Harvesting Clone & Mother Plant Grow Series


What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back for week 18 of the how to grow a mother plant in Clone grow series. now for those of you who have already seen the week 17 video you will know that I was mentioning it is almost time to start the flush. So I will be checking on this trichomes throughout the first few days of this week because we will probably be starting the flush in the middle of this week. So get excited for that because we are almost ready to chop down these plants, and also before I get started with this week's video I want to remind you guys that if you are looking for a little more help to go along with these step-by-step grow videos. 

I do offer one-on-one grow guidance where I myself will personally help you over the phone each day. So if you want to learn more details about that, just visit the link right here on your screen and you will see our patreon page. We've got some videos and details on what that's all about.  Alright growers so now that you know what we are doing in this week's video, let's get started with day 1 of the week!

What up GreenBox Growers And welcome back out here in the garage for both the mother plant and her clones. Now we are almost ready to start the flushing. Like I said in the last day of last week's video, we are about two days away. So I checked the trichomes today and they are still a little bit, we still have a little bit of a ways to go so probably by tomorrow or the day after that is when the tri comes will be ready to start that flush. So for now not doing anything as I just gave them that nutrient and plain pH water and yesterday, so they are good on water and the reason for the yellowing of the leaves is actually because I have been doing a sort of low-nutrient diet towards the end here.

 And also because of the high temperature that we have been having here in Northern California as of late. So with the low nutrient, so it isn't that I've been doing low nutrients It's just that I haven't been doing them as frequently as usual and said the plants have started to burn off the nitrogen that was left in those leaves. And that is actually okay because that is a good sign to have at the end of your grow it's just happening a little bit early this time around but nothing that's going to ruin or mess up the potency or yields of the plants. If anything it's just going to help give us a cleaner and better Bud. And smoother smoke in the end.

 So looking at these cola's here you can see just how much they are fattening up here in the last few weeks, they are definitely still growing especially the cola is around the sides and edges as well. So definitely going to get that 2 to 3 ounces per clone, I'm thinking especially with these big main colors that we have here. And let me see if I can give you guys at nice close-up just so you can see how Frosty they are getting. 

There you go, you can see those trichomes just kind of dancing twinkling a little bit and then of course the mother plant has some monsters growing on her as well.Especially that big guy that big girl in the back, so that is pretty much it for today's update, they are probably going to be ready for a watering tomorrow just because of how hot it has been here lately. They are drinking really fast but just wanted to give you guys this little update and tell you that it is just about time to start that flush. So I will be back here in 24 hours for day 2 of the week, or if he's guys!

Alright Growers we are back here a day later for day 2 of week 18 and the ladies are not yet ready for the flush, just checked the trichomes but I am going to be doing a watering today for them and then the next time they are ready for a water in, that is when they will be ready to start that flush. So today there's just going to be playing pH water for all of the plants this is the third one since the last nutrient feeding for the mother plant and then this will be the first plane pH watering since their last nutrient feeding of nutrients for the Clones.

So you can see it is actually noticeable each day still the buds are fattening up and you can see the colas are just getting denser and insert and still just filling out all the way up and down the trunks of each branch. Now with some of these leaves you can see they got a little crispy and curled up and died. So if you have that issue it is good to just pull those off as they should just come off right away. But you don't want to leave those on the plant because that can damage the buds. But completely normal especially during a high heat wave like we've been having here lately, now let me just show you guys the clones and how they are doing. And they are looking tremendous as well. 

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Branches are fattening up and getting frostier all the way up and down and you can really see how big and thick if they are from this view right here. So very stoked to be starting to flush on these guys in the next couple of days and it's going to be. I mean some of these branches are looking like they are going to be an ounce just by themselves, Like this one right here in the back, so that is really up for today's update. So now I'm going to do the watering for all the plants in here and they will be getting that plain pH water. All right I will see you guys back here in 24 hours, peace guys!

Alright GreenBox Growers, We are back here for days 3 of week 18 and I just checked the try comes and they are now ready to start that flush. So the trichomes were all cloudy or milky as some refer to as, and then about 8% where Amber. So you want to be in that range of 5 to 10% Amber before you start the flush, so now that we are in that range I will begin today flushing all of the plants have both the mother plant and all five of her clothes. And what I'm going to do to start the Flush is use a flushing agent by Fox Farms which is called the sledgehammer flush.

 And what I'm going to be doing is mixing two teaspoons of that per gallon of water and then I'm going to feed that to all of the plants and I'm going to be giving them a little bit extra this time trying to flush out all of the residual nutrients in the soil as well as what's left in the buds. So what this is going to do is help us get all of those nutrients out of the plant so we can have a much cleaner tasting smoke as well as a better smelling and cleaner high.  So going to mix that up and water the plants, and be sure to get a good amount of runoff probably around 20 to 30% run off so that you are really flushing them out and then after this for the about the next 10 to 14 days I'm just going to be flushing them with plain pH water every time they are ready for a watering.

So let me just show you guys the buds, you'll see that about 70% of the hairs have curled in and change color, most of which change to Orange on these plants. There are still a couple little white one standing up at those will eventually change color and curl and as we finish up with the flushing. So they are all looking really good and very dense and very Sticky Buds come on very much covered in trichomes and you can see how dense the trichomes are on these buds. Let me try and get a focused shot for you guys. There you go, so you can see maybe the big mama plant will give us a better shot. And you can definitely see how big they are here, just trying to show you guys the frostiness.

But the smell on these is tremendous as well, the second I turn that carbon filter off it really just starts billowing out of the tent and smelling up or stinking up the whole bedroom. Or I'm sorry the whole garage. So let me see maybe a different angle here, I'll show you guys how Frosty, so there you can kind of see those trichomes looking like sugar. There you can kind of see it right there, very dense and very frosty so that is it for today's update and again I will be starting with that Sledgehammer flush right after I finish this clip. And then I will be back here in 24 hours for tomorrow's update, all right peace growers!

Alright GreenBox Growers,We are back here for day 4 of week 18 and there isn't too much difference or too much to really report on, the plants are still wet from that last flushing, so I'm just going to wait until they dry up the normal amount before I do the next flush of which we will do plain pH water. Now the buds have pretty much stopped in terms of development, they are slightly fattening up each day but really it's just not really any more trichome or pistol development for me. So that is over with and now it is just a matter of flushing out the plants so they are nice and clean and don't have any buildup in them for a smoother smoke. As well as a better tasting smoke.

So hard to see in this video with the purple lights going but you can kind of tell how Frosty they are getting some of the buds are getting really dense also which you can see from this coming the yields are going to be really really good. Again I think around 2 to 3 ounces at this point per plant. Probably closer to 2 or 2.5 if we are being reasonable with these clones here. And then the mother plant that's probably going to be 3 to 4 ounces off of her I mean look at that one right there.  That is just the massive one, and then there is also at least 10 others that are almost just like her. So that is really it for today's update, no watering necessary just keeping temperature and humidity on point. And then we will be continuing the flush once the soil is dry again. Alright peace growers!

What up GreenBox Growers, So we are back for day 5 of the week now and it looks like ladies are not yet ready for their next watering as the soil is still pretty moist so not going to be doing a flushing today. But we are moving along nicely through the flushing process and it is now been almost 5 days I believe since we started the flesh, maybe a little bit less and again we are going to go for about 10 to 14 days total. 

So we will be getting a few more handful more of the flashings in before that period. And then we are going to go with the 36 hours of darkness and then we will be harvesting. So that's really it for today's update, nothing else to really be doing besides monitoring temperature in humidity, you can see buds are still fattening up and getting nice and dents all these clothes and then you can really see they are pretty much eating up all the fan leaves as they have surrounded them and have filled up around them. So that is always a good sign and a nice sign of a really good yield. So buds are looking really Frosty and denser than ever so really looking forward to getting these guys harvested. So that's it for today's update and I will be back here in 24 hours for your next day of the week. All right peace guys!

What up GreenBox Growers, we are back here for a day 6 of the week and that means we are just about halfway through the flushing period. So it's going to be about a 10 to 14-day flush, probably closer to 14 days and so we are probably just about 7 days through. So the plants are ready for their next  flushing today, so I will be giving them a good watering of some plain pH water and again if you are in soil you do not need to pH your water, pHing is mainly for Hydroponics and soilless mediums.  But I always say that just show it remind everybody who is growing.

Again you can pH your water went and soil, it is not necessary though as well usually buffers the pH so you can if you are in a soil like the fox farm ocean Forest. You can just go straight from the top or the sink and water with that. Now I will be giving each plant and excessive amount of water because you really want to soak the soil and get all of that stuff washed out and you can see it is working really well, and the leaves are starting to Yellow a lot. Which means that the plants are eating up or taking all of the nitrogen from the leaves and using that for a little added Bud growth at the end here. The reason that happens is because once the nutrients are flushed out, they become thirsty or hungry for nitrogen so the leaves or fan leaves are the closest resource of that, so they just take it straight from them.  

And that is always a good sign of the proper flush. If I can get this to focus you can see they are really still stacking trichomes and getting extra Frosty each day, they are looking really good smelling really good and they are also packing on some nice eyes here each day throughout the Flushing period. So they are going to be some really good yielders as well. Especially this big one in the back here this one is just a monster right now, can't wait to drop these leads down. so I'm going to do that watering now and then again that is pretty much it. we are just going to be flushing for about another week and then we will do the dark. And then Harvest. Alright peace guys!

Alright GreenBox Growers so today is officially the last day of flush, which means the plants are now ready for that 36 hours of Darkness. So I just wanted to show you guys what the plans are going to look like on the very last day of flush where the Flushing period. And this is officially day 14 of flush so I got about 7 flushing's in total, including the one that I just did today. So I was watering about every other day and they were drying out pretty quickly which is good because they are flushing I really well. And a 14-day flush as a really good duration when in soil. So all finished up with the flushing and growing of these plants and now all there is to do is give them 36 hours of Darkness and then we will be harvesting them.

So after this clip what I'm going to do is  turn off the lights and then close up the tent completely. I will still have the fans as well as the carbon filter going, that is important because you still want to regulate the same temperature and humidity levels even during that dark period. And you don't want it to get too hot or have no air movement because that would be bad for the buds. So after I do that with the 36 hours of Darkness I will be back here to show you guys the harvesting and trimming process. 

Now before I go I just wanted to give you guys some good close-ups on the nugs themselves so you guys can see how they look one last final time before being trimmed up. And you can see they've all gone extremely dense all the way from the top to the bottom and there is no Airy buds even at the lower nodes of the plant. And all of that trimming really helped out as you can see because they are just tons of different tops and Main colas on these guys. So definitely thinking still around 2 to 3 ounces per plant on the small guys and then around 4 to 5 for the bigger mother plant.

We are now up in my bedroom with the lemoncello haze plants, and again these genetics are by Amsterdam marijuana seeds. So you can see if they are very nice solid nugs and this is the mother plant right here. And she's got big colas, she's got about 10 to 15 main colas all very good in size and solid all the way up and down. Now with the Clones they are smaller but you can see the same thing, solid nugs all the way up and down. And very high quality, it's very frosty and dents and it still smells really strong of that lemon sort of citrus you smell.

So I've got my trimming station setup right here, I like to have two trays just to have one with the trimmed up stuff and then one with the stuff I am still trimming. And then I've got my nice Bowl trimmer right here for any popcorn nugs that I'm not going to hand trim. So what I'm going to do right now is get started trimming these ladies right up and then I will be back to show you some good close-ups on some trimmed up Buds and colas, and then we're going to go hang them up outside in the tent to dry. All right I will be back here shortly for that new update.

Alright Growers so we are back here now after the trimming process has been completely finished, you can see we've got all six of those Lemoncello Haze plants finished being harvested and trimmed up. And that includes the mother plant as well as the five clones of hers, so you so you can see it's going to be a really good yield here. I think my predictions are going to be pretty accurate and we are going to do a weigh-in video after these ladies are done hang drying and I will also be doing a smoke review in that video as well as some of the curing process. But like I was just saying I do think that my estimate for the weight we are going to get from these ladies is definitely going to be accurate so first you will see that we've got this massive tray right here. 

All of popcorn buds, and really these were just more like nugs that were lower on the branch and weren't going to be big enough to drive. So you can see they are still very solid nugs all the way through and they have some good size to them. Let me see if I can give you guys a good focused zoomed-in shot, because they are very frosty and very dense. And you can see there is a lot of purple in the buds as well which is always nice. Here's another nice solid popcorn nug for you guys to check out right there.

Lets see if I can get a good zoom in on that, there you go, and honestly I would say right there that is at least five ounces of trim or I'm sorry of popcorn bud right there. Then we've got these nugs, these nice massive colas and you can see very solid but all the way through all the way to the bottom and there's no caps or anything like that. Not Airy or larfy at all either which is exactly what you want. Give you guys a nice little zoomed-in look on here, very frosty again and very dense. And these notes have a lot of purple in them as well. This right here, let's see if I can get those off, this was the big cola from the mother plant. That big monster know that I've been showing you guys pretty much throughout the whole grow.

This right here herself I'm going to say is at least an ounce of Bud wants dried. But yeah you can see there are all of those little side colas hanging on still and then of course the big monster nug right in the middle there.  Going to give you guys a little better zoomed in shot of her, but yeah you guys can see all of these colas are very nice and tight and very dense and then of course a very frosty as well all the way through. So there you go,That is a good look right now of all of the nuggs trimmed up now. So what I'm going to do is bring them downstairs into the big dry 10 and then I'm going to get these clothes hung up. And then I'm going to put the popcorn nugs on the drying rack and I'll be back to show you guys what that looks like.

Now I just finished hanging up all of the Lemoncello Haze Bud's up here in the drying time, as well as putting the popcorn buds here on the hang dry net. So you will see that I am using the grow tent that I used for the Nuke Heads grow to hang dry these and just cuz I do have some other plants that I had to move into the other tenant where I grew up the Lemoncello Haze plants. So what I will be doing is drying these guys for the next 5 to 7 days until the branches crack when I bend them, and of course you can visit our intro to Growing section for more detailed video on how to harvest, trim, and cure your buds. 

I will be back here shortly with another video where I show you guys the curing process as well as the final product of these buds after they are done drying. And then I will also be doing a smoke review of them so stay tuned for that, and in the meantime I just want to leave you guys with some nice close ups on these buds. You will see for the colas they're actually for these first two rows are all Lemoncello Haze colas. And you can see now that they are hanging up how solid and frosty they are and you can see how much there is total.

So this back row right here you can see this massive Cola hanging up and a lot of the colas are really big like that one as well. Now another thing that is really cool is like I was telling you guys like with the popcorn nugs, not only is there a ton of it which you guys can see it is pretty much covering the whole bottom shelf of my Hang nap. And I actually had to raise this up a little higher because it was touching the ground from all of the weight of the buds. Now really quickly here let me just show you guys some of the buds here and you can see they are not only solid and frosty all the way through with some purple.

 But these popcorn nugs are also very dense and big. And you can see I mean look some of them this isn't really all popcorn buds as some of it is the colas that were trimmed and accidentally fell off their main branch so we couldn't hang them. But here is a nice close-up of a very solid nug. So these will actually dry a little faster and that is because they are on our hang dry net and I cover that in our intro to Growing videos about drying them. But yeah that is pretty much it, now for the cloning and mother plant series I'm just going to let these guys dry and then I will be back with that curing as well as smoke review video.

Alright GreenBox Growers, that officially concludes the how to clone and grow a mother plant grow series by GreenBox Grown. I know this has been a long grow series, but it has been a very exciting one as we taught you everything from how to grow that mother plant to how to clone her and to successfully turn those clones into budding plants themselves. Now as I was mentioning earlier on in the last clip come I will be back shortly with a smoke review on these buds once they are done trying and ready to go into those mason jars for curing. So stay tuned for that is it's going to be a very exciting video, and we will be showing you guys some good close-ups on the finished drying nugs so you can see pretty much what the final product looks like before going into the jars for that curing process.

Now before I go to dad wanted to ask you guys for your help as well with any feedback that you guys have on these videos and grow series. And then also I want to see if you guys have any requests or ideas for future and videos or grow series that you would like to see me do. Now I did mention I will be doing a hydroponic deep water culture setup pretty quickly here, but if you guys have any specific strains that you want to see grown or styles, mediums or different techniques he want to see me using these videos. Feel free to comment below to let me know or you can send in an email directly to myself, via my personal email address  which is dylan@greenboxgrown.com  and you can see it right here on the screen as well. Alright GreenBox Growers, I want to thank you all for watching this video series to the end, I really hope that you all enjoyed it, and until next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown