fahrenheit, should be closer to 75 degrees. I have the carbon filter going now that they're starting to smell a little bit and that is also helping with air regulation and exchange. You can see these branches here really starting to shoot up and are really tall and lengthy so I might be lowering the light just a few inches, well actually I did just lower it a few inches so I will see how they react to that and tomorrow I will reevaluate and lower again.

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 So you can see right now they are all just getting taller so I will put the camera about ground level and you can see their about a foot and a half to two feet and height right now. And they're going to get a lot taller as well as a lot more Bud growth, so now let's do that plane pH watering, and I have just over a gallon mixed up and I think at this point they're going to be able to use all of that up.  So it's going to be a pretty good watering this time. All right so here we go, and while I am watering I would also like to mention that my 360 degree camera just came in today in the mail and so now I'm going to Start filming some of these plants and the series with that camera, it will be a second option that you get so you will be able to watch this normal version and then you will also have the second version with the 360 capability. 

So I will have the camera in the middle of the tent so you guys can kind of look around at two different plants and see those buds as they're growing, and that will be a really cool feature to add to her videos. So these ones were pretty overdue for a watering and you can tell because it's going right through meaning the soil is super dry right now but as always be very gentle water slowly a little bit at a time, as you don't want to move that soil around too much and you definitely don't want to disturb those roots. All right so I'm just about finished here,  and remember I no longer misting the plants just watering.   All right that is it I'll be watering a little more in a second just going to let that soak in.  Again I would like to know how these branches over on this planet are really stretching and getting really tall, and that's a good thing because that's going to lead to a much bigger Buds and that is exactly what we want to happen. All right so I will be back 4 day 3 of the week in another 24 hours, peace!

What up GreenBox Growers I'm back here for day 3 of week 4. So 2 big changes, first I turned up the amount of light these guys are going to get each day, so instead of 18 hours they are up to 21 hours of light each day, and then 3 hours of Darkness each day.  Second thing is I added a second row light in here, and this is just optional but now that they started to flower I decided to add this Mars Hydro 96 reflector light and that is just because these guys put off a lot of good flowering wavelength light. Really purple light so that will help these guys bud and both of the lights are high enough so all of the plants are under both Footprints of both lights. So they are all getting equal amounts of lighting from each.

Now I watered these yesterday with plain pH water, so they are good for now and they will probably be ready tomorrow since it's a little bit hotter in here with the two lights and I mean these guys are starting to grow pretty fast in terms of  height wise, but I think with the second light they are going to start going  even faster. So because they are getting really bushy I decided to spread them out even further than before. Here is a good aerial view to give you guys a good idea of how big they are really getting. So they have more space between each other now so they can spread out and get bigger,  temperature still the same around 75 degrees Fahrenheit, and humidity is in the 55 to 65% range. All right guys I will be back in 24 hours for day for the week.

 What up GreenBox Growers we are here for day 4 of the week, and as you can see these plants are ready for their next watering. It's going to be a plane pH watering, And this will be the second one since the last nutrient feeding so this means one more of these until the next nutrient feeding. Now is always on p a chain at 6.3 and left her pH monitor on there so I just turned it off, and another thing I'd like to point out that I lowered the lights even further so yesterday I talked about How I turn the light schedule up to being 21 hours on  and 3 hours off each day.

 Now I have the lights close to about 26 in from the tops of the heist parts of these plans. And I've still got those lights going, and another thing I want to point out is like I was saying yesterday also with this new lighting it's going to be warmer and the plants are going to be drying out a lot faster, and you can see all of these leaves that are drooping that is because the plants are very thirsty right now and need a lot of water. So this can also be a sign of over-watering but they're going to look different as they will be more rigid and curled. And these ones are more droopy and look kind of Life list, so that's how you tell that it's under watering and not overwatering. You can see over here with this guy the that it is to the point that the leaves are actually laying in the soil so I'm going to water them and it usually only takes like  15 to 30 minutes before they stand back up. 

But you don't want to go too long like this and you want to you don't really want that to happen very frequently, so I just wanted to show you guys what it looks like when they are really thirsty and ready for watering. So in terms of growth all of these main Tops on these plants are starting to get really tall. And this guy over here for whatever reason I think this is the blue Amnesia, yeah, for whatever reason this one top just seems to want to grow up and maybe these guys will do it later. But with all the other plants you can see all the tops are growing evenly, so looking really good and you can see here even a top is lying down that's how much water it needs. So I'm going to give these guys some water now so that they will stand back up and perk back up for us.

All right all right so now that these guys are going to be going through water a lot faster, I'm going to be giving them more water each feeding, so I've got about a gallon and a half maybe a little more than that, and I'm going to give each of these plants, I'm going to split that between each of these plants are all four of them. So is always you are going to want to give them a quick soaking and let that go and soak to the  bottom before giving it some more. And you're just going to want to evenly water all of the topsoil, now with the leaves that are laying in the dirt I'm going to pull those up after watering so they are not just laying there or that will damage them and cause other issues with the plant. So don't just let them lay there and soak in the soil as that will kill them and possibly cause some mold to form or some sort of powdery mildew.

 There they go that's their first soaking, I'm going to let that soak in and then I'll be back  to finish giving them the rest of this water. I'll also come back with the shot when they perk back up so you can see what that looks like, so I'll be back for that shot and that will probably be another 30 minutes before they perk up. All right here we are just an hour later and the leaves have started standing back up for most of the plants, you can see they're still a little droopy back there but definitely better than before. Probably just going to take a little longer for these guys to get back to Standing full up right. Cuz they were probably just really underwater.

 You can see these guys are starting to get up and are getting taller and catching up with this main branch here, and the ones in the back they are starting to get taller as well now. I think that new Mars Hydro is going to help them too, and then this guy seems to be doing the best out of all of them, still growing a lot in terms of vegetative growth, And they're still going to get a lot more bigger,  all of them will actually. But yeah here they are an hour later like I was saying and they are just about back to standing fully up right. So I will be back in 24 hours for day 5 the week. peace guys!

All right Growers word back for day 5 of the week and the plants are still growing up words really well.  They got a little yellow, a little light burn as you can see with this guy right here,  the talk to Yellow Toad and the leave cruel down a little bit, so I just pulled the light back up, this thing is a little finicky with distant so I just decided I'm going to keep it up there for the rest of the grow unless by some miracle these guys are going to handle the light up close really well. So I'm just going to keep that 900 watt LED up high and besides that everything else is the same, you can see there are a lot less droopy and terms of the under watering, and the leaves are curled down a little bit because of the light intensity but those should perk up now that I've raised them. 

They are getting taller a lot taller actually so that is good, and you can see this guy is just starting to flower as well, so they should all be progressing really well in the next couple of weeks. And then here's just a quick aerial shot to show you guys the different tops and how they are growing and then of course temperature and humidity are the same. Got to keep a lot of good airflow going with a breeze so these guys flutter and they flutter a little more once the door is closed and there's better circulation going around. But besides that they are all good and I will be back in 24 hours per day 6 of the week, all right please guys!

All right green box Growers, we are back 4 day 6 of week 4 and you can see I've got my 360 camera going in the middle there and this back right Tangie plant has kind of taken a turn for the worst over the last couple of days here and what it looks like is the signs kind of look like over-watering by the way. The leaves are tightly curled under but as you can see in the soil is completely dry. So the issues light burn and light stress and it is because I had this light to close, with LEDs it'll take a few week sometimes before the plants really show signs that they are being affected. 

So I just decided to raise the 900 watt all the way up to the ceiling and I hopefully after a water today and the plant takes up that water, hopefully those leaves stand back up or at least in the next few days. I've also been talking to a few people who've been growing the Tangerine Dream genetics before and they said they are pretty Sensitive to light in, so that is another reason why that would be happening, but as you can see the other plants are doing really well especially this guy right here. Just shooting up really tall and this one starting to catch up a little bit, and then the one in the back I'm hoping will do so now as well since the lights have been raised.

All right so today is the third plane pH watering since the last nutrient feeding and I've got about 10 gallons, sorry I've got about 2 gallons mixed at 6.3. All right now I'm just going to give them a really good watering as they are pretty dry, the soil is pretty dry right now and with the light stress they tend to take up more water and where nutrients so it's good to feed a little extra to help curb that problem.  

You'll notice the leaves look a little bit, the affected leaves from the light stress look a little bit dried out, that's a normal sign and the curling down you'll notice it's the leaves at the very top there curling down and you also knows that the centers of those tops it's really yellow, so those are kind of the signs of how you can tell it's not over watering but instead it's kind of light burn or light stress. As well as the fact that the soil is completely dry so it can't be over watered. All right so now I'm just going to Water this last guy in the back here and then we will be all set.  All right guys now they are completely watered and I will be back in 24 hours for day 7 of the week.

What app green box Growers and welcome back 4 day 7 a week 4. So as of today the plants are looking a lot better since I've raised the light up last night, and you can see I've got it pretty much all the way to the roof. And it was the back right to Angie here that was affected the most by those drooping leaves and the yellowing at the tops but those leaves are actually starting to stand back up there were standing up more earlier today and then as the day went on, they kind of went down a little bit. And that's just because they get tired towards the end of the day since they are recovering. 

And there's still a lot of light going on and here, but I'm hoping by tomorrow they'll be all the way back up to full standing. You can see that's the only plant where it's happening,  I mean this one was doing it a little bit but it's much better now. This guy the front right and then the back left, they seem to be flowering more than the rest or having a little less veg growth while this Tangie dream is still really kicking in terms of bed growth. So you can see it's really getting some tall tops going and I mean this is the best one out of the group I would say.  This one's pretty tall in the back here in this flowering but as you can see it has that light burn going so that's kind of affected it, but these guys will probably be ready for their next watering tomorrow, which will be a nutrient watering. And again I'm doing 21 hours of light and 3 hours of Darkness each day, I've got temp right in that 70 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit rain, and humidity is a little low right now it's at 35% it should really be up to 50. So maybe adding a humidifier here a little later on.

 One thing really quick, since humidity is really low I added a bowl of water into the grow room, and that will help increase the humidity as long as temperature is in the upper 70s just because the high heat will evaporate and then increase humidity in the grow room. And that's a good way to do it once your plans are in flour if you don't want to be missing them, so just added a bowl of water and then tomorrow I'll show you guys what that's done. It's already been in here for a little bit and you can see it's gone from 35 to almost 40% so we'll see how high it increases by tomorrow.

 All right guy said that is officially the end of week 4 and we got a lot of growth like I said coming out of this guy over the course of this week I think we'll see a lot more of the rest of the plans, now that the lights are a lot higher. But some of them have started flowering so they only have so much time left. We'll see what happens, I think this guy this Tangie dream in the front left here is really going to be the highest see older out of all of them since it did the best with the LST, and I guess I would say I learned my lesson and terms of using this 900 watt LED here and how close it's going to be too the plants as you can see by the sky in the back.   All right I'll see you guys another 24 hours for the start of week 5!

 Alright Growers that concludes week 4 of the Autoflower LST series. And I will be back very shortly with week 5 in about a week or two for that video. If you guys enjoy the video please give it a thumbs up and comment below with your feedback or with any ideas for future videos you would like to see. Also don't forget to subscribe to the GreenBox Grown Channel And to turn on notifications for updates for notifications on my latest grows. As always thank you guys for watching and until next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown