Harvest & Smoke Review of the Gorilla Glue!


Alright GreenBox Growers,Welcome back for week 9 of that Gorilla Glue stealth grow series. Now I actually just got finished checking on the trichomes and we are actually ready to start the flush as we are about it's around 6% Amber and then the rest are all milky or cloudy. So that is a definite sign that we are ready to start the flush. So what that means is this will actually be the last video of the grow series, and what we will be covering of course is the flushing period and phase and how to do all of that.  And then of course I am going to cover the harvesting drying and trimming process. And we are actually going to be doing a dry trim for this video series so stay tuned for more information about that. 

I will be going into more detail. The flush is going to be a 14-day flush but since it is the same steps every time you are going to water the plants I'm just going to be doing an abbreviated version of that in this video but I will give you guys all of the details you need to know so you know exactly what to do with your plants at home.  Alright so now that you guys know what we are doing in this week's video, let's get started with day one of the week where we are going to start that flush.

So we are here for day 1 of the week and the plants are ready to do that flush, so what I will be using for my flushing agent is the Sledgehammer by Fox Farm.  And I will be mixing that at two teaspoons per gallon of water. So the purpose of a flush of course  is as the word implies. You are going to flush out any nutrients that have built up or have been left behind in the plants, now what that will do is give you a smoother and better tasting smoke. Because it does caused the buds to be really harsh if you do have nutrients left behind. It is also not a good idea to be smoking those nutrients so it is a little and healthy and that is another thing.

 So what we will be doing with the flushing agent which you just do on the first day of the flush so this is the only time that we do this. And what that will do is just start to break up the nutrients that have been left behind in the soil. And then the purpose of the Flesh of course is to get all of those nutrients out of the soil because once that is done it will cause the plans to start leaching and siphoning off any nutrients left behind and the plant, or leaves.  And once they have started to do that it will eventually eliminate anything that has been left behind and will give you that clean healthy tasty or smoke.

 So this is going to be a 14 day flush and you're only going to water when the soil is dry and inch deep as usual.  And you are going to want to water about 30% extra than you normally do just to help really flush out anything left behind. So since I've been doing a gallon to a gallon and a half split between these two plants each watering, I will be doing now for the flush probably around a gallon and 3/4 split between the two of them. And that will even be with your flushing agent. So I am going to mix that up and water them or start the flush off and then I will be back tomorrow for your next update. 

Let me just give you guys some looks of the really Frosty little nugs right in there that I am seeing. Very nice looking, and yeah so I am not going to be showing you guys everyday of the flush because After this we are just going to be doing a plain watering once they are ready for a water and then after 14 days of doing that they will be ready to harvest. But I will still be going day today until we do that next to plain watering for the flush and again I will be back in 24 hours for day 2 of the week. All right peace Growers!

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 All right folks we are back here for day 2 of week 9 and that means it is also day 2 of the flush. Now the plants are still, the soil is still wet since yesterday's flushing, that first one so no need to flush today but just wanted to give you guys a nice look at the buds to see how they look so far. So still looking really nice and frosty, very dense nugs as well especially on this plant so very excited to get these ready for Harvest because I can tell they smell amazing Lee. So I can tell they are going to be nice quality bud. So that is it for today's update and there's nothing else to do for the plants until they are ready again for that next to flush. And probably by tomorrow they will be ready for that and if not the day after. All right so I will see you guys back here in 24 hours.

It is now day 3 of the week and actually one of the plants is ready for its next flushing and this one right here is not. You can see this soil is clearly still soaked, while this guy is actually really dry. So I will be flushing this plant today and I guess tomorrow hopefully this one will be ready for the next watering which is when I will do that one. So this is actually the last day that I will be covering the flushing, we still have about 13, 12 to 13 more days to go over the 14 or for the full 14 day flush. And the reason being is this is really just going to be a repetitive process so there is no need to show the whole process. I do have flushing videos that go over every day and that is in the intro to Growing section.

 So if you do want more details you can check that out there and it is included with your Video subscription. But what I will be doing for the next 12 to 13 days is just watering playing water and pH’ing if you are in a soilless or Hydro setup. But for this I am in the soil so I do not need to pH but anyways I will just be doing a plain watering, no nutrients, and at that excessive amount so I get drainage and flushing out of those plants. And what you are going to do is just wait for the soil to dry. And then you will water them, and then after about 14 days total of doing that, that is when you are ready to start harvesting. 

And actually we will be doing a dark. Before the Harvest so after the 14 day. We will do 36 hours of darkness and then we will harvest. So that is all you need to do for the next 12 to 13 days just water plain water at an excessive amount when they are ready to drink and that is it. You want to keep the same light cycle temperature and humidity and everything else. And that is it. So I will be back here once we have you hit that 14-day Mark and I will cover the details about that period and then we will get to harvesting. So I will see you guys back here for that 36-hour dark period.

 What up GreenBox Growers, so we are back here 14 days later for the very last day of flush. And over the course of that period, the plants got about seven flushing's because they were ready for a water pretty much every other day. Now what I'm going to do is give them 36 hours of darkness and now this dark period will help with bringing out more potency in the buds, so that is why we do that. And so yeah just going to be giving them 36 hours with the lights off, we will still have the fans running because it is important to still keep the same temperature and humidity conditions.

Now you can see right here I have this tripod holding and supporting up this mein cola because it actually started to fall over during the Flushing period, Because the bud was getting so heavy and dense with weight. So such a great sign to see we are going to have a really good yield and another thing is so right after that 36 hours of Darkness we Are going to chop these plants down and harvest them and then hang them up to dry. Because we are going to be doing a dry trim this time around. Not a wet trim so we will not be trimming until after we hang dry them. So now I'm going to turn the lights off and close up the tent, and I will see you guys back here in 36 hours, peace!

Alright grower so we are back here 36 hours later, so that means it is the end of the dark. And it is now time to harvest the plants. So for supplies, and again this is going to be a really simple method for harvesting, we really need down here as I've got my gardening tie or my soft gardening tie. So I got two strips of that, my scissors for cutting the plants down and then I took out the lights from the grout and because we no longer need those in there but what we will do is keep the fans going because we do want to maintain a good temperature of around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. And then you also want humidity to be at about in the range of 55 to 60%. 

So we will use the fan to help maintain those conditions and we are also going to keep a thermostat in here so we can also monitor it that way as well. So let's get started with the Harvest, we are going to be doing is actually cutting the plants with these scissors right at the very bottom of the base of the plant. So just one cut and then we are going to hang the whole plant intact together upside down. Okay so this is a little tricky especially because these buds are cleaning so much at the moment, but you want to be careful obviously don't want to be dropping the buds into the soil and you don't want to be bending or handling the buds too much either because you will be knocking off trichomes when you do that.

 So I'm just going to give it one nice clip, alright so now we just want to make sure to flip her over and we are going to be hanging her from the base of course. Like right here is where we will be wrapping it around, just take off the LST wire that we were using there earlier for the growing period.  But yeah these buds look really frosty, they smell really nice, very fruity, but anyways very frosty, very dense and good size colas here.  So do you want to give them a close up on those babies.

Alright so we have our piece of gardening tie, you obviously want a long piece because you want to wrap it a good amount of times around here so this nice and sturdy. And I advise rapping it about a node or two up from the bottom so that it is on a good sturdy part of the plant  and it is not just going to fall and slide off.  So I'm just going to wrap it around the base and man my hands are already covered in trichomes and are extremely sticky, always a good thing. Okay so now we are just going to hang it just like that. And we want to get a good shot of her all together.  Also at this point you can pick off any of the dead or crispy leaves like this stuff here. You do not have to wait till trimming to do that. But we are going to save the bulk of the trimming for wants these are done drying. 

Another thing is obviously as usual it is the same process we want to wait until branches are cracking or making a snapping sound when you bend them. That is when they are dry enough to be trimmed as well as it put into the jars for Harvest or for curing. That's probably going to take around 5 to 8 days, it takes a little longer than usual when you do it with the whole plant intact like this because obviously harder for all of that moisture to escape. And there is more foliage that is holding more water so. And that is also the same thing we are dry trim so we are not going to trim until after the drying process is finished.

Alright so we are now just going to hang her from the ceiling up here from the support beam. And let me move this into the middle. Another important thing to remember, if you are going to have a fan in here, well it is important to have a little fan going in here so there's air circulation. But it's very important that you do not have the fan pointed on your buds because that will dry them out too quickly. And we'll actually over dry them and you don't want that. So don't have the fans pointed at your buds.

Alright so there we have our fully hanging plant ready to dry and we will be back here like I said in about 5 to 8 days. I will probably do a few updates throughout the drying process but again very important that you close up the tent completely so no light is getting in there and you want it fully dark in there at all times for the drying process. Just to show you guys what that looks like. All right so it'll probably be a few days before I do the next update in until then, Happy growing! 

Alright Growers so we are back here eight days later and the plants have finished their hang drying process. So what that means is they are ready to be trimmed and Jarred up for the curing process. So the way we decided they were ready or the way you decide and figure out when they are ready to finish the drying process is based off of when you bend these branches and Stems. If they make a popping or cracking sound, so at this point they have done so and when you trim the plants off completely where you keep all the branches intact and you just hang the complete plant upside down it does take a little bit longer to dry because obviously there's a lot more water in those branches. 

So a slower drying process as well as a slower curing process adds up to a better end result so that is why we did it that way and with the dry trimming it is going to be a lot easier because you will see a lot of these leaves are going to break right off.  And since we are going to be trimming them after they have done the shrinking and drying process, we're not going to have to worry about trimming them up again later on once they have shrunk a little more because they have already done that. So let's go over to my train station because I want to show you guys the supplies we will be using for today. I've got my two trays here, one for trimming in and another just for having those branches in waiting to be trimmed.

 And I'm going to take them down from there and then cut off each branch individually before I trim it, just makes it easier that way. I'm going to be using a nice clean pair of Fiskar trimmers for trimming the buds of course. And then I've got my nice pair of gloves here latex. Got a bigger pair of scissors for cutting the branches off just so I don't dull the Fiskars, and now I've got my jars, my mason jars. And these are the wide mouth quart size jars and I've labeled them with the strains so I can keep track. As well as I've got the date on there which is today's date so that I know when they were first put into the jars to start the curing process. 

And that just helps me with keeping track of where I am in terms of burping them. Now you can see I also have one Boveda humidity pack in each jar, that is very important. And these are the 62%, 8 gram pack. So that's pretty much all of my supplies know what I'm going to do is take off my first plant there, the one that we were growing in the front of the tent that's the one second to the right. So I'm going to take that down, separate the branches and trim them up. And then once it's all trimmed up I'm going to pop those buds off individually into the jars and then start the curing process. All right so let's start that process. 

Alright so I just finished trimming up that first main Cola that I was showing you guys in that last clip. So what I'm going to do now is finish trimming up the rest of the plants, there are about three more in there still hanging. And then what I'm going to do is burp these jars over the course of the next 5 days just for 15 minutes once each day. 

And then after 5 days I'm going to be back here to do a little smoke review for you guys and show you just how the Buds turned out after a little bit of that curing process and to give you guys my feedback on how they smoke and taste. So I will keep curing them after that 5 days  until they are all smoked up. You want to do the 15-minute burping each day for the first month and then after that you just do it for 15 minutes every other day. And then after that after 2 months you can do a 20 minute burp once a week.  Alright guys so let me get to finishing up this trimming and then I will be back here in 5 days to do that smoke review on these Gorilla Glue buds!

All right growers, so it has now been 5 days of curing for the Gorilla Glue buds in their jars, and that has just been me burping them for 15 minutes each day. So now they are ready for their smoked review, but before we get started with that I just wanted to give you guys some close-ups on the buds, now that they have had some time to cure. And I also wanted to give you guys some background info on the strain and grow info that they have on Leafly, so we can kind of compare that to what I experienced and just to see how these genetics are. So first of all here is a really nice sized nug from that main cola on the right Gorilla Glue plant from the videos.  

You can see that this is at least an eighth right here and very frosty and dense. You can see a lot of orange hairs on there as well, and the bed is pretty much all green. It does have a little bit of a citrus and earthy smell to it at the same time so pretty interesting smell, and I am very happy with how these came out. I already do have some ground up in here from the same jar and from the same Bud as well of course. So let me show you guys what that looks like once it's ground.  Smell really opens up once you grind the bud and it gets a little bit more of that Piney citrusy smell to it. And I've actually smoked a little bit of this already and it is pretty strong and I really liked it.

So that is really cool and now let me give you guys a little background info on this strain. The first of all I'm sure you all know that there were that was that huge lawsuit with that company Gorilla Glue over the people who created The Strain Gorilla Glue. Just because it was an infringement on their copyright, so now the strain is actually referred to as original glue. And it was created by a company called GG strains, so I'm sure that stands for Gorilla Glue strains but that is what they go by now. So Gorilla Glue was developed by the GG strain company like I was saying and it is a hybrid that delivers a heavy-handed euphoria and relaxation feeling. Making you feel glued to the couch, so that is kind of how it got that name.

So it is a cross between Kim’s Sister, Sour Dub and Chocolate Diesel. So those are the three strands that they have mixed in there. For affects again relaxed and happy are the two most popular ones and then they have euphoric uplifted and hungry. And that's pretty  similar to what I have felt smoking this. I've told you guys about the lineage already. Let's see test data, that's just for the terpenes. So grow info, difficulty it says it is a moderate strain and I would agree with that because I noticed just from slight heat stress it really affected the plants pretty quickly.

 The plants do grow tall and it says taller than 78 in. I definitely noticed that even with the low-stress training that we were using. It says about 1 to 3 ounces per square foot, and I would say it was may be closer to 4 ounces just based off the yields I was getting. And then 7 to 9 weeks for the flowering time and then 102 200% for the stretch. So those are both I would say pretty accurate to what I experienced. For the original glue flavors, and they call it original glue now. They say earthy, pungent and pine. So definitely very similar to what I have experienced just smoking this a few times already. So let me pack a bowl and then really quickly I actually wanted to show you guys at the GG Strain website just so you can see a little more detail about the strain from its Originators or its original creators.

 She really quickly here is the page on Leafly for GG #4 or original glue. And now here is their website, so as you see they just say GG4 or original glue, or formerly known as Gorilla Glue #4. now for THC percentage on average or getting around 27 to 30% so that is really high, and it is an Indica dominant strain being 63% indica and 37% sativa. Let's see and yeah it is a cup when in, it comes from a cup winning clone so it has won a lot of awards with this strain. They do not have a gorilla glue #5 which is the new glue. 

And that is Gorilla Glue #1 mixed with Gorilla Glue #4. and GG #1 is Sister glue. They have purple glue, and then glue Chee. So they've got some great options here and they also tell you where you can get their strains from like which dispensaries or where you can pick up seeds or clones. So now I've got my bowl packed in my blue Stratus bong right here. Changed the water for this review, and now I'm going to take a couple hits and give you guys some more feedback.

Again we are going to continue curing this even after this shot, you want to hear it for at least two months. I just like to start smoking it after about a week in the jars, but you will see it only gets better, stronger and potency as well as better and taste as you cure it.  So on the exhale you get more of the piney I'm sorry the earthy taste not so much the Piney. The Piney is sort of just in the smell there. But instantly on the exhale you can feel it kind of a wave of relaxation from head to toe so it is really a full body high, and I've also noticed it is one of those trains that kind of creeps up on you. 

So you will feel it instantly but then overtime without taking any more hits you will slowly notice you were getting higher and higher. Almost like the effect from an edible. So very smooth and I rarely caught smoking this, just when I took really big rich, and it is kind of hard to tell right now but it is already starting to turn gray and the ass. But it is still dark because there is a lot more left to burn. But when I do burn whole bowls of this I have noticed that it gets completely almost like a white color it is very clean and very well flushed.

Really nice too, lots of big hugs and they are all really dense but I noticed that all of the buds came out like really good sized. I mean this one is probably like one of the biggest that I've got but you will see and hear I mean that could easily be used more trimming there but you can see it is pretty good sized all the way through. No popcorn nugs no Larf or anything like that. Let me give you guys a better shot of this one, so you are very stoked on these results. 

Alright guys so that pretty much concludes my smoke review for today and yeah like I said I am going to continue during these buds for at least another month and a half. And then for a long-term storage you want to just burp them once a week for about 20 minutes. So that concludes today's smoke review on the gorilla glue or the original Glue by GG Strains. And again I got these genetics are the seeds from Growers choice.

Alright GreenBox Growers, so that officially concludes the original stealth grow series!  Again this was the Gorilla Glue Autflowers from Growers Choice, and this was our very first time doing the stealth grow series. Seems like we got a really good response from everybody watching these so stay tuned because there will be more stealth grow series to look out for in the near future and we will probably change the setup. Maybe do like a Hydroponics set-up or even a little bit of a bigger tent. So be on the lookout for that and as always I just want to thank you guys for watching this grow series, I really hope you guys all enjoyed it and until next time…

Happy Growing!!! 
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown