Making Pineapple Chunk Bubble Hash


What up cannabis Growers and welcome back for another lit episode of GreenBox Grown! Now todays video is all about bubble hash and I'm going to be teaching you guys exactly how to make your own bubble hash at home using your own home grown weed and trimmings. So I've actually got a quarter pound of my own home grown Pineapple Chunk that I just harvested about 3 weeks ago. So I tried this and I have been actually letting it here for about two and a half weeks now.

So it is good and dry and ready for that extract process. This is something I really like to do around Harvest time or right around most of my Harvest because it is a great way to process your trimmings as I always have a lot of trimming left over after a harvest. As well as sometimes I do have larf or other buds that didn't come out as top-notch as I wanted them to. 

So this is also a great way to turn them in to concentrate. Now for those of you who don't know, bubble hash is a very concentrated form of cannabis which is really high in THC and it is basically those resin glands just separated from the plant material. Now in today's video I'm going to be showing you guys the exact process on how to make your very own full melt bubble hash at home with your own home grown weed. And then I am also going to be showing you guys all of the supplies you need in order to do so. All right folks so now that you know what we are doing in two days video, let's get started by checking out all of those supplies you need to make this full melt bubble hash!

Alright so we are downstairs in the kitchen as this is really the easiest  place to make the bubble hash just because we've got the same here and we will be needing to use that to fill this up with water. So here we are with all of the supplies that you will be needing today to make your bubble hash at home. But before we start with that I just want to kind of explain one more time exactly what bubble hash is. So essentially what we are doing with this process is taking off those trichomes or the trichome heads also referred to as resin glands. And that is essentially where all of those cannabinoids are from the plant.

And we are separating those from the plant material and we will be using ice and water to knock this trichome heads off of the plant material, and then we will be using filter bags or Micron mesh bags to separate out whatever else was mixed in with those trichomes, because sometimes a little plant matter gets in there and then of course to separate out the water.  And then of course once that material is finished drying out, what you will have left behind is a light  Brown crumbly substance which is your hash. It is going to kind of be like cake batter if you've had that kind of concentrate before, but a little bit more on the Sandy in terms of grittiness side.

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And the other thing is the reason it’s called bubble hash is because once you do smoke after it's all been made and dry, it actually kind of bubbles up when smoking it. So we are going to be making some full melt today as well so we are going to be getting all of those impurities out of there. and now let's go over all of the supplies that you will need. So first and most importantly you are going to need your cannabis.

And like I was saying it is great to use you or trim for this process, that is what a lot of people like to do because there aren't really too many great options for using or trim. Today I'm going to be using actually buds as well as popcorn buds, but this is mainly the larfy stuff with a little bit of trim mixed into it. Mainly nug but  just kind of that loose not super good smoking flower. So I've got four jars of it actually a little bit over a quarter pound. And you will see it's got 29 grams right here and again the strain is Pineapple Chunk.

We've got another 32 grams right there, and then these last two jars are 28 grams on that guy and 36 on this one. So yeah a good solid you know little over a quarter pound there that we will be turning into some nice bubble hash. And then after that what you will need is your bubble hash machine. So again I am using the bubble bag dude brand. So I have this listed on my store under that concentrate supplies section, and this actually came with the full kit with the actual washing machine as well as the filter bags. And then it also comes with this drying screen as well as a Tumblr bag and I will explain what those are for later on.

So that is pretty much the entire kit right there that you will need for making your bubble hash, all comes together or you can buy it separately if you want. After that you are going to need a bag of ice and I've got the 20 pound bag right here but you probably won't need all of that for this. And then I've got two buckets, 5 gallons each and you only need one but I use the second one which you will see for, is not mandatory. But it makes things a little bit easier, so you do need at least one bucket but two will make it easier. 

And then I've got my cookie sheet with some parchment paper over it which is where our hash will finish it's finally drying process in the end. All right so those are all of the supplies you will need for making your bubble hash, so now let's get started with the actual process of making it.

Okay so step one is going to be preparing your cannabis for the extraction process. So like I said if it is trim that you are using all, all you have to do is make sure it has been properly dried and then it is ready to go. Now with dense buds, you want to break those open by hand slightly, I don't recommend using a grinder because that will kind of defeat the purpose because it will knock off a lot of those trichomes in the process. But what you will want to do and what I've already done with all four of these jars Before doing this video just so that it was already ready and prepared.

 But just by hand just gently break them off of the branches and kind of open them up so that the insides are exposed and that way you can get the resin glands off from that part of the plant. So Step One is making sure that your cannabis is ready, already have that done here so we are good with that. So once you have done that, the second step is preparing or bubble bags into your 5 gallon bucket. 

So what is bubble bags are, I will show you guys so you can better understand, they have Micron mesh screens at the very bottom right there. So what the process is is we are going to have our cannabis in this machine here, it is going to spin it around with ice and they're so it's going to give it like an ice bath and knock all of those trichomes off into the water so then what we will do then as dump this water out through these Micron bags into this bucket. 

So that we separate the trichomes and the resin glands that are left in these resin bags, from the water in that plant material. So you will see now that you know the process kind of a quick overview, you will see these different micron or mesh Micron bags have different sized holes in the screen mesh. So that is what the Micron is is the  measurement of how big the holes are in the screen right down below.

So the smaller than number that means that that's going to be a smaller Micron hole so what you will do is have the smallest bag on your bucket first and then you will have bigger bags on top of that. So what is going to happen is when you pour the water mixture through you will have the biggest particles and plant material getting collected in that top first bag because that one is going to have the biggest Micron holes.

And then that is actually the 220 right here, and then once you get to the 160 it is going to have a little bit less of the plant material in there and it will have some of the trichomes glands in it. But once we get to really the 120 and the 73, that is when we are going to start getting a lot of our good top quality resin mixed into there. And then once we get to the 25 micron bag at the bottom that's where our full melt hash is going to be.

Actually in the 73 Micron it will have some full Melt from there as well. It is kind of the 120 is where it kind of starts to get a little bit but some particulate in it but not too much. So first step is you are going to want to take your bags and simply put it into the bucket. Again starting with the smallest number bag for so you want that one on the bottom. So here we go with the 25 micron bag, just going to put it on top of the bucket as you see it's got the little sort of drawstring as well as lid or loops over on the top so it hangs on to the bucket properly.

And you will see just push it down like that, make sure you don't have any junk in there and it is completely clean. And now we are going to go to the next bag which is the 73 Micron. And again this is the bubble bag dude set up which I have listed on my side. So just get all of these bags on there with the lips  hanging over the tops so they don't fall in when you pour.

Alright so now that we have all of the bags in here to Laird from smallest being the deepest bag in there all the way up to the 220 being the last one on top. So now what we are going to do is actually used to this Tumblr bag, so you will see it's actually got a little strap over the top here a velcro strap for making sure the zipper stays closed so you will want to use that when you have all of the plant material and Ice in here. So what this step entails just taking all of your plant material, filling it up into this bag. So I'm going to take these jars here now and empty them up. And then once you have your plant material into their you are going to want to add ice until this bag is full.

So let's get that started, I want to show you guys again this is the Pineapple Chunk that I recently grew. And let me show you guys some of those nice nugs right there. Really Frosty, really good smell to it as well so I'm really excited to see how this hash turns out or this bubble hash from it. So let me make sure the duffle bag opens up and Bam. Just get all of that in there and take out the humidity pack of course. And yeah I mean hear this had a little purple in it as you guys can see and it is really a high note. 

But this Bud seated a little bit kind of hermied on me so that is one of the reasons also why I am going to use it for extract. It is not as good of quality of flower for smoking, In that regard. So another good reason to make some bubble hash out of it.  But for a lot of people this is great for when you have a lot of trim left over, just making it into some sort of extract and this is really one of the easiest ways to do it. Another method that you can use for doing this is the fresh frozen method.

So what that would entail is freezing your trim immediately after trimming it all off, and then keeping it in the freezer until it is ready or until you are ready to make that bubble hash. So you will just put it in a ziplock bag, you don't want to get too much moisture in there while it is curing or while it is in the freezer getting Frozen. And then once you are ready for it, just take it out and empty it into this bag here with your ice as well, and then that is how you can do your fresh frozen. Now some people say when you do freezer like that it helps separate more of the try comes more easily and they break off more easily, I personally haven't noticed that so that is why I don't usually do it but some people really prefer doing it that way.

 So here we go, we got our QP in here of Pineapple Express and again that is a strain actually by Barney's Farm. Let me give you guys some nice looks of the nugs in there. but yeah I think this is going to be, I think we're going to get a decent amount of really good yield from this of some really quality product. So yeah just shaking it right there I can feel on the ground you guys can see I am already getting some nice trichomes breaking off right there. So now that that is full it is time to add the eyes. So I actually probably won't feel this bad completely with us but you do want to get a good amount in there. Okay and again this mesh bag is also a 220 Micron bag so it is the same thickness or the same size and terms of the mesh holes as the top bubble bag here. The biggest bubble bag in the bucket. 

And that's just because this is just to catch plant material and to make sure that all of the resin glands or trichomes that break off can make it through. So we are just about there, so yeah that is probably just almost it. Okay so that is pretty much I guess I could have to do a little more. I've got ice here going everywhere, sorry about that. Okay, so that is a good amount of Bud in there and a good amount of ice, so now you want to make sure she's just this up closed, make sure this velcro strap gets strapped over. 

And now you're just going to take this and put it into our little. And this is basically like it a mini washer machine if you haven't noticed. So all you have to do is lift the lid up and make sure nothing is left in there and now we are just going to take our little bag of goodness and dump that in there. And now you're going to actually want to add, you are going to want to add some ice on the outside as well so let me just do that real quick. But once that is done we are just going to fill up with water.

Alright so it is all full of water in here and you can see we've got the ice all nice and mixed in in there with the weed in the bag as well as the ice outside of the bag. So now what we are going to do is set the timer on this for 15 minutes, and then we are just going to let it do its thing. And you will see, so there it goes it is basically going to spend this around and knock all of those off like a washer machine would, and then once that is done we are going to pour what the mixture has left into this bucket and separate the glands out from the water and the plant material. So I'm going to let this mix since it is really loud and I will be back to show you guys the results.

Alright so the machine just finished spinning its 15-minute cycle and you can see this is what it looks like inside the mixture right afterwards. You can see it's actually like a really purpley color which is cool and you can see a lot of the resin as there's a ton of resin in this water. Just putting my hand in it and it is getting really sticky already. and you can see right there it is built up on the bag, so what we are going to do now is drain this into the mesh Micron bags and then what we are going to be doing is the exciting part which is separating out our yields of bubble hash. So to do this all you're going to have to do is unhook your little side hose here. 

 And this is where the water is going to pour out of and you want to put it right into the bubble bags. and again remember to have it set up so your bubble bags are in order of the first bag that is in there is the one with the smallest Micron mesh, and then going up into the larger. So going from smaller to larger so that the very top bag is going to be your largest Micron number. So 2:20 on top. So now here we go I'm just going to do the poor right now. And you just want to be careful as you don't want to spill everywhere I got a little drops on the floor. But there we go and now I'm just going to set this down here, alright so now we are just going to drain all of that lovely resinous water. And then we are going to separate it out, so let me just spent let that finish.

And it is also a good idea to take that bag out from here and try and squish out all of the liquid that you can just so you can get everything out of there, and even tilt this machine and such so you can just make sure that there is nothing sitting in the bottom not draining out. Alright so we are all set up in the sink to separate everything out of the bag, but first I just wanted to remind you guys that is always a good idea to run your weed at least two to three more times after the initial time. Reason being is as you can see first off there is still a lot of resin glands that left in here, you don't get it all the very first time. So you won't get as much each time you do this but like you can see I mean there is still tons of resin building up on the sides. 

And I'm sure we've got a ton in the buckets right now, but you don't want to leave anything behind so I'm not going to be showing it in this video. But I will probably do two more runs with this bag and all you have to do is refill it with water as a new ice in there, spin it around and then it's just going to be the same process as what we're about to do right here. Alright so what we are going to be doing here is first off you want to shake out, you want to lift up the top back first, remember we are starting with the very top bag and going all the way down to the bottom.

 And first thing, you want to shake it out and then you're just going to want to take your faucet and you are just going to rent the bag really quickly just so that you can flush out any particles or anything left in here that is you know a little bit too big and you want to separate it through. So what that's going to do is just push through all of the finer particles, the resin and stuff like that. And then it's going to keep the plant material behind. Now this is actually I can tell this is going to be some really good bubble hash because we've actually got a ton of building up already in the 220 bag. So let me see if I can get you guys a nice shot of that. We've got a good glob of it right there.

So that is going to, that's not going to be full melt, that's going to have a decent amount of plant material in it but that is okay because it is still nice little yield there. Of some bubble hash. And now what your want to do is just scrape out all of that hash that is in the bottom. And it is going to look kind of Sandy but that's okay. That is exactly what it is supposed to look like. And that you will see the switch bag it is pretty dark and the reason being is it's going to have a decent amount of plant particle in it just because it is the first bag. Okay so let's see yeah you can see with that black stuff right there. Let me see if it's a good shot so yeah, let me take that you don't want that in there.

And then that is what's left, there is a little bit left in here so let me scrape that out. But okay now I've scraped out all that I could get from this bag so now I'm going to put that to beside here and now I'm just going to work on the very next bag. So let's see what kind of results we are going to get from the 160. Oh yeah and so now you guys are going to see it's going to start getting lighter in color. This one is more of a golden color, and it looks really nice. So this will probably be some good full melt that we've got going. And watching the sides will just help get all the stuff that is stuck to the sides down to the bottom so you don't leave any on the sides of your bubble bags.

Just kind of get it all down kind of concentrated you know into one little glob so you can just use that spoon to scoop it all up together if you want. So here is just the first quick little scoop there is still some more left in there, but just to show you guys. Alright so now we are on to the 120 Micron bag, oh yeah and you can see so like once you get to be finer Micron bags it is going to take a little longer for that water to drain through there so you're just going to have to lift it up, shake it a decent amount. And then you will see it kind of all collect down there and you can rinse it off again with the sink just to get the stuff off the edges of the bag and down to the bottom.

 Oh yeah, so yeah there we go starting to look like we are getting some good looking yields. And there's some really blonde looking bubble hash right there and again that is from the 120 bags. And we've actually got one actually two more bags to go. So now we are at the 73 Micron bag and it is getting very very fine and you can see right here I mean it is taking a lot of water still in there. It has to take a long time to filter out and again that's cuz it's just such a fine Micron that the water it's just too small for even the water to easily pass through so you almost have to force it through. So you can see all that, that nice little Mound right there at the bottom.

Very blond looking which is of course full metal and the lighter in color the better quality, because that means less plant  particles  or particulates left behind so she's going to be a more cleaner and a more pure hash.

And what we do is this press screen come this 25 micron screen that I am putting the hash on, what it does is help start the process of getting the water separated out from the bubble hash. Then once that is pretty much done we are going to chop it up once it starts to dry a little bit and then we are going to put it on the parchment paper to finish that drawing process. Because it isn't going to get 100% of the water out just on the 25 micron screen, but it is going to separate a decent amount. So now we're on the final bag and again this is going to be the nicest cleanest Ash and this is 25 micron. Same thing as, oh very heavy, and it is the same thing as the microns of the dryer and screen that we are using. So extremely fine.

All right guys so I just finished draining this last bubble bag and then again this is the 25 micron, it takes a while and you just want to be gentle, don't really want to squeeze the water out of there because it can cause a lot of the concentrate to fall through there. But as you can see this last one is definitely our heaviest yielder. And what I have found that actually makes it really easy as if use the sink to wash all of the extra you know trichomes off of the sides of the walls of this bag. Try and make sure that you wash everything that is at the bottom down to the bottom corner so it is all in one big ball. And then when you get your spoon just scoop it out as it's all together already and you don't have to scrape around to get it all out of there.

So what I do like to do sometimes is put my hand on the  bottom of the mesh screen and kind of just push it up through to the top and then just scrape off that concentrate. But right now it is just a little bit messy so at what I'm going to do is just get in there and scrape it out by hand. Alright so I just finished scooping out the rest of the bubble hash from that 25 micron bag. So what you are going to do is get it on to this 25 micron screen and you are going to want to have some paper towels laying right under it so it can soak the water out of that bubble hash. While it is sitting on here you are going to want to take this after it has some time to dry and you don't want to take your spoon and kind of just chop the hash up a little bit like so.

And you can see this is some really fine quality hash and this is just going to help press out that water that is left in there. So do this a few times chop it up, and then just flip over the hash like so so you can kind of break it up. And then after you have done that for a little bit what you're going to want to do is scoop it up and take it on to this parchment paper that is sitting on a cooking tray or cookie tray right now. So once on there you're going to want to leave the hash for 72 hours in a cool dark location for it to dry out. And then after that process is ready to be smoked. So here you can see we've got the different hash is drying out already and right here is the 220 Micron. Then we've got the 160, then the 120, and then we've got the 75, and then finally we've got the 25 which I'm about to scoop on to their right now.

And once you've got it scooped onto your tray for drying or your cookie sheet with parchment paper, you can chop it up again to help dry a little more properly. And that was pretty much the whole process, I'm going to let this stuff dry for the next 72 hours, and then I will be back here to do a little smoke review for you guys. Before I go that one thing I would like to say is, so this is a pretty decent yield to get from a quarter pound but again this is just the first run and you don't want to just do one run. They're still probably still about 50 to 75% more left behind of that bubble hash. So the first thing you're going to want to do, and  this is where that second bucket comes into play. So you're going to want to line up your bubble bags in the second bucket in the same order that we did so smallest one in there first, the 25 micron and then work up to the largest 220.

Then what you are going to do is take this leftover mixture of water with the trichomes and resin because there's still a lot of resin in there and is really purple as you can see. And you're just going to want to pour that into this Bucket over those bags. And then you were going to do the same process of scooping out each bag of all the resin that is left behind. And then once you have done that a few times just washing this back and forth between the bags. Then you're just going to want to do a couple runs more with the bag of weed that is in here. Just refill this up with water and ice, Just do the 15-minute Spin and then pour it into the bucket and you will see it's just going to keep giving you more and more hash. 

So you're just going to want to do this whole cycle maybe 2 or 3 times total and then you are going to be finished. So that's pretty much it with how to make your bubble hash at home, again I will be back here with you guys and probably 72 hours just to do that smoke review. But before I go on to remind you guys that when you are done using the supplies, you do want to wash them out so they are good to go for the next run. So the Bubble Bags you want to make sure to wash out both the inside and the out so you can get all of that grit out of there. 

And then once you run your bag and your cannabis a few Cycles in this machine, you are going to wash the machine out as well. So same thing with the buckets, and everything it's really Good to have everything clean, the different screens and what not. And that way you are not contaminating your future extracts and concentrates that you are making.

Alright Growers, so we are back here about 72 hours after leaving that bubble hash on the parchment paper to dry and cure. It's actually been closer to 80 days or I'm sorry 80 hours of curing which is fine once it has past 72 hours and you are good to go after that. So let me show you guys and I actually did several more runs like I was saying I was going to do so we got a decent amount more out of that. In terms of yield. So in here I've got all of the blonde colored full melt hash.  And then you will see in the other jar I've got the rest that was more of the darker-colored not as pure hash. So that won't be full melt but still really good to smoke and very strong.

And yeah this stuff is very powdery and you will see it is very fine once broken up, it's got some Little Rock's going on in there right now. And the smell is a very lemony and Piney just like the scent of the bud was, or from the bud that we used to make this bubble hash. So same terpene profile, you get a very similar terpene profile out of the hash and I have already smoke some of this is very very good and very strong. And as you guys can see it is very clean as well. So let me show you guys really quick the other container that I've got, I was very happy with the yield here. I didn't weigh it out just yet but it looks like close to 10 grams. So really stoked on that, maybe a little bit less now that I have been smoking some of it but definitely was a good amount. And you can see the stuff was definitely darker in color but there is still some good quality hash and there and a lot of hash rocks in there as well. 

So I was very stoked about that, and now the best part here is it is time for the taste test. So you guys can see I've got a nice bowl pack right here of all of that hash, the blonde hash there from the first container that I was showing you guys. Filled that up about halfway and this is a really deep bowl, so there's a lot in there probably half a gram to a gram almost. It is really a good idea to put a little bit of bud at the very bottom of the bull just to plug it up to the hash doesn't fall through, but besides that it is all hash. So let me get it a quick smoke of that and I'll tell you guys how it tastes.  You guys should also noticed it is bubbling when you light it, hence the name bubble hash. Super strong, you feel that immediately right at the top of your head, very smooth as well, and you can definitely taste that terpene profile as well. You can get that Piney taste.

Yeah that is definitely some good bubble hash, so there you guys go, that is your step by step how to video on how to make bubble hash out of your homegrown weed. And again I've got two different containers hear about the blonde stuff and then the darker stuff.

Alright GreenBox Growers, so that concludes today's video on how to make full melt bubble hash at home out of your trimmings or your nugs. Now again the supplies I was using came from the bubble bag dude and I do have all of his products and supplies available in my grow store, so just check that out under grow supplies you will see concentrate supplies as a tab under that list. Now stay on the lookout as I will be coming out with more how to make concentrate videos in the near future, as always I want to thank you guys for watching today's video, I really hope you enjoyed it, and until next time…

Happy Growing!!!