Indoor OG Kush SCROG Grow with CO2


What up cannabis Growers and welcome back for the latest grow series by GreenBox Grown! So we are going to be starting a new grow today and what that is going to be is a for plant indoor grow in my 4 by 4 grow tent. We will also be utilizing that screen of green grow method for this so we will be maximizing that canopy and increasing those yields and Bud size. So like I was saying we will be using this 4 by 4 grow tent set-up here in my bedroom, So for those of you who have a little extra space in your bedroom and you want to do a grow in there, this will be a great series for you to follow.  This isn't going to be set up like the stealth grow series that I've been filming, it is not going to be in the closet or anything like that but still a good series to follow if you want some things set up in your room.

 Now for our seeds we are going to be growing some OG Kush Buy Growers choice of these are some really solid genetics and I'm hoping we're going to get some really nice of buds out of them. It says on here the THC content should be around 25% so very potent stuff. Now I am also really stoked for this groceries because I got contacted by TNB Naturals, they were actually watching one of my other grow series and they said they wanted to hook us up with some of their CO2 canisters. So for this grow series and they are going to be sponsoring us with a bunch of their CO2 canisters that I will be having in the grow room and I am going to be giving you guys too more details about that in this video.

 Kind of explaining how those products work and how we will be using them. Now I also got hooked up by a friend of mine, a fellow grower who hooked me up with their adjustable scrog, so that's what we will be using for the screen of green net in this tent. And I will be going over more details on his company as well in this video but what is really cool is like I said they are a one-size-fits-all scrog. So you can adjust it to any size tent that you are growing in, and it is going to be a really good quality scrog as well as it is made out of really nice material.

Now in this video I'm going to show you guys all of the supplies and the grow setup that we are going to be using for this bro Series, so I'm going to cover the nutrients, lighting, and different things like that. And then we are also going to germinate the seeds and grow them out through the seedling phase all the way up today one of vegetation. Now if you want to continue following this grow series all the way through vegetation as well as the flowering phase, all you have to do is visit the link right here on the screen and that will take you to the specific page for that grow series where you can see all of his videos.

 Now you will have to sign up for our premium content section, but when you do that it comes with A 2 week free trial so you can check out this series free of charge, after that it is $14.99 per month for unlimited access to our entire Grow video library. I also want to remind you guys that I do have some new MERCH that I recently released on our clothing line. One of the  pieces is right here, this is the trichome t-shirt and we also have some other graphic tees and cool designs on that page. So just feel free to check that out at the link right here on the screen, and now that you guys know what we are doing in two days video, let's get started with checking out the supplies and the grow setup we will be using for this series. 

Alright so here we are in the garage and the grow room and I am going to go over the entire setup. So first off this is a 4 x 4 grow room and then is about six and a half feet tall, I'm going to have the carbon filter going. That is a 6 inch carbon filter and then I will have two oscillating fans going on in there as well. I am going to start off with my one or just a single 300 watt electric sky LED. This is what I use in my NukeHeads grow series and then I have another 300 watt electric sky that I will be bringing in here wants the plants are a little larger. Again those plants are going to be in the three gallon equivalent are pots, and I am going to have four of them in here I've got the double-layered scrog net going and this was actually sent to me by a fellow grower, Christian over at grower scrog Nets so check them out at the link right there on the screen there. 

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Again it is grower scrog Nets and they sell these different shrug nuts that are actually are usable or this one is adjustable and can be used in several different sized grow tents. Now for nutrients I'm going to be using the full line of the fox farm Dirty Dozen and then I am also going to be using the Cal Mag by Botanicare. And then I'm actually going to do something a little different this grow and I'm going to be adding a bottle of of the grape sweet from the sweet line by Botanicare. So that is actually going to help with give me some nice flavor and smells to the buds themselves. And that will be the grape flavor. 

So next step, very excited about this I'm going to be using some of the tnb naturals CO2 canisters and so I was really stoked to get this awesome care package from them. You will see it includes two of their CO2 canisters as well as a bunch of the refillable packages so I can pretty much use these for the entire grow. Maybe even a couple grows because I've got a lot of those refillable packages. So first off huge shout out to TNB Naturals as well as Daryl over there with the team for hooking me up with these products. And then of course I will be having both of those canisters going from pretty much Week 1 of veg all the way through flower. 

Again I will probably be doing around 3 to 4 weeks of vegetation for this grow and I will be doing low stress training but probably no topping. Just because I have found that I don't really need to use that and less stress on the plants always works better. So if I can get the same results just using my gardening tie or my soft gardening tie as well as low stress training than that is going to be perfect. And then I threw in the double-layered scrog which I will probably have a little lower, I don't want to get the plants Too Tall so this will help a lot with getting some nice large colas going

Alright so we are back here actually two days later and I put the seeds in the paper towel after soaking in the water for 18 hours and that was about 24 hours ago when I put the seeds to the paper towel. So now that they have had a day in the paper towel, the most paper towel that is, you can see here they have pretty much all got some Roots growing. Still waiting on two of them to sprout but yeah they are pretty much there. So tomorrow morning Maybe early afternoon is when I will be transplanting them into the rockwool cubes to start the seedling phase. And let me give you guys a little close up here, so yeah you can see some nice healthy roots on the OG Kush plants or seeds here.

 And that one looks pretty good length right there. These are the two that have not sprouted yet and here's the other guy. Yeah so what I did was I put them into the moist paper towel put it on top or partially on top of a heat not just to keep them warm, you don't want them to get too hot. And then I like to put a plate on top of the one I have them on just to keep it dark in there as well. And it helps with humidity and keeping the moisture in there because you don't want that paper towel to dry out with the seeds in it. That can be really bad and actually kill the seeds. So I will be back here in probably 12 hours to transplant the Seas, maybe 18 hours but we will be here for the next shot where we will be transplanting the seeds into their 2 inch by 2 in rockwool cubes.  So I will see you guys then.

What up Growers we are actually back here another 24 hours later and actually three of the seeds have sprouted and Ice Taproot so they are ready to be transplanted into these rockwool cubes and to go into the seedling and cloning tent back there. Now before I do that I want to show you guys two things, first off I've got or I moved the grow tent up here into my bedroom, so the earlier clip I showed you guys the supplies and set up we are going to be using for this grow. And it was out in the garage but we actually just moved it up here into the bedroom so this is going to be a bedroom grow for the series.

Now the second thing I wanted to cover is I haven't mentioned or gone over the details of the genetics and the strain we are going to be using in this grow series. So first off again this is OG Kush and it is from Growers choice, these are feminized seeds as you can see. They are regular photo periods, not autoflowers. So it is just going to be a regular grow, and let's see here comes anxiety treats depression taste is earthy, Piney, as well as Woody. And then you're on the back we got a little more details so we've got a picture of the idea or with the bud should look like once grown of course. There will be different phenotypes that they aren't all going to look the same, they will have slightly different characteristics.

But anyways, this is a blend of a 55% sativa, 45% Indica it does smoke like an Indica though. So basically almost a 50/50 hybrid. It says flowering time is 56 days and the THC content is 27%, so very fast flowering time and a very high THC percentage, so very excited for that. Now CBD level is low and again for effects it's got on here Euphoria, body high as well as relaxing.   Now finally for the estimated yields we are having about 400 to 500 grams per meter squared or per square meter and that is for indoors. And then for outdoor yields it is a little larger at 500 to 600 per plant. Now with an indoor grow you are going to get much larger and denser colas and nugs, so the quality is going to be higher.

So now let's check out those seeds that have germinated and grown their Taproot. And first thing you noticed as some of them have really long tap roots that is, so you can see this guy's pretty good length there and that is nice and ready. A little bit longer actually then I would like, and then we've got the second guy in here and you can see she already has some vertical Roots growing out of that mean root, horizontal route sorry. It almost looks like it's fuzzy coming down that mean Taproot and all that is is horizontal roots that are starting to spread out of that main one. So you can see we've got this third one right there and that is usually about the length of the top rated I like to have when planting them so the other ones are a little longer but that is alright regardless we are still going to use these three today.

 So what we are going to do is we are using these to buy 2 inch rockwool cubes here by Grodan,  and you will see they have the instructions here on the cover on how to prep these rockwool cubes for use. But all you really have to do is get some water, PH it at 5.5, and this came right from the sink and you will see that I just used my PH down. And then all you have to do is break the cubes apart and separate them, and then let them soak each for about 10 seconds in the water here. And then once that is done they are ready to go.

 Now once you pull this rockwool cube out of the water for soaking for 10 seconds, you do not want to squeeze it to get the excess water out because that will come packed the rock wall and make it hard for the roots to grow through. So what I do is give it a little shake like this, and then that is pretty much it. Now it's very simple process for putting the seed in there, but you do want to be very gentle so try not to touch that route if you can, the Taproot because that can cause damage. But there you guys go that is a nice healthy looking Taproot right there and it's going to give us a nice plant or seedling started.

 So root down into that rockwool Cube and again very carefully so that with the longer roots you will have to kind of coil them up a little bit in there. Or you can take a little pain and stick it in the hole to make it a little bigger. All right so I had to pause there just for a second so I could use both hands to plant the seeds then but anyways as you can see once they're planted in there, you want to make sure that the head of the seed is a little below the surface and then you just want to punch that hole closed so nobody's getting in. Now all we got to do is put our name tags in and we again are using all the same strain but I just like to label them either way.

 And now I'm going to place these Into My Little Seedling tent over here, so what I will do is place them onto the tray in there and then I'm going to place a little water on the tray so it's about a quarter inch deep with water and the slats. And then after that I'm going to missed the interior of the Dome and put it on top of the tray so it is sealed and I'm going to close up those vents so the humidity stays high in the tent. Now these seeds are going to be on an 18 hours on, 6 hours off light schedule for now and yeah that is pretty much it at this point. 

We are going to keep these seeds in the paper towel until they've got a root long enough to plant and then I will be back to show you guys when those are going in and then we'll of course we will be back here tomorrow to give you guys an update on these three seedlings right here once they are in the humidity down. So I will see you guys back here then.

What up Growers we are actually back here another 24 hours later and I just finished planting that fifth seed of the OG Kush pack that I started here for this grow. So actually now all four of those first seeds that I planted have now popped up above ground and have their first set or their cotyledon leaves going. Still have yet to get their first set of serrated leaves going, and then that fifth seed I just plan it today so she has not popped up just yet. But for right now just giving them mistings several times probably like twice a day at this point. And again just keeping a little bit of water in the bottom of the tray in those slats. 

Now the vents on top of the humidity dome are still completely closed at this point and I am going to keep it closed until that fifth one pops up above ground. And then that's when I will start cracking them. So for now just bring them a few times with plain water throughout the day and then that is really it. So very stoked that we got four of them so far germinated and above soil and above ground. And then hopefully we will get this fifth one so we get to pick the four best to continue to grow with. So that is it for today's update and I will be back here with another update in 24 hours. Alright peace Growers!

Alright folks, welcome back to that OG Kush grow series, we are back here again 24 hours later for your next update and the seedlings are actually looking really good right now. Most of them, actually all four of the ones that are above ground have started developing their first set of serrated leaves so you can see if I give you guys this close up. They've got both their cotyledon leaves which is that round set of round leaves and then they've got that first set of one-fingered serrated leaves. 

So this guy is actually leaning a little bit because I think the light was a little bit too close so I raised it just a few inches and have lower temp a little bit as well. But besides that, they are all looking really good and healthy and like I said they're all developing their first sets of leaves. And then for now just misting the interior of the Dome a couple times a day and I just cracked open the vents about a quarter of the way. So both ends are now open about a quarter of the way and we will be opening them a little bit more each day as we go.

 We are back here another 24 hours later and seedlings are looking really good, and actually at this point what we are waiting for is okay it's a little foggy so I'm going to have to remove the lid. Just give me one second guys, all right so I just took the lid off and you will see the seedlings are looking really good actually the one in the back left kind of wilted over not wilted, but it just kind of grew a little leggy and then fell over so what I did is I created a little harness or a little stake in the ground that's going to hold it up and it is starting to grow back up towards the light already. 

So that fifth one has yet to pop up above ground but it does look like it's still growing a good healthy Taproot. And at this point I am going to be opening the vents a little further so they are going to be almost halfway open and I am waiting for these plants to grow a few roots out of the bottoms of their rockwool cubes. And then at that point that's when I will put them in a Solo cup with some Fox Farm ocean forest soil. So I will be back here in 24 hours for your next update, peace!

Alright folks so here we are another 24 hours later for your next update on the OG Kush seedlings. Now this 5th one still hasn't popped up above ground so I am losing faith in her, I don't think she is going to make it, seems like the seed is more of a dud. But anyways we've got four of them looking good and at this point what I'm waiting for is a root or two to pop out out of the bottom of these rockwool cubes. So you can see this lady has one going right there and the middle one here has yet to get one going but I checked earlier. And these other ones to have some going. This is a really small one and you can see it's barely peeking through there.And then let me get the last guy back here that's what the support, and you can see the one with the support is doing much better at this point. 

That first set of serrated fan leaves or it's just a one-finger serrated fan leave, they are looking really good and healthy and when I planted this one into the Solo cup with that fox farm ocean Forest. I am just going to bury the stem, probably just so that the last or top inch and a half is showing. So that way it has a little more support to be standing up with. So let's take a look at that root okay she has two of them going now. So by tomorrow this last one that doesn't have a real going should have won peeking out by then. And then by that point we will be doing the transplant into the Solo cups with soil. So we will be back in 24 hours to take a look at those roots and do that transplant.

 Alright so we are back here for the very next day and these ladies are ready to be planted into some Solo cups with soil. So first things first, let's take a quick look at our for OG Kush ladies. First of all this one right here was the one that I had that support on, the little paper clip which you can see right there and I took it off because she is now standing up on her own upright. And when I plant into this I woke up I am going to be sure to bend or burry that stem a little bit so that she has some extra support. For the one right here that's scratched and got a little leggy, I will be bearing that stem probably to about that level there. Just for extra support as well, and then these other two, will this one stretched a little bit as well but this guy did not. So I will be doing that for all of them except for the one right there.

Stop we've got the Solo Cup and what I've done to all four of my Solo cups is I've cut for holes out of the bottom and then clipped the sides all the way around so that is going to be good for drainage and letting those roots grow down and have a nice system early on. Show the very first step, oh I almost forgot, for the soil we are going to be using my trusty Fox Farm ocean Forest over here, that's what I like to use for all of my grows these days. As it is really easy to use and gives some really top shelf results. So now that we are ready, the first step that you are going to want to do is you are going to want to cut or remove the rapper that is around your rockwool Cube.

 Let me give you guys a nice little shot right here, so I'm just going to use my pair of Fiskar scissors. Be sure that they are cleaned, you do not want a dirty pair is that can mess up your plant. But anyways you will see I'm going to just cut right down the corner like so and remove the rapper. So now that that is done you want to take your Solo Cup and I'm going to fill it up to about right here, maybe, yes it's this is one of the ones that stretched I'm going to be doing it too right there. And you just want to make sure to fill it Loosely with soil into not pack it in there or anything like that because that will stop the roots from growing through. And when it is loose and makes it much easier.

So I'm just going to kind of scoop a bag, you're all show you, I've got the bag right there and I'm going to take my Solo cup and put it right in there. And I'm going to scoop it up a few times to break up the soil and loosen it, you just want to be loosening up the store a little bit so just kind of broken up in the area, you don't want it to just get it out of the bag I'll come packed and everything. And then you can shake the cup to let it settle to its level, and that's a little bit too much on the pour some of that out. Okay so that should be good right there. So we've got the soil in the Solo Cup, and now All you've got to do is put the rockwool cube right in the center middle area. You don't want to have it so the plant is growing off to the side.

Just plop it right in there and then all you got to do is fill up the rest of the cup with soil. So you want to be really careful you don't want to crush your Little Seedling of course, but you also want to make sure you are feeling in all of the Cracks around your come around the rockwool cube and said the Solo Cup. Because you will see those gaps won't feel super easy with soil so you want to make sure it gets in there and you don't have any gaps or air pockets in there. Alright so want to be able to like what I was saying in these areas, you want to make sure that there is soil in there, so very carefully what I do is put my finger on one corner so I can kind of tilt the rockwool cube that way. 

And then I lean the cup down towards the Gap that I'm going to fill. And you can kind of shake it like that to let it settle in. And now I'm just going to do that on the other side. Shake it, let it settle. And there you go that is pretty much it. Now I'm just going to fill up almost to the top of the cup, I don't want to bury the leaves of this plant or have it so they are sitting in the soil. Because that will cause issues with moisture and having them too wet. So that is your finished product right there, finally transplanted, so all I am going to do is give it a quick little watering of my plain water right here since we are in the soil we do not have to pH it. 

But if you are in Coco choir I recommend 5.8. And actually instead of pouring it, at this point I'm just going to give them a good misting because I make sure my soil stays pretty moist. So that is not going to be an issue. All right, so just give it a good misting, you want to make sure that it's going to have some water for that root to grow out and see you, those tap roots growing out of the bottom. so probably like 5 or 6, closer to 10 mistings and then there you have it. That is all finished.

We are now here over at the humidity down, and all four of those OG Kush ladies have now been planted into their Solo cups with the ocean forest soil. So they are still going to have the humidity Dome over them for now and I do have some water in the slats below. But the humidity Dome will have the vent completely open at this point and I am still going to be misting throughout the day. So you can see how I buried those longer stretched stems so that they are not so leggy and they are more standing upright and able to support themselves. So I am going to put the humidity Dome over them and give them a little misting again, and then we will be back here in 24 hours to see how they are doing after their first day in soil. Alright peace Growers!

Alright Growers so it has now been 24 hours of these OG Kush seedlings being in the ocean forest in the Solo cups. So we are now going to see them starting to take off in terms of vegetative growth. When they are in the rockwool cubes, they don't Focus as much on developing their fan leaves, they just get that first set going. And then mainly focus on root development, and the first two days, day and a half to two days in the Solo cups. Will be root development as well, but we can see that most of them have started their second set of fan leaves, this guy right here is a little further ahead. 

That second set is almost finished being developed. So I would say Over the next 24 hours they are going to really start taking off in terms of that vegetative development show vents are completely opened at this point on the Dome. And I am actually going to be starting to take the lid off a couple hours each day at this point. So today it will be off for 2 hours, tomorrow will be off for 4 and then we will continue increasing it until we move them over and Transplant them into the final pots in the big tent. Alright guys, so we will be back here in 24 hours for the next update, and until then Happy growing!

All right since we are back here again and these ladies are continuing to give a good amount of noticeable growth every day, so you can see they are those fan leaves are getting bigger by the day and they are getting new sets almost everyday. So they are really taking off and looking very good for OG Kush, so I'm very excited for that. And everyday we are just getting a little bit closer to being ready for that transplant. So I am going to still let them grow a few more sets of leaves as well as those roots out of the bottom. which I have not yet seen when I tilt the cup over, but yeah I am still missing them throughout the day. You can see there's still some water in the tray below and that's really it. So I will be back here in 24 hours for your next update.

Alright folks, so today is a very exciting day, now we are back here and the seedlings are all pretty much having roots coming out of the bottom. You can see this one's got a good-size root coming out. And the rest are doing the same, so what I will be doing today is doing the first nutrient feeding for these ladies and then what I will do tomorrow is transplant them out into the final pots in the Big 4 by 4 tent. So tomorrow and 24 hours these guys are going to be transplanted and we will be doing that video then, but for now I'm going to show you guys in the mix that I will be doing for their first nutrient feeding. Quick look, we've got some chemdog seedlings just popping up as well as some agent orange. 

So very excited for those, and the reason being for the reason why it is time to do that first nutrients feeding is first of all they've got about three to four sets of fan leaves each, and then you can see they are starting to lighten up a little bit and color right at the centers of those leaves. So that is a good sign that they are a little bit hungry for some nutrients, so let's take a look at what they will be getting today. So as I mentioned previously we are doing the fox farm Dirty Dozen for nutrients and her so what I will be doing is the seedlings and cuttings mix At 1/4 strength.

So per gallon of water that is going to be one and a half teaspoons of the Big Bloom, 1/4 teaspoon of the boomerang and then if you've got the holy mackerel you might as well just do an eighth of a teaspoon of that. Now I'm also going to be thrown in a quarter of a teaspoon of Cal Mag because I will be adding that to every nutrient feeding for this grow. I also suggest mixing up a gallon at a time in a regular bucket and then pouring it into your spray bottle so you can gently pour it out into the plants. 

That's how I will be watering today, and really you are only going to need enough to we really only need to water them until you get some run out of the bottom of the couch. So it's really probably only take a couple pores and then that will be it. So I'm going to go mix up and feed them that nutrient mix right now and then I will be back here in 24 hours for that transplant clip. Alright peace Growers!

Alright Growers, we are back to your two days later and it is officially time for the moment we have all been waiting for, and that is transplanting these ladies out into this main tent right here. So let me just give you guys a quick close up and look at how they have developed over the last couple of days after that nutrients feeding. Now you can see they're doing really well but they are definitely ready for a bigger pot so that those roots can have more space to grow in.

Leaves are looking really healthy, and you can see there are definitely a few different phenotypes going on here as this one right here has a lot more Indica traits than the rest of them, and I just wanted to give you guys a quick look at some of that root growth that we have going on out of the bottom of the cup. It is very cool looking and we've got roots coming out of all of them so that is a good reason as to why I am transplanting as well as you can see they've got enough foliage with about five sets of leaves and you can tell by the way the leaves are starting to grow up that they have outgrown the soil or the cups.

So before we start the transplant let me just give you guys a quick look at the setup now that I have it running. So of course we've got the for 5 gallon equivalent airpots I know I said 3 gallon before, but these are actually the yellow bottom so they are 5 gallon equivalent. And we are using the fox farm ocean forest soil. So once you have filled up the pots with soil, these are pots of course, you are going to want to shake them side-to-side with your hands, both hands works better. But you want to kind of get the soil into those crevasses form by the indentations otherwise it won't be filled and there will be air pockets. 

Now of course air pockets are good but not when you have just empty spaces where there could be soil. So fill them up all the way to the top, give them a good shaking which I have already done and you can see the soil has settled down a few inches. And then you can add some more soil on top of that. So you can see I've got the pots pretty much filled up all the way before the transplant and then of course I've got my two fans going. So I got one oscillating up there the larger fan, and then I've got this little guy for lower canopy growth. Up top for the lights we are going to be doing two of the 300 W Electric Sky LEDs. Right now I'm just got one of them going and it is raised all the way to the top of the 10th since these guys are still pretty young. We want to make sure that we don't shock them too much light.

Now for the CO2 canisters we've got one in each corner and I am going to be raising them up higher, but we won't be starting those until day one of vegetation which will actually be tomorrow after we have already transplanted these ladies. So in the day 1 of Week 1 video I will explain how to set these up and will give you more details there. Now I will also be cleaning up all of the soil in here that is on the ground once I am done with the transplant just so it is cleaned up. But obviously it is normal for a soil to come out of the pots like you are seeing here. For temperature you can see I've got it right at 75 degrees right now and once I've got a little but I will also have the AC unit going which is off right now.

Humidity is at 52 which is a little on the lower side but that's alright because we are still going to be misting the plants each day throughout the day. All right so we also have the carbon filter set up there but it is not yet running. Just because there isn't any older yet and once the plants get a little bit bigger and closer to flower I will turn it on. And then I just got the scrog net wrapped up there for now because we don't need to put it over the plans until they have some good size to them. So that is pretty much it for covering the setup we are going to be using again this is a 4 by 4X4 Tent. So now let me just set my camera over here and I will start transplanting the first seedling.

This is something you want to be very careful and cautious with during this process because these plants are still in a somewhat fragile state. Obviously you never want to be rough with the plants because any shock is no good, but especially during the seedling stage you want to be especially careful. So we are going to take this first OG Kush seedling right here and we will transplant her into this pot. So first step just going to take the name tag out of there and put it off to the side for now you don't need to put it in just yet. And I'm going to dig right in the center of the pot a little hole like this, where I am going to put the plants. So you may need to take a little soil out and that is fine, because we are obviously going to always replace it. 

And you want it to be so that the base of the plant where it meets the soil is right about level with the top of the pot. You don't want it below or too high above where there's like a man forming above the soil. So now that we've got our whole formed, we just want to gently squeeze all the way around the sides of the cup. Take your hand like this slide it under the leaves over the soil, and then gently turned her upside down and she will slide out with those roots as you can see now. Some will break off and that is fine because air pruning is very normal wear once they reach the oxygen they are no longer alive and kind of die and break off there. 

So if you do lose some roots not a problem, it's more this main area that you want to be really careful with. So got the roots out of the pot and now there you go, just bury her like that. Now this one is a little bit high like I was saying before where you don't want it too high.  This will be alright, we will fill it up as soil around there, but the rest I will make sure they are a little lower. Now I'm just going to use my hands to fill some soil in around the edges very gently. There you go and you don't need to pack the soil or anything like that because it will make it hard for the roots to grow through. So just gently place it on top and you are good to go. So now what we are going to do is give a quick misting as well as a very light watering. So let me give her a few spirits, and then this is just to get those roots to grow out from the soil that was in the Solo Cup to grow out into the soil that is in this new pot instead of just staying right in that little space. 

So that's all you got to give her right there, I'll mist her one more time. And again for temperature we are going to try and keep it as close to 75° Fahrenheit. You know around 74 to 78 during the day and then a few degrees lower during the night, then for humidity we are going to be looking for a round 60 to 65% for the vegetation stage which we are in right now. You can also, if your soil pretty dried out you can missed it like this to help even out moisture but this isn't very dry so we don’t have to worry about that. So I am now going to, that officially concludes the transplant for this first OG Kush seedling, so let me just get her tag in there. And now it is official. So I am going to transplant these three guys into their pots and then we will be back here to see what that looks like afterwards.

Now I just finished transplanting the last of the four OG Kush seedlings into their final pots. So you can see first of all I am keeping the plants not directly under the light but you can see I have kind of spread them out so they are in the corners of the tent which means they are more on the edge of the footprint of the light. The reason for that is because this is a lot stronger than the seedling light that I had over these previously so I want to give them a chance to adjust to the light without stressing them out. So keeping them on the edge of the footprint so they are not getting the full burden of the light, and that way they can grow up to it and get used to it and then I will slowly move them to directly under until they are bigger enough to have the second one turned on. 

So another thing is I will also be moving the AC unit just a little bit closer to this time so it can keep it cool in here and then finally I am keeping the plants on an 18 hours on 16 hours off each day light cycle. So I'm just going to give them a quick misting right now. let me just grab the old spray bottle, and again keeping temperature around 75 degrees Fahrenheit.  Making sure it doesn't get too hot or too humid in here as and then I'm going to be closing up the 10th and that will be it for this transplant. So I will be back here in 24 hours for the first day of week 1 of vegetation for these OG Kush plants. Alright peace Growers!

Alright GreenBox Growers, That officially concludes the germination and seedling phase for that OG Kush grow series. Now like I was saying before if you want to continue watching the step by step videos for growing these plants, all you have to do is visit the link on your screen right here and you can sign up for our premium content section. Which actually comes with A 2 week free trial. And that will give you access to not only this grow series but our entire video library.  

Now I will be back shortly with the next video in this grow series, and that will be in the premium content section of course and that videos not only going to cover day 1 of Week 1 of education but we are also going to set up those TNB Naturals CO2 canisters and get those going for the plants.  So that will be a very exciting video and as always, thank you guys for watching this week's video I hope you enjoyed it, and as always …

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown