AC Infinity Product Review: Cloudline T6 Fan


What’s up GreenBox Growers, and welcome back for another Product review video! Now in today's episode, I will be reviewing this inline Duct Fan right here, and this was sent to me from a company straight out of California call AC Infinity. Now this company has been around for a little while but they've been primarily making cooling systems for AV systems and home theaters, and now just recently they just started moving into the Cannabis growing industry. So I will be testing out this ducting fan in today's video with my OG Kush plants, and then I will also give you guys my review and feedback on what I think about this product. Now the specific product comes from their cloudline series and it is there T6 model which means it is set up for the 6in ducting. 

And what I really like so far about this product is first of all it is very Sleek in modern looking as you can see right here, and then it is also very techy as it has a lot of cool technology built into it. For example it comes with this little modular system right here that will actually read and tell you what temperature and humidity is in the tent as well as you get to control the different fan speeds. So we will get into more detail about that in the video. One thing I do want to mention before we start this video is this is also a pretty expensive product as it comes in at $150. 

So do keep that in mind, this is someone who is a little more serious about their grow, is looking for something that is convenient but is also going to give them really quality results and is a very high-quality product. So if that is what you are looking for, this product will be great for you! So now you guys know what we are doing and today's product review, let's head over to the OG Kush tent where I will set up this fan and do a little test. 

All right guys here we are at the 4 x 4 tent where I have my current OG Kush plants growing, they are about 2 weeks or they just started the second week of flower actually. They are a few days in so looking really good here but this is the setup where I will be setting or hooking up the AC Infinity ducting fan to. So out of the top of the tent you will see we have our 6in ducting hose coming out to the inline fan that I am using right now. And this is from the iPower set up we have listed on our site. You can see there is the carbon filter right there, and is just that 6in combo that comes with the ducting hose, the inline fan as well as the carbon filter right there.

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So before we do that I just want to give you guys an overview of what comes with the product. So first off of course it comes with the inline fan, you can see that cord actually coming off is for the power cord which you will hook up to down there. And then that will plug into the wall.

It comes with a clasp for the ducting hose to hook up to and to tighten down. And then it comes with this thing right here which is actually the reader or the device that reads the temperature as well as humidity inside of the grow room. And then it actually displays it on this module right here. Now this thing is really cool because you can actually connect several of these inline fans to this at a time. You can daisy-chain them so you have control with one device here over several fans.

 Now what this module will also let you do as it is going to will give you 10 different settings for the speeds of the fan so you can have it really slow and quiet or you can dial it stop it where it gets a little louder but it has a lot more power and suction. You can also set timers as well as schedules for turning it on and off. And then of course it is going to display the temperature as well as the humidity on here so you can keep track of where that is at and then of course adjust the fan accordingly.

So very useful right there or a very cool feature. And then with a normal inline fan like this one right here, all you really have is like for this one I plug it in and then it just has one speed where it automatically turns on to. So having that control would be nice, especially in a tent like this where it is good-sized. All right so now that you guys have seen everything that comes with this product out of the box, I am going to go ahead and get it set up with our OG Kush tent right here and then I will show you guys exactly how to use it.

Alright guys so we have the inline fan all set up and ready to go, of course the first thing was to remove the ducting hose from our ipower Duct Fan or inline fan and then we hooked up the ducting to the AC Infinity over here. Now the cord that you guys saw me putting into the canopy area, that is the sensor for the temperature as well as humidity so you want that and to be somewhere where you know the area where the area you want to measure is going to be. So if you want to measure the canopy or the top of the canopies conditions, that is where you should have that sensor set. 

So that is why I put it right at the top of the scrog net there, and then we hooked it up to our little module monitor right here and that is also what we plugged our fan into as well. So I just wanted to show you guys the setup on here first of all you can see in the middle here there is temperature for your current temperature reading. So we are at 80 degrees Fahrenheit, that is just because the fans haven't been running so it heated up a little bit in there. So to change the mode, you can turn first off you have your timer mode where you can set It for a certain amount of time and then automatically shut off. 

Then you have your auto mode where you can just set up your different schedules or I'm so you can set it up so the fan automatically turns on or off based on different temperature or humidity ranges or preset conditions. So if you want it to turn on or the fan to kick in once it reaches a certain temperature like for example once it reaches 80 degrees. Then it will automatically turn itself on. After that you will see that you have an alarm setting so that can just be set based off of similar with the temperatures and then you just have your standard on. So this is what we will be demonstrating today, so once you have it on you will see you have your different settings, and then your current fan speed.

 So there are actually 10 different settings or speeds that this has, and I just want to go through those. So here we go the first setting, you can see very quiet. Do you want to show them the fan of the end of it so they can see what it looks like. And you at this point we can't really hear it but it is going, so now it is level 2. You can definitely feel it a little more, and I mean it goes all the way up to 10 like I was saying. For a 4 x 4 tent you are probably going to want to have it going around the 10 setting. For a two by four I would say probably around this, 6 or 7 would be good.

 But you can also mess around and just test it out for yourself. So there you go, that is 10 and you can hear it gets pretty loud at that point, and that is full power. Now of course you can dial it down using this one, and if you want to turn it off so that the screen isn't going or it's night time and you don't want any lights going in the tent where you have this mounted. You just hit this button here to turn it off. 

But anyways yeah that was pretty much it, then one more click on this button and that turns it off. Can I guess that pretty much concludes today's demonstration of the AC Infinity inline fan. Actually I am probably going to set this up with our Agent Orange Grow right now because we don't have anything any carbon filter setup with that tent at the moment. We had to move it around for another tent recently. So it is probably going to go into that tent for the time being.

Alright GreenBox Growers that concludes today's product review video of the AC infinity and line ducting fan! Again this is the T6 model from the cloud line serious and if you are interested in this product or want to see more details about it, feel free to visit their website up here at the link above. Now in my opinion I really like this product and I have found from my testing today that it is really effective. So I would recommend this product to anyone who is willing to pay the price tag for it. Again it is a little bit on the more expensive side but you are paying for what you get, and you get full control over the span as you can adjust the dial is speed of the fan settings. If you can set timers and of course it gives you all the readings of the conditions inside the tent. Now if you guys enjoyed today's video please feel free to hit the thumbs up button and don't forget to subscribe to the GreenBox Grown Channel. As always I want to give you guys a big thank you for watching today's video, I really hope you enjoyed it, and until next time …

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown

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