Reviewing the Greener Pastures Cross Joint!


What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back for another product review video. Now and today's video I am going to be reviewing these pre-roll cross joints, these were sent to me recently by greener pastures. You can see more details about their company and products they offer at their website which is right there on the screen, again that is our grass is greener. Com. So what I will be doing in today's video is giving you guys a little overview on how to pack and pre-roll one of these and just fill it up with your buddy. We've got some Grape Ape that we grew recently over here that Cody is grinding up for that. 

And then of course we are going to take it outside and we are going to do a little smoke review for you guys and I'll give you some feedback on what I think of this product.  Now if you guys are looking for grow guidance and step by step help with growing cannabis at home, feel free to check out our premium video section which you can check out the link right here on your screen. We've got a two-week free trial when you subscribe to this video so you can check them out before having to pay anything. All right so now that you guys know what we are doing in today's video let's get started with packing this up with our Grape Ape Bud!

Alright so we are back here to pack up our cross joint, so first I just want to show you guys what came in the Box, we've got to cross joints and a packer for it. So I brought out the king of Palm Bay Packer just in case that one doesn't work too well because it does look a little skinny and flimsy but we will see. Now we ground up a good amount of nug of the Grape Ape, probably about a gram to a gram and a half or two grams. So where is that nug that I put up for a close up on. All right so here is a close-up for you guys on what we will be smoking on today. We've got the Grape Ape that I recently harvested, well it's probably been about a month and a half to two months since I've harvested.

So now we are going to pack it up and I'm going to start with filling up the middle part and then I will fill up the sides at the end. You want to start with a good amount of packing for the lower part as you don't want it to be too loose down below. Not too tight either though, not too tight but you gradually want to get looser as you get more and more in there. 

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Alright guys so we have it all finished being packed, and now we are going to take it outside and meet you out there for smoking it. All right so it is a beautiful Day out here in Northern California, perfect time to light up a cross joint. So I would normally think you light all three sides at the same time but we just got one lighter at the moment so. You want me to light it for you, I can do it. Okay, but thank you. Okay let me give you guys a quick close up first. We didn't twist off the sides either because they are a little on the short side, but normally you can though. But it will work just fine like this if you pack it properly.

Or if you were making it from scratch like we got this pre-rolled, the shaping of it at least. If you were to make it from scratch, a lot of people would recommend making a joint without a crutch in it and then you would slide that through a regular joint that does have a crutch and that's how you would make a cross joint. But we are doing it differently today. 

So as you guys can see it was pretty easy to get lit and it is not hard to draw either. I know it's not too tightly packed so does pulling perfectly, and it is hitting pretty smoothly. Seems to be staying lit pretty well, you just have to keep hitting it, for packing it it was a little bit difficult obviously. Because you just have three different arms, but I mean it took me about 6 minutes to do and total so nothing crazy especially with the Packer, it makes it a lot easier. And if you have one of those little mini finals that will help to use as well. 

But overall you know it is pretty easy to pack, I think it is only like a couple of bucks for one of these as well so those pretty convenient. And yeah it looks like they're saying is going to last a good amount of time.  Alright guys so we are going to finish smoking this but I would say overall I really like this product, it was really easy to package or fill up with the bud. And smoking really well, so if you are ever desiring a cross joint I would highly recommend one of these, it is a lot easier than just rolling it up yourself at home. What about you Cody what would you say, yeah I mean I would say you need a steady hand to do it because it is a little bit delicate. 

But definitely easier than having to roll  a joint and then roll another one then cut a hole in the joint slide this thing through. Just a little more convenient. Who will well we are going to finish this now out in the beautiful Sun, so I hope you guys enjoyed today's product review.

Alright GreenBox Growers So that concludes today's product review video on the pre roll cross joint by Greener Pastures.  Again you can check out their website by the link on the screen, our grass is greener. Calm and for more details on their product there and you can also purchase these. As always thank you guys for watching this week's video, don't forget to give us the thumbs up if you enjoyed it or comment below with feedback or ideas for future videos you would like to see. Alright so until next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown