Gorilla Glue Autoflowers Fully Flowering!


What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back for Week 4 of the Stealth Grow Series!  Now this week I will be continuing with the nutrients feeding schedule but we are going to be bumping up those Bloom boosters and flower nutrients as we are getting further into that flowering phase also I will be doing some more defoliation on the plants as they have more leaves developing after that first defoliation. I would also like to mention that we are pretty much in the thick of the flowering phase since we have been booming for about 2 weeks now and there is still going to be a lot of vegetative growth and you will notice that throughout the week.

 But the plants are definitely starting to switch their focus more over to the flowering side of things.  Alright Growers now that you guys know what we are doing and today's video, let's get started with the first day of the week where I will be doing that next nutrients feeding!

Alright folks we are here for day 1 of the week in the plants are actually ready for their next watering. So it is going to be there next nutrient feeding and it is the third one overall for this grow. And what I'm going to be doing is mixing three quarters of a teaspoon of all four of these. So 3/4 of a teaspoon of grow, micro, Bloom, and then the Cal Mag. Three quarters of a teaspoon of each of those per gallon of water. And I will probably be using or splitting a half a gallon of water between these two plants. And then outside the other four will probably get three quarters to a whole gallon split between all of them. Because they aren't as big as these guys just yet but anyways you can see doing really well in terms of that flower growth.

 Definitely getting larger each day and definitely almost due for some to foliation so I'm not going to be removing any of the big fan leaves up top today but what I will be removing is some of those leaves that are yellowing underneath or at the very bottom of the canopy. You can see down there there's just about probably two leaves per plant. A lot of times the cotyledon leaves or sometimes it's just fan leaves that have been shaded in or not getting enough light. So I'm going to clip those off so it is only healthy leaves on the plant and then probably towards the middle or end of this week I will be clipping off some of those larger fan leaves to do a little bit of a defoliation.

Now I wanted to mention the CO2 bags, now I have it really explain why it is beneficial to have added CO2 in the grow room. But on a very basic level, now I do have under the intro to Growing I do have information on co2 and how it helps but in this video I just wanted to give you guys a quick little overview. So essentially what the added levels or what the added amount of CO2 in the atmosphere does is it allows the plants to absorb more light energy into create more energy per square inch of growth. So for example if you were normally growing with a 600 watt light. You could probably bump up to 900 watts or closer to a thousand with the proper CO2 levels.

 And what that does is allows the plants to grow much larger, create more energy for Bud growth and development or Leaf growth, and not only does it give you bigger Buds and larger yields. But it will also during the vegetative stage increase growth speeds pretty rapidly. So you will get much larger plants in a lot shorter of a time. So what else is also really great about added CO2 levels is it allows the plants to handle higher temperatures and more extreme conditions in the grow room. So normally if you wanted the plants around 75 degrees Fahrenheit with enough CO2 in the room, you could get up to the 80s and they would actually Thrive and do just as well As normally. They wouldn't fry up or anything like that.

And that is pretty cool too because once you start adding more wattage or more power with grow lights, it's definitely going to raise the temperature. So that is pretty much it for today's update, just wanted to show you guys the buds and how they are developing and then of course I'm going to remove those lower leaves that are starting to yellow and die. 

And then after that I'm going to do that nutrient watering and again this is the third nutrient feeding For the plants overall for this entire grow. We are doing it at 3/4 strength today like I was saying so just to three-quarters of a teaspoon per gallon of water for each of these different nutrient bottles and then that'll be it. So I will be back here in 24 hours for day 2 of the week, alright peace guys!

 Alright Growers we are back here 24 hours later for day 2 of week for here, and you can see Bud development is really taking off here on this Grape I'm sorry on this Gorilla Glue Autoflower.  You can see she has nodes and Bud sites developing all the way down here below the canopy and this one is doing the same exact thing as well. The buds just seem to be a little less developed at this point.  Anyways, what I wanted to cover today is first of all I am going to be doing some major defoliation so you guys can see some good-sized fan leaves have grown out here. so I am going to be removing these leaves up top here as well as a good amount of the ones in the canopy down below here.

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And I will be removing some on this plant as well, for these plants I will probably be removing about 15 to 20% of the fan leaves this time around. Now second thing I wanted to cover was actually about the exhale CO2 bags. So what I realized is you actually do have to open them up to activate the back. So when you first get them you will notice that the clip across the top there of the hanger it is actually slid over so that it is full and closing this ventilation pad right here. And that is actually where the CO2 flows out of from the bag. So all you have to do to adjust the bags of that is actually exposed and not creased off is you have to slide the top part off. You will see that the white handle you just slide it one way and it will come off of that yellow piece that is hanging it together.

Then you will just lower the bag so this little ventilation pad here is exposed and not creased off. So when it is creased it will be above the hanger so you want it to be below it of course. And then that will open the bag up. And then you just put the hangers slide it back over with the bag of creased of course with the crease above the ventilation pad. Rehang it in the room and you are all good to go. So yesterday I explained a little bit about CO2 and how Essentially it is really important that you are growing well before you add CO2 into the room. Is not like a miracle fixed that is just going to give you large bud.

 It is actually a tool you can use to put your buds over the top and terms of let's say you mastered your grow setup you are doing really well with the plants and now you just want to get even bigger and even better results. That's where CO2 comes in and an example of that is, so one benefit of having CO2 or higher levels of CO2 in the grow room is it allows the plants to absorb more energy per area. So that was important because let's say you add or increase the levels of CO2 in your grow room but you don't increase the amount of light your plants are getting. Well they aren't going to be able to use that CO2 to create or absorb more energy to create more growth. So then you are just wasting the CO2.

So let's say you are doing really poorly and you are not growing the plants well, you are burning them with nutrients or you’re drowning them by watering them too frequently.  Adding CO2 is not going to fix that it's not going to cause them to grow but better buds because it's not something that fixes those issues. It's just something that's almost like steroids it's just going to increase what they are already doing. So you may get a little more growth out of them but it's not going to fix the poor growing techniques. Again like with the lights, if you increase the CO2 levels, it's going to make it so that like steroids, a person can lift more weight so they can tear their muscles more and grow larger muscles.

 With the plants that increased level of CO2 allows them to absorb more energy from the light so in return they can grow larger Buds and have larger yields in the end. But again if you don't increase those weights when you are lifting on steroids, just like if you don't increase the amount of light if the plants are getting in the grow room. And they aren't going to be able to use that CO2 to grow larger. So that is your explanation for CO2, a little bit better and again with the exhale bags you do want to adjust them so that they are open and you want them set up so that they are a little bit above the top part of your plants. 

Because CO2 will sink down it is a heavier gas than air or oxygen and you also want it so that lets say if you have a carbon filter. You don't want to put your CO2 bag right next to that because the filter is just going to suck it right out of the tent. So what I do is I have it right over here in the corner, have it at the opposite end of where the fans are blowing the air out of the tent So that it doesn't get sucked out and instead it gets kind of pulled around the whole 10th and through the plants before getting pulled out of the tent.  So I'm going to do that defoliation right now and then I will be back to show you guys what that looks like right afterwards.

Alright folks here we are right after that the foliation and we actually took probably more like 25 to 30% of all of the leaves off of each of each of these plants. And you can see now they are going to, you can see I exposed a lot of those Bud sites that were covered by leaves. And now a lot of that light is reaching all of those Bud sites. So they are going to start filling out and you will notice a large difference and Bud growth by tomorrow. Usually you will see the most the first 24 hours right after the foliation and it does look like it is just the bare bones skeleton of the plant. But that is okay this is how you're going to maximize yield from your plants, especially with these autoflowers.

And it seems like here is the pile of leaves that I took off and if you don't feel like you are taking too many off then you are probably not doing enough. So that's how I know I'm doing enough  is when I feel like wow am I taking too many leaves off of these plants. it seems like they're only just a few left but you will see tomorrow when I come back to show you guys these ladies and how much they have progressed since this defoliation, you will be shocked. So I also recently just defoliated the other for plants that are downstairs, the other Gorilla Glue autoflowers that used to be in this tent.  So let's go head downstairs and check out how they are doing.

Also really quickly I just wanted to show you guys some nice clothes that's on the bud development has these ladies are having, it's looking really nice. And it is starting to smell pretty good as well and here. They haven't really started densening up too much yet but it is still a little early on. Just want to show you guys those nice white pistols going all the way down, that is a really good sign that we are going to have big full buds. Not just small little short ones, At the very Tippy tops. So you can see they are really filled out and especially now that I have done this defoliation, you will see tomorrow they are going to be even more devloped than today.  So there are some nice shots for you guys. So now let's go downstairs to check out those other for Gorilla Glue autoflowers.

So here we are with the other Gorilla Glue autoflowers and you can see, did a lot of diff aleacion on all of the plants so it is just the barebone minimum, just like I did upstairs and another thing that is interesting. First off this big plant right here with the biggest buds. That is the one that was about a week ahead of the rest. So that is as expected. But I don't know if you guys remembered in the beginning of this serious, did talk about how most of them are going to be in different sized pots. Cuz I wanted to compare how they grew differently depending on that. So first off the one that was in the one gallon air roots pot, that one as you guys can see grew the smallest and didn't really have, it only really had two little branches off shoot from the sides.

So guessing because that was the one in the smallest pot that is why the plant grew the smallest, and I am assuming is what happens a lot with these autoflowers as it seems like once you transplant them into their pot, once those roots hit the bottom of the pot and start filling it out and going out horizontally. That is when they start to flower. So I noticed also the smaller ones are a lot further along in terms of the flowering process when compared to the bigger ones like this guy right here that is in the good I think 4 gallon air roots pot or maybe a 3-gallon I forget.

But anyways just did that defoliation on them, they are all looking really good and hopefully now these two larger ones are going to start flowering a lot faster now that I did that defoliation. Now another thing is you can see my exhale CO2 bag here I've got it adjusted so the vent is open and you can also see that it is pointed right in towards the room so the plants are getting all of that CO2. So that is it for two days update, no need to water the plants and I will be back here in 24 hours for day 3 of the week. Alright peace Growers!

It is now day 3 of the week for the stealth grow series here, and it is also 24 hours since that last defoliation I showed you guys and yesterday's clip. So I noticed a tremendous difference in Bud growth since yesterday, I want to see what you guys think about it. But what I noticed is the pistols are a lot larger, there are a lot more of them all the way up and down the trunk or the main trunk as well as all of the main tops and Bud sites. You can see it looks like they are Filling out even further. So I am really stoked on these results, I think they have progressed a lot in terms of Bud growth since yesterday. And hopefully it works out with your plants just as well as this.

But honestly with defoliation, I will probably be doing even more defoliation as we go along in this grow because there will be more leaves that develop. And in place of the ones we just removed, but you guys will see that each time you do the defoliation it is just going to speed up that bud growth and increase it that much more each time. So the plans are actually dry and ready for their next watering, today is going to be their first plain pH watering sense that last nutrients feeding. And I am probably going to be splitting about half a gallon between both of them at this time. 

Maybe a little bit more, but you want to be getting all of the topsoil wet at this point and you don't need to get too much runoff just maybe a very little bit or a small puddle of water that comes out of the bottom will be fine. But nothing crazy at this point because they really aren't too large just yet and they are just starting to fill out. So let's go check out actually downstairs the four other Gorilla Glue autoflowers that I defoliate it yesterday so you guys can see how those ones turned out as well here. So let's go check that out downstairs.

Alright so before we had downstairs to the other grow tent I wanted to mention one other thing, and that is  it is starting to smell in this tent now from the plants now that they are a little bit further along into the flowering phase. So what I recommend to you guys at this point, if you are worried about the smell and keeping this as a stealth grow. Is you should hang up and start up your carbon filter system.  So for this size of a tent a 2 by 4, I just recommend a 4-inch system and I will actually be bringing my iPower 4 inch carbon filter and ducting system with inline fan. 

And I will be hanging it up over in this corner so that way what it will do is pull the CO2 from across the other end of the tent over the other plants and around the plants and then I will pull it out of the tent or pull out the old are out of the tent and bring in some fresh air and. So that is where I will be hanging it up and now is about the time where I would recommend starting it just so you don't let the smell out of the tent which would compromise the stealthiness of your grow setup. So now is definitely a good time to get that started if you are going to be using a carbon filter. All right so now we can head downstairs into the garage to check out those other Gorilla Glue plants.

 Here we are down in the garage with those other gorilla glue out of flowers, and I can definitely see a large difference with these two plants right here in terms of the bud development. You can see this is the one that is about a week older than the rest and these buds have definitely gotten larger and a little further along in terms of development. And then the one little guy in the back here seems kind of results in terms of that and turns a pistol growth. And it just seems like it is a little further along right now than it was yesterday.  Or growing a little faster and developing a little faster.  Now the two big ones that haven't started flowering yet, it seems like they are definitely starting to sprout some pistols at this point so I think that helped get them going. 

This guy a little further along as its sprouted a good amount of pistols already just from yesterday. It didn't have any at that point. But this one though you can see it is looking like it is just starting that process but another thing that I think is helping with the development or getting these two to start flowering is I turned the dial on the light or on the bloom Beast light up about 10%. So I think that's helping a good amount. And then of course I think the defoliation did some of that as well.  So I will be periodically updating you guys on the plants down here, the four other Gorilla Glue Autos, but mainly it's going to be the two upstairs in the stealth room, but as we go along and as these buds do start to develop I will let you guys see and give you guys an update on how they are doing. Alright, So that concludes today's update and I will be back here in 24 hours for tomorrow's clip.

It is now day 4 of the week and actually bud growth is really starting to take off on both of these Gorilla Glue plants.  So you will see you there just about ready for their next watering, not quite yet so I am going to wait until tomorrow they are most likely going to be ready by then. But I just wanted to show you guys up close here how large is buds are starting to get here or at least the pistols. They are really thickening up and there is a lot growing at all of the bud sites all the way down here. So nothing looking like it is going to develop into popcorn bud. It looks like it's all going to be solid nug on both of these plants. 

So I would say now that we are two days out here from that last two foliation, I would say it's looking really good. And the results are definitely showing. So no watering to do today or nothing else really, I've got both switches on for the light, both for the vegetation and the flower switch. Remember we've got that pad or the vent where the CO2 comes out of pointing towards the plants and just about same height as the plants, and that is pretty much it at this point. Keeping temperature right around 73 degrees Fahrenheit and right now my humidity is a little low as I want it to still be around 55%. 

And it's at 46% right now so may have to bring a humidifier in here but just wanted to see how things go. Because that has just been the last day and a half  here that it has lowered. So that is it for today's update, just one more little close up and you will see there are several Little Tops all developing really well.   So very stoked on that, going to get a nice little yield from both of these and then of course I am actually going to give you guys a nice look at those plants downstairs so you can see how those are doing too. So let's go check this out.

Alright so here are the four other gorilla glues that are growing out here in the garage. And it seems like that low stress or I'm sorry that defoliation I did the other day has helped the two that weren't flowering. Because you can see now they have started developing pistols at all of their Bud sites. so sometimes that is a thing you have to add a little stress on the plants or the auto flowers that are not starting to flower. And if that doesn't work, there are sometimes autoflowers that actually aren't really autoflowers and they actually have to be switched or flipped to a 12 12 light cycle.  And the seeds you got may have been Autoflowers, but for whatever reason every once in awhile the seed does not want to flower until you switch it to that 12 12 cycle. So that is not happening or does not appear to be happening here with these two plans as they are now both growing pistols at all of their bud sites.

 So it looks like that defoliation helped which is also something that does work every once in awhile if they aren't taking off in terms of flower right away. So that is pretty much it, I turned on the bloom switch for the Mars reflector, and then for the bloom Beast I also turned on that dial now so I've got seedling at 100%, veg is at about 50, and then Bloom is at about 20%. So I've got these two points focused under the bloom beast. And then these two guys are pretty much focused under the Mars Hydro. This one has a little bit of the bloom beast, but pretty much on the Mars side. This is the one that is the furthest ahead in terms of flower and that is also the one that is about a week ahead of everybody else, and I would say this guy is doing the second best, this one is going to have just one giant Cola with a  couple little small side coolers. 

And then this one back here is turned out to be a monster say this one will probably be the biggest yielder out of all of them. This guy has a good chance to be the second maybe 3rd test when compared to this one. But we will see and we will keep an eye out on these guys as I say we will be giving these guys weekly updates on this 10th. So that it is it for day 4 of the week, and I will be back here in 24 hours for day 5. Alright peace Growers!

 So it is now day 5 of the week and the buds are really looking good and getting some good development out of them everyday. Are there you guys can see I am curing about 2 lb of weed right there in the background of my face shot you can see I've got the Limoncello Haze, Grape Apes, and a few other over there at the moment but anyways back to the video. So buds are really starting to fill out nicely all the way up and down the trunks as you can see. I've got some nice development on all of the different Tops on both plants, and at this point it looks like they are just going to fatten up and connect all the way up and down as they finish up the flowering stage here. So I just checked the soil and it is dry over an inch deep. 

So they are ready for their next watering which is going to be another plane pH watering and that is their second since the last nutrient feeding. And not yet but probably in the next few days here I'm going to be lowering this light a few inches so just get ready for that. Not just time for it but probably later this week, beginning of next week it will be time. So I will be mentioning that when I do lower it, and let me just give you guys a nice close-up on this little side cooler right here. You can see we've got some nice good development with the pistols and yeah that is pretty much it for today's update. I will be back here for days 6 and 24 hours, so until then Happy growing!

We are now back here for day 6 of the week and this will be a quick update as there isn't too much change, I mean of course the buds are growing a lot each day here. You can see right here this morning is filling out really nicely and I have actually noticed there is definitely a big difference between the one in the back here compared to the one in the front I would say these buds are growing a lot faster. This guy might be just a little bit behind so we will see how they finish up but so far it does seem like this closer plant does have the much larger buds. But still pretty early on in flower. 

And they are not really ready for the next watering yet, they're still good from yesterday's. And yeah let me give you guys some close-ups on the pistols from the further plant, that is a little smaller. You can see they are still doing good and that defoliation is still holding up so there isn't really anything to trim away at this point. Further on in flower they will probably have more leaves that we will trim away but it is not just ready yet. So that is it for today's update and I will be back in 24 hours.

Alright Growers we are back here for day 7 of week for, and the buds are looking absolutely amazing getting much bigger as each day goes by. And the smell is getting stronger by the day as well. So I actually added a second light today because I wanted to widen the footprint, there was actually some edges and branches on these clients that weren't getting enough light, they were kind of being a little bit Shadow just because there was only one light in here. So what I did was I added this 300-watt Mars Hydro right here. Spread them out so they are both kind of spread out evenly over both plants, and now they are getting plenty of light all the way to each top. 

So we are going to start seeing a lot of good bud growth going on from that on this plant here. This guy is kind of lacking a little bit at the moment, so that is another reason why I wanted to add that second light in here. Now the plants were ready for their next watering today so I gave them their third plane pH watering. And a split about almost half a gallon between the two of them. Maybe a little bit more but they are definitely starting to need more water each time we go. So definitely increase that as you go along with your grow because the plants will need more water as they get larger. Alright growers so that concludes day 7 of week 4.

Alright GreenBox Growers, so there you have week 4 of that stealth grow series with the Gorilla Glue Autoflower plants.  And we are definitely now in the thick of the flowering phase as those buds are taking off and should be growing even faster now that we have that second 300 watt light in there. So now we have both the 600 W Meihzi LED, and now we've also got the 300 watt Mars Hydro for a total of 900 watts of LED lights. So should get some really good buds out of that grow room now especially with that added wattage, and as always before I go. I want to thank you guys for watching today's the video, I really hope you enjoyed it, and until next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown