Week 6 for the GG Autoflower Stealth Grow!


What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back for week 6 of that Gorilla Glue stealth grow series. Now it is looking like we are only going to have a few more weeks to go before we are finished with the flowering phase on these plants, so I'm thinking probably this week and then one more week so next week. And then they are going to be ready for that 10 to 14 day flush. So we are going to be starting this week off with that next nutrient feeding, it's going to be the fifth one overall since we started this grow at full strength of course.

 And before I get started today I wanted to just let you guys know I've recently drop some new merch on my clothing store, and that includes The Strain Tee here. We have the gelato strain tee as well as other options, and then there are tons of other graphic tees like you see up here on the screen.  So now that you guys know what we are doing in this week's video, let's get started with the first day of the week where we are going to be doing that next nutrient feeding!

Alright Growers, so here we are for the first day of the week and like I was saying we are going to be doing that next nutrients feeding today but before we get started with that. Let me just show you guys how the ladies are doing, they are definitely fattening up and getting some really large sized Buds and colas on them. You can see especially with this lady in the back she is definitely going to be the biggest yielder, but I would have to say that the one in the front here while she doesn't have the largest yields. She still has some good-sized cola's and that they are looking a lot higher in terms of quality, and they are probably going to be a little more potent as well.

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 Just because she is turning out to look a lot better in terms of that bud development. So like I was saying we still have a majority of those pistols standing up and are white, some are starting to orange and brown a little bit so we probably still have a few more weeks to go. But we are pretty much done with the defoliation at this point, there aren't any more large leaves to remove. So if you still have some large fan leaves at this point, you can remove them now it should just pretty much be these little leaves coming out of the buds that you can't really reach. So that, yeah you can see also it's hard to tell what the color of the light on, the purple lights, but there is actually a lot of purple starting to grow out on some of these buds as well. So I'll have to give you guys a better shot on that one of these days without the LEDs on. So let's talk about that nutrient mix.

 So I'm probably going to be beating I'm going to do about a gallon and a quarter, and I am going to be splitting that amount between these two plants here. So per gallon, what I will be mixing is one teaspoon of the Cal Mag here, 3 teaspoons I'm sorry 6 teaspoons of the bloom, 3 teaspoons of the micro, 3 teaspoons of the grow, and then that is going to be it.  So I'm going to mix that up right now and again I am going to do one gallon and a quarter and I'm going to be splitting that between these two plans. 

So again one teaspoon of the Cal Mag, 6 teaspoons of the bloom, 3 teaspoons of the micro, and three of the grow. So like I was saying, we are pretty far along into the flowering phase at this point. So that is why we are starting to up the amount of Bloom nutrients that we are giving. All right guys that concludes day 1 of week 6 for this grow, And I will be back in 24 hours for the next update. Alright peace!

Alright Growers we are back here 24 hours later for day 2 of the week and ladies are actually ready for their next watering, so that's going to be their first plain pH watering since the last nutrient feeding, and I am probably going to be splitting about 3/4 to a full gallon between both of these plants. So 3/4 of a gallon possibly between them, but we will see. Now you can see Bud development is continuing to go really well, they are getting very frosty at this point and they still have a good amount of pistol standing up and not yet changing color. They are still white as you can see, so that is an indicator that they do have a little bit of time to go. Once those hair start to curl in and turn orange that is good sign of maturity and getting close to being ready for that flush.

So you can see very nice looking buds here and then just massive still good looking quality but massive nug all the way through this plant here. So pretty stoked on how this guy's turning out as well, and then yeah that is pretty much it for todays update. You can see the buds are still really fattening up and I mean this one's got some really nice sized colas on her. And then the one in the back is even larger. Definitely going to say that is contributed to or happening because of that exhale CO2 in here as these are definitely fattening up a little more than the previous Gorilla Glue Autos that I have grown. So I'm going to give them that plane pH watering now and then I will be back here in 24 hours for day 3 of the week.

Alright folks so we are back here 24 hours later for day 3 of the week and they are not ready yet for their next watering so we will just be checking out the buds today. But you can see right here they are getting absolutely massive at this point, especially with the ones back here. You can even see they are leaning a little bit right now. The yellowing from the leaves and this light color changes is from some slight heat stress as well as a lack of nutrients. I was out of town for a few days about a week ago so I wasn't able to give them their nutrients feeding and that's why they are a little bit discolored. But nothing to worry about as it's not going to affect the plants that much.

Pistols are still standing upright pretty much all the way around and they haven't really started to curl in yet. So still have some ways to go in terms of that development, and then tomorrow even though it's a little bit early to be checking, I will probably do a trichome check just to give you guys a look at what they look like early on in their development. So there is a good look at the nugs here on this plant and you can see this guy is leaning actually a decent amount probably will have to support that one up with a little stake or some gardening tie.

So really quick I opened up the other tent which I did move into here in my bedroom that has the other four Gorilla Glue Autos. So let's take a quick look at these as it's been a little bit since I've shown you them. But you can see they have all started flowering and are getting some pretty good decent size nugs on them. Especially the one right here which is the one that is a week ahead of the rest like I've been saying throughout the grow. You can see this guy right here which was in the smallest pot, the one gallon equivalent are pot. You can see that one Gru the smallest as expected. And then the one that grew the largest of course was the one in the three gallon equivalent are pot. Now this guy right here is the furthest behind in terms of flowering, she just started probably about a week and a half to two weeks ago so she is like I said further behind in development. 

But still looking really well and has a lot of nice healthy size colas. So these will all be really good yielders even this guy in the back here even though it's pretty small. So very excited about that. And let me give you guys another close up on some of these nugs growing over here. So like I was saying this is day 3 of the week and I will be back here tomorrow for a day for where we will probably do a little trichome check just to see what they look like early on in the development. Alright peace!

Alright Growers we are back here another 24 hours later for day 4 of the week, and I actually misplaced my trichome scope so we are not going to be doing that look today at the trichomes. Which is fine because it is still really early on and I ordered a new one so it's going to be in the mail pretty quickly here. And then once it has arrived, we will take a look. But anyways buds are looking really good, densening and frosting up really well. And I just checked the soil they are ready for their next watering. So that's going to be the second plane at pH watering since that last nutrient feeding. And I'm going to be splitting pretty much a gallon of water between these two plants.  So that's it for today's update and again it is day 4 of the week and I will be back here in 24 hours for day 5. Alright peace Growers!

All right all right it is now day 5 of the week and I still haven't found my trichome scope so I do have one ordered and on the way and hopefully it will be here by next week and we can get a look at the trichomes. But luckily the plants are in far enough along anyways for that to be a problem so they still have time to develop so we are okay in terms of that. Just wanted to give you guys a shot of what it looked like early on in the process but as soon as I get that scope here we will be doing shots of that. 

So plants are looking good, they are just about ready for their next watering which is going to be another plane pH, but they are not quite there yet. Still getting some good development going and pistols are still pretty much, the majority of them are still pretty white and there are few here and there that have started to orange and brown but for the majority, is still pretty much white. So still getting Frosty or by the day which is always good, they're packing on those trichomes, and yeah that is pretty much it for day fives update, so I will be back here in 24 hours for day 6 where we will be doing that next watering, and until then Happy growing!

What up GreenBox Growers we are back here for day 6 of the week and before I get into today's video, I wanted to show you guys I've got a new grow room setup. So this is my grow room Slash new film room and I have Consolidated all three or four of my grow tents into this one space. So now this is where all of the filming is going to take place. So you'll see I've got the extra 2X4 tent here with those Gorilla Glue autos, And then in the closet here I've set up the stealth grow that we have been doing in this series along with my little nursery with the seedlings as well as clones. So that is why it is the smaller tent, and I also have some OG Kush seeds growing in there and then once those are a little larger I will be moving them into the 4 by 4 tent right over here. 

So I've actually got some cool artwork on the way that I will be a hanging up on the walls in here too so it's just going to be decorated as the designated grow room. Got some extra grow lights that I will be testing pretty quickly here as well. So let's get into day6 now for this week. Now today I've already done the watering but they were due so that was their 3rd plane pH watering for this round. So that means the next watering is going to be a nutrient feeding and that is probably going to be there last nutrient feeding because then we will probably be starting the flush shortly after that.  But buds are looking really good and I split actually about a gallon of water between the two plants here so half a gallon per plant was perfect. 

And you can see how Frosty they are getting right there, and white hairs are still sticking up and mostly white, but some are starting to Orange and you can see right there. A little bit of orange curling in and what not but yeah they are looking really fabulous and this guy is going to be a big yielder. So trichome scope is in the mail and on the way here probably in the next 5 days or so. And then we are going to get on those trichomes with some close-ups. And yeah that is it for a day 6 of the week. So I will be back here in 24 hours for day 7 and then till then… Happy Growing.

We are not back here for the last day of week 6 and I just checked the mail, trichome scope is not yet here but the tracking code is saying that it should be here by tomorrow so that is when we will do that trichome scope. Which will again be day 1 of week 7, so just going to give you guys a little bud update today as they are still good from that last watering we did yesterday, so no need to water today. But I did turn off that carbon filter earlier today and honestly like the second I turned it off the smell on these gorilla glues just started billowing out of the tent.

 It was really strong and just a really good smell too. It wasn't a citrusy but more of an OG kind of kush smell to it. A little earthy but still a really good smell to it. So that is pretty much it for the last day of the week again day 7 of week 6. But I will be back here shortly for the next day of this groceries, alright Pece Growers!

Alright GreenBox Growers, So that officially concludes week 6 for the stealth grow series. And like I was just mentioning, that trichome scope should be here in the next day or so so starting early next week we will start looking up close at those trichomes to see how close we are to being ready for Harvest. Now I'm thinking it's only going to be another week to week and a half before they are going to be ready to start that flush, so we are going to be getting pretty close to the harvesting period here.  

And next week we will be doing that final nutrient feeding, and maybe there will be one after that it just depends on where the trichomes are when we check on them and their development.  That's how I stay tuned because I will be coming out soon with the week 7 video of this grow series.  And as always I would like to thank you guys for watching this week's video, I really hope you enjoyed it, and until next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown