Agent Orange Grow Series:

Cultivated by a First Time Grower


What up cannabis Growers and welcome back to GreenBox Grown!  Now I am here today with my brother Cody, hey guys, and  what we are going to be doing is something a little bit different. I started a first-time grower grow series with Claire recently and now we are going to be doing long with Cody as well. So Cody do you want to explain to them what we will be doing in this video series? Yeah so basically I've always watched Dylan grow and do his thing, but I haven't really done it myself ever so this isn't a way going to be my very first time growing and we just want to show you the users how it looks for someone to use the system and to just give them an idea of how it works. And how effective it is at training a newbie like me.

 Exactly so he is just going to be using the step by step grow videos from our premium sections that's all he will be following. And again never grown before, all of his experience comes from watching me doing it, And you know just peeking into the grill-room seeing what I've been doing over the last couple of years here. So what strain will you be growing today or in this grow series. So it is called Agent Orange, and it is a feminized strain so it is not an Autoflower it's just a regular photo. Plant. 

I think we are going to be doing no SCROG, just minor LST, and yes it we've got five seeds of the agent orange that we are going to be dropping into the glass of water today and we are probably going to pick the two Strongest Ones for the grow series. And you remember the setup you will be using for this grow series? Yeah so it's a 2 x 4 tent and for the veg stage we are going to be using a 600w spider farmer light, which is just a brand from Meizhi LED soda same company just a different brand that has dimmable dials for the grow light. Right and then both from Fox Farm we're going to be using the ocean forest soil and then their dirty dozen nutrient line will be our nutrients.

What else is there, the plants were going to be using a 3-gallon air pot for our setup and yeah that is pretty much it. We will have an exhale CO2 bag in there as well which will help out, and then like he was saying that 600 watt light will just be for veg and then we are going to add on top of that once we are in flour just to get some more power in there. So now that you guys know what we are going to be doing in this grow series, let's get star with the first day of the week or the first day of the grow actually where we will be starting the germination process!

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Okay guys so now we are ready to add my seeds into the water, so just literally pour them in. And so what we are going to do is just let them float in there for now, three of them sunk down right away. Yeah that's good, but for the other two we are going to every few hours just try and tap them and help them to reach the bottom like the others have already done. And we're going to let them be in there for about 15 to 18 hours total. And this is just a glass of regular tap water from the sink, nothing done to it or anything like that. And we will just be pushing them down like this every few hours trying to get them to sink to the bottom and then we will be back here in about 15 to 18 hours to put these guys into a moist paper towel. All right we'll see you then!

Okay guys here we are 15 hours later, as you can see all of the seeds have dropped to the bottom, none of them are floating anymore and I have also poured out a majority of the water. Yeah he just pour it out the majority of it because we're not going to need that much to soak the paper towels so just drain off a little of the excess and then you will be fine there. And then with the pouring you just kind of want to get them moving and then just pour it kind of quick just so they don't stay at the bottom. And let it soak through, folded over and then we will add a little more water to moisten the rest of that paper towel. You don't want to stay dry. So you guys can see we are  sharing the same plate as Claire's Chemdawg seeds. We are just going to be using these tags so we know which strain is which. 

And he's going to keep them on the heat mat with this extra plate over the top to help keep the extra moisture in. You just don't want the paper towel to dry out because that can't kill the seeds. So we will be looking for a Tap Root to come out, we want to be about half an inch so once that happens we will be ready to plant. So just keep an eye on your seeds, don't be lifting it up too often but you know maybe like every 5 hours. Yeah every 5 hours you can check on them. I like to use a spray bottle to mist the paper towel so it isn't soaking them every time you wet it. And yeah we will be back here in 24 hours to check on those taproots.

Alright hey guys we are ready for my next growing update, it is 24 hours later, so let's take a look at the seeds. The agent orange. So as you can see all five seeds have gotten a solid Taproot going so why don't we go ahead and put them in these rockwool plugs. The first step with the plugs if you have to soak it in water for 10 seconds, so you just want to be really careful when doing this part in handling your seeds. Only grab them by the seed and then you want to put them in root down. Again just really gently take your time, and then you sort of want to pinch closed the top. Until just closed you don't want to overdo it, and that is one done. All right so we are going to plant the rest of the four seeds and then we will be back to show you guys the seeds going into the humidity Dome.

All right guys and I'm going to take my little tray of rockwool cubes with the seeds in them and we are going to place them in this tray. And so we want to keep this in here with the lid on. We want to close off the vents completely. And you definitely want to maintain the moisture in here as well, by doing that just keep a little water in the bottom of this tray, missed everything in here just a couple times a day and then as far as lighting. The schedule is going to be 18 hours on so 18 hours of light everyday, and then six hours off so 6 hours of Darkness everyday.  Alright guys so that's about it for today and we are going to cover these guys up with the lid and then we will see you in 24 hours for the next update.

Okay guys so here we are 24 hours later and we are going to take a look at the seedlings to see how they are doing. And as you can tell, it looks like all five of them have made it up above ground already. Oh actually looks like only four have, so now we are going to give them a little bit of a misting, but that is a really good start so far. And that will do it.

 Okay so here we are guys a day later checking on the seedlings now that they have Arisen out of the rockwool cubes. As you can see one of them still hasn't made it but the other four are thriving. Okay and as you can see, the plants all have their first set of leaves they all have four leaves. And it looks like only one of them is starting to present a route, so we will probably wait another 24 hours for the other three and then hopefully that fifth one will go above ground as well and also shows Roots. So in 24 hours we will take a look and then tomorrow we will also be planting these into the Solo cups and we will be using the fox farm ocean forest soil. Okay and then also for today all we got to do is give them a quick misting, agent orange and chemdawg. And we are also keeping the Dome on with the vents closed at this stage. So we will see you guys in 24 hours when we are getting ready to transplant these into the Solo cups.

All right guys here we are 24 hours later and we are getting ready to transplant the seedlings into their Solo cups. And like I said we are going to be using the fox farm ocean forest soil to do so. You kind of want to halfway fill the Cubs and then you'll put the rockwool cube with the seedling on top of that. The reason being is you want the top of the rockwool cube to be just beneath the brim of the cup. And then that way when you cover it with soil it's not going to be too low or overflowing with soil. And with these ones you probably normally would only need to go Three-quarters full, but we are actually going to go as low as half-full of the cup with soil and that is because these ones are especially lanky. 

The seedlings the stems have gone longer than they normally would so we kind of want to cover the base of that up. So we are only actually going to feel the cups to about halfway full. And then that way it should cover the base of the stems. And then you really want to be careful with the plants just because they are still babies at the stage. Let's see the root out of the bottom, nice. So just gently kind of snake the root into the soil beneath and then right in the center of the cup too. And then you want to cover around the soil. And this part you want to take your time you don't want to hit the leaves. it's a really good idea to surround your soil bag with another bigger bag to catch any of the falling right here because I'm not really focusing on keeping it clean I just don't want to mess up the plant. That's most important.

If you find any big chunks in the soil, break them up with your hands. Alright so we are done with this first one and now that we are done with this we're going to finish the other three and then we will be back to show you guys as we put them in the humidity Dome. Alright guys so here we are, we have the plants in the humidity down now and what we are going to do is give them a misting. Just a light one, but you want to make sure to really get it into the soil and then that way they will drink up some of the water from that. And then now we are going to cover it with the Dome again, the lid. But we do want to open the vents this time. Want to open them about 1/4 of the way. And now we will see you guys in 24 hours for the next update on how the seedlings are doing.

All right guy so here we are 24 hours later and we're going to check on the seedlings. So they are looking good so far, you can see the one that is still left in the rockwool cube has actually sprouted through. And is now showing some more growth. So that was looking good, there isn't much we have to do today, we just have to do a quick misting and then open the vents about halfway just to get a little ventilation going. Alright so we're going to cover it back up with the humidity dumb and like I said we are going to open those bats just 50%. And then we will see you guys in another 24.

All right guys here we are a few days later, we are going to check on the seedlings and as you can see they are doing really well still. Getting some new growth and everything looks pretty healthy. So we are still doing the daily mistings throughout the day which we do probably about 3 throughout the day just dispersed. And at this moment we are keeping the humidity Dome off completely at all times. There's no need for it right now. We will give those guys a good misting and so now at this stage we really just want to wait for the next couple of rounds of fan leaves to come in.

 And then once we are there we are going to start doing the nutrient feeding. We will probably do that until the Roots come out of the bottom, and once they are out of the bottom the plants will all be ready to transplant into their final pots. But until then we are just going to keep them in here without the humidity Dome, misting them a few times throughout the day.  And then eventually will get to the nutrients feeding was the few rounds of fan leaves have come in. Alright so we will see you guys in 24 hours.

 Okay guys so here we are a few days later, going to take a look at the plants and you can see they have a few more sets of fan leaves, so we will go ahead and do the first nutrient feeding today. We already have that prepared and ready to go, we are going to be doing the fox farm Dirty Dozen nutrients set. And we are going to be doing the seedlings and cuttings stage at 1/4 strength. And we will be doing that with the Cal Mag as well and will be doing a quarter teaspoon in this bottle. So we are just going to be pouring directly into the Red Solo Cup here. We are doing the agent orange. Let me get my hand in there, you just want to take your time and do your best to not get it on the leaves.

So there we go, we've got our plants their first nutrient feeding done and we are going to empty this bottle out and clean it out thoroughly. And then we are going to use it for another misting on them. But you really want to make sure to clean it out just so you don't get those nutrients on the leaves. All right so that's it for this update and we are going to miss these guys and then we will see you guys tomorrow.

Alright guys so here we are a day later and we are going to check the plants out and see how they are responding to the nutrients feeding. And as you can see They are doing really well and are really exploding. The plants look extremely green and really healthy, the stems are upright and strong. So we will probably have these guys ready to transplant into their pots by tomorrow. So I guess today we will just give them a light misting for now, the usual. And then we will see you guys in 24 hours okay?!

All right guys, here we are a day later and it is transplant time. So let's take a look at these guys, as you can see, all five of the plants are actually viable, they all look really good and healthy. But the two I have selected are these ones right here, this one is just the alpha and this one is a pretty close tie with some of the other ones. But it seems to be the best however so I chose those two as they look awesome. So we are going to get one of these guys going. So let's just start with the big guy. So we are using Fox Farm ocean forest soil here and with this soil we want to make sure to break up any of the big clumps. Because you will get some of those in there. And then we are using 5 gallon air pots here. One thing to note about these pots, you really want to shake them side-to-side you know spin it, and that's going to help the soil get into the cracks and crevices because there are a lot of them and this kind of pot.  So let's get this hole going, you want it deep enough to where the area where the stem meets the soil is at basically flush with the top of the pot. So give the cup a couple squeezes and then slowly just flip it over.

 And it is a little high but it is a little better High than too low. You can see I got it pretty close to the center there I guess I could have done better with that, but that will work! So now we are going to mist it and give it its first watering.   And then we just want to get the soil all the way around moist, because this will encourage the roots to grow and all directions. All right. So I'm just going to go and just a reminder this is just plain old tap water. Nothing special here, so we're going to get this second plant transplanting and then once we are done with that we will show you the end result. 

Okay guys here we are we just finished transplanting the second planting everything looks great, so now we're going to show you our grow setup. We are working in a 2 by 4 tent, the brand is cool grows. And then as far as lighting we are using a Cannagrow 100 watt cob LED light. It is 18in above the plant and we have it set at 25%. And then we also have the exhale bag in here that is going to help give off CO2 for the plants and we are working with an oscillating fan over here. We just don't have it on at the moment because we are filming and it's really loud but you do want it on at all times to keep the air circulating. So at this point we are just going to keep missing the plants for a few times a day and we will see you here for the next update!

 Alright grow are so that officially concludes the germination and seedling phase for this agent orange beginner grow Series. So that means tomorrow is officially day 1 of vegetation and that also means we will be doing the 18 hours of light, 6 hours of Darkness cycle. Alight Cody, since this is your first grow obviously, what would you say was more difficult or easier than you thought was going to be for the whole germination and seedling process. Honestly the whole process was just easier than I was expecting. 

Just because like with a lot of things, until you actually try it it just seems like a black box it, it kind of seems like you don't even know how to begin. But I mean the seedlings you just get them in that wet paper towel and get them going. And then you put them in the Solo cups and they are pretty easy you just mist them. I do it before work and then when I get back from work, and I mean they are flourishing they are doing great. 

Yeah they are they're doing really well. It is pretty easy and I've never worked with plants so that is why I thought it was going to be hard and it's just not that bad. All right so we will be back shortly with that week 1 of vegetation video and pretty soon here we are going to incorporate some more difficult things like low-stress training. And then obviously we will be getting the big grow lights in there once he's plants are a little larger. All right so we will see you guys back here shortly for the next update, and this grow series! 

Happy Growing!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown