First Defoliation + Adding the SCROG Net!


What up GreenBox Growers and Welcome back to the week for video of that OG Kush Screen of Green Grow Series! now this week's video is a very crucial one because first of all we are going to be adding that scrog net to the tent, and then we will also be starting some defoliation a few days after that. So now that you guys know what we are doing in this week's video, let's get started with day 1 of the week where we will also be doing that next nutrients feeding!

All right GreenBox Growers, welcome to day one of the week and this is actually a really important one because we've got a lot going on today. Now first of all just a reminder to shake up the CO2 canisters if you are using them. So all four of the plants are ready for their next watering and that's going to be our next nutrient feeding. Remember this is just the second one overall for this grow series, and I'm sorry actually the third one overall overall.  And so we are going to be doing that at 3/4 strength and I am going to be doing the week to mix of vegetation from the fox farm Dirty Dozen schedule.

 So I will be using the Big Bloom, grow big, Boomerang, kangaroots, microbe brew, and then finally cal-mag and again all at 3/4 straight. I will of course be missing them as well and I will also be using the grape sweet but that won't be until later on once we start the flowering stage. So I am going to mix up a gallon of water to begin with I think that's all it's going to take is just a gallon of the nutrient mix, split between all four of the plants. So after I do that I am going to add on the scrog net here, the first layer because remember this is a double-layered scrog net but we are just going to start with the first one and I am going to put it up at about 5 to 8 in from the tallest part of the tallest plant in here.

Now I'm going to wait until tomorrow to start with the defoliation because I want the plants to get that next watering in their systems first. But what I will be doing then is just removing these really large fan leaves because that is going to help allow for more tops and nodes to grow through the canopy instead of just foliage. And then of course that means it is going to lead to more yields of Bud. So now what I'm going to do is get the nutrients mixed up and then I'm going to water the plants and set up the scrog net and then also give them that misting, and then I will see you guys back here for day 2 of the week in 24 hours!

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All right growers so we are back here 24 hours after adding that Scrog net above the plants, and that also means that it is day 2 of this week. So the plants are good for them that watering yesterday or the nutrient feeding, so no need to water them today. We will be missing them today however, the usual two to three times per day routine. And as you can see here actually, one of the plants is just about growing through the net already. So the idea with the scrog net is once a branch grows through a square, we are going to pull it back down and then pull it out horizontally away from the center of the plant, towards the edge of the tent. And what that will do is open up more light for the canopy below so more tops can grow up. 

And eventually what that will give us is a full canopy of nodes or I'm sorry of main colas coming through the scrog net.

And then that is when we will flip them into flour. So besides that misting we are also shaking up the CO2 canisters as always and I am actually going to do that first defoliation today. So to give you guys an idea I already mentioned how we will be removing  all of the large fan leaves like this that are blocking a lot of light from getting below the canopy. And then also what we will be doing is removing those low leaves that are kind of sitting in the soil and have yellowed a little bit down below the canopy. 

Just because you like you can see over here under there, that stuff we are just going to be removing it reason being is that is not really alive anymore. Is not benefiting the plant so just cleaning it up will leave a healthier plant in the end. So we are going to be using a clean pair of Fiskar trimmers to do this defoliation, so now let's get to it! 

So now that we finished that first defoliation, I just want to give you guys a couple more tips for the defoliation process. So first off we are only removing about 15% of all of the fan leaves this time around. And you don't want to remove too many at once especially early on in vegetation because it can slow growth, and the idea really is we are just finding it out so the plant can grow back even bushier and thicker than before. We are going for those families because that is not where in the bud sites will be and the plant doesn't need those once it has more leaves above. 

So that is why we are removing those big ones and also when you do I remove them, be sure to clip them about half an inch away from the main stalk that they are connected to. You do not want to cut it right at the stock because that can add some stress and damage to the plant. So like I said we've got this one top starting to come through and hopefully by tomorrow it will be further up and I can train her back through to a further square and I will show you guys how to do that. So that's it for today's update and I will see you guys back here for day 3 of the week!

What up Growers that we are back here now for day 3 of week 4 and so that also means 24 hours later since we did that first defoliation. So like I was saying we removed all of this really large fan leaves as well as any that were covering up or blocking lower node sites. You do not want to do too much defoliation the first time around because it can shock the plant a little bit, so that is why I said do about 10 to 15% and then you will be good to go. As we get into flour we will start to get a little more crazy with the defoliation removing good portions and chunks of those leaves, but for now we're just going to keep it mellow. 

So today you can actually see a little bit of this plant has grown further through that first SCROG net Square. So what I'm going to do is train it out and away from the middle of the scrog where the middle of the plant. Just like we were doing with that low stress training with the idea of taking it to the edge of the tent opposed to back towards the middle so that exposes light to those lower nodes. So what I'm going to do is just simply pull this top down and then threw back out through the square that is a little wider away.  As it grows further up through this trellis or through the Strong net, it will be easier to hook to further away squares, and eventually we will work this guy all the way out to the edge here allowing for more tops to come up from below to fill the space where it once was. 

So today the plants are actually ready for their next watering, I just checked the soil, so they are going to be getting their first plain water and since that last nutrients feeding and I've got about a gallon here of water straight from the tap and I'm going to split it between all four of these plants and then give them a plain misting. As always, don't forget to shake up your CO2 canisters if you are using them and now let's get started with that watering and misting, now she got back here for the next day of the week!

We are back here for day 4 of the week and the plants are actually starting to drink a lot of water much faster than they were doing before. Now you guys remember we just watered them yesterday and already it looks like they are almost ready for their next watering so probably by tomorrow they will be ready again. So pretty much at that every other day watering  set up. And that means they are drinking pretty quickly, so be sure to shake up your CO2 canisters if you are using them and we are going to be missing them two to three times a day as usual. Now there isn't really too much else to do today other than as you can see I did a little bit of that three-finger LST training so all I'm really doing at this point is lightly bending out the branches and to the direction away from the center of the plant of course. 

And the reason for that is because they were starting to grow up tall and starting to get a little bushy and we're covering up the lower canopy or the lower note growth. So just decide to do that to help spread them out a little further and so allow for more tops to grow up from the bottom of that canopy. So we can easily fill out this whole scrog net. So as you guys can see most of the plants are just about touching the net, or even after doing that low stress training you can see these three plants were touching the scrog net before I meant them down. This guy was almost there but I did then did a little bit. So that's pretty much it for day four update and I will see you guys back here in 24 hours for day 5 of the week.  All right peace Growers!

Alright so we are back here for the next day of the week so does now day 5 in the plants are actually ready for their next watering. I just checked the soil and it is dry a little over an inch deep so they are a little past being ready and that explains why they are looking a little droopy and they are not really standing up completely. You can see some of the leaves over there look a little droopy, actually there's a little bit on all of the plants but just a sign that they are under watered and ready to be watered. So today we will be doing the second plain watering since that last nutrients feeding and I will also be misting them and of course shaking up the CO2 canisters if you are using those.

Now before I do that watering I just want to cover that low stress training, you can see that the top or the bending that we did yesterday the 3-finger low-stress training, it's helping a lot because it is allowing for a lot of new tops to grow up from the center of that canopy. So by the time all of these plants reach the scrog net they are going to have hopefully 20 to 30 like I was saying different tops, and then don't forget we do have a second layer to the scrog net which I will be adding later on once all of these grow through the first one. And that will allow for even more tops to be formed before we flip them to flower. So now that you guys have seen the plants, you can see the new growth and the reason they haven't all stood back up from the low stress training it's just because of that low watering that I was discussing. All right so now I am going to give them that second plane watering as well as their misting, and then I will see you guys back here in 24 hours for day 6 of the week!

Alright alright Growers we are back here for day 6 of the week for and as you can see all of the plants have just about reached the scrog net sent that last LST training. So there is only this one top over here that has poked through and I am actually going to let it grow a few inches taller at this point before I try to pull it out to a further square away from the center. At this point I just checked the soil and the plans are still good from yesterday's watering but they do look like they will be ready by tomorrow. So for today all we are going to be doing is giving the plants are good misting and then also don't forget to shake up your CO2 canisters if you are using those TNB Natural CO2 canisters. 

 So let me give them a misting and my hopes are stop by the middle of next week which will be week 5 of vegetation, we will have at least some tops from each plant growing through the scrog so we can start training those outward and then one more important thing that I want to mention before I go. I actually started lowering the light today, so today I lowered this one 2 inches and I still only have the one of the two lights on. Again this is the 300 watt electric sky and I have a second one waiting for when we are about ready to start flower. 

But I did notice that some of the tops were starting to stretch a little bit and that is why I lowered the light. Also because it is about I mean this is about three and a half to 4 feet from the plants which is a really far distance so it is a good idea to start lowering a little bit each day. Until we are about in the two-and-a-half foot range. So I will be updating you guys on lowering that light and then that is pretty much it for today's update. So I will see you guys back here in 24 hours for day 7 of the week.

 What up what up grower so we are back your now for the last day of week 4, and as always the plants are looking amazing! So you can see first of all some of them are not touching the scrog net just yet, that is all right. You can see this one is starting to get through it and not enough yet to be trained to a further square. But what you will notice is all of the plants are getting extra bushy and are filling out with a lot more tops each day. So while they're not getting a lot taller or at the scrog net just yet, that is okay because what we are accomplishing right now is and what  is most important is we are kind of building the structure of the plant so it can hold as much bud and nugs as possible.

So what we are doing again is trying to get as many tops going as possible and that's exactly what we are getting from these plants. And then when we flip them to flower, that will allow us to harvest in yield a lot of extra Bud instead of just having a couple tops in there. So hopefully by the middle of next week like I’ve been saying we are going to see all four of the plants poking through and we can start training them with the scrog.

But in the meantime just keeping the same misting schedule and shaking up the CO2 canisters if you are using them. Now today I did water the plants because they were ready this morning, so I fed them their third plain watering since that last nutrients feeding and I split about a gallon and a quarter between all four of these plants. So that worked really well for them and they were a little bit droopy this morning which is why I did it before the video, and you can see a few hours later they are already perking back up.

Now if you are using the airpods like I've got here, you will notice that there are actually a lot of holes along the side, so when you do water them, a lot of that water does train out really quickly. Now it is pretty important to get that water up because you don't want your plants just sitting in puddles of water, so what I do is I get my wet back out and just vacuum it up really quickly. And that works perfectly, so I am going to go ahead and give these plans I'm missing right after this clip and that is pretty much it for a day 7 of week 4. Alright peace growers!

 Alright GreenBox Growers, that officially concludes week four of vegetation for the OG Kush screen of green grow series.  And like I was saying hopefully next week we will get enough growth so that all of those plants come up through the scrog net and then we can begin training them to further squares that are further away from the center of the tent. And again that is going to allow us to grow more tops in there so again we can increase our yields and the amount of Bud we pull from this grow. So as always thank you guys for watching this week's video, I really hope you enjoyed it and until next time…

Happy Growing!!! 
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown