More LST on the OG Kush SCROG Grow


How’s it going GreenBox Growers, and welcome back for the week 3 of vegetation video for the OG Kush Screen of Green Grow series. Now this week's video is going to be another very exciting one as the plants are definitely developing some good size and a good amount of tops to them, so I'm thinking by the end of this week or beginning of next week which would be week 4, we are going to be adding that scrog net to the tent. 

Not like I was just saying, you will notice that the plants have grown a lot since the last video. And we are going to be continuing with more low-stress training throughout this week as well as that nutrient watering schedule. But since the plants you have more size to them I am going to begin utilizing the defoliation technique. And that will probably start later on in this week's video, towards the end of the week is what I mean by that. So now that you guys know what we are doing in this week's video, let's get started with day 1 of the week!

Here we are from day one of the week and first thing I want to do is just show you guys the new growth is that the ladies have had since yesterday's clip. Now you can see that that last training we did help them a lot with getting that flat table top shape, because you can see now pretty much all of those tops are at the same height. So another thing I want to show you guys as I am continuing with the leaf tucking technique that I showed you before, and really just having to do it with these big, so these are actually 7 finger fan leaves. But these are the big ones at the moment, and these are also actually the leaves that I will be removing during that first two foliation. I just want to let them get a little bit more growth going before I do that.

 So first things first, I actually just finished refilling the CO2 canisters with these replacement packets, or refill packages. So like I was saying after about 2 weeks or sometimes a little longer, the CO2 canisters, the TNB natural ones that I am utilizing in each corner of the tent. They need to be refilled, so one packet per canister and then you just Riyadh one more liter of lukewarm water. Of course you want to clean out an empty out the previous contents of the bottle before we mixing it, and then another thing with these is with the replacement packets you want to keep those in a dark, cool location because you don't want them getting too hot or being exposed to too much light because that can damage them.

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So plants are not yet ready for the next watering, I will be missing them throughout the day as usual today and now I just want to get started with some more of that three-finger training technique that I've been showing you guys. Cuz I do want to bend first off  those main at tops a little bit out why they're so they are a little further away from the center of the plant just to exposed to more light Under The Canopy. And then I'm also going to use some bending with the 3-finger technique on some of these new tops that have popped up and are a little bit taller. So let me just set my cameras down to get that set up for the shot.

 Alright so here we are set up for that low stress training, before we start that I just want to tell you guys that I pointed my fans a little bit more downward so they're pointing more towards the plants. Reason being is because now that they are not so small, you do want to get a little bit of a breeze going over them just to keep them lightly fluttering. Reason being is first of all that helps past the CO2 over their leaves so they can help absorb it and then secondly the breeze and movement helps with strengthening their stems as well as faster growth. So just a quick little tip right there.

 You can see humidity is right at 63% at this point so that is a really good range to Vienna, you want to be right around 60% to 65% at during veg and then for temperature it is at 72.5 Fahrenheit and it will go up a little bit once I close the tent up, but right around 75 or 74 is a good place to be for temperature. So I'm going to be demonstrating on this plant here first and what I want to do is just first of all take the main stock and bend it or that man top that we started with and I'm just going to use that three-finger a technique that I showed you guys to just kind of bend it down again. Just working the very tippy top pretty much of the branch. 

You don't want to go too far down to that solidified growth and also just the top is what you want to bend because that will help it lean outwards more. So that's really all you got to do for that one there so it's leaning over sideways. And again it will grow further out in this direction keeping it from growing back up and covering that canopy again.  So I'm just going to check this big fan leaf right here, so I can get some more light exposure to the tops below and then I'm going to check this one here. So that's really important right now but of course it will be easier once we can do is the deflation.

 So I actually I'm going to do just on these two main topics that have grown up, I just want to bend them out a little bit.  Just to kind of start pointing them out in that direction and then that will be pretty much it for this plant. So you will notice once we are done with our training usually, the plan is going to look like this where it is just kind of laying flat, that table top shape I keep mentioning. And you can see all of the tops are going out and away from the center all in different directions towards the edge of the pot. 

So that is exactly what we want and that is going to help us create that bushy but still flat tabletop shape which will help again with maximum yields. Especially once we add that scrog towards the end of this week, beginning of next week. So let me train the rest of the plans and then I will be back here to show you what that looks like.

I just now I just finished that low-stress training for all four of the plants. She let me just give you guys a little aerial view of how they look and you can see there is now a lot of extra light being exposed to those nodes down below the canopy. So that's just going to help even further. I'm guessing we are only going to have to train these like one or two more times before we add the scrog above them. And then we will just be training them through the net of the scrog. So just another reminder, I refilled or replaced the CO2 canisters today with new CO2 package. And I will be missing the plants right after this clip, so that's it for today's update and I will see you back here for day 2 of the week.

It is now day 2 of the week and vegetative growth is continuing to be amazing, and absolutely rapid growth here that you can see each day. So each plan has about 5 to 6, around 6 to 8 actually different tops. And we are going to keep getting more and more of those going and like I said, these are definitely going to be ready for the scrog to go above them starting day 1 of week 4. So that is next week, and I will probably start with a scrog probably about 8 to 12 in from the tops of the plants. 

And then they will grow up to it and then we will start training them through it. So let me just give you guys one more quick look at all of that growth we are getting from the centers and Under The Canopy. And again we will be doing some defoliation coming this next week as well. So for today's video I want to remind you guys about is just shake up your CO2 canisters if you are using them, and then I am going to do a misting as well as a plane watering and this is going to be the second one we are doing since the last nutrient feeding. So at this point I am giving each plant about a spray bottle and a half worth of water, per watering. So when we go do that and then I will missed them.

What up Growers, we are back here now for day 3 of the week and all I can say at this point is the vegetative growth is just going Stupid Fast. You can see the plants are going, like they aren't doubling in size every day but it looks like they are just adding a ton of growth every 24 hours. So no need to water them just yet, you can see the soil is still moist so we will still be missing them however about 2 to 3 times a day still on that point. And then shaking up those CO2 canisters if you are using them, now at this point like I've been saying we are getting very close to be ready for adding that scrog. 

So like I said next week we will probably be adding it.  And I'm really just going to be putting it about 8 to 12 in from the tallest part of the plant So it's really only going to be at like that and then at that point we're just going to be trying to grow as many tops through that scrog net as possible. And then we will be flowering probably 2 to 3 weeks after we had that net over. So it's getting pretty close here in this growth is going pretty fast though so that is why everything is happening so quickly. And then once we add that scrog net, that is when I'm going to do the first bit of the foliation. And I'm just going to remove the large fan leaves at that point as well as those leaves that are really low in the soil basically laying on top of the soil. Because those are not necessary and it's just going to cause issues for the plants.

 But I will get more details when it is time to do that before we do that defoliation. So today like I said I'm going to be missing the plants and then I'm also going to do a little bit of that three-finger LST technique on the larger tops because I still want to get some nice growth coming from below the canopy before we add that scrog. So also before I get started I want to show you guys you can see hear some of these maintop or some of these tops that work just coming out from lower notes below the canopy. You can see they are growing higher and faster  now than the main top or the first man top that we had growing on these plans. So very good sign of strong genetics, and of course just going really well. So one quick thing before I start that low stress training, right now we just still have the one light going. 

The one 300 watt electric sky, once I have that scrog net over them for about a week, that is when I probably will  turn on the second one. I just want to wait until we are getting closer to flowering these plans. I may even add a third light in here during the flowering stage if they need the added boost. But most likely these two lights will be plenty. So let me show you guys that low stress training now. 

Okay so it is still day three of the week here and I just finished that low stress training but I just wanted to mention, so I don't know if you guys realized but In that clip where I was showing you guys the training. You might have noticed that these branches really only took about 1 bend and then they just kind of stayed laying over. And the reason being is like I said before, young growth stays a very flexible and flimsy where the older growth starts to solidify and thicken up. So that's why I say train early and often because it is easier that way, less stressful on the plant and you get better results because you are not doing with those older solidified branches and nodes.  So that is officially it for day 3 of the week and I will see you guys back here in 24 hours!

We are now back here for the fourth day of week 3 of vegetation and the ladies are not yet ready for their next watering so we will be holding off on that today. What I'm waiting for is for the soil to be dry an inch deep, and you can see from just above that that surface is still moist. So we will just be misting today as usual and I will tell you guys when we are no longer going to be misting the plant but for now keep doing that two to three times each day as usual. No need to change that up. Now I did shake up the CO2 bottles that is your daily reminder, but before I go I want to remind you guys where I want to talk about actually defoliation and how we will be using it for this grow. So before we go into that first I won't be doing any low stress training at all today, no three finger bending or anything like that.

 So with defoliation there are two ways we are going to be using that. First we are going to be using it for the vegetative stage and the way we will be doing this by removing large fan leaves such as these ones right here. What that is going to do as you can see what this one is it is going to open up space for the nodes below, there you go you can see those nodes below. And it is going to allow them to grow up and become main tops themselves so we can have several colas coming from that space. So that is how we will be utilizing it in the vegetative stage. Once in flower and once those buds are coming in, we will use it to allow for larger Bud growth. 

That way we do that is by removing leaves that are growing near the buds as well as covering up lower Buds. And what that does is allow similarly to the vegetative stage, it allows for more light to reach those buds which in turn causes them to grow larger. So I will go into more detail on defoliation when we get to it, and like I said that will probably happen early next week once we add the scrog net above these plants.  Alright so that concludes day four the week and I will be back here shortly for day 5 where most likely we will be doing that next watering.

What up Growers we are back here for day 5 of the week in the OG Kush plants are actually ready for their next watering. You can see the soil is completely dry and when I put my finger in the soil it is dry over an inch deep, so that is a good sign that they are ready. So what that means is I will be giving them their third plain watering since that last nutrients feeding, as well as a misting. I have a gallon of water in the bucket but I'm thinking I will only use somewhere between a half to three-quarters of a gallon for all for the plants. But we will see it and I will let you guys know at the end what I ended up using. 

So for today’s video all I wanted to do is remind you guys to shake up your TNB Naturals CO2 canisters if you are using that. If you are using the exhale brand all you have to do is leave them hanging in the tent, but just make sure that you have adjusted the hanger so that the vent where it allows the CO2 to come out of is below the hanger and not above it. 

Because that will actually pinch it off. So besides the watering and misting I am also going to be doing some low-stress training, but all I will really be doing is doing three-finger bending on those first main tops that came up. So I will be showing that in the clip after this, as well as the watering and the misting. So that is it for today's video and I will see you back here for day 6 of the week!

What up growers, it is now day 6 of the week and what you can see now is each of these plants is taking up pretty much there. It print of the tent. So you can see we don't want them getting too much wider at this point because then they are going to start getting in the way of each other's growth, as you can see. I already pulled the pots away from each other a few in so that the branches weren't crossing over. This isn't a bad thing that we just don't want them to get to Bushy for each other's growth. 

So what we are going to do at this point is stock with the low stress training until we put that scrog up on day 1 of next week, which organ will be week 4 of vegetation. And that is also when we are going to do that first bit of defoliation, so for today all we are going to do is give them a good misting, two to three times a day and they are still good from yesterday's watering. And then of course shaking up those CO2 canisters if you are using them. So I am going to go ahead and give them that misting now and then we will be back here in 24 hours for the last day of the week. Alright peace grows!

So it is now the last day of week 3, and again vegetative growth is just continuing to do really well. So I just wanted to show you guys some close-ups on the new tops that have been growing in as well as all of the foliage that we are getting throughout the canopy. So what we are going to be doing is actually tomorrow I'm going to be setting up the scrog about I would say 4 to 5 in, maybe like 8 in above the tops or the tallest parts of these plants. And then once those are tall enough they will start growing through this scrog. 

So it will be a day after adding the scrog that we are going to do that first bit of defoliation, and while these big fan leaves are really healthy looking and would help a lot with a bigger plant,  with what we are trying to do with the scrog net, these are not going to be good because they are going to block a lot of light from the lower nodes. So that is what we will be removing in that first defoliation is just the large fan leaves that are blocking a lot of light. So that is really it for today's update, all we have to do is mist the plants as we've been doing two to three times each day.  They are not yet ready for a watering, probably by tomorrow they will be and then of course we are just are just shaking up those CO2 Canisters if you are using them.

Alright Growers, so that concludes week 3 of vegetation for the OG Kush Screen of Green Grow series. And like I was saying I will be back shortly with the week for video of vegetation where we will be adding that scrog net over the plants as well as doing some of that first defoliation. Now we will also be continuing with the next nutrients feeding in that video so stay tuned for that, and before I go I just want to thank you guys as always for watching this week's video. I really hope you enjoyed it and until next time…

Happy Growing!!! 
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown