Rapid Vegetation + More Low Stress Training


What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back 4 week 2 of vegetation for that OG Kush  screen of green grow series. Now like I was saying last week, this is going to be a very exciting video because we are starting with the first low-stress training pull down on day one of this week, and then we will also be doing the next nutrient feeding during this week as well. And that will actually be the first nutrients to plants are going to get now that they are in their final pots. They have gotten their first feeding which was when they were in the Solo cups still, but this will be a different thing now that they are in the final pots.

Also expect to see a lot of new and Rapid vegetative growth and this week since we are starting with that low stress training. And I am thinking with the rate of growth that we are getting so far with these plants, it will probably only be another two weeks before we set up that SCROG net in the tent. So now that you guys know what we are doing in this week's video, let's get started with day one of the week where we are going to get start with that first low-stress training pull down!

All right growers so we are here for day 1 of the week and just a quick reminder I already shook up those CO2 canisters, so be sure to do so each day we already using them. And I've already done the next watering for the plants. I did that right before this filming, and that was their third plane watering since that last nutrient feeding. So the next one is going to be a nutrient feeding and I am still using the spray bottle to hand water them, just with the sprayer taken off of course. And each plant got about a full spray bottle worth of water. Now you can see they are getting pretty tall and are getting a good amount of vegetative growth going so that is why they are now ready to start that first low-stress training.

So the supplies we are going to be using today of course or just some basic soft tie or gardening tie. And then possibly some large paper clips to possibly hold them down, but we are usually able to tie them down just using the knobs of these are pots. Now if you are in a fabric pot it's obviously a lot easier to just clip it to the side because they don't have those knobs, so be sure to use paper clips for that. Now the goal is I am going to be bending these plants out and away from the middle of the center of the tent or where the grow light is. So instead of bending them down towards the light, what I'm going to do is bend them out and away.

 So this plant I will be bending and anchoring out towards this part of the pot, this one I will be bending out towards that part of the pot and that one I'll be bending out towards that corner of the tent, and then that one out towards that corner of the tent. So you can see what I am going for there and then what that will do is expose a lot of light to that lower canopy so that it can fill out that area of the plant while still obviously filling out this top and other tops as well. So let me just put down my camera here so I can film. I'm going to do the first plants low stress training so you can see a demonstration of that, and of course we are going to be doing it to this plant right here.

 So obviously you want to be very careful when doing this process because it is somewhat stressful on the plants and you can damage them doing this. So what I recommend doing is taking these three fingers like this, putting two on one side of the plant and then your thumb on the other. And then slowly use those two kind of work it into the position of where you want to Anchor it. You also don't want to be anchoring the leaves into the soil because that will be causing them to stay really moist and wet which will lead to other issues. So right about there is probably how far down I want to Anchor it. And actually it been pretty easily staying in that spot. It's just going to take my piece of burning tire right here and anchor it, just make a little hook like that to Anchor it around the base of the trunk. And you want to work your way around these leaves like so, and actually I will just be pulling from right under that note there like this. And then anchoring right around the knob of the pot and let me lower this you guys can see that.

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I'm just using this knob right here, and I'm just going to Anchor it like that. Doesn't have to be a super sturdy anchor because obviously the plant is not going to give too much resistance at this size. And again you don't want to have the leaves sitting in the soil, this guy is okay right here because it is just over the edge of the pot but you can see sometimes like Down Under The Canopy that it is meant to be laying in the soil. And that isn't what you want because that's just going to damage the leaves by over soaking them.

So once you have the plant anchored down like that should give it a little misting, and that is it for that first low-stress training pull down. So let me show you guys how much of the plant is now exposed so you can get an idea of what we are doing. So all of these little nose right under that main top like you see these two guys right here. Those are now going to be coming tops main branches on the plant, same with those ones right there. 

And then all of these little little branches that already started forming down there, those are going to work up and become main colas as well. So we will also be utilizing defoliation in this grow series.  It's a little early now for that but probably in a week to a week and a half we are going to start sending these plants out because they are going to get really bushy really quickly. So let me  finish tying down the first pull down of low-stress training for each of these three plants and then I will be back to show you what that looks like.

No I just finished the last of that low-stress training for these plants you can see how they looking so far looking really good. All of those lower tops and everything below the canopy is now exposed to the light above. And you can see I pulled all of them out and away from the center of the tent. So out towards the corners and again that's going to help so that the light can reach better Under The Canopy and get more growth up top. So now I'm going to give them a good misting and then that is pretty much it for day 1 of week 2 for vegetation of these OG Kush plants. And I will be back here in 24 hours for day 2 of the week, where we will see how they react to this first low-stress training. Alright peace Growers!

We are now back here for day 2 of the week and that also means it has been 24 hours since we did that first low-stress training pull down. So you can see there are already a lot of  vegetative growth for each plant since doing that and they are all standing and pointing right back up towards the light.  So they recovered pretty quickly from that pull down, means they are very strong genetics and they are going to be growing very quickly. So I won't be doing any further low-stress training for at least three more days and then after that I will probably do another pull down or at least just some low-stress training where I at least been the plants into different or bend the branches in two different directions without hooking them down afterwards. 

So all I will be doing today besides giving them a good misting I already did about 2 today so I'm probably going to do about one more and then that will be enough. And don't forget to shake up the bottles at least once a day if you are using the CO2 canisters, and then finally I actually lowered that one 300 watt electric sky LED about 1 in. Just because they are starting to grow up pretty quickly so I don't want them to stretch or anything, and I am going to see how they react over the next week to that. Probably actually over the next five days and then after that I will probably lower it another couple inches. But just lowered it 1 inch to get things started, and yeah that is pretty much it for day 2 of the week. All right peace Growers!

It is now day 3 of the week and the plants are continuing to grow really well in terms of vegetative growth. You can see since that low stress training there are tons of new tots growing out of all the different node spaces or just the different nodes. And you can see we've got actually about two maybe three main tops coming out of there that we are eventually going to train in two different directions and then you can see the rest are growing very similarly with a lot of new tops coming up to the canopy. 

And yeah they are not yet ready for that next low stress training pull down but what I will do today is a little bit of just bending the branches with low stress training to start working them out into that direction of a flat wide bushy shape. Because we are in the end eventually going to want to get that nice tabletop shape where all the branches are nice and even going through that scrog. And they are growing out nice and wide opposed to tall and lanky. So no need to water today the soil is still decently moist but we will be misting them though like we do every day. 

Two to three times per day and don't forget to shake up the bottles as well, and now let me do that low stress training. I just want to give you guys one more quick look at how the plants are looking. Very healthy, no issues going on except for that little damage from the transplant. And other than that, just in perfect health. So this is the one with the more I mean they all look pretty Indica looking leaves but this one seems to have the fattest fingers on them so the strongest indica trait. Sure right now what I'm going to do is just set up for that low stress training.

 Alright so we've got the OG Kush plant right here ready for that low stress training and again very similar to what we did that first time with hooking that Branch down, but instead we are just going to be using that three-finger technique that I showed you, sorry with these three fingers where we bend the branches dress to kind of get them to lay over and out. But out from under the canopy so they are back out and expose from Under The Canopy and exposed to that light. So the idea is you want them out from the middle of the plant towards the edges of the pot and you want to bend them towards the edge that the branch is closest to of the pot. 

So for example this little top right here you'll want to bend it out and away from the center of the pots are out this way because this Edge is closer. You don't want to try and bend it back over to this side because then you're just going to be Crossing branches around each other and that can get kind of confusing and it's not a good structure to have for your plant.  So the idea for today is so you can see this top right here is growing out instead of up because it's trying to reach the sunlight. So if these plants were larger I would just defoliate a little bit cutting away the leaves like this one that are covering it. 

But because they are so small at this point I will hold off on that. So all we are going to do is first I will start with the lower ones and you'll want to work your way to the top. And this guy like I said is already kind of doing it for me, so I don't really need to bend it much because I don't want it in the soil, but just using gentle three-finger technique to kind of bend it out. This one doesn't really need it either, this guy will pull it right there just gently bending it down. And that stress also helps them with growing faster. 

So this is the main stock I'm doing right now and once he's get bigger we will be able to do a little bit more training. So that's really it for that plant right there, you can see the main top is bent over like that but it will be back standing right up towards the light by tomorrow maybe even sooner than that. So I am going to do this to the rest of the plans now and then give them a good misting and I will be back here in 24 hours for the next day of the week. All right peace Growers!

Okay so I am actually still here for the same day and I just wanted to show you guys the results after I finished bending all of the plants. But you can see, first of all the main idea is to expose those lower nodes and tops that are starting to form like this one and that one right there to more light. So you can see now I've got the main talk laying over and now they are going to be getting more light and will grow up towards it becoming main tops themselves. And then by the time the other one stands back up, dude wants will have already gotten to their own area in the tent where they can get enough light and are no longer shaded below that top. So you'll see even these guys right here, let me give you guys a close up. 

Right there those two guys coming out of that node are going to become main tops as well. And you can see the note right below those guys are a little further ahead but those will be coming tops as well. So looking really good and very excited to see how the second bit of low stress training is going to affect them. So I will be back here now in 24 hours for the next day of the week, all right piece!

 we're back here now for another exciting update in the OG Kush grow room. Now today is day 4 of the week and the plants are ready for their next water in, so that is going to be there next nutrients feeding I will be giving them today. And we are going to be doing that at half strength so remember this is just going to be the second nutrient beating for this whole grow series. So we are going to slowly work that strength up to full strength so we don't stress them out or burn them or any shock like that. So before I show you guys the mix of nutrients I want to remind you guys of course that I have been misting them daily so give them at least two to three missing each day at this stage.  And then also don't forget to shake up your CO2 canisters if you are using those.

Let's do a quick close up on the plants, so they are doing really well from that low stress training we did yesterday as well as that first hook from the other day, you can see those little tops from underneath the canopy are really starting to sprout it out words. So at this point I'm not going to be doing any LST for at least 2 more days and then what I think we will do is add another  LST hook where we pull down the main tops and hook them down with an anchor like we did on the first day of this week. So really looking healthy, the plants are very happy and you can tell by the color of them as well as the rapid growth. And just healthy vegetative leaves. 

Alright so for that nutrients feeding we are of course going to be doing the fox farm Dirty Dozen like I was saying we are going to be using that grape sweet from Botanicare. But no need to add that until we just start the flowering phase. So today is going to be the week 1 of vegetation mix so all it calls for is 6 teaspoons of the Big Bloom, and 1 teaspoon of the boomerang so what I will be doing is 3 teaspoons of the Big Bloom, half a teaspoon of the boomerang since we are doing it at half strength. And then I will also be adding half a teaspoon of Cal Mag per gallon of water. 

So what I will be doing is mixing that up in a gallon of water and then I'm going to pour each make sure the mixture into the spray bottle here so I can still hand water that way because they are not yet ready for the big watering bucket. So that is really up for today's update, again for at this point our goal is to just get these a lot of tops growing from the plants we can get them nice and bushy and ready for that scrog net. Which I have up here right now but I will probably have that set up either at the end of next week or the beginning of week 4. So again this is week 2, and that is it for 2 days update and I will be back here in 24 hours for day 5 of the week.

Alright GreenBox Growers, we are back here another 24 hours later for day 5 of the week and I am really stoked on how these ladies are growing. They are just taking off like mad with that vegetative growth. So before I give you guys those close up so just want to remind you guys to shake up your CO2 canisters at least once each day I just did mine for the day. And next week and next week's video about a few days and I will be refilling these with one of those refillable packets, I will give you more details on how to do that when I do it. But these are supposed to last about 2 weeks sometimes a little longer so that's why I'm refilling it then. Just want to have a consistent amount of CO2 in the tent so I can really review these properly.

So as you guys can see what the plants very healthy and color and they are all a little bit of a deep green color which is what you want, you don't want them like green or with any Burns or discoloration. You can see they are getting noticeable growth each day so you can see not only are those first main tops getting larger but those little tops from underneath are really starting to grow out. So I'm still going to let them grow up without any training until probably day one of the week 3 video and then that's when we will do that next pull down as low stress training. And you can see so this is a great example, this left main top that is of the first top that grew up and then we pulled it down with that LST hook as you can see there.

 And then now let me give you guys a close up there is the hook, and that is the main top and now you can see over here this second top is now starting to form its own main top over on the opposite side. And it's not quite there yet but you can see it's kind of going to be like a y shape or it's going to grow up right next to it so that is kind of the goal here. We want to do that but it was several more tops for each plant. 

So hopefully after or before we get this srog in we will have probably around 20-30 main tops per plant and then we will use the scrog to train them and get even more. So you will see this plant over here is a little further away from the light, I moved it because the leaves were starting to droop a little bit after yesterday's clip. so that sometimes is a sign that it is getting a little stressed By the Light, so just moved it over there but the rest of the plant we're not showing any signs like that. So I did not move them, and that's really it for today's update again no low stress training today but I will be giving a misting right after this clip. And yeah I will see you guys back here in 24 hours for day 6 of the week.

Alright GreenBox Growers, we are back here for day 6 of the week and stays up there is going to be a really exciting one because first of all the plants are ready for their next watering and then also unexpectedly they're ready for their next low stress training. So first of all like I was saying the plants are ready to be watered and this is going to be that first plain watering since the last nutrients feeding that I did. Still going to be feeding out of the spray bottle and I am going to be giving each plant about a full bottle and a half each so a decent more from the last watering but they do have a lot of new growth already. 

So I will be doing the watering after the low-stress training along with another misting for the day. I have already done it twice and turns and misting for the plants and of course shaking up the CO2 bottles if you are using them. So for the low stress training we are not going to be adding any new hooks today but we will be doing is adjusting the first hook that we did add on day one of this week. So you will see earlier when I added the hook for the first low-stress training it was pretty much towards the Middle top of the overall plant and you can see now that is pretty much the lower part of the plant because they have grown so much taller. 

So what we are going to do is we are going to use the same hook and just raise it up on the plant words that mean top and then we will pull it back down so that is anchored. And this top will probably be pointed pretty much straight over towards the side at a 90 degree angle and what that will do it again allow for these lower nodes and branches to sprout up from the extra light that they will be getting. And again helping us form that table top shape. So that is what we will be doing for all four of these plants and I will be showing you a demonstration right now on this one in the front left. So let me just get my camera setup.

So again we are going to be following the same principles as we did last time with that low stress training. So remember when we did it last time we bent the main top out and away from the center middle area of that light. So we will be doing that again with this one again just so that all of that light is focused on those smaller lower nodes allowing those to catch up with this man top which will eventually just become another branch and cola on those plants. So another thing to consider when pulling it down as you want to try and expose as many nodes and already started branches as possible.

So what I'm saying is we have a ton of growth already over here on this side in terms of new branches forming. And then over here it is a little thinned out so what I'm thinking is I'm going to pull this man top over into the empty space, I will turn the pot so this one is again on the outside of the light and then we will be good to go. So let me get the anchor back up here, I like to take the anchor and put it one node down, sorry one node right there so two nodes down so that way you have a good amount of Branch or growth above the hook but also enough down below so that you are pulling that mean top lower than the rest of the plant. That is really important as well sorry before I do that, remember to always work the plant into that position first you don't want to just bend it straight down.

So I like to use that three-finger low-stress training technique that I showed you guys earlier. So that we just slowly work starting at the top of the plant you don't want to start right low on the stem or the main branch. Sorry the main stock of the plant right there because that can easily cause it to snap. So that's why you start at the top. And that's another important note when it comes to low stress training, you want to do it early on and you know close together several times throughout the grow close together. Because as the plant grows that old growth starts to solidify and harden so it is harder to bend and train. So new growth is very flexible, sort of flimsy as you can see here and so it is easier to train then. So that's why it's important to train early on before the plant kind of solidifies its growth.

So let me turn that pot so we have the main top over here and again we are just going to put the hook the anchor hook right below that second know there. And then we are just going to hook it to the side of the pot like so. Now what you can see is you can get enough get an idea of that table top shape that we are going to start forming in like I was talking about we have all these different smaller branches going and all those different directions but in a few days what you are going to see is not only will this one grow back up pointing up towards the light. 

But these ones are going to start to catch up in size and they are almost going to look as big as that one. So that is all I will be doing, will actually what I will do is a little bit of this three-finger low-stress training on some of these branches that are already growing just to kind of work them out and exposing more light down here into the middle node canopy area. So that's all we got to do right there just be very gentle remember and I will be missing and watering these after I'm done doing all 4. So let me do all the other three plants and I'll be back to show you the results.

We're not back here for the last day of week 2 of vegetation for the OG Kush grow series. Yesterday was that last low-stress training pull down and really it was just an adjustment of that first hook. But what you can see is now those lower tops, the smaller nodes that were below that first main top there. They are pretty much at the same height as that first main top so same with this mean top and that's the first lie atop that we had going and now you can see all these little side tops have grown and throughout it up to exactly the same height. 

So they are going to become a solid as this guy and there will be even more to come for all of these plants. You can see how I utilized the leaf tucking technique to allow tops like this guy right here to grow up and out from under those leaves without having to defoliate. And that would be pretty much it for the low stress training for now, until next week we just want like I was saying to get all of these smaller branches up and as big as that first main one. 

So I will continue doing that three-finger technique of showing you guys where I bend them out a little bit just so they can get into their own space and more light. But besides that that is really it until next week. Now I did shake up the CO2 canister and have been misting the plants. I will give them a quick one right now for the video. But yeah that is pretty much it for this weeks video update on the OG Kush SCROG Series. And again I will be back here shortly for week 3.

Alright GreenBox Growers, so that officially concludes the week 2 of vegetation video for that OG Kush Screen of Green Grow Series. Now just a quick reminder I want to let you guys know that if you are using these LST techniques at home on your plans, be sure to utilize that leaf tucking technique early on with the LST.  Because that is very useful when you can't do any defoliation at this early stage but you still want to get those younger tots growing up and above the canopy. So that is the best alternative to defoliation at this stage.

 And I will be continuing with the low stress training and the next anchor will be probably added to these plants in the next video which will be of course week 3 of this grow series. And I will also be refilling the CO2 canisters by TNB Naturals in the week 3 video. So that will be another exciting thing to look forward to and as always thank you guys for watching this week's video, I really hope you enjoyed it, and until next time …

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown