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What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back for week 3 of vegetation for Cody’s Agent Orange beginner grow series!Hey guys so this week we are going to be looking for a lot more vegetative growth, we are going to be increasing the strength of our nutrients and we are going to be doing some more LST with that. So it should be a lot of changes happening this week for sure. Yeah a lot of new growth, so now that you guys know what we are doing in this week's video let's get started with day one of the week!

Hey guys what up it is day one of the week, let's check out how the plants are doing. Okay so they are doing pretty good, to be honest I was expecting them to be maybe a little taller, so we did go ahead and reduced the power to probably 15% on the light. As far as the soil, that looks pretty moist oh so we are just going to be doing a misting but we are seeing good vegetative growth at the top areas and it is definitely getting bushier and those spots. Let me just miss these ladies up, that's about good. All right so we will see you guys back tomorrow for day 2 and we will probably be getting some LST going here pretty soon!

Hey guys welcome back, it is day two of the week let's check on the girls and see how they are doing. All right so definitely some more upward growth and you can see over here there are 2 new tops growing in, one here on this plant and then also one on this plant over here. You can see those are two new tops and they're really growing up! So let's do a little LST on them, we are just going to do the three-finger technique and nothing too crazy today. You know just to kind of get them going towards the middle.

 And just so you know make sure they are out of the soil but that looks pretty good. And you should see they are just bent a little bit towards that direction, enough to actually hold the bend but not so much that they are in the soil. And then let's check the soil, yep it is dry so we will go ahead and do a watering today. Okay guys so we are going to be doing a half gallon of water today out of the actual watering can. So you basically want to just follow the same rules, get the soil decently moist and then you want some run off.

And we are just getting a little run off now so I think that does it and that is good as far as water goes. Let's just go ahead and give them a misting and that should do it for today.

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Hey guys here we are day 3 of the week, so the plants are looking really good you know good top growth they are looking healthy as ever, soil is still moist so today we are just going to be doing a misting and then we will do a little more of that three-finger technique LST, just very minor stuff here. So we will see you back tomorrow for day 4!

Hey guys here we are for day 4 of the week, the plants are looking great and they are growing upwards and they are responding well to the LST. The soil still looks pretty moist today so we will probably just do a little more LST and then do a misting as usual.  So we are going to go ahead and get that started, we will get the misting taking care of and then we will see you guys back tomorrow for day 5 of the week!

Hey guys here we are for day 5 of the week, the plants are looking super healthy nice and green, no yellowing or anything like that. They do look like they are getting good upward growth still. We have been doing LSD for the past couple of days so I think today we are just going to let them rest and continue growing. And responding from the LST we have already done. Soil looks pretty damp so again we are just going to do a misting today but tomorrow I bet we might be on to our next watering, we will see. All right so let's give them a misting. So that's about Fair, that's it for today guys and then we will see you guys tomorrow!

Hey guys here we are for days six of the week, the plants are looking awesome still getting that good upward growth and also outward and thickening at the nodes. So that is really good, we didn't do any LST yesterday, the plants seem like they had a good rest because they are a lot fuller today. So let's go ahead and do some LST today, and the soil is still kind of moist so we will just do a misting as far as water goes. So let's go ahead and do just the same three-finger Technique, we are going to be working on all of the tops here just as usual trying to spread them away from the center. 

It will give them all a better chance at getting more sunlight and you always want to tuck in any of the bigger families that are getting in the way as well. It is kind of intuitive just anywhere where you see nearby that can hold them down, just took it underneath. And that is a top so we will just let that one be. Here's a big one right here so we will go ahead and try to dip that under, and lets see here.  It really helps to change hands here for this one, because I've noticed that at certain angles just my left hand will be able to get the perfect angle where it just won't work for my right, I will have to reach around too much. 

It might seem difficult if you are not ambidextrous but I am not and this is actually pretty easy so I would give it a huge recommendation to try. Just take your time, be very patient with it.  Give every top some attention oh, you don't want to leave anyone out. And then again make sure like on this one over here you want to make sure the big fan leaves are tucked underneath. You can't even bend them if necessary, just so the tops are getting the majority of that light. Okay so that's looking good for LST.  All right guys that is looking good and then we will see you guys tomorrow for the last day of the week!

Hey guys welcome back, this day 7 of the week the plants are looking definitely bigger and taller, they are looking great in color. But I do notice the plants kind of look like they are a little stretched out, they're definitely getting bigger but they are not as thick as they could be. They look like they are what's called Legacy, I believe I’ve heard Dylan say that in the videos before. And what that means is they need more light power because if they are growing but just not getting big enough, they are just not getting enough power that means. 

So I am going to go ahead and raise this up to 25%, and you can see that makes a pretty big difference with the brightness in the tent. The soil is pretty much ready for water, we've had a super long day here so I'm just going to do that tomorrow and it is also just a little more still underneath.  So tomorrow will be perfect for watering and today we will just do a misting.  There we go, okay guys so that about does it for today and we will see you tomorrow for a new week!

Alright GreenBox Growers so that concludes Week 3 of Cody's Agent Orange beginner grow series! And as you guys have seen, the tops are really starting to fill out, they are really getting bushy and we might even need to do some defoliating this week. And we also got our new scrog net and, so once we see the plants respond to that little increase in light power, hopefully they get nice and thick, we will continue with the LST at that point and we will also get the scrog net going. And then like I said maybe even a little defoliation.  Yeah so probably two more, one week to 2 more weeks max before we throw that scrog net in there, and that is just to help us get a level even canopy for maximum yields!  So that concludes this week's video and we will see you back here tomorrow for the start of week four of vegetation! 

Happy Growing!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown