The SCROG Net is filling up quickly!


What’s up GreenBox Growers, and welcome back to the week 5 of vegetation video for the OG Kush Screen of Green Grow series. Now I'm really pumped for this week because we already have a lot of vegetative growth going on, and pretty much all of the plants have grown through the scrog at this point. Or at least have a few tops going through. So we will start training them with the scrog net this week, and we may even be doing a little more defoliation. So get excited for that. Now I am hoping we are only a few more weeks out from starting the flowering phase, maybe like 3 to 4 Max. And then we will do a lollipopping and start the flowering phase. So now that you guys know what we are doing in this week's video, Let's Get start with day one of the week!

Alright alright GreenBox Growers, so we are here now for day one of the week call me when you can see that growth I was mentioning there's been a decent amount vegetative growth since the day 7 clip of the last week's video. So plants are growing really strong at this point oh, another thing that is cool as it has been over two weeks since I've refilled the CO2 canisters, and they are still going strong. So I will probably wait another few days, maybe like two to three more days and then I will refill them. It's just nice to know that they do sometimes last a little longer than two weeks. 

Now the next thing I wanted to point out, so yesterday we did that last plane watering, I think it was the 3rd  since the last nutrient feeding. So not only does that mean we will be doing nutrients the next watering, but you can see that the soil is almost completely dry already since that watering. So we are pretty much at the point where we will be doing a watering for these plants almost every other day. And because they are drinking so much faster I'm going to increase the amount that we give to the plants. So instead of a gallon and a quarter, I'm probably going to up it to 1 and 1/2 gallons split between all four of these plants. 

Now there is no need to do any LST at this point because I want them to just grow up through the scrog net and then at that point is when we will be using the net to do a little more LST. And I will show you guys how to do that. And as they continue to get bushier we will again be removing more fan leaves but not quite yet, it's only been about a week since that first defoliation. And I want to give them a little more time to recover. Now we will also be lollipopping  these plants a few days before we start the flowering phase as I was mentioning in this week's Intro to the video.  

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And what that means is we are just going to remove all of the leaves from the lower third of each plant. And what that does is prevent any larfy or popcorn buds from developing below the canopy. So as you see we are really focusing on getting all of this growth up and above the canopy and the scrog net. And that is just going to let us maximize Bud yields and development. All right folks so that is pretty much it for day 1 of week 5 update, remember to just shake up those CO2 canisters if you are using them, and now I'm just going to give them their misting for today.

Alright Growers welcome back for day 2 of the week, now I actually want to show you guys the plants or under-watered right now and you can see that they are drooping because of it. So perfect sign that your plants are under watered when you see the leaves kind of hanging lifelessly. If they are curling and look very rigid and full, that means that they are overwatered.

So what this is going to do or what I'm going to do now is I'm going to increase the amount of water that I give these plans because I just water these the day before yesterday and usually every other day was working really well with a gallon and a quarter split between all four. So I'm upping to 2 gallons and I'll be splitting that between all four of these plants. 

I don't know if I will be using all 2 gallons but that's what I'm going to mix up just in case. Hopefully what that will do is reduce the watering for the plants so does only every other day but if not we are just going to have to start watering them everyday. So again today is day two of the week, plants are ready for their next watering and it is actually time for a nutrient feeding. So this will be week 3 of vegetation from the fox farm feeding schedule and we will be doing it at full strength.So we got the Big Bloom, the grow big, I will be attending Cal Mag at one teaspoon per gallon and then Boomerang and microbe Brew. I'll be why I will be watering them that two gallons split between all four and then I will be getting them a good misting. And then also don't forget to shake your CO2 canisters if you are using them.

 Now there is no need for low-stress training at this point because you can see the plants are just starting to poke through the scrog netting, but once each top is about 2 to 3 in above the net, that is when you can start training them two squares that are further away horizontally. So that's pretty much it for today's update so let's get those nutrients mixed up and then we're going to water the plants as well as mist them. And then I will see you guys back here in 24 hours for day 3 of the week!

Alright Growers, so we are back here another 24 hours later for day 3 of the week, and you can see now that I gave them that extra watering the leaves are all perk back up and the plants are looking much happier and healthy. So I just checked the soil and you guys can probably see from here of the shot, the soil is still pretty moist. So the increase in that amount of water that I gave each plant was definitely a good idea. And we are not going to have to water them every day, it can still be every other day now that we have the right formula. So I ended up using the full two gallons of water that I mixed up with those nutrients yesterday, so that seems to be the perfect amount for this stage of growth.

 Now today I will be doing the misting as always as well as shaking the CO2 canisters and it is looking like tomorrow is when I will be refilling the CO2 canisters again. As they are pretty much starting to taper off completely in terms of CO2 development or CO2 production. So no training is necessary at this point because we can see while there is a decent amount of tops growing through the scrog net, they are just poking through so there isn't enough growth above the scrog net to pull them two different Square. So we are just going to miss them and keep letting them do their thing at this point. Now we are getting closed for being ready for the second 300 watt electric sky LED. 

We still just have the one going, but I'm probably going to wait until they grow through that scrog net and are almost ready for the second layer of netting to go up. So one thing I want to show you guys as you can see we are getting some really good development and shape to all of our different tops here and you can see the branches are growing nice and Tall. There are a lot of different ones and they are spacing themselves pretty far out from each other so we are going to get some really good deals because of that. And that pretty much concludes today's update for day 3 of the week, so let me give you guys some nice highlights now the plants and then I'll see you guys back here tomorrow, peace!

Alright Growers, we are now back here for day 4 of the week and as you can see we actually have a lot of growth coming up through the scrog net at this point. We have at least one branch from every plant and actually all of them except for that one is the one that just has one branch going through and then a few about to pop through. And then the other guys all have multiple coming up through the net. So that is looking really good and at this point I'm going to hold off on any sort of training such as low stress training for the next 4 to 5 days just to let them grow up through the canopy.

 And then at that point we are going to start training them in two different squares or just pulling the different tops down through different squares. And we will also probably do another defoliation at that point. It will be a light defoliation like we did the first time, but it looks like they are about due for another one as they are getting pretty bushy and it looks like there are a lot of leaves blocking the lower tops from growing up through the canopy. So that will help a lot with that as well.  Now today I refilled the CO2 canisters with new packets, so it was about 2 and 1/2 weeks that these ones lasted so that was really good. And once you put them in there with the refill, all you have to do is fill them up with one litre of lukewarm water and then shake them up and you are good to go. Right back to normal. So today the plants are ready for their next water and, as you can see, that 2 gallons from last time lasted just perfectly as they are just about ready for water today. 

They are not under watered or anything like that. So I am going to be splitting 2 gallons of plain water between all four of the plants in this is the first plain water since that last nutrient feeding. Now as you can see, temperature and humidity are doing well, right now humidity is a little low but that is just because the 10th has been open for a while now. When the tent is closed it stays in the range of around 55 to 60%. And then temperature is always in the range of around 72° Fahrenheit to a maximum of 77° Fahrenheit. So that is ideal. All right guy said that is pretty much it for today's update, just wanted to show you guys all the nice growth that we have coming up through the SCROG. And we will also be lollipopping these plants right before we flip them to flower. So that is it for today's update and I will be back here in 24 hours for day 5 of the week, and now it's good to that watering! 

What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back for day 5 of the week. Now today's update is going to be a pretty quick one is the plants are still good from yesterday is watering so you can see that 2 gallon increase or the increase to splitting to gallons between all four plants seems to be holding them over just perfectly. So we are going to stick with that watering schedule, and as you guys just saw I misted the plants in that clip prior.  Now yesterday I did refill the CO2 canisters with their new packets so don't forget to shake those daily, and we are actually getting a lot of good vegetative growth coming up through the scrog net at this point. 

So I'm not going to be doing any low-stress training through the net today. But I am thinking by tomorrow or day 7 of this week, they should be tall enough where the tops that are poking through should be tall enough to be trained to a different Square. So get excited because we will be doing that shortly here and then that will mean we are also almost ready for that next defoliation.  Alright growers so that is it for today's and I will see you guys back here in twenty-four hours, peace!

What up Growers we are back here now for day 6 of the week and today is actually going to be a very important one because we've got a lot going on. So first off plants are ready for their next watering, the soil is completely dry so that's going to be their second plain watering since the last nutrient feeding, and we are going to be splitting 2 gallons again between all four of the plants. Now we are also going to mist them and shake up the CO2 canisters as always so be sure to do the same if you are using those tnb natural CO2 canisters. So since yesterday there is actually been a lot of good growth coming up through the top of the scrog net here so we are going to be training those tops through different squares.

 So we are going to do that right now but before we do I just want to explain, the goal here is again to move them from a square they are currently into a square that is further out and away from the center of the tent. So what that will do is open up the canopy and allow for more light to penetrate down to those lower nodes. And eventually from the middle will grow more tops for more Bud growth. So we are going to start on this front right plant right here. And all you are going to do is very similar to the three-finger technique, you want to be very gentle with the plants but we are just going to pull the top down through the square.

 And I am actually going to go to the right here and put it back through this square right here. So what that is going to do is train the brain to start going over into that direction. And you will see it will slowly grow up through there eventually allowing for more light to come down to these other nodes there. You can see already these 3 tops are being exposed to more light where before this was covering over them. So eventually it will grow through the square and then I will pull it out again out to this one. For that plant that is pretty much the only, actually this top back here can be trained so let me pull that through. 

And we are actually just going to go to the outside of the scrog net, you don't have to have it through a square just as long as it is being held against one of the sides or one of the corners of the net, you will be just fine. Here is another one right here as well, so let me just pull that out there. And as you can see now from an aerial view if you want to get up there Cody. You'll be able to see that it is kind of opening up the middle of the plant like I was saying to let that light down there. So we are going to finish doing that to the rest of these plants, looks like we have a couple more tops that are tall enough to go through the net and trained like that. And then what we will do is give them that watering as well as we are going to do a little too fully ation today. So we are going to be removing more leaves this time than we did the last defoliation. 

And we will probably do about I would say 20% of all fan leaves are going to come off and with the same goal of exposing more light to those tops. And allowing for more branches to grow up through the canopy. So be sure to remove leaves that are laying on top of each other like these guys right here. If you have leaves that are covering up nodes or Bud sites, be sure to take those. You don't want to take too many, like I said just take 20% maximum is what you want to do right now. But you will get an idea with what we are doing once you see the video, really we are just thinning these out to make it so the light can reach more parts of the plant. All right so we are going to go ahead and get started with that defoliation and plain watering as well as a misting, and then we will see you guys back here in 24 hours for the last day of the week!

What up Growers, so welcome back here twenty-four hours after that defoliation. So it is now Day 7 of week 5. Now you can see the plants are standing up a lot taller and are looking a lot more perky since that defoliation. And the reason for that is when you defoliate there is a little stressed that goes along with that. So to see them kind of Droopy afterwards it's normal, but usually within 12 to 24 hours they will recover. Now you should have seen from that little Montage shot that I was showing you before this clip that we are doing some of that three-finger LST training on the branches that haven't quite reached out to the scrog net. As well as ones that are kind of Trapped Under other taller tops. 

So now that we did that defoliation, you can see how much the plants are thinned out and I was going to let more tops grow up through the canopy so we can more fill out the scrog net. So they are still good from yesterday's watering, no need to water today but we will be doing a misting as well as shaking the CO2 canisters and that is pretty much it for today's update. So all I'm going to be doing with the LST is the three finger bending on plants or tops that are either hidden under other tops that are taller or four tops that have grown through the scrog net and are ready to be pulled through to another square. But it looks like after yesterday's training the tops aren't really tall enough yet to go to a wider square but once they are and you want to keep moving them until they are as far out as possible. So that is it for today's update and we will see you back here and next week's video!

All Right Mowers, so that officially concludes the week 5 of vegetation video for the OG Kush, Screen of Green Grow series. Now based on household to scrog net is getting at this point, I am thinking it is only going to be two to three more weeks of vegetation before we flip the ladies into flower. So get excited for that because we are going to be budding them pretty quickly here, and there are a lot of new techniques that we are going to be using when it comes time to bloom. As always thank you guys for watching this week's video, I really hope you enjoyed it, and until next time…

Happy Growing! 
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown