More Defoliation for the Gorilla Glue Autos


How’s it going GreenBox Growers, we are now back here for week 5 of that stealth grow series with the Gorilla Glue Autoflower plant. Now the buds are really taking off this week especially since I have added that second LED grow light coming again that is that 300 watt Mars Hydro. So now the total wattage in the grow room is 900 watts and just a few days since adding that I can already tell Bloom growth has increased in speed tremendously.

 So I will be covering that in this week's video and also we are pretty much finished or actually we are completely finished with using low-stress training for the rest of this grow. So no more of that, but I will be doing a little bit of defoliation here and there. Another important thing I will be covering in this week's videos the nutrients schedule and how that is going to be changing now that we are getting further into the flowering phase. And now that you guys know what we're doing this week's video, let's get started with day 1 of week 5 of the stuff grow series.

Here we are back in the stealth grow room for day 1 of week 5, and let me show you guys some close-ups on these bud so you can see that new development I was talking about since I added that second grow light in here. And the buds were starting off pretty small on the second Gorilla Glue over here so that is why I added that second light, not just to spread out the footprint but because I wanted to get more power to the buds on this plant just so they can start developing more and that is exactly what is starting to go on here now that I added that second LED light.

So very happy about that, you will see it's not too much power off the pistols would have started to curl down and looking a little burnt so that is great. No signs of deficiencies or toxicities on the plants, we don't have any Burns were damaged on the leaves so that is really cool. And also just a sign that we are going to get some top-notch results and that we are growing properly. Another important thing is like I was saying in the intro I will do a little more defoliation as we go through the flowering phase. It is probably just going to be a leave here and there, or like a handful of leaves at a time. In fact this one is looking like she needs a few remove like the one covering the bud site right there.

So I probably won't be showing every single time that I remove leaves, I will do some clips but at this point what you should be looking out for his any larger fan leaves that could be clipped off, should be clipped off at this point because they are probably blocking sunlight or grow light from getting down to those lower nodes. So that is pretty much it, soil is still pretty moist from that plain pH watering we did yesterday so no need to water today. And light distance is about 2 ft, I would say 24 in, 18 to 24 inch from the top of the plants and I normally have the fans running, right now they are off so that you don't hear that while I'm filming. 

But with the fans going it is about 72 to 75 degrees in here throughout the day which is nice, because I did add that second LED so it didn't get too hot in here. But right around 75 degrees Fahrenheit is pretty much ideal for now. So one more close up for you guys on this Gorilla Glue nug right here, this main Cola up top. And you can see she's filling out below as well now as well as the side colas and yeah that is pretty much it for day 1 of week 5 for the stealth grow Series. So I will see you guys back here in 24 hours, peace!

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Alright GreenBox Growers, It's now day 2 of the week here and the plants are actually ready for their next watering. So I just checked the soil and it is dry over an inch deep actually so they are a little overdue for that watering, just probably buy a few hours here. But plans are looking really good at this point and you can see this guy right here is definitely doing better than the other. I mean this guy is starting to take off a little bit with flower growth now that we've got that second LED in here. But this lady right here is really just looking beautiful and you can see she is going to develop a really nice good size Cola right here in the middle. 

And then these little I'd say six to seven different side colas are going to be some nice notes on them as well. So plants looking really good, conditions are on point so that is helping a lot. No longer struggling with that high heat like we were in the beginning of the grow series. So like I was saying today it is time for a nutrient, I'm sorry today it is time for a watering and that is going to be the fourth nutrient cheating. And we will be doing that at full strength this time. So what that means is per gallon of water I'm going to be doing two teaspoons of the grow, 2 teaspoons of the micro, and then three of the bloom, and that is all per gallon, and then for the Cal Mag I will be doing one teaspoon per gallon. 

So I will probably be splitting a half of a gallon to three-quarters of a gallon between these two plants but I will just mix it up at that gallon strength, mixing a full gallon of course and then just using whatever I need and then saving the rest for those extra plans downstairs. So now that we were at full strength that should also help a lot with getting some extra flower growth and getting these ladies to take off a little extra. You can also see this plant right here is kind of leaning a little bit So what I am going to do is use some of this gardening tie to kind of anchor her into the opposite direction so she is not stressing herself as much. And then that way she can support some larger buds. 

Also what I will be doing today is a little bit of it to Holy a chinon these plans, so I've got my trimmers right here and I'm really just going to be removing the excess leaves that we don't need so something like these larger ones right here or ones like this that are just sticking out and covering up lower colas. There's just no need for them at that point. So going to be doing that defoliation right after this clip, and then I will be doing that for that nutrient feeding at full strength. So that is it for two days clip and I will be back in 24 hours for day 3 of the week. All right Peace!

Alright Growers, we are back here for day 3 of the week and the plants are actually ready for their next watering. So this is going to be their first plain pH watering since their last feeding, cuz the last one was a nutrient feeding so we are now on the plain watering cycle. Again it has been very hot and here lately and that is what the fans off, so I just turned them off so it's probably going to go to a little more even. But that is why they are drinking so fast, so I'm watering almost every day, is almost every other day but this time we are going back to back just because it was so hot that right out so quickly. And you can see actually from the earlier heat stress that is what is causing this Gorilla Glue plant right here to put out the single finger leaves.

 If you've noticed they are singer finger at the top and then probably like 3 finger or 4 finger, mainly for finger as you go down. And that is due to long periods of heat stress. So for the first few weeks of this grow it was abnormally hot here in Northern California so I was unable to keep temps down with my setup but it is all right because they responded and bounced back nicely once I got it under control. And you can see she is still flowering really well.  And this one wasn't as affected I think it's because it was more closer or it's closer to the opening of the thent so it's cooled more easily.

 But you can see she's got some nice nugs developing all the way around there as well as on the main Cola right in the middle there. So now I'm going to do that plain pH watering and I'm probably going to be splitting in between at half gallon to three-quarters of a gallon between both plants. So that is the total amount of watering I will be splitting between these plants, that is not per plan. So three quarters were in between half a gallon and 3/4 split between both of these plants. Or a poster that concludes today's update and I will be back here in 24 hours for day for the week, alright peace!

We are back here for day for and the plants are continuing to do really well in terms of Bud development. They have pretty much stopped in terms of vegetative growth however so this is probably the full size they will be calm. And now they are just going to focus on developing those buds. When we do a nutrient feeding next we are going to focus on really hyping up or increasing those Bloom nutrients or the ones that are focused on helping you the buds get bigger, Frosty or, as well as taste your, they do at a lot for all of those areas. 

So probably not going to be a few more watering until that next feeding because we did one pretty recently, I think we've got two more water and before they will be ready for that. So no need to water today, this will still decently moist about an inch deep so that is okay. And that is pretty much it for the update today, the buds are looking really good just fattening up a decent amount each day. You can see it pretty good difference every 24 hours so that's always a good sign that they are going to finish up really nicely. So I will be back here in 24 hours for day 5 of the week. All right Peace!

All right guys just kidding, I actually wanted to do an update with you guys on the other Gorilla Glue plants, the four others that used to be in that tent and are now out here in the garage. You can see they are doing really well in the ones in the bigger buckets like this one right here got a lot larger in terms of vegetative growth and flowered a little later than the rest. So this one is only about a week into flower while this guy is about 3 maybe three and a half weeks in. This is the older one compared to the rest but you can see, doing really well very nice big buds going already, and this guy did really well in terms of vegetative growth as you can see, definitely one of the larger ones, the second largest in the tent. But haven't really started the flowering phase very much. You can see there is some slight pistol development but not too much.

 And then this guy right here just got that one big made Cola with the two smaller side ones, but that is all right. You can see it is still doing really well in terms of Bud development. So that will be a nice little yield right there. So I added this third light in here, it is a Mars Hydro just for extra development with those buds. And you can see with the bloom Beast I've actually got the seedling dial at 100%, the veg is at about 95% and Bloom is at about 85%. So just slowly dialing those up and the Mars Hydro reflector series I’ve got both the veg and bloom switch on, so that is at full power and yeah I will be giving you guys like I was saying, weekly update as well just so you guys can see how they developed as well. So that is it officially for today's update and now I will be back here in 24 hours for day five of the week, alright peace growers!

It is now day 5 of the week and the ladies are actually ready for their next water in, so this is going to be the second plane pH water and since their last nutrient feeding. And I'm just showing you the soil so you can see how dry it is. Still a good idea to check with your finger to see if it is dry an inch deep, which I have already done and it  definitely was. So just going to give you guys a bud update today or development update on those buds. You can see the one back here is definitely recovered well from that heat stress, as the pistols are developing really well and really thick all the way down the branches. 

You can see she is standing a lot more up right now since I have harnessed her with that extra anchor. I had mentioned I think it was earlier in last week's video I was going to use a little bit of a tie-down just because she was leaning a lot. And that would just get worse as the buds got heavier so I figured I would take care of it right then. Now this lady is looking absolutely beautiful, you can see fat Cola all the way down the middle there. And then decide calls are going to be good size buds or nugs as well. Going to do that plane watering now and then that is pretty much it for today's update. Alright peace Growers!

It is now day 6 of the week and I just did a little defoliation on both the Gorilla Glue autoflowers in here. You can see I removed about 10% of the fan leaves that were left maybe a little bit more on this back plant here. But anyways it was time, they had a decent amount of foliage that had grown back out so I just removed the larger fan leaves that were easier to get to the stems of with the scissors. Or the pruning scissors, you just don't want to damage the buds that are growing when you have to be poking around in there to get to the stem of the leaf. 

So still looking good after that watering from yesterday and the buds are looking really good as always, continuing to develop and the pistols are still not curling and just yet so they're still fattening up. And probably have a few more weeks to go before they finish, but you can see the cola right here the main one looking really good along with these side colas. And of course the one in the back is looking good as well, probably a little bit of a larger yield from this back plant but not as high of a quality buds the one from the front plant. So that's it for day 6 of the week and I will be back here in 24 hours for day 7.

Growers we are here for day 7 of the week and ladies are looking really good as always. I actually just gave them their next watering as they were ready for it, the soil was pretty dry so that was their third plane pH water and since their last nutrient feeding and I gave about almost three-quarters of a gallon that I  split between both these plans. So again that was the third plane pH watering so the next will be their next nutrient feeding. So again I did that defoliation about 2 days ago and you can see the buds are looking really good and still developing a decent amount every day. And those hairs are not curling in just yet so that is a good sign that they are still going to develop a lot more inside. 

So I'm thinking we are going to be getting a really good yield from this Harvest. So here is the back gorilla glue plant, looking really good as well and there are a few more coal is on her than this one here. And they look a little bit bigger but like I was saying I think this front plant is going to be a lot higher in terms of the quality. And let's go check out the other tent with the other Gorilla Glue Autos as I did move it up into my bedroom here. But you can see these ladies are looking really good as well, this one which was the one that is a week ahead of all of them is doing the best for sure. 

But again that is just because she is ahead of them. I did a defoliation on these a few days ago as well, so that helped out a lot looking really nice here. And this one still just starting the flowering process. She is probably the furthest behind, second farthest here and then the third right there with this one being the leader. So that is pretty much it for today's update, again that is day 7 of week 5 and today I did that third plain ph watering for all of the plant. Alright peace Growers!

All right GreenBox Growers, that officially concludes week 5 for the stealth grow series with those Gorilla Glue Autoflower plants. And based on how they are developing in the smaller tent here where I have the two of them, I'm thinking probably around 2 weeks maybe 3 weeks Max before we are going to be ready to start that flushing period. So get excited for that, we are getting pretty close to the harvesting process and of course we are going to be doing that next nutrient feeding in this week's video.

 Week 6 of the stealth grow series, so stay tuned for that, that is going to be a very important one since we are right in the thick of the flowering phase. So that's going to help a lot with not only getting some bigger yields with her buds. But also with the smell and the taste.  So stay tuned for that, we will be doing more details are covering more details on that in week 6 video and I will be back soon for that of course. So as always thank you guys for watching this week's video, I hope you enjoyed it as always, and until next time…

Happy Growing!!! 
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown