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What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back to the most List Cannabis Growing Channel!  Now today I am going to be doing a little bit of curing as well as a smoke review video for you guys as I recently harvested the Limoncello Haze plants from that mother plant and cloning grow series. So the results were top-notch and it looks like we will be getting a little over a pound in terms of the yields. And so in this video what I'm going to be doing is taking the buds down from the drying rack since they just finished that process and then I'm going to show you guys the curing process as well as a little smoke review of these Limoncello Haze buds so you guys can get my feedback and review on how they turned out. 

 Also don't forget that we have that two-week free trial to our entire Grow video library still going on, so if you want to sign up for that, just visit the link right here on your screen and hit the Subscribe button overlaid on those videos. Alright Growers so now that you know what we are doing in today's video we are going to head downstairs into the drying room to check on those Limoncello Haze Buds!

So we are out here in the garage where I have the drying tent with the buds hanging up, and this is the tent that I was using to grow my NukeHeads Series in. I have some autoflowers going on in the tent that I had these ones growing and so that's why I'm not drying them in there. But usually I just use the same grow tent that I grew the plants in to hang dry them. So you will see up top we got about 2 full rows of solid colas here. And then again this is the Limoncello Haze,  and let me get you guys a good Focus close up on these babies. They are getting really dance, still very frosty and the smell is actually still really good even though they are drying out at this point.

But yeah really stoked on the yields here and I'm hoping for about a pound from these Limoncello Haze plants. And then down here we have all of the popcorn nuggage. and this is actually some really good quality popcorn mug and I will show you guys some good quality close-ups once we start getting them in the jars and such. But yeah they are really nice looking and it smells really good down here as well. So what I'm going to do now is get them off of the hangers and put it right into my trays here, and then I will meet you guys up stairs for the jaring process.

Alright so here we are up in the bedroom and I've got all of the popcorn bud in this tray right here and then you can see all of the main colas are right here in this one. And you can see now under the light how nice and dense and frosty they are. And you can just see they're really good quality bud and a very good yield. Now the popcorn buds are looking really good as well and you can see a lot of these you see are solid nugs. They have a little purple tint to them as well, but yeah they are not Airy or anything like that, very dense and I would say there is a good quarter pound of it right here. Maybe a little bit more. But yeah a lot of good popcorn nugs. 

And these are actually just really good size nugs that weren't on a branch that was easy to hang, so I just clipped them off at that point as you can see. And lots of good size nugs in here. So what I am going to be doing is I'm going to jar and weigh these all out. Well actually I'm going to weigh them out and then jar them. But what I will be using is the quart-size mason jars right here. And then each jar is going to have an 8 gram 62% Boveda humidity pack in there.

 And that is just to help with the curing process and to make sure that they don't dry out too much, or get too humid in there as I can cause mold. And then of course you don't want your buds overdried if that's not going to taste well and it's going to smoke really harshly. So let me just give you guys one more good look at the popcorn nugs here as well as these big main colas. Let's see, here is Big Daddy right here, this is the biggest one I've harvested, sorry let me get those off of there. 

But yeah you can see those are really good size cola's and then all the little side ones right there or just massive. This is probably about I mean the bud is probably about 12 in in length I would say maybe a little more including the side colas. And yeah I again with the ones that are still on the branch all you got to do is Click them off right at the base of the nug into the jar. And then you are good to go for the curing process. So let me try these babies up and then I will give you guys that full weight right after that.

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All right folks so so far I have jarred up all of the popcorn nugs and have weighed those out so you can see that right there. I got about four and a half jars worth in them and it is right at around 142 grams. So that is about 20 grams over a 1/4 pound. So that is really good and then you can see right here I just finished clipping off all of the colas or all of the buds off of those main colas office main branches. So I've just got those nuggs, full nugs right here ready to go into the jars.  So I am going to get this weighed out and jarred, and then I will show you guys what that looks like.

But really stoked I mean this is I think I'm going to go to hit a pound at least with all of this. And let me just show you guys, I mean the quality of these popcorn nugs, they are not really popcorn nugs I shouldn't be saying that as they are more just like big mugs that were not on big enough branches to be hung up by. But you can see a lot of them are just like this. So I'm very stoked and got about a 142 grams or a quarter pound, a little over a quarter pound from the popcorn nugs. And then hopefully three quarters of a pound more from this right here. So let me get these nugs jarred up and then I will be back to show you what that looks like.

All right guys so I just finished jarring up all of those main Cola Buds. And that got us about 5 more jars. So yeah and total after weighing everything out you can see the weight of each jar written right there. But it came out to exactly 302 grams so not quite a whole pound but it's about three-quarters of a whole pound. So very happy on that yield especially because those clones were only vegged for about 2 weeks. So they didn't have very much time to put on any size and they are still getting a really good yield per plant. So with that that's about let's see just over 10 oz. And I had five of those clones plus one mother plant. 

So about 2 oz of plant but the mother plant probably had about three or four. And then I'm going to say the Clones had about an ounce and 3/4 to almost to ounces per plant. So pretty good yield per plant, I'm pretty happy about that specially because I said it was only a 2 week veg period. And here are some of those main Cola buds right there in the jar just so you guys can see how they look. So what I'm going to do now is put them in my dresser drawer I have an open drawer to keep them in for the curing process. 

Just because you want them in a cool dark place, and then I am going to be burping them for about 15 minutes each day for the coming weeks here and after about probably 4 to 5 days of curing them in the jars. I am going to be back here to show you guys and do a little smoke review to test out these Limoncello Haze Buds just to give you guys my feedback and review on how they really came out. So I am going to give these guys some time to cure now and then we will be back for that smoke review!

Alright guys so Cody is here to help me do the Bud review. So it is time to test out the Limoncello Haze Nugs.  I've got two jars up here, one for Cody and one for myself. We are going to pop these Lids off and check out how they are smelling and just their overall appearance. So these were put into the jars on the 16th and it is now the 22nd so almost a full week in the jars of burping. Definitely can tell a big noticeable difference in the smell since trimming them and hang drying them.  What do you think?

You can definitely tell too, so when we first trimmed like the very first time, we are very nitpicky about it and I think we trimmed a little too much. But I think on this one now that we are a little more experienced we just trimmed the proper amount and when you are done trimming it seems like you leave behind too much of you know what supposed to be trimmed off. And then when you get to this stage of curing, you realize it is the perfect amount because those bigger leaves just shrink in and as long as they have some THC on them with those crystals, it will all shrink in together. And form a nice dense bud, and it will actually be denser if you you know don’t over trim it.

Yeah exactly, and I can definitely tell that the nuggs have tightened up a decent amount as well since we put them in the jars.  And I've got some good shots up close there for you guys to check out. Still looking really Frosty, they aren't looking too dry or too crispy or anything like that but they do have a dense kind of hard feel to them. It's kind of like when you go to the dispensary and you buy the stuff that is like stupidly expensive and you just look and it's like a rock. And the stuff that doesn't look like much in size and then when you grind it up it really grinds up into a lot of weed. Definitely. So yeah we will probably be hearing these for another week and a half with the daily burp, and then we will go to every other day. And then from there on it's more of just a once-a-week type of situation for long-term burping.

But do you want to grind some up and then I will give them a little info about where a little background info on the genetics for the Limoncello Haze. So it is actually a sativa dominant hybrid of both the lemon skunk and then the super silver haze strains. And it is a two-time Cannabis Cup winner from greenhouse seeds. So greenhouse seeds is a pretty famous seed breeding company as they have some of the best strains out there for sure. Now when it comes to the effects and attributes, at the top of the list it has happy and energetic and euphoric. And then at the bottom it has uplifted as well as relaxed. And then for medical purposes it is really great for relieving stress or helping with depression and fatigue. And then it is also pretty good for pain as well as a lock for appetite.

So now to compare so they have some grow info on this strain, so they say it is actually a moderate strain to grow and difficulty but I actually felt it was easy and actually a good strain for beginners to start off with if they wanted to. Not a super difficult strain, it does say it gets pretty tall, over 78 in in height. But I did a lot of low stress training and Topping so I kept it pretty short from what you got a saw in the videos. It says it gets about 1-3 ounces per square foot and I would say those pretty accurate.  I was growing in a 2 x 4 and I had that about fully filled out and we just go about three-quarters of a pound or a little bit over.

So pretty close in that regard, and then it says 7 to 9 weeks for flowering. I would say it was about closer to 9 weeks for myself, and then the stretch it says is around 100 to 200% and I definitely noticed that with the Clones because they almost doubled in height during the flowering stage.  So for the smells it says, so to recap on the growing I would say what they have here is pretty close and pretty accurate to what I experienced when growing that strain. Now for the smells it has lemon, Citrus, as well as earthy. So what would you say I mean the smell to once you grind it up compared to when it is still in its nug form is definitely a lot different too.

Definitely getting the lemony and citrusy smell, but I don't know if I'm getting I don't think I'm really getting any of that earthy sent. I definitely notice the earthy with that Grape Ape strain that we were reviewing the other day, that I was reviewing that with Claire. But this one is definitely like a citrusy lemony, and yeah it smells like a really good sativa. Like a Jack Herer or a blue dream, just a really good one. And yeah this is a sativa dominant like I was saying and then let's see if there is anything else about lineage. Yeah the Lemon Skunk which is a hybrid. And then the super silver haze which is a sativa, so yeah let's get to the best part of the video which is the actual smoke review.

So I will be packing a little snap for myself and then Cody can pack one as well just so we can get the full flavor effect. We don't have to smoke the other burnt stuff from each others bowl. And then we've got Claire's new Stratus Bong here.  It is called Baby Blue just because of the blue colors and it is pretty small to actually. But it works really well goes really good hits. So I do get a little bit of that earthy taste on the exhale, but then there is also afterwards you can definitely tell there is that citrusy after note as well. Immediately feel it with the cerebral affect pretty strong in the front like my forehead area and then right behind my eyes that is pretty noticeable.

And then honestly my arms just feel really relaxed, almost immediately I just felt them loosen up especially like the backs of my arms. So definitely feeling the body effects but also pretty strong in the head as well. And just really good sized tight nugs from the plant to which I was really stoked on. Very frosty too, so what would you say? I guess I taste the earthiness more now, but still, okay so now yeah at the end you taste it. But the earthy or the lemon? The earthy.  It was kind of like At first not really but then at the end it definitely.  Just like any good sativa for me you do feel it pretty quick like Dylan said in the eyes and the forehead, your eyebrows. 

I noticed I hold a lot of tension in my forehead and my eyebrows and I catch myself holding them higher than normal. It just feels normal to me. So sometimes when I take a good rip of some good weed I can actually feel that relaxation happen and yeah almost immediately too.  And it's nice because you don't have to be Stone to practice keeping your eyes relaxed. Just sometimes you need that initial help to realize I didn't even realize I was holding tension there. Yeah another thing I didn't show you guys there is a bowl or the ash is pretty much all white after hitting it so that's a good sign that it was properly flushed.

I think that is my favorite thing about home growing, as you just know it is all really organic and you know you are not getting anything sketch. Yeah it is clean and it is a lot of fun to do, and you get to pick out which strains you are going to have so you got your own selection choices. You can make extract if you want to, it's just all up to you and you don't have to pay the Crazy Prices to do it.  Yeah I think the Limoncello will definitely be a repeat. Again this is Limoncello Haze by the Amsterdam marijuana seeds, so it is from their genetics lineup and I think this is actually one of their premiums seed strains.

 So definitely worth checking out.  So overall review what would you give it on a one-to-ten scale. Well for sativas I guess because there's just a dominant sativa. I would give it a seven and a half or somewhere right there. It's really good, it is a delicious sativa, I don't really have any negatives about it it's just that I have had better. And you can get more in terms of density of THC. If we are really talking you know but for regular smoke this is a great strain I think if you like sativas. 

Yeah this is my first time having the Limoncello Haze actually, and I mean one of my favorite strains is Jack Herer. Very similar in my opinion to this and how it grew, and same with the effects. It reminds me of that a lot. So I would say probably like an eighth for this one or an 8.5. Not my favorite sativa ever that I have smoked, but definitely top 5, maybe top three even. So yeah that is our review for the Limoncello Haze.  And again it is a sativa dominant strain and it is by Amsterdam marijuana seeds.

Alright GreenBox Growers, that concludes the keyring and smoke review video for those Limoncello Haze Buds by Amsterdam marijuana seeds.  And again those were from the plants that I grew with the Mother Plant and Cloning grow series, so if you guys want to check out those videos and how I grew them exactly, just visit  and under the videos tab you will see it there listed.

 All you have to do is hit the Subscribe button overlaid on the videos and it comes with a 2 week free trial that you can watch them under. Before I go I'd like to ask you if you enjoyed the video, please hit that thumbs up button and don't forget to subscribe to the GreenBox Grown Channel. Also feel free to comment below with your feedback or suggestions for future videos you would like to see me do. As always thank you guys for watching today's video, I hope you enjoyed it, and until next time…

Happy Growing!!! 
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown