End of Flush + Harvest for NukeHeads Plants


Alright GreenBox Growers, we are now back here for the week 15 video of that NukeHeads Grow Series, and for those of you who saw the last week's video you saw that we started the flush with that fox farm Sledgehammer flushing agent at the end of last week. So for this week's video what I'm going to be covering is that 2-week flush. And I'm going to be doing an abbreviated version of that in the video, I'm not going to be showing you guys everyday that I flush but I will be covering all of the details. 

It is a very repetitive process or once you see it a few times you will have it down and like I said in the last week's video I also have other videos under the intro to Growing section which will walk you through that in more detail as well.  This week's video is also going to cover the harvesting process for these plants so you will get to see that as well, ok so now that you guys know what we are doing in this week's video, let's get started with day 1 of the week!

Alright GreenBox Growers we are here for day 1 of the Week for the NukeHeads Grow!  It has been extremely hot weather here in Northern California which is why I am sweating so much on camera right now. But anyways, that is also why a lot of these leaves have started to kind of curl up and get a little crispy. Luckily this is just happening at the very end of the grow, as it is day 2 of flush, we started that flush yesterday. So yeah it's not going to really affect the plants too much and I've been able to get temperatures under control so it's not really going to ruin anything. It's just going to make the leaves look a little crispy.

So today we are not really going to be doing too much, the plants are almost ready for watering but I will wait for tomorrow to continue that flush just because they are still a little bit wet. But they are drinking really fast now because of how hot it is and because of how far along into flower they are. So another important thing I kind of forgot to touch on yesterday in last week's clip, you want to water them extra now that we are in the flushing phase. Normally, basically you want to increase the amount of water you're giving them by 10% at this point just so you can really flush out that soil. So you basically don't need to flood them, but you do want to increase it a little bit more than what you were doing before.

So here are some of those Grape Ape buds that are doing so well, they are still just growing and fattening up these last few days. A little look at that Pineapple Chunk in the back, and then here is the one in the front. And you can see these buds really fattened up nicely. And then I look at the rest of the plants, so as we go through this blushing face of the leaves are going to change color. That is normal and what that is is the plants eating up or burning up the nutrients that are left behind in the leaves and the reason they do that is because we are flushing all of those nutrients out of their system and out of the soil so they have nowhere else to turn. 

And that is exactly what you want because that means they are getting all of those nutrients out of there for a cleaner a smoother smoke. So that's it for day 1 of this week and I will be back here in 24 hours to continue the flush. Let me just give you a little look at the pineapple or I'm sorry the Grape Ape here in the front. You can see that bud has really grown a lot, used to just be a little bulbousy bud and now it has actually grown up and height.  So very nice yield from all of these plants and very stoked on that. Alright I'll see you guys tomorrow, peace!

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Alright Growers we are back here for day 2 of week 15 and the plants are now ready for their next flushing. So now that we did that Sledgehammer flush, it is just going to be plain pH water from here on out. And I'm going to be giving them a good amount so that they are getting some excessive runoff out of the bottom after each watering. And that is just to be sure that they really get a good Flushing. I'll give you guys a little peek at the buds, they are just looking prettier and prettier by the day, they are getting frostier and pretty much densening up, and they still seem to be getting some good group going all the way up and down so they really haven't stopped in terms of that kind of development.

 But you can see that most of the pistols have matured and curled in, so really excited to get these ladies chopped down because they are going to be really tasty and strong hitters, I can already tell. And I am just really pumped to be testing out this purple Grape Ape in the back. As well as the one here in the front. Very different genetics, I'm sorry very different phenotypes so it's going to be really interesting to compare the two as well. But I will be doing some more videos on that for you guys as well. So today I'll just be doing that plane a pH watering, and then that is pretty much it so that is it for today's update and I will be back here in 24 hours. alright peace guys!

Alrighty Growers we are here another day later for day 3 of the week, and the plants are actually dried up and ready for their next watering.  It's been really hot lately so they are drinking really fast and so what that means is I will be doing another flushing today Of just plain water. So buds are looking really good, you can see the leaves are starting to Yellow which is a good sign because that means all of the nitrogen and other nutrients are being flushed out of the plants, and now the buds are having to resort to eating up or soaking up the nutrients that is Left Behind in the leaves. And then once the most of those leaves have yellow that's a good sign that they are completely flushed out and ready to start that's harvesting process.

 I just wanted to give you guys a good look at this nice Grape Ape Bud here in the front so you can see how dense it is with trichomes, it is extremely Frosty as you can see and then of course the bud itself is very dense and it smells really really good. It is a very sweet smell, very not gravy but a fruity sweet type of smell. And then of course the Grape Ape in the back, those buds are just fattening up tremendously. And you can see just how dense and big it is all the way down that Branch. So that is it for today's update, I'm going to do that flushing right now after this clip and then I will be back here in 24 hours for your next update. Alright peace Growers!

Alright so we are back here for a day for a week 15 in the NukeHeads grow tent, there isn't really too much of a difference going on. Some of the plants are leaning and now that the buds are getting a little heavier each day. So I will just be supporting them with some anchors kind of like that right there. I've got that soft I holding the plants up. And this is pretty normal when not growing with a trellis or some sort of SCROG net. 

So just to show you guys how the buds are looking, definitely done in terms of trichome and Pistol development. But you can tell they are fattening up a little bit more each day, really turning it around nicely especially the grapes and the pineapple chunk In the front here. So getting really close to being ready for Harvest here, they are not ready for their next flushing just yet, but probably by tomorrow or the day after they will be and I will be flushing again with some plain pH water. So that is really up for today's update and I will be back here in 24 hours for the next day of the week. All right peace Growers!

What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back to the NukeHeads Grow Series, So this is actually about 7 days since the last shot I did in here. Reason being is I told you guys earlier I didn't want to show you guys everyday of the flushing just because it's going to be very repetitive and it is pretty much the same steps every time you do another flushing. So today is the last day of flush the plants are ready for one more flushing, so I'm going to do that. And then I'm going to give them that 36 hours of darkness and then once that's done it is time to harvest.

 Now the reason for the 36 hours of darkness is because it actually pushes some extra resin into the glands right before you do that Harvest, so you get a little bit more of a  potent bud in the end. So I'm going to do that playing a pH watering for the flushing, give them a really good flushing, and then what I will do is close up the tent, turn off all of the lights for that 36 hours of Darkness. And you still want your fans to be still going, you want to maintain that same temperature and humidity conditions. 

You do not want it to get too hot or too cold in there, but just wanted to make sure that there is no light leaking in, it is completely dark in there and then that is pretty much it. And in 36 hours later they will be ready for Harvest. So again this  has been about a 14-day flush here and there has been about seven flushes that I have done over that flushing period just because I was wondering about every other day. So what I'm going to do now is give them that watering, close up that tent and give them that 36 hours of darkness. And then once it is time to harvest I will be back here to show you guys what that looks like. Alright peace Growers!

Alright guys, so we are about 18 hours into the dark. Now and I actually just wanted to give you guys a Quick Clip or peek into the tent during the dark period just so you can see what it looks like. Alright let me open it up a little bit more, but yeah there's that beautiful Grape Ape lady that I am excited to chop down and you can see of course the rest of the nuggs are looking nice and frosty as always. But yeah we are about 18 hours in and we are going for 36 hours so I just wanted to give you guys a quick little peek. And then I will be back here once that dark. Is over and it is time to harvest these buds.  We are going to be showing you guys not only the harvesting process, but also the drawing as well as curing so stay tuned for that.

Alright so here we are right after that 36 hours of Darkness finished, and I've got the lights on just so you guys can see what we are doing here, but it is now officially time for Harvest. So we just chop down the Grape Ape from the front, that is the fox farm Dirty Dozen great bait. We've got it right here in the tray, and we are now going to trim her up. So I will show you guys what that looks like after we are done trimming, but I also want to just give you guys some nice close-ups. So these grape apes are especially purpley, these Grape Ape buds, just wanted to give you guys some nice little close ups.

Alright let me see if I can get a nice little close-up Focus shot for you guys, but anyways very frosty and very dense Buds. And you can see I mean all of them that are really low on the plant, they still have some good-sized buds from down below. They are like the size of little popcorn buds but they are still really dense, they are not Airy or larfy, so they're still going to be really good quality just give them a good trimming. And they will be good to go, so we are now going to take these upstairs and get them nice and trimmed and then I will be back to show you guys what that looks like right before we hang them up to dry. 

Now that also reminds me, this is the same room we are going to be using for drying these plants. So what I'm going to do is chop down all of the plants and get them out of here, and then I'm going to clean out really quickly the inside, any debris and soil that was left behind. And then I'm going to unhang and take out the lights. And then what we will do is just have a dark room and here where we are going to hang the buds from the ceiling to let them dry. So let me go get these guys trimmed up and then we will show you what that looks like.

Alright so here we are at my trimming station in the bedroom, and I just wanted to show you guys I've got some trimmed up nugs already of that Grape Ape from the front. So I've got three trays going well four actually, first I've got the one below this white one which is holding the untrimmed buds. And then I've got my trimming tray where I have all of my scraps and sugar leaves in there. And then I've got the one for the popcorn buds which I will do a light trimming on them and then I will pop them in here because what I'll do after that is run them through the bowl trimmer here.

 Now for those of you who don't know, just  a spinning blade on the bottom and then you have a handle that you crank on there, and then it kind of pushes the buds around and chops off the leaves really quickly.  It is not an amazing trim job, but it is a good job and you don't need to really do an exceptional trimming for these popcorn buds. Although they do look really Frosty and they are really dense. So they are going to be some really good quality nugs anyways.  Now here are some close ups, close-ups let me just set the camera down really quick quick. 

Alright so here are some close ups on those little popcorn nugs, again they are still very frosty as you can see right there. That's a good shot, very purple also so these are still be good for smoking and most likely I will run these through either the bubble hash machine or I'm going to press them into some rosin. Then I've got some good Sugar Leaf hear that I've got going on, the rest of the plant that I still have to trim up, they're still get him out left. And then let's check out of course what everyone wants to see. Some of these nice solid nugs.

 So they are not huge nugs on these plants just based on the phenotype cuz that other Grape Ape plant does have some really massive nugs.

What this one makes up for is it's really purple, very dense and very sweet and smell and of course extremely frosty I will show you guys.  Now a quick close up on the colas, so let me see if I can get that to focus. There we go. So you can see how Frosty they are and you can almost see the trichomes twinkling right there. And yeah I mean, very good smell they are very dense but they are not hard. They are a little soft like a nug should be right when you harvest it and is still full of water. But yeah very stoked on how these turned out and you can see just how Frosty even the littlest popcorn nugs can get.

So yeah just to give you guys a good idea on the quality of the Bud from these plants. So very stoked on that, now this is officially the last video for this nuke heads grow series, or the last clip. I'm not going to be filming or including the whole drying and curing process but what I will do is a separate video where I will show you guys all of the buds once they are hung up in the Big Grow Tent where I grew these. That is the same tent that I'm going to use as the grow room. And then I'm going to show you guys the curing process and then we will do a little smoke review on these buds. Now if you do want more details on the hang drying as well as curing process right now, just visit the intro to Growing section, and we have plenty of videos that go in-depth on all of those processes step by step. 

So definitely check those out. Now I know other thing that is really important, so I've got the bowl trimmer right there for the popcorn nugs. Oh and then I almost forgot, we've got some nice scissor hash right here that I've already scraped off just from trimming these few buds that I've done already. Let me see if I can give you guys a good close up on that, so you can see it is kind of hard to tell but haven't smoked any of that yet. Going to give that a taste or a try in a minute here. But a big thing I wanted to go over in this video is the NukeHeads  nutrient line up as well as their seeds and genetics. 

Because I didn't use the nutrients on this specific plant, but as you guys have seen from previous Clips, the buds that word from with NukeHeads flower power package. Which again is the uranium veg here  and then the plutonium Bloom here. So very stoked on the results I got from these nutrients as well as their seeds and genetics. Now all of the plants grew top shelf Buds for me as you guys have seen in this video series.

The only difference between that back row in the front row was which nutrient lineup I used, now course you guys know I'm all about the fox farm and they're dirty dozen. Oh yeah here is some Girl Scout cookies seeds so I do have some nuke heads  seeds left. So be on the lookout for some more groceries with their genetics. But again yeah all of their plants came out really well, so very stoked and definitely recommend their seeds and genetics. And then as you guys will see and future videos once I have the other plants trimmed up. The buds is that I grew with their nutrient line up or Top Notch. So if you are looking for a good entry-level, affordable and easy to use nutrient line up.

 I definitely recommend checking out the NukeHeads  plutonium bloom. Now the only knock that I have on it  which you guys already know, is it is synthetic and you don't really know the ingredients going into it. But so far I am very stoked on the results and I haven't smoked any of the product yet but I do have clients that have grown all the way through with this series of nutrients. And has smoked the dried and cured product. And they are very happy with the result. So big shout out to NukeHeads for hooking me up with these products, very good genetics as well as very good nutrient line up and again it is very simple. There are just two products, one just for veg and then one for bloom. So you guys will see in a new video coming out soon that drying and curing and then smoke review video, and then besides that that is pretty much it for the NukeHeads grow series.

Alright GreenBox Growers, so that officially concludes that NukeHeads Grow Series, and I want to give one more huge shout-out to the NukeHeads Team for hooking me up with their genetics as well as that flower power nutrient lineup.  Very stoked on both of those products and will definitely be using them again and then of course I highly recommend you guys check them out as well. As I mentioned earlier in the video, I will be coming back soon with that  drying as well as that curing and smoke review video of these buds so you guys can get a better look at how the end result turned out. And then you can also get some nice close-ups of the other strains that I grew in the tent. As always thank you guys for watching, I hope you really enjoyed this whole video series of the NukeHeads lineup, and if you guys have any suggestions feel free to contact me or comment below on the video just to tell me what you guys want to see next up in our Grow video series. If you guys have any strains, types of setups you want to see done or anything similar to that, just feel free to hit me up and let me know. All right folks so as always thank you for watching, and until next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown