Lots of Veg Growth and the Start of Flower!


What up GreenBox Growers, and welcome back for week 2 of the stealth grow series and again that is with the Gorilla Glue Autoflower plants!  Now I switched out that 600-watt Meihzi back for the 300 watt Mars Hydro that I had in there originally because it seemed like the 600 watt light was a little bit too much power it but the plants are definitely doing a lot better in terms of vegetative growth at this point. So we are getting a lot of explosive growth at this point we will probably see the plant starting to flower in the next week or two here so get excited for that. 

And I'm going to continue with that nutrient watering schedule this week so you guys can continue to follow along with that. And as I mentioned last week I will no longer be doing low-stress training on these plants.  So from here on out, we are just going to be growing them straight up nice and big. Alright Growers, so now that you know what we are doing in today's video let's go over to the stealth grow room to check out how those Gorilla Glue plants are doing.

Alright so here we are for day one of the week in the stealth grow room which of course is set up in my bedroom closet, so the plants as you can see are getting really good tremendous vegetative growth. Especially the one right here that was of course further along than all of them to begin with, but she is still doing really well and reacting really well to that low stress training. Same thing is going on with the rest of the plants, I wasn't able to train them too much so we are probably not going to get too many different tops but we are still going to get some nice yields and good-sized buds from them.

 And you can see these 2 plants over here did really well with the low stress training, and then of course this one I didn't get to do any on because it was so small to begin with, but she is now definitely healthy and taking off. So you can tell there is a noticeable difference in terms of the vegetative growth now that I have switched out that 600 Meihzi for the 300 watt Mars Hydro. I will be back with that 600 watt light once they are bigger and can handle it. But you guys could have noticed that they were staying really low to the soil, the plants weren't growing very tall at all and they were also yellowing a lot at the tops. 

Or at the very centers of the tops and kind of drooping at that part of the plant. So that is a good sign that the light is too powerful or is too close to the plant so that is why I swapped them out. Now I thought the plants would be ready today for another watering, but it looks like the soil is still pretty moist about an inch and downs and not yet ready. They will probably be ready by tomorrow which is when I will do that next watering, so just going to be giving them some mistings today of plain water and that is really it. So that is it for day 1 of week 2 for the stealth grow room and I will be back here another 24 hours for your next update. All right peace Growers!

What up Growers, so we are back here another day later and it has actually been pretty chilly here in Northern California so I have actually been keeping the tent completely closed just so that temperature stays around 75 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit. So let me just open up the stealth grow tent really quickly and then I will show you guys how the Autos are doing and as you guys can see right here, they are all starting to really take off in terms of growth.

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 And I think it was a good call for sure to swap out that 600 watt LED for the 300 Mars Hydro. It was too soon for that much power so you can see all of the plants are getting some good growth going and also the soil is now dry enough so they are ready for their next watering. So that's going to be a plain pH watering and this is going to be the second one since the last nutrient feeding.  So the grow tent in the smart pots are going to go is still full with my lemoncello Haze Grow, so it's probably going to be another 7 days before I can move these to plant out of here and move them into that grow tent. 

So in the meantime they will just stay in here and keep doing what they are doing, but it will be good to get them out of here because it is getting a little crowded at this point, I think probably for plants is the max you want to do in here when it comes to autoflowers. So I'm going to do that plain pH watering now and then I will be back here in 24 hours for the next day of the week.  Alright Peace Growers! 

 Now one other quick tip that I wanted to share with you guys is at this stage of the grow I am still watering just using this little water bottle right here, my spray bottle. And the reason being is you just don't want to be moving that soil around too much at this point because it will disrupt The Roots. So just be able to feed with a smaller bucket or Im sorry a smaller water bottle or spray bottle like this is a lot more gentle on the plants when they are still small. I am giving each plant about one. A bottle where the water at the watering. So that's about as much as you want to be watering each plant at the stage.

We are now here for days 3 of week too, and the  Gorilla Glue autoflowers are actually just starting to show some very early signs of flowering. So let's take a look at that really quick here. So you can see right at the very top sore the very top of each node, they're slightly starting to yellow and actually the big guy or the big girl that is the furthest along, the one that was kind of a week ahead of everyone. She has developed a couple of pistols already, and you can see the rest are just about ready to start doing them. You can see here this one has a few pistols as well as this one, here is the lady that is farthest a long, and then the rest are just about ready to start doing that. 

So no need to water today, they're still good since that last watering I will be misting them probably just for the rest of this week. And then since they're starting to flower or once the last plant starts to flower, that is when I will stop the misting. So that is pretty much it, another thing is I actually lowered the 300 watt Mars Hydro LED light so it is about I would say it is about 4 to 5 inches lower than before. Reason being is some of the plants were stretching a little bit, as you can see their tops were growing up. So that is just a good sign that it is time to lower the light a little bit. Now they are not quite ready yet for the 600 watt Meihzi LED. But probably in another week to 10 days they will be ready for it. So I will be back in 24 hours for the next day of the week, alright peace!

 Alright Growers we are back here for day 4 of the week now and the ladies are actually ready for their next watering. So today I'm going to be giving them their third plain pH watering and I'm still going to be watering them from the spray bottle, and I'm going to be giving them about a full spray bottle per plan. So still want to be following those steps, they're still not ready yet for a whole big watering. And the next one will be a nutrient feeding so you can see they are all growing really well. This guy in the corner here wasn't getting enough light so that is why it is a little smaller. So what I did was I adjusted the 300 watt Mars Hydro LED so that it is going sideways long ways this way and send it back and forth like that, that way it opens up the footprint gives more coverage to all of the plants.

 Now you can see some of them are showing more signs of flower, and you can see right here we've got that very early sign of a bud on a lot of these cops going now.  And actually these plants are just about ready to get that Meihzi 600w LED back in here. So actually probably tomorrow I will be selling the Mars Hydro out for the 600 watt Meihzi I've got lined up right there. So the next thing I wanted to mention is these plants are definitely starting to overcrowd each other so it is definitely getting close to time to moving the two out of here that aren't going to be finishing up in here. 

But there is still no space yet in my tent as the lemoncello haze plants are still growing in there for that mother plant in cloning grow series. So they've got About another 5 days of flush before I'm going to be taking them out of there, and then that is at the point when I will be moving these two plants into that grow tent.  So that is it for the day 4 update of a week 2, and I will now be doing that plane pH water and then giving them a light misting.  Alright peace Growers!

What up growers we are back here 24 hours later for day 5 of the week, and I actually just threw in the 600 W Meihzi LED so the plants are definitely ready for it and you can see they are growing nice and tall at this point. And they were starting to kind of stretch which is a good sign that they were ready for more power in terms of the grow light. So I took out the 300 watt Mars hydro and put in the 600 W Meihzi watt and I just have the flower or I'm sorry I just have the veg switch on for now. Another thing is now that the plans are starting to flower a decent amount, I am going to stop with misting them completely so no more misting the plants at this point.

Again you can see that most of them have started to flower a decent amount actually are getting those pistols right at the tops. Right at the center, just the first couple of pistols and another thing I wanted to mention is some of the tips of the leaves like these ones right here you can see. They kind of twisted over at the ends and that is just because I had the fans going and the heat got a little too high so that can cause that to happen sometimes. So that is a really it for today's update and I will be back in 24 hours for day 6 of the week.

It is now day 6 of week 2 here now and the plants are ready for their next watering. So that's going to be there second mix of nutrients for this grow, before I show you the mix that we are going to be doing today I just wanted to show you how they are looking so far, it has been about 24 hours since I put in the 600 watt Meihzi LED, and you can see there are no signs of stress at this time. So it is very good that it is in here. And they are all looking very happy and are growing really fast now.

 So very good that we switched in the 600 watt at that point, and now for the  nutrients that I'm going to be doing. I'll be doing half a teaspoon of the grow, half a teaspoon of the micro as well as half a teaspoon of the bloom, and then 1/2 teaspoon of cal-mag and that's going to be all per gallon of water. So right now I'm just following half-strength on that nutrients schedule since this is only their second feeding. And also with autoflowers you just want to take it really slow and just always go light with nutrients. So I'm going to mix it up in the big watering can here at a gallon probably because that will probably be enough to split between all six of the plants. 

But I will still be watering it through the spray bottle just so it's a little more gentle. I'm not spraying it, I am just pouring it out of the top since it is coming out a little more easier that way. So that is pretty much it for today's update, you can see that they are all starting to flower now except for this one right here. The middle guy in the back row there's a little bit behind as well on flower but they are still having a lot of good vegetative growth. So that is what is most important right now. So now I'm going to do that nutrient feeding and then I will be back here in 24 hours for day 7 of the week.

Alright GreenBox Growers, welcome back here for the last day of week 2 for the stealth grow series, now I've made one major change today. And what that was was I changed the LED light schedule from being 18 hours on to 6 hours off to now being 24 hours on zero-hours off each day. That is because they are autoflowers I like to start doing that once they start flowering because you actually don't have to give them 12 hours on 12 hours off to flower so giving them more hours of light each day is going to help increase yields as well as potency and density on those buds. So you can see that actually pretty much all six of the plants have started to flower, the little guy right there in the middle back row has not yet started.

 But she is starting to show signs that she was about to. So very Stow so far as you can see they are all looking really healthy and happy especially since I added the 600 watt Meihzi LED. Now I may even add more Lighting in here later as these plants get larger but the other thing you got to remember is I am taking these two plants out of here pretty quickly so there will be more space for the other for plants. Which I think is actually a more appropriate number of plants for this size grow tent. Again this is the 2 by 4 foot tent. 

So here is a nice little close up on some of the buds that are starting to form, you can see they are really developing quickly. And a lot of these plans have multiple colas growing so that is going to be nice in terms of yields.  And that just shows why we do that low stress training like I did early in the season. So that is pretty much it for today's clip and I will be back shortly with the week 3 video of this grow series.

Alright GreenBox Growers,So that concludes week 2 of the stealth grow series with those Gorilla Glue Autoflower plants. Now that we are on that 24 hours on zero-hours off light schedule, we are going to see a lot of Bud growth and Bloom development. And pretty much as you guys can see, all of this plants have started flowering except for one of them and she will probably start in the next couple of days here. Also I'm going to be moving those two plants out into that other grow tent so these for that are left are going to have a lot more room to expand and develop some more big branches so those can turn into colas as well. Now I will be back shortly with week 3 of the stealth grow series but in the meantime, thank you guys for watching this week's video I hope you enjoyed, and until next time…

Happy Growing!!! 
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown