1 More Week until the Start of Flush


What up GreenBox Growers, And welcome back for that week 8 video of the stealth grow series.  Now like I was saying in last week's video I am going to be checking on these trichomes today because quite possibly these plants might be ready to start that 2-week flush. So if that is the case we will start the flush today because the plants are ready for their next watering, and that will also mean that that this is the last video of the grow series. So if they are not ready most likely I will do another nutrients feeding and then we will start the flush. But no way to tell until we check those trichomes.  So now that you know what we are doing in today's video of the Gorilla Glue Autoflower plant, let's get started with day 1 of the week!

Alright Growers, this is the first day of week 8 and before we check on those trichomes, I just want to give you guys a look at the plants and how they have developed. So the buds have really chunked out over like these last few days here.  Very surprised at the weight they have been putting on, and they have always been really Frosty but just looking absolutely great!   So very nice looking yields, I would say probably 2 to 3 Oz Oz per plant, this plant over here is probably are going to yield more but I really like how these buds are looking at the moment.

So the reason I am thinking they are going to be ready for that flush is just because all those pistols have pretty much curled in and there are just a few sticking up, and besides that, the plants are showing signs of maturity and that buds have slowed down and development now that they finished that fattening up process. There really isn't much more development for them to do, so that's another reason why I am assuming they are ready.  

Now the plants or the soil is dry so if they are ready for that, if they are ready for the start of flush we are going to start that today. And then if not, I will probably do one more nutrients feeding it just depending on how far away from flush they really are. So now that you guys have gotten that update and have looked at the buds, I'm going to get out the scope and hook that up and we will check out this trichomes.

Alright so again I am going to be starting with one of the branches or lower nodes because it will be easier for me to get a stable shot.  So right now I am zoomed all the way out at just 50x, so let me get a better shot for you guys. And again you want to be checking right on the bud, you don't want to be looking at the sugar leaves because those aren't going to be as accurate and tell you where the development is. 

So right now I am seeing all milky pretty much, seeing some Amber, you can see those Amber heads right there. And most of those are looking milky, it can be tricky to tell but those I mean there might be some clear to be honest.   So these might actually have some time to go. Let me get another side there for you guys of the bud. Boom yeah so those are actually looking all clear to me so I might actually go another week and then start that flush. I mean there is Amber going. Which is surprising to see a decent amount of Amber, but well now that we are zoomed out they do look like they are pretty milky. So it might actually be that they are ready. Let me just get another look at another side of this bud.

Yeah I am going to say that they are not ready yet, another week's time we will go. Because I am not really seeing that much Amber only a few here and there, so yeah we are going to give them, we will do a nutrient feeding today and then we will probably start that flush in a week's time.

 Alright so after looking at those buds under the trichomes scope it is definitely apparent these guys have at least another week to go. So  today since they are ready for their next water and  we have done 3 plain water since the last nutrient feeding, today means it is another nutrients feeding. So when I start that flush I will explain that in more details and since you know we have another week's time that's why I'm going to be doing this nutrient feeding. It is probably going to be the last one of this grow so it is going to be a pretty strong one and what I will be mixing is 3 teaspoons of the grow, 3 teaspoons of the micro and then 3 teaspoons of the Bloom, as well as 1.5 teaspoons of Cal Mag per gallon of water. 

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So probably going to be doing a gallon and a half for both of these plants together so splitting a gallon and a half between these two plants. And yeah I am going to feed them all of that and you want to get about 25 or 30% run off at this point. Let me show you guys these nugs looking really nice over here as well. And yeah so we will probably check the trichomes again and another 4 to 5 days just to give them a little time to progress and then again at that point we will decide  whether or not it is time to start the flush. So I am going to mix up these nutrients now and feed the ladies and then I will be back here in 24 hours for day 2 of week 8. Alright peace Growers!

What after hours we are back here 24 hours later for day 2 of the week and as you can see I've got the lights off for the LED lights off so you guys can see what the plants look like in their natural state without those purple lights covering them up. So  I just wanted you guys to see their true colors here and let me just give you guys a little Zoom shot on that. You can see it a little easier to see how Frosty they are without the LEDs on just because they kind of changed the color of what the buds look like in such so let's see if I can get the old camera to focus. 

Buds are getting really big as you guys saw it already, looking really good and we just did that what will probably be the last nutrients feeding yesterday, they are not ready for any water yet today. But we will probably be starting that flash end of this week, or the very first day of next week. So just keeping an eye on this trichomes for the time being and then that was pretty much it for today's update. So I will be back here in 24 hours. Peace!

Okay so we are back here now for day 3 of week 8 and really not too much new updates to report to you guys just yet. Plants are still pretty moist in terms of the soil so they are not ready for their next watering but we will check the trichomes at the end of this week just to see where they are at in to see if we are ready to start that flush but until then, we will just continue with the normal watering. So once they are ready that will be a plain watering, but until they are ready just wanted to keep humidity and temperature on point. 

Right now we are on about 77 degrees Fahrenheit and temperature low at 40% so I'm going to have to probably put a humidifier in here or I mean it doesn't look like it is really affecting them at this point so I might not need to do that. But we will see I mean humidity is usually on point in this tent so it just might be the change in weather today. So that is it for today's update and we will be back here for day 4 in 24 hours. All right peace Growers.

Alright Growers we are back here another 24 hours later for day 4 of the week, and plants are actually ready for their next watering. So this is just going to be a plain watering and I will be splitting about a gallon and a half between these two plans. So really quickly before I do that water and I just want to give you guys a look at the buds because they're just looking really Frosty as always.

 And yeah they are just sugaring up really nicely in these last few weeks here so very stoked on that. And we still got a little ways to go, probably about 3 more days I would say until we start that flush. So things are going along nicely, plants are looking great, and so yeah today that's really it for the update and all I'm going to be doing is now feeding them that plain water. All right I will see you guys back here tomorrow, peace!

We are back for day 5 of the week and the ladies are looking especially good and especially happy after yesterday's watering. So like I've been saying, I'm going to not wait until the first day of next week but instead of day 7 of this week I will check on these try comes again because they do look like they are pretty much ready for that flush. So I guess I'll probably start the flush day 7 of this week. But anyways that is pretty much it for today's update and I will be back for a day 6 and 24 hours, and until then Happy growing!

Alright so we are back here another day later, so it is Day six of the week and plants are not actually ready for their next watering so I'm going to have to wait until tomorrow as you can see this plant is still pretty wet still and the one on the left. It looks dry from the surface but just from below it is pretty moist. So they buy I'm guessing by the look of them are going to be ready to start that flush tomorrow so it doesn't matter because that is when we will water them next. So I will be back here for that clip in 24 hours, there really isn't anything else to do at this point we are just waiting for them to be ready to flush. So I will see you guys here for day 7 in 24 hours, peace!

 All right folks we are back here another 24 hours later for day 7 of the week, and just as I promised we are going to be checking on those trichomes today, as I suspect we are now ready to start the flush. So I am checking out the buds over on the side here leaning over because I can get a more steady view but let's see. We are right now at 50x so let's see if I can get us some good Focus shots. Again you want to be looking at the bud itself not there sugar leaves, because those can actually develop will they develop at a different rate of speed or mature at a different rate of speed than the standard trichomes so that is why you do not want to look, cuz they will not tell you when they are really ready. 

But anyways I am seeing A lot of Milky and I am seeing a decent amount of Amber. Let's see, I am going to check a different spot on the bud and get a different look. here we go looking Amber or I'm sorry looking milky, not too much in terms of Amber over here though. So let's see I am going to check this nug right here. Looking good and just seeing a very slight bit of Amber, so actually I don't think these are ready at. So yeah I'm not really seeing any amber yet to be honest just one here or there so it looks like we will be getting them some more time before we are ready to start that flush.

Alright so before I conclude this week's video, I just want to give you guys a good look at the bud so you can see how they are progressing. But they are looking really nice, especially these ones on the lower sides, they are really starting to I mean they are getting frostier it seems like by the day, or at least denser with trichomes. So it looks like they are not yet ready for the flush, I am from here on out just going to be doing the plain pH water or the plain water until we are ready for that flush.

 Because these ladies don't need any further nutrients and then the difference will be once we flush we will be using that flushing agent for the first watering. So today they are actually ready for some water so I'm going to be doing a plain water of course, about a gallon and a half, 1 gallon 1.5 gallons between these two plants. So I will be doing that feeding or watering right after that, right after this clip. And then died as pretty much it for 2 days update, so that concludes the week 8 episode and I will be back shortly with week 9.

Alright GreenBox Growers so that concludes this week's episode which again was week 8 for the stealth grow series. Now I will be checking those trichomes in the middle to end point of next week which will be week 9, because I am really hoping they will be ready to start that flush at that point. Right now it looks like they are all milky with about I would say 1% Amber and you want to be in the five to 10% Amber range before you start that flush. So I will be back shortly with that week 9 episode of The Gorilla Glue stealth grow serious. And as always thank you guys for watching this week's episode, I really hope you enjoyed it, and until next time …

Happy Growing!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown