Ice Water Hash Extraction using Bubble Bags


What up cannabis Growers and welcome back for another lit episode of GreenBox Grown! not today is going to be a lot of fun because I'm going to be showing you guys how to make your very own bubble hash using the Cannabis that you grew at home. So for those of you who don't know, bubble hash is a form of concentrated THC, and essentially what we will be doing is separating those resin glands or trichomes from the plant material. And what you have left is that concentrated form of THC which you can smoke, and what is really cool is some of the hash we are going to be making today is going to be full melt. Now some of you might be wondering why it is called bubble hash, and the reason for that is because when you smoke it it will Bubble Up sort of.

 A lot of people like to put it on top of their bowls or you can smoke a straight bowl of the hash. But if it is pretty pure, you will notice it bubbling once you light it on fire. So in today's video I will have my brother Cody helping me out and what we will be using as some Zkittles  from a recent grow that I just harvested. And we will probably be using about a quarter pound of that. It is going to be some nugs, a little bit of the larf and lower quality stuff that didn't come out so well. And that is what is really cool about bubble hash is it is perfect for trimmings, or like I was saying you are lower quality stuff that you don't really want to smoke as flower. And in my opinion this is one of the best ways to process that material or the stuff you don't want to save it for smoking. 

Because it is a really good yield that you get from it and the quality of the smoke is really top-notch. So first off and today is the video I'm going to show you guys all of the supplies you are going to need to make some top quality bubble hash, and then second I'm going to show you each step, step-by-step what you will need to do in order to make that hash perfect. Then of course the second part of this video is going to cover the entire process of how to make this hash, and I'm going to cover that step by step So that you guys can replicate it easily yourselves at home. Now before we get started with today’s video I just wanted to let you guys know that if my suggestions or tips in this video helped out and work for you guys and make your life a little bit easier.

 Feel free to check out my website at, I've got a ton of extra videos and how to stuff and tips, covering everything you need to know about making homemade extracts. Such as rosin, bubble hash like what we're making in today’s video, and even dry sift. And then of course I've got all the videos you guys need for cultivation, so if you are looking to grow your own cannabis at home or if you are just trying to tune up your growing skill so you can start getting some top-shelf results, that is also very possible when using these grow videos. 

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And if you guys are interested in those videos, I have a two-week free trial to them so you can check them out free of charge, and you can cancel before that trial is over so you don't have to make that first payment. Again you can sign up for that trial by just visiting the link right here on your screen and hitting the Subscribe button overlaid on those videos. Alright grower so now that you know what we are doing in today's video, let's get started with the supplies you will need to make some fire bubble hash! 

  Right so we're down here in the kitchen which is where we will be making the bubble hash today. Reason being is first it can get a little bit messy sometimes because there is going to be a lot of water and ice involved. And then it is also easier because we do need a sink for filling up the bubble machine. So before we start the process I want to go over the supplies needed in order to make this. So first off of course you are going to need your cannabis product, we are going to be using mainly buds today, a little bit of trim but it is more of the lower larfier buds. not the top more high quality stuff. So it is a little bit of the lower quality stuff I've been saving up, and like I was saying we are going to be using a lot of Zkittles today from my latest grow, then I've got a little bit of Tangerine Dream left over as well as about an ounce of Coco monkey balls.

 Which is probably about to harvest old. So in total it is 118 grams which is just over a quarter pound, so hopefully we get a pretty good yield out of these buds with some bubble hash. So after the hash what you are going to want is some sort of machine for sturring them up with the ice so it can break off the trichomes and separate the resin glands from the plant. So today we are going to be using the bubble bag dude ice machine, and essentially this is like a mini washer machine, you are going to have your cannabis in your with some ice and water. It's going to shake it around very vigorously, it's going to separate the resin glands like I said from the plant.

And then you're going to pour it out using this little hose on the side that I'm going to show you in a little bit. And then you are going to use some bubble bags to separate it out. So bubblebagdude, bubble hash machine, the ice water machine. And then we also have the bubble bag dude separation bags with the Micron bags. And basically what these are is they have different sized holes, mesh holes at the bottom or they have mesh screens with different sized holes in them.  They go buy Micron which is the size because they are very very small holes, what we have today is starting with the smallest we have a 25 micron down below here, and then we have 73, the next one is this orange bag which is the 120, and then we have the 160 and the 220. 

And the reason you layer them with the biggest bag or the bag with the biggest holes up top is because you are going to slowly separate the plant material and the bigger particles out of that hash. So each bag you go through, the higher the quality of the hash is going to be. But we will go over that more in the video. Next you are going to need, this is actually another 220 Micron screen or mesh screen bag and this is what your cannabis product is going to go inside of. And then once it is in here you are actually going to put a little ice in this bag as well. Plop it into the machine here and run the machine that way. So this is the bag where your cannabis product will be inside of, and actually so if you are using trim it is a good idea to make sure it is dry the first and then you can just put it into the bag with buds like we are using today.

 You do want to dry them and then cure them slightly, these have been cured, the Zkittles it's been about 3 weeks now and then for the rest it's been a long term cure, a few months at least. But when you put those buds in, you will see today we are going to break them up a little bit just so you can expose those resin glands that are inside of the buds, not just the ones that are outside of them. That is important if you want to maximize your yield when using buds for this process.

Next we are going to have our two 5 gallon buckets here and those are going to be for draining the resin water into and then separating with these resin bags. I have two of them because it is important to run several times, run the same plant product several times through the mesh screens because you won't get all of the hash out of there the first time. So not only will I pour between each bucket a couple of times after each run through the machine, but I will do a few actual spins through the machine as well with the same plant product as well. So I won't be doing each run today and today's video but I will explain further of why that is so important.

So you will also need a bag of ice, this is an 8-pound bag right here and usually around 6 lb is good for one run, you don't need to use too much ice. We have our 25 micron screen over here which is going to be where we put our half once we extracted from the mesh bags, then we kind of tried on there for a little bit. After that it's going to go on this trip a which is a cookie sheet as you'll see, with some parchment paper on it. And that is where I'll do the final curing and drying process which is about a 72-hour process once you have them on the cookie sheet.

 Now a little trick I like to use is this squeegee scraper type of tool and that is going to be useful for scraping the hash out of the bags once you have separated it from the water. So that looks like it covers all of the supplies that we will be using today, yeah we are wearing our nitrile gloves today so that we keep all of the trichomes or as many try comes on the plant as possible and so we don't get any of the oils from our hands or our body on there. So now let's get started, we are going to get set up really quick and then we are going to run the bubble hash process.

All right guys are the first thing you're going to want to do is set up your bucket with the bubble bags, and the most important thing as you start with the smallest Micron screen first so that is why we got the 20 in there, and then you are going to stack each bag up on top of that according to the size. So as it gets larger you're just going to put the next largest one on top and you can go from there until you have the largest bag on the very top. And you want to make sure that the edges are all held up around the sides, not falling down because if water spills over the side, it's not going to pass through that mesh screen and therefore you will lose some of that hash in the water.

 So this bucket is a little too big for me to get all of the corners over edge,but that is all right because I am making sure that they are all up here and you will see I have the bucket lower than the bubble hash machine just because it makes it easier to spill or pour the water out into the mesh bag. So now what we are going to do is add the Cannabis buds into our to 20 mesh bag right here. And then I'm going to break up the buds once I have them in the bag here. Just going to dump them all out and again this is Zkittles right here, and we're going to be doing a total of about 1/4 lb. Actually a little over a quarter pound actually.

  Don't want to spell that and very citrusy smells from the Zkittles buds as well. More high notes and buds are not super dense on these guys right here but they are definitely covered very densely with trichomes, so that's always what we want when making hash Because that is what we are after.  So now I've got two jars down of the Zkittles, another of the Zkittles right here, and of course don't want to leave Boveda humidity packs in there. 

And yeah it is just easier to break up the buds once they are in here because the bag will catch everything as it's moving around you won't spill much outside of that. And this is the Coco monkey balls right here from a few harvests ago, and then finally we have a little bit of the Tangerine Dream whatever is left over from this jar. And I'm going to dump that in there. So let's get a close-up right here on this bag while I break it all up. Just show them the buds in there. I'm really nice looking ones, so this isn't the perfectly trim but of course because we weren't planning on using it as smoking flower.

 But you can see they still look really nice and very frosty, try zooming out a little bit that might help. And you can see I mean this bag is pretty full, or there is a good amount in there. So now I'm going to put in a little bit of ice, not a little bit, I'm probably going to fill it up another quarter of the way. And you don't want to fill it up too much with us because you do want the buds, oh wait before I do the ice I'm going to break the buds up, almost forgot. And you don't want to be too  vigorous or too brutal on the buds because that can damage the trichome heads and break them up. So you just want to be gentle and kind of just gently pull them apart and break them up lately because you don't want to damage this trichome heads.

 So yeah, just kind of a quick you know after being in the jars for a while they will kind of start to stick together a little bit so you want to break them up. Break up the bigger larger buds just into smaller little ones. And that's the other reason why we will run these several times to is because there will you'll see you'll get a very good yield the second and third and you sometimes even the 4th time. I'll run the buds as many times until I start seeing that the yields are not very good at all. And then That is when I usually stop.

All right so that is all broken up, so now we're going to add the ice in there. You can zoom out a little bit, you can be like a couple feet away. Yeah so again you don't want to fill the bag up too much with ice, because if you do over stuff it then there isn't going to be enough room for the buds to move around and Shake around to get all this try comes off or broken off. So what I like to do is fill it up so the bag is like half full with everything in it. And then you will see we will also be adding some more ice into the bucket itself. Not just in this bag, but outside in the bucket. All right so that is enough for the 220 Micron bag with the cannabis.

And then you want to make sure to zip it up and have The Zipper up and lock the velcro strap over the top just so this doesn't open up all in here. Going to plot this into the machine and then I'm going to dump, I don't know if I'm going to use the rest of the ice, let's see I need to break this up. We will finish the rest of the bag. And, now that we've got, damn we've got ice flying everywhere, now that we've got the ice and here and everything we are going to fill it up with water and you want to leave about 4 in from the bottom or the top of the brim down. 

Not full of water, because if you fill it up to the top it will be splashing out with the machine running and everything and you will lose some of your yields that way. So I have found that about 4in down if you leave it empty that is going to be good. So now I'm going to fill this up with cold water and we will be right back to show you the rest of this process. Alright so we got it filled up with water and the ice now, and then we've also got the bag with the Cannabis and ice in there as well. You'll see we've left a few inches for space for the water so it doesn't come splashing out of the talk, and another thing is this is a little port or hole for a hose that this machine comes with four if you want to just hook up it up to your sink and then put the water in that way. But I don't use that so I just make sure to plug it up with a paper towel because water does come shooting out of there otherwise.

Just plug that up and then we are going to set the timer to 15 minutes and let that run. And then we will be pouring the hash water into the Bubble Bags. All right so here we go! You can show them this. Alright so the machine just stopped running and you can see it's a little bit frothy in there with some of the ice up top. And you should notice a change in color of your water and now that it has all of this resin glands and probably some plant material in there as well. But last run I did I was actually using some pineapple chunk that was a little purple. So the water actually turned pretty purple and I was actually really interesting. So now we're going to pour this water through our bubble bags so we can separate that hash out.

So you want to be careful because the water does come out a little bit fast out of there, so start by lifting your bucket and bringing it up to the hose and then quickly you're going to just tilt it right like that. And you're just going to pour it out until all of it runs out and you want to win this thing and tilt it so you can get the extra that I was sitting at the bottom, but really make sure that you get everything out of there and into your bucket before you start separating the hash out. Alright so we've got the bucket with the hash water and we're going to start separating it out bag by bag.

And each bag that we separate is going to be a different quality of hash, so starting with this first bag on top, this is going to be the lowest quality which means it's going to have a little more plant material in it and as we work our way down it is going to have less and less until we get to the bottom couple of bags which is going to be full melt pure hash With no plant particles in there. So now I've got the 25 micron screen over here for drying the hash and then I set that on top of some paper towels on top of a plate and that is going to help dry it because the paper towels will pull the moisture through the screen here. And then I've got my squeegee for separating and scraping out the hash from the bag.

Now what we are going to do is pull each bag individually so I'm going to start with a 220 Micron and you want to, with the first bags the water's going to pour through and separate really easily but you want to shake it a little to just get the excess water out of there before bringing it completely out. And another thing I wanted to mention is or what I forgot to mention is you do not want to when you're pouring the water into these bags, try to keep it in the middle as much as possible. Because any water that gets up here, you'll have to try and rinse that rosin or that hash off of there so it gets to the bottom for separation. Now that I've got all that water out of there you can see there is some hash, a decent amount down there at the bottom. We're going to put it into the second bucket right here and we can pull the edge over the lid. And now I'm going to use my sink to rinse off any hash or any yeah hash that got on the side of the bag here.

So try and rent all of that down to the very bottom and then once in the mesh screen, try to rinse it to the very lower part of the mesh screen. Like a little pocket towards the bottom So it is all kind of collected down there and it will make it a lot easier to scoop it out of there opposed to if you have it all separated and spread across the mesh screen. So if you lift it up out of the bucket so it's not sitting in any water, and then you just slowly work the bag around so that it works the hash down there like that. And you'll be good to go.

Alright so there we go, that's all done I'm going to turn the water off, I've got a nice little pile of hash right there. And now what I'm going to do is scrape it out, and put it on the mesh 25 micron screen. Now when you put these different bags on you want to make sure, or when you take  the hash out you want to make sure to put it on its own little area on the screen so that way you know which one is which. And then you don't mix it up with the higher quality or lower quality stuff. There's a nice little scoop right there, alright so I've got that right there and we're going to scoop that into the corner right here.

 And let's see there is a decent amount still in here so let me try to scoop that together, it is harder to do it this way opposed to getting it all together with the water. But here we go with got a little bit of it, alright so we will go back for that later because for now I just want to show you guys the different bubble bags. So what I'm going to do now is separate the different bags and then we will show you the end result they're of all of those. Alright so we just have the two last bags to go and you will notice it does take a little longer for the water to pass through that mesh screen. So this one won't take too long, but that last bag there, the 25 micron, that will take a pretty decent amount of time. Maybe 10 to 15 minutes.

But anyways, once we are done separating all of these what we will do is use the second bucket and we are going to reap put the bubble bags on it and the same order we used on here, and then we are going to take this whole bucket of water that is left with the resin in it and we are going to repeat it through the bags, and probably do that process about two more times maybe three just depending on the yields that we are getting. Just because they're still going to be some hash left over in here. 

  And we can still get some by doing that.  After doing that about 3 times, I am going to pour the water down the drain because it will be done. But then what I will do is refill the machine or the bubble hash machine with ice and water as well as that 220 Micron bag that has the cannabis plant buds in it. We are going to put some more ice in there and then we are going to spend the machine for the another 15 minute cycle, redo this process, go between the two buckets and then I will probably do one more cycle in the bubble hash machine and then that will be it for this plant material. So that is the best way to maximize your yields is to just run it multiple times like that to really siphon out as much of the resin as you can.

Now here you can see the yields that we've already gotten over on the 20 Micron there. You can see how going from left to right here going clockwise you can see it is getting lighter in color as it gets to the finer quality or it gets blonder as you get less plant material in there. And for the first run these are pretty good yields I would say for the amount of plant material that we put in there. But we will probably at least triple yields with all of the runs that we do. maybe even quadruple that, and we still do you have these last two bags. Alright so check that out you can see there's a decent amount in there, so I'm going to wash it down into the middle and scoop it out, then do the last bag and then we will be back to show you the final results.

All right so we just finished collecting all of the hash out of the individual bags, so you'll see we've got one two three, four five different ones or different quality grades. Here is the lowest in the second, 3rd 4th and then hear is the highest quality. And then again you can see that they are getting lighter in color as it gets higher in quality. So what I did was I use this little squeegee to flatten it out and spread it  across like some butter across the screen. That helps it dry out faster, and then at about 10 minutes of being on here they are ready to go on to the cookie sheet for their final harvest or for their final cure and dry.

So now all you have to do has been scraped it up so these have been on here for about 15 minutes now. And just like you did here, you just want to put it on here and spread it out and you can also kind of chop it up using the tools you used to get it out of the bags. But you just want to kind of break it up so it has a lot of surface area for drying. So there is that one, and now what I'm going to do is finish getting the rest of these on here, we are going to recycle or do the few other runs with the same water, and then do this and that's more ice into here to do a few more runs with that. And then we will be back here after 72 hours of these or of all of this bubble hash drying and having a chance to cure. And then we are going to do a little smoke review on it. So we will see you guys back here and 72 hours!

Alright so we are here 72 hours after processing all of that bud into a bubble hash, so now what we are going to do is test it out because after that 72-hour. It is all done drying and curing so it is ready to go. So let's see, okay first of all Cody and I have two of the new shirts from our store on right now. So this is the Strain Tee obviously, and then we've got the Trichome Tee right over there.  And you will see that under the merch and smoke shop section you will see the clothing tab up there on the top of your screen.

 So first I say we are going to test out the different levels of the hash or the different qualities. And you will see on that close up on your screen there are probably three different colors or three different qualities. So starting with the lower quality which this is the stuff we were pulling out of that 220 Micron bag, the very top one, and that's going to be the stuff that's very dark in color like this right here.

 It is pretty malleable as you can see right here it's almost like a Taffy consistency that you can break apart a little bit but it is still pretty gooey.  It does have some plant particles in there, that is why it is darker but in my opinion is still smokes really well and I like it a lot even when compared to the more blond colored hash. So do you want to pack a bowl Cody of this darker stuff and then we will start reviewing that. Actually so we will start with this, and this actually came out of I think the 160 Micron bag I think it was. This is almost like a reddish color, almost like an Amber.  So it is still a little more pure and the 220, it still has some of that plant material in it but you can see it is really still kind of that gummy consistency.

Alright so this is the bubble hash from the 220 Micron screen, it is the darker color stuffed will actually the darkest color. So not as pure as the stuff from the 25 micron screen but still pretty good in my opinion. I might want to pack a little more of that in there. Yeah you want to come if you're just using hash bowls with no bud you really want to pack it all the way, you don't want to leave it to lose. That way it'll kind of just suck there and you'll be wasting it so don't pack it too tight though or it won't hit either. 

And if you do put it on top of a bowl, here you can hit this one, but what I have found is when putting  hash on top of a bull try not to burn the bud right away. Try to keep the flame right on that hash that you put on top, that way it lights the hash before burning the flower. And then once the hash heats up it's going to be a like a little coal or Ember on top of there and then it will burn the but also. But if you go straight to just burning the bud it's not really going to get that hash lit, and then you're going to finish the ball without actually smoking that hash.

So what did you think, how did it taste? To me that just reminds me of like a classic, what we haven't tried these other ones yet but when I try it blonder hash, to me it kind of reminds me of a keif.  When I have this darker kind of, it is so much just like the classic kind of hash it just hit you really hard in the back of your throat. And the high is super super strong, it gets you almost, it's like the only thing comparable to an edible for me. Is that hash Stone, and typically when it is this darker kind. For me I feel it but behind my eyes pretty much immediately like right on top of my head almost.

 What's really nice too, obviously you can't smell it from the screen but from smelling right here it has pretty much the same or very similar terpene profile to the flower that we extracted it from. So it still smells very similar to the bud actually, A Little Bit Stronger now that some of that plant material is out of there. But it does if you get a good close up to it really potent smell and it smells really nice. So let me take one more rip of this, and then we will go to that second level. Do you want a kind of show them a little bit of this hash right here, I believe this is more like the 160 Micron. So you can see it's kind of dark and then it goes a little bit to that reddish color.

 So it looks like there is still another hit in there so Cody's going to finish it off and then we are going to get to the next hash which is the 160 micron, it might even be some of the 120 mixed in there as well. But this is the stuff that is more like a reddish amber color. You will see it as a little lighter than the last stuff we smoked from the 220 bag, but still very well actually it's a lot cleaner. It's going to be a lot tastier to because you're going to have the last of that plant material in there as well as other particles Or particulates. So what I like to do, so like with the stuff that is the higher micron stuff, the last clean and less blonde it's going to be more gooey and not as powdery or as keify as like the blonder stuff is going to be.

So what I like to do is kind of pressure between my fingers to help flatten it out as that makes it a little easier to smoke, especially when you are putting it on top of a bowl. So I'm going to be taking the first hit of this one, Press it out into a little coin almost and just push it into the bowl. Okay and again this is all from, where the majority of this is from Zkittles that I recently harvested NukeHeads, I think there was a little bit of the Coco monkey balls in there I forgot if I mentioned it already. I think I mentioned it earlier the videos though. Feels very smooth, you can taste the terpenes in there even stronger than the last stuff, or the last one we were smoking. So a lot more of that Zkittles taste in there.

Another thing that is really cool but you can't really see my camera right now is when smoking this, you will see it is bubbling at this point. It won't really do that, it does do it a little bit with the 220 Micron stuff, but as you get more. It is going to Bubble more. And again that is why it is called bubble hash. But yeah this, we are not at the full melt just yet, that is what we will do next. So did you finish that was there a little bit left, oh boy, will do you need to pack it lighter. All right, hash last a long time, it's not like you know you can snap a hash bowl. It's going to take awhile to burn.

Alright so we had to take a quick water break there and get another lighter because the one we were using just went out. But we are going to do now, is use or take a little rip of some of the blonde hash. So this is what came out of that 20 Micron bag, and that was the finest screen that we used so this is going to  be the blondest most full melt hash that we are smoking today. It is, it is still a little bit of Taffy you can kind of still pull it apart like that. It's still a little gooey but it is a lot more like a fine powder almost like sand but it may be a little bit grittier than that. So it is almost like the consistency keif like what you have in your grinder.

But anyways we are going to be packing a nice little bowl of that and then we will be testing it out for you guys. Again I probably like this middle stuff that we were smoking, the more amber color because it just feels a lot stronger, more of a head-high for me. But the darkest stuff is a little too much for me, I don't like the taste of it as much as this right here. That the blonde I like, but it is probably my second favorite just because you don't get, I mean it is still really flavorful. It just doesn't hit as hard in my opinion as the middle stuff here, the Amber, not the super dark stuff just kind of the middle grade stuff.

So now this time for my rip here. Yeah the blonder, it kind of just has a almost in Vape taste to it. Like when you are vaping a really strong weed. It has kind of that similar taste to it. It is just very light, and you can really taste the weed. You aren't tasting the burnt material, it is just very pure tasting. Hey we got Sasha running around in here, my new kitty. Oh crap, anyways. Yeah with the middle stuff that I was talking about, the more amber color stuff, it tastes like you were taking a dab of some crumble almost. So I really like that taste in the way it hits, and yeah that is our review of the bubble hash. Again there are the three different grades, we smoked the 160 Micron I'm sorry the 220 Micron, then the 160 Micron, and then that blonde stuff was that 25 micron. So that is it for two days review!

Alright GreenBox Growers, that concludes today's video on how to make bubble hash out of your home grown cannabis, and again perfect for your trimmings and leftover buds that you are not going to be smoking. Or you can even use your top shelf bud if you want even better quality bubble hash. Now if you guys are looking for a little more in-depth info on how to make your extracts at home. Feel free to check out the link right here where you can sign up for that two-week free trial that I had mentioned earlier. And now before I go I just want to thank you guys for watching today's video, it really means a lot to me, I hope I was able to help out with you guys making some quality bubble hash at home. So feel free to comment below with the results that you guys get using this video, or even feel free to email me some pictures of the bubble hash you guys are making right here at again thank you guys for watching today's video and if you enjoyed feel free to smash that thumbs-up button or comment below with your feedback. And until next time…

Happy Growing!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown