Week 3 LST of the Autoflower Grow Series


What's up GreenBox Growers and welcome back to GreenBox Grown! Now today I'm going to be starting week 3 of my LST Autoflower series, and this entire video is going to cover that each step of the way so you guys can continue to follow along. This week I'm going to let the plants continue with their beds growth and I will also be giving them their third nutrient feeding, and for the time being I have caused the low stress training to let those branches grow up in length. I will be giving you more details about that in this video though.

 Before we get started I want to mention as always to check out our merch On the official GreenBox Grown clothing page under merch and smoke. And also don't forget to check out the link Down Below in our description to sign up for one-on-one growing advice with a grow expert such as myself or I'll guide you each step of the way from seed to harvest so you can get the best results possible from your plants. Alright, now that you guys know what we're doing in today's video, let's get started!

All right folks here we are 4 day 1 of the week, and the plants look like they are ready for their next watering but before I get into that I want to show you your their progress from yesterday from the last video. Raising that light up to 33 inch or 32 I forget exactly has really helped a lot and I may raise them even further.  But they are really starting to take off up word and you can see the flowering has really officially begun. So for now the only training I will be doing is kind of the individual training without tying down the branches, just like that. Because now that they have started to flower I really want them to just be growing up and not be trying them down, or just going to get a lot of really short branches with small buds on them.   

So training has officially just about finished I might try this one down over here, but all you really want to be doing right now Is all those tops that you created, you now just want to try and keep them separated so they all have their own little space to grow big buds in. So this guy's kind of towering over these two down here but those look like they are growing to grow out and make it. 

Training them into the sunlight will help a lot as well, so check the soil and it is dry down below there so it is ready for their next watering. This is the second watering since their last nutrient feeding so it'll be another plane pH watering at 6.3. And you should be soaking them pretty well at this point, to the point that you are getting runoff out of the bottoms. And is always guys you want to be very careful when watering so you don't disrupt the roots and move the soil around too much.

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 So I like to give each plant a little soaking and then go to the next one and then I will come back to that plant once that first fed of water has had a chance to soak in  And go down below. And then after this I will be missing the plants lightly.  Now I probably will be stopping the misting of the plants pretty quickly here now they're showing signs of flower, but not just yet. And you can see these babies really needed a watering because the soil is so dry that the water is actually staying on top for a second, but that's all right.  Okay now give them a second watering and a little bit here but for now I'm just going to miss them, and we're going to start to see a lot of good growth now that that light is back up and we will also see that bud growth coming in really nicely. So I'm very excited for that.  All right cuz that just about concludes day one of the week, but before I go I want to mention first of all that 4 temperature I'm still keeping it at 75 degrees Fahrenheit and trying to keep it in the range and at least 72 about 78 degrees and humidity keeping in the range of 50 to 60%. It can be 55 to 65 to as that's a good range, and now that they are officially starting to Flower a decent amount, I'm going to turn on the bloom switch or the flowering switch on my grow light, so both switches are going to be running from here on out. And that's going to just give them the full spectrum of light to help get them growing on those buds a little better. All right that's it for today and I'll be back 4 day 2 of the week in about 24 hours, peace guys.

 What's up GreenBox Growers, so after the last shot I actually went on a last minute vacation down south. So this is actually two and a half days later not 24 hours later, so we are on day three Almost day for here of the week. What's really cool as I just watered before I left for my trip  so they were totally fine while I was gone. I had some automation stuff set up on my phone so I could keep an eye on temperature and humidity and make sure the lights were working, but other than that it was really easy to be gone for a couple of days and now I'm going to show you guys what the plants look like now that I'm back.

All right so I've already got the plain pH water already mixed at 6.3, and I've got the gardening soft I as well as the paper clips I'll be using to tie it.   So what I'll do is the LST before I do the watering and misting, and this you'll see they have definitely started flowering, some are further ahead,  this one is definitely the furthest ahead but you can see the pistol starting to form of top there. So I'm going to stop misting after today this will be the last one, and let's see if I can get a better close up on that. 

There you go, so definitely starting to flower they're still going to grow a lot in terms of veg grow, and the training I'm going to be doing today isn't going to be as much as telling them down as it is going to be like bringing them out into the open like this one so they're a little more spaced out.  It's not going to really be too much more training after that. All right so let's get started with the training.

All right so I'm going to start with this Tangerine Dream right here in the front left. As you can see these tots really exploded up in the last couple of days while I was gone. These were all just only an inch or two taller before I left, so this is the main one that started in the very beginning and the rest of these are the ones that are grown up 4 below the canopy. What I'm thinking is I'm just going to bring this guy down a little bit and the rest I'm just going to train but not tie. And then that'll probably be it, and for these other ones like this one in the back right this Tangerine Dream, I'm probably going to tie this top one more time down just because it is still covering up all those mean guys down below.

This one here I'll try this man top down one more time and I'll probably it, and then that'll be the same with this guy over here. All right now I'm going to get start with that training.  As always I'm just going to take a piece of my gardening soft hi, and clip that off to turn it into the hook shape. And I might be able to use the same paper clip that's already down there, all right here we go turn this part into the hook and then listen to the Anchor. I'm just going to pull this guy down like that and then I'll also Loop it like this a little more just to get a better hold on. And then I'm just going to get a new paper clip pull that down like that and clip it on. And that's it!  Perfect!

All right so that'll Grow Up by tomorrow, and now these ones I'm just going to do the 3 finger LST training on them just to bend them out and Away. They'll grow right back up just a little further away from the middle so they have their own little space and I'll actually have to start separating these pots a little bit because plants are starting to overlap and get into each other's sunlight space. Sorry grow light, there’s no sunlight in here!  

But yeah so look at this one, too this one has to new tops going, so that's 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10, 11 about 12 almost on that guy! Arts and I'm going to try these other ones down and I'll be right back. All right here we are all finished with the LST for today and to be honest this will probably be the last one. But you can see this guy this main top right here I just trained with my fingers, Didn't tie it down, but this one back here are tied this Mane top down as you can see and I made sure to have the wire around the branch where there was no buds growing or no tops growing out. you can see there was some buds growing there so I brought it right below so that was the only new one I tied down. Main top right there. And the rest of these ones are going to grow up really well now.

 Did the same thing over here with this main top just pulled it down and then expose all these ones underneath. So they are all going to is completely shoot up and like I said that'll probably be the last time I do this, I also had a pretty big now. So now I'm going to give them their plane watering and misting.   All right thanks as always this is just plain water pH at 6.3 and that is cuz I'm growing in. Fox Farm ocean forest, and the fox farm ocean Forest is good at buffering pH but 6.3 is a good one to water at as well so I just go that way. So be sure to consistently so call of the soil at this point. You should be getting about 5 to 10% runoff out of the bottom of the pots maybe a little bit more. And don't just water and one spot make sure to get all of this oil and to be gentle with the leaves you don't want to be watering you know all of the tops, you just want to be watering the soil below.

 Or I should just about finished here and then I like to use a wet vac to vacuum up the water runoff, you can leave it in here if you want but that will raise the humidity but it will eventually evaporate.  All right so I'm going to let that soak in and then I'll give them a little bit more, but in the meantime I'm just going to miss them for now and I will be back in 24 hours with tomorrow's update. Also I've got the light raised about 3 feet above the plants and that seems to be helping a lot and I have the fans turned up a little more now that the plants are bigger as you want to keep those Fan Leaves dancing. Kind of fluttering lightly in the Wind.

What up Growers were back 4 day 5 of the week, and this is 24 hours after the last shot. The training I did on the plants work out really well as you can see they have grown up a lot and they are getting all of those new tops going. I got temperature I'm trying to stay at 75 right now but it is closer to 80, 77° so I'll try to drop that a few. I've got the fans going and I still got the light up high. I'll probably drop it once they start getting further into flower and are more adjusted to the 900 watt.  

But yeah good air circulation, good temperature humidity is at 60 degrees a little over under 60 maybe 59. Sorry not 60 degrees but 60% maybe 59% which is around 55 to maybe 60 or 65% range somewhere in there. So I gave them their third pH watering  yesterday since the last Nutrients, so once they dry out they'll be ready for their next nutrient feeding. But anyways now I want to give you guys a little bit of close up on how these guys are doing and what they are looking like.

 All right so I want to start with this Tangerine Dream right here, and this one is actually not flowering as much as the other ones are. But it does probably have some of the most tops out of all of them.   So I mean it's not really starting to flower yet just starting its first couple pistils,  but it is doing well. And this guy over here is doing well also and you can see this one is the furthest along and terms of flower. And yes this is the blue Amnesia or at least one of them. And let's see the back right is the Tangerine Dream and then the back left is the other blue Amnesia so these two are starting to flower.  These two are starting to flower and this guy's about the same as the Tangerine Dream that is not flowering that much and then this one is kind of in between because it's not as much as that front right plant but it is starting to flower little.

 So with these guys I'm not really going to be training much anymore I definitely won't be adding any more hooks, I'm going to probably do some training like that where I pull the tops away from each other, but besides that that's about it because I want them to just grow up and height for now. If I do do training it's just going to be the main tops being pulled over out of the way so it doesn't grow back over the tops of the plant. No more missing at this point is just watering and that's it.  All right so this was day 5 and I will be back in another 24 hours for day 6 of week 3, alright peace guys! 

What's up Growers and welcome back for day 6 of the week, And I just checked the plants and they are ready for their next watering, so today I'll be giving them their next nutrient feeding. But first I just wanted to give you guys a close up on the plant so you can see how they're doing. Also just discovered I got myself a little spider friend and you just dashed off, he's in the black part there so you can't see him over there he goes. So I've got a little spider in here protecting the garden holding down the fort. Spiders are great because they will eat any past and they don't harm the marijuana plants. So let them live and if they start spinning webs in your plants, just each couple of days remove the web and they will grow a new one. But definitely don't kill the spiders because they do help out a lot.

 All right guys so here we are 4 day 6 of the week with the plants like I said, and he's coming in for a close-up, and they are budding but they are also doing really well in terms of veg growth and they still have a long ways to go even though they have started biting. They are still going to get a lot taller and I am done with the training and LST as you can see I've got all my tops going up now and they are all pretty well spaced out. I might every once in awhile then them into a certain direction does this mean top here is being kind of stubborn and keep staying over the rest of the plant. 

 These guys are still going up and another little tip or trick that I want to share with you guys is leaf talking. So for example this big family for right here is covering up the stop down here from getting enough light to grow up, so what you can do is just kind of Tuck the leaf under that top so I can get more light from the grow light and then that way we'll get tall enough to grow up above the canopy.

 So another good example of this is right over here this top the stop right here was covered by this Big fan Leaf over here, so what I'm doing is just pulling that down below so it can be exposed to all of the light and that is pretty much it for the trick. This one over here is doing really well and again it's got that nice even canopy up top and all of these cops have grown up nicely. I also raised the light a couple inches today just  just because they're still showing signs of that light stress, but I am surprised cuz there is a good amount of space but anyways if they are showing signs of Lights Stress just raise it up until they aren't anymore and then you can start lowering it. Usually once they start budding more they will be able to handle a closer distance. But for now I'm just going to give them what they are asking for.

 I checked the soil and it is dry an inch deep for all of the plants,  so I'm going to do this week's nutrient feeding now, and this is the third one that I'll be doing. The first one I did at 1/4 strength, the second one I did at half strength, and this one will be at ¾ strength.  What I am doing is since they are flowering I jumped ahead to the first week of flower on the seating schedule and this is the soil feeding schedule since I'm in the ocean Forest. So I'm doing 3/4 strength of week 5 which again is the first week of flower. And I did everything I had on this list but I also added the kangaroos since I have yet to do that and I still want these guys To get some good root growth going since they are still going to bed where grow a lot in terms of veg and in terms of size, not just buds at this point.

I also added my Cal Mag and I just did three quarters of a teaspoon since I'm not doing full strength just yet,  And then I PH it to 6.3.   All right now let's do the watering, and again I've got about A gallon mixed up right now and I'm probably going to use all of that on these plants, but we will see how much they take before they start getting runoff. So again you are going to want to I'm restA gallon mixed up right now and I'm probably going to use all of that on these plants, but we will see how much they take before they start getting run off. So again you are going to want to I'm restirring everything because the nutrient mix has been sitting for awhile.

So you really just want to make sure everything is mixed up really well. And then I'm just going to water slowly each plant a little bit at a time and just cover up all of the topsoil so it's wet and then move on to the next Plant. And then what you are doing now is just letting the other plant that got watered, that plan and evening out throughout the soil and then you can come back for another bit of water to even that out some more.   but just soaking it completely with all of the water you're going to give it at once is just going to move the soil around a lot and the plant won't be able to up take all of that nutrient you're feeding it, so it's kind of going to waste a lot. So letting it soak in a little bit at a time is Going to let your nutrients go a lot further and your plant is going to be more effective using them.

So I don't think I'm getting any runoff just yet I think that water on the ground is just over spell so I'll keep watering. Sometimes you might notice your leaves droop right after you water and that's okay no problem there, it's just the leaves are heavy so they are going to hang down a little bit, but they will pop  back up after that water or nutrients feeding has soaked and more. All right, so they are still a little bit left of the nutrients but they seem to have plenty right now so I'm going to leave it at that, and I will be back for Day 7 and 24 hours.

Again temperatures right now are at 75 degrees and I'm trying to keep it in the range of at least around 72 to 77 fahrenheit Max. Humidity is in the 55 to 65% range and right now it looks like it's just under 60%. And like I said I raise the light a little higher I’m using the 900w So if your plants aren't showing any signs of heat stress or light burn, then there really isn't any reason for you to raise that yours. So definitely just asked me down below in the comments if you need a more specific answer to your grow. All right I'll be back in 24 hours.

All right growers we are back 4 day 7 the last day of week 3, and I'm just going to show you guys how the plants are looking, nothing needs to be done to them at this point, they are good on water and I'm done with the training so I am just letting the tops grow up as they start to flower.  You can see this one is the furthest along in terms of budding and  with Autos they grow alot in terms of vegetative growth while they are in 4 hours so these ones will still grow up a lot. Same with all these other ones, so hoping they are going to be at least double this height by the time all is said and done. And of course the buds will be much larger as well. You can see the two in the back formed nice even canopies, and then the two in the front or catching up at this point and they are starting to fill out on that other side as you can see.

 Here is a good aerial view of the plan so you can see how the tops are all spreading out so that they can all be underneath the light evenly. You can see here  these ones have all spread out Nicely, and they are all having a lot more tops then they would without the training and it's going to allow for them to have a lot larger yields per plant. Be sure to stay tuned for next week's video which will be week 4 for these plants being in these pots.  During that week we should see a lot more in terms of budding as well as vegetative growth.  Since I haven't done any LST for a few days, they should start shooting up big time.

 All right GreenBox Growers, that concludes week 3 of the LST Autoflower series and like I was saying in this video I am no longer going to be doing low stress training to the plants. As I want them to just grow up tall and start the flowering phase. Otherwise they are going to stay really short and they won't be using much in terms of Bud. Be sure to stay tuned for week 4 of this grow series which will be out in the next week or two and in that video These plants are Going to get a lot taller like I was just mentioning and the buds are going to get a lot bigger and stick here.

 If you guys enjoyed the video please give it that thumbs up and don't forget to comment below with your feedback. Also don't forget to subscribe and turn on notifications for updates on my latest grows. As always thank you guys for watching and until next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown