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What's up Cannabis Growers and welcome back for another LIT episode of GreenBox Grown! Today I am extremely excited because today we are officially announcing our one month free trial of my one-on-one grow guidance packages. Yes you heard me correctly, that's one full month for free of my one-on-one grow guidance. So if you are interested in harvesting Bud that looks like this, or even this, I highly suggest signing up for my one-on-one service. Now starting tomorrow which is February 1st each one of you will have the opportunity to sign up for this 1 month free trial of my one-on-one grow guidance, and in this video on the show you exactly what you need to do to redeem this offer. 

Now if you sign up tomorrow, February 1st, you will not be charged until March 1st and You can cancel anytime in between there if you decide you no longer want to use the service. Again every package is going to be included, so that means you can sign up for text voice call or even FaceTime  for a free month. And that gets you unlimited access to one-on-one help from myself, to help you protect your growing. And I hope you increase the yield and quality of the buds you are growing at home. 

Before I get start the video, as always I gotta mention to check out our merch if you want to pick up some official GreenBox Grown clothing like you see her as well as down here. I will have the link to that page down below in the description. You can also visit this link to visit our Patreon Page to check out and see more details about our one-on-one grow guidance. Alright, now that you guys know what we’re doing in today's video, let's get started!

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All right Growers so for those of you who are new to the channel and don't know what I am referring to by the one-on-one grow gardens. What that is is a service I offer where you can sign up for text, voice calls or video chat such as FaceTime. And then I will work with you one-on-one over the phone using one of those methods to teach you exactly how to grow, so you can get  The best results and yields possible.  

Now like I mentioned  in the intro video this one month free trial includes all of our packages so you can sign up for text the phone calls or the FaceTime and it will be included for the 1-month free trial. And all you have to do is visit is a patreon link right here on the screen and it's also listed Down Below in the description. Once on our page all you have to do is hit the button, and then choose the grow package you want and checkout.  Then you are ready to begin your Grow Lessons!

And you might be wondering who this grow guidance is good for, and obviously first and foremost it's going to be great for those who have never grown before and have no idea what they are doing when it comes to Growing Cannabis at Home. Of course we are going to be able to teach you guys all of the basic Intro kind of info that you need to know showing you guys what kind of supplies you need to get set up and also how to put the supplies together and use them properly. We will also make it so during your first harvest you will have a good successful yield and you'll learn exactly what you need to do from seed to harvest to be able to grow like that next time around.

And whether you are a first-time grower or someone who has several grows under their belt, this is going to be perfect for you because not only can we teach you the basics about growing but also how to increase what you already know, to get better quality Bud as well as higher yields. We can also show you how to grow different styles such as DWC, Coco, soil, and other hydroponic methods. Now to give you guys an idea of what kind of results you can get using our one-on-one grow guidance, I've got a couple pictures that I posted on here so you can see result that our past clients have had using our service.

 Alright folks, that concludes this video about how to sign up for our 1 month FREE trial for our one-on-one grow guidance. And all you have to do is visit our patreon page down below in the description. If you enjoyed the video please give it a thumbs up and don't forget to comment below with your feedback and also feel free to subscribe to the GreenBox Grown Channel and to turn on notifications for updates on my latest grows. As always thank you guys for watching, and until next time…

Happy Growing!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown