Week 1 of Vegetation for the SCROG Series


What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back for the official start of Week 1 of vegetation for the OG Kush Screen of Green Grow Series! Now in this week's video, it is going to be a pretty basic one as I am just going to be covering the nutrient schedule and there won't be too much else going on just because we are just starting vegetation. But by the end of this week there should be enough growth for us to start some low-stress training on the plants to get them nice and bushy for that SCROG net.  Now I will also be starting those TNB Naturals CO2 canisters in this video so I'm going to show you how to get those set up and started, and now that you guys know what I'm doing in this week's video, let's get started with day 1 of the week!

All right, so here we are four day 1 of Week 1 of vegetation. So first off the plants do not need any watering right now as they are still good from yesterday's watering and that they are looking like they are taking yesterday's transplant really well. They are not curled up at the leaves anymore and they look very stress-free. So  what I will be doing though today is giving them a good misting so I will be using mine I spray bottle right here. Give them a quick little misting, nothing too crazy as you do not need to be soaking them at this point. 

And you can see from the monitor we've got a good temperature at around 74 degrees Fahrenheit so it will go up a few degrees once the tent is closed but that is just fine. So the big thing that we are going to be doing today is getting the TNB Natural CO2 canisters started. So when you get them they are not actually activated they are just waiting for you to get ready for them, and the way you activate them. Is first off you are going to remove this lid right here and you just got a Twist Off the cap and I've already done this but what you will want to do is fill the bottle up with one liter of a lukewarm water.

 So I've already got the water mixed up in there so once you got it in there just put the lid back on and then you are actually going to remove the sticker that is on this list. So I am going to do this right now because there is actually a hole in the middle of the bottle which is where the CO2 is going to be released out of. So there is that hole right there got it on covered, now all you got to do is put your finger over the whole there and shake the bottle up about 5 Seconds and decently vigorously.  And now this bottle  is all set for Action. So first of all what you'll want to do is shake these bottles up once every day just to keep them going. 

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And then second of all they are going to last about two weeks and then after that you are going to need to refill it with the powder that the CO2 bottle came with.  So TNB Naturals does have Co2 refill packs and they are pretty reasonable too. And again they last for about 2 weeks and then you can reuse the same canister of course. So I've got it all nice and shaken up and then remember to cover that hole so no water gets out and then what you were going to want to do is hang these up so they are so the bottles are higher than the plants. Reason for that is CO2 is heavier than oxygen so it is going to sink below it.

 So if you have the CO2 canisters on the floor, the CO2 is going to stay below the plants and they aren't going to absorb any of it. So what I am going to do is just hang it up by this little bungee cord that I have here in the corner of the tent. And another thing that is good is you want to put them if you have oscillating fans in your tent which you should, you want to put the CO2 canisters right behind them so then the fans blow the CO2 over the plants. Now you can see of got a second one right there behind that fan so we've got to going and they are in opposite corners of the tent. So that's really it for today's update, again no need to water because we did that yesterday and I will be back here in 24 hours for day 2 of the week. All right peace Growers!

Alright so we are back here for day 2 of the week and ladies are looking really good at this point, they are not yet ready to be watered I just checked the soil and it is still slightly moist. But by tomorrow they will definitely be ready for their next plane watering. You will see that some of the leaves over here on this plan have a little spot and yellowing around the edges and that is simply from the stress of keeping them in the solo cups for a few days too long. The Roots, they weren't circling very much just a little bit. But they really definitely outgrew of those cups. So just a little bit of stress on the edges of those leaves and it seems to really only have affected one set of leaves on each  plant. 

So nothing really to worry about and they are already looking like they are recovering. So for today's video I'm just going to be misting the plants with the spray bottle. This is a light misting and I'm only doing about 1 to 2 mistings a day at this point. So nothing you need to be doing excessive at the stage. And then you will see I've also got my CO2 canister set up still as we are going to keep them in there of course at all times. But they are right behind those oscillating fans to make sure that that CO2 is blown over all the leaves. So that's pretty much it, I will be back in 24 hours for day 3 of the week where we will be doing that next watering. Alright peace Growers.

It is now day 3 of the week and the OG Kush ladies are looking really good especially for only being a few days into the vegetative stage. Now those spots are still there and they are not going to go away but the best sign for showing whether or not the plant is healthy or has recovered from whatever that issue was, is are we seeing those signs on the new growth or news foliage. And we are definitely not seeing that spread any further so that is great. Very good and healthy growth coming from the nodes, the center nodes there and they will most likely be ready for their first LST Training Day 1 of next week is what I'm thinking. 

So today they are ready for water and we are just going to be  doing a plane watering. Since we are in the fox farm ocean Forest there is no need to pH your water, so you don't have to worry about that and it is very convenient.  But since we just transplanted them and they are very small I am going to be hand-feeding them out of the water bottles just because it is more gentle on the plants. I will probably be using probably about half the spray bottle worth for each plant here, maybe a little less maybe like I would say in between a quarter and a half of a spray bottle per plant. Maybe a little closer to 1/2. So that will be it for today and then I will also be misting them after I do that watering, and actually let me show you guys the process or just hand watering one of these plans. 

So we will do this one in the front left so let me take the lid off of my spray bottle real quick.  And again very carefully watering you just don't want to disturb that soil or move it around because that will disturb the roots. so that is not even a quarter yet really, just spread it evenly as all the soil can get a watering at this point you don't have to concentrate on the center. And there you go that's about half a bottle so that is all I will be doing for this plant. Or I guess so I will do a misting really quick as well for you guys, let me screw this back on.

When doing the misting you don't need to soak the leaves but you do want to make sure you get coverage on all the leaves and even the undersides of believe so sometimes I will hold the water bottle upside down like that to get underneath to get the undersides of the leaves. And then the guy that was pretty much it so I will do that to all three of the remaining plans now and then we will be back here in 24 hours for day 4 of the week. Alright peace Growers!

What up Growers, so we are now back here 24 hours later to check up on the OG Kush plants, young teens at this point, they are not really seedlings anymore they have now grown into the teen phase. So looking really good after yesterday's watering you can tell they have grown taller about a few inches taller. And have a few new leaves coming in so they look happy from that, and today is going to be a quick update as there isn't too much to do. So all I will be doing today is giving them a good misting, still doing that about 2 to 3 times a day and getting good coverage on all the leaves and underneath. 

And then what I want to remind you guys is if you are using the CO2 bottles by TNB Naturals, be sure to shake them up at least once a day. So I just took mine up and they are good to go, I got a little note out here to remind myself outside the tent. Because you do want to do that once a day. So temperature is right around 78 degrees Fahrenheit and it has been in the range I would say of about 74 to 79 so that is a good range. Again in Fahrenheit, humidity a little low at 40% so that is why I am misting them a little extra throughout the day. So that concludes your day for update for Week 1 of vegetation would be OG Kush Plants. alright guys I will see you back here in 24 hours, peace!

What up Growers we are back here at the OG Kush grow room, for day 5 of the week. And I just checked the soil and they are not yet ready for their next watering but you can see there's lots of vegetative growth going on each day here. So they are looking extremely healthy and happy and for today all I will be doing is giving them a misting and I will be doing one right after the shot but I've already done one earlier today. And then other besides that just giving them the one shake to the CO2 canisters here as you got to do that once a day. Alright I will see you guys back here in 24 hours, for day 6 of Week 1 of vegetation.

Whatever hours we are back here another 24 hours later for a day 6 of the week, and as you can see I've already watered the plants today, they were ready for their next watering and that was their second plain watering since that first nutrients feeding we did at ¼ strength. So your daily reminder if you are using the CO2 canisters to shake them up, I've already shaking mine up and to keep misting several times a day.  You can see I've already misted these guys about a minute ago so that is why they are still wet but I am doing about two to three times per day.

Now another important thing and a big change that I've made since yesterday as you can see I've moved the plants closer together underneath the light. Now they are getting used to the strength of the light at 300 watt electric sky that we have up here and it's distance. So instead of having it so far on the edge of the footprint, I moved them more towards the middle. And you can tell they were starting to lean in towards that light so that was another sign for how I knew they were ready to move.

 So I only moved them about 4 in in each way so towards the center you don't want to do it too much at once like right directly under the light your first move. You want to slowly work them in there. So every other day now I will probably move them an inch or two closer until they're right under the light. And you know they are pretty much all almost there, probably about two to three more moves and then they will be right underneath. So don't forget to mist your plants a few times each day and then that's pretty much it for day 6 of Week 1 of Veg. All right I will see you guys here tomorrow, Peace!

What up growers so we are back here another 24 hours later for the last day of week 1 of the vegetation. Now you can see these ladies are really taking off in terms of vegetative growth, and not only are they getting taller and growing more fan leaves, but you can see they are starting to get a decent amount of side branches growing off their horizontally. So what I'm thinking is tomorrow which will be day 1 of week 2 of veg we will do that first low-stress training hook. Where we bend the plants about 45 degrees and then we hook them over with some gardening tie.

 So I will be demonstrating that in tomorrow's video, but just wanted to show you guys the nice vegetative growth we are getting from all of the nodes underneath the canopy as well as of top. So ladies are still good on their watering from yesterday and I've done all of the mistings for the day already so we won't be doing any of that today in the video. And yeah that is pretty much it for the last day of week 1. Plants are looking really good, I haven't moved them any further in towards the light so they are still in the same position and I will probably leave them here another day before I do that again. So that is it for today's update.

All right growers so that officially concludes Week 1 of vegetation for that OG Kush Grow Series!  And I forgot to mention in the last clip but if you are using those TNB Naturals CO2 canisters, be sure to shake them up once a day. I already did that once today I just forgot to remind you guys in the last clip of the video. Now I will be back shortly with week 2 of vegetation for this groceries and like I was mentioning, on day one of that week that's when we are going to start with the first low-stress training pull down. So things are going to get very exciting here for this grow series because he was ladies are going to start taking off even faster with vegetative growth once we start that training. As always thank you guys for watching this week's video, I hope you enjoyed it, and until next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown