Week 3 of Stealth Grow Series

What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back for week 3 of the stealth grow series.  Now these plants are really starting to take off so the two that I'm going to be taking out of the tent, the ones that are in those smart pots, those should be moved out of here and probably the next 2 to 3 days, just waiting for that dark. Of 48 hours to finish up for the Limoncello Haze plants downstairs. And then once I take those out for Harvest that is when I will move these two Gorilla Glue Autos into that tent to finish up. 

Now as you are going to see in this week's video, all six of the plants are getting really big as they are taking off tremendously with a vegetative growth and they are all starting to flower and Bloom as well. So definitely getting a little crowded in the tent with six plants, so that is why I'm hoping to get those two autoflowers that are in the smart pots out of there as soon as possible. And that way they don't hinder each other's growth by overcrowding each other.

 Now before I get started two days video I want to remind you guys as always that we offer one-on-one grow guidance so if you are looking for a little bit more added help and guidance to go along with these step-by-step videos. Just feel free to check out the link right here on your screen to see our patreon page and we have different options and packages for one-on-one help over the phone.

What up Growers, we are here for one of  week 3 with the Gorilla Glue Autoflower plants and they are looking absolutely amazing. Now first off I want to show you guys how much they have grown since yesterday and you can see they're all getting much taller in height and then they are all sprouting a lot of other main tops and call us. And that is mainly from the LST and it low stress training that we did early on. As well as just adding more light and more power to the grow room. Just want to give you guys some nice close-ups on the buds that are sprouting. 

You can see they are getting pretty dense with pistols at this point. And we are really only about 5 days into the flowering process. So we are doing really well and they still have a long ways to go in terms of vegetative growth so don't worry they are a little on the smaller side at this point. But that is just because autoflowers grow vegetatively as well as their buds and flowering phase at the same time. So they will continue to get bigger as they flower. The plants are not yet ready for their next water and so I will be holding off on that. And remember I will no longer be misting the plants during this grow either.

So right now just giving you guys a nice look at the buds and then that will be it for today's update. So I will be back here oh yeah there's a good shot, you can see this guy has about 5 different tops right there you can see. And then there are another two that are over there and are popping up. So these are going to be some really good yielders and that concludes day 1 of week 3, and I will be back here in 24 hours per day 2.

Alright GreenBox Growers, We are back here for day 2 of week 3 and the plants are looking good as always. They are actually getting a lot of good growth and they are kind of starting to overcrowd each other but tomorrow I will be moving the two plants that are not staying into the tent that is in the garage. Reason being is I will be harvesting those plants that are in that tent right now, tomorrow, and then that will open up some space for these two guys to get out there and flourish. So they have actually got a long ways to go in terms of vegetative growth, they are still going to be flowering during this. But they are also having a lot of branches that are trying to grow up and get out beneath the canopy. 

But right now because they are so crowded, they cannot really do so. So it is good timing that I'm getting these out of here, these two extra ones out of here by tomorrow because it is just starting to get to the point where it would cause an issue if I don't separate them. So by this time tomorrow they will be out of here and everything will be just fine. So plants are ready for their next watering and you can see the soil is dry over and an inch deep actually so it is a little past due for their watering, and this is going to be there first plain water and since that last nutrient feeding.

 And I am actually going to be using a whole gallon of water split it evenly between all six of the plants. And I'm going to be watering out of the normal watering can instead of a spray bottle as they are now able to handle that. You still want to be really gentle when using the watering can, you don't want to move the soil around because that will  disrupt The Roots. But other than that it will be fine now that they have some good size to them and a good system going. 

Another thing I would like to mention as I would definitely say this exhale CO2 bag is helping grow that take off tremendously. You can tell these guys are developing in terms of flowering growth much faster and they started much earlier. And also with a vegetative growth you can see each week they are almost more than doubling in size. So those pretty much it for 2 days update, I will be back here in 24 hours for date for of the week and I will see you guys here then. All right Peace Growers!

Alright Growers we are back here 24 hours later for day 3 of the week and I actually just finished moving the extra plants out of the tent, so I decided that since these two are getting so large and look like they are going to take up a majority of the space in the tent, too so I'm just going to keep two of the Gorilla Glue autoflowers in here. And then I moved the other four downstairs into that tent in my garage. So those plans are going to be on the same exact schedule watering wise and nutrient wise and I'm going to be doing all of the same steps for growing these plants as I do here. 

But I will give you guys some updates and video clips of the ones downstairs starting with today. Just so you guys can see how they are set up out there before we get started with this transition. Now you can see the two that are in here doing really well, you can see they are already getting a good amount of pistols and Bud growth going at the tops and you can see this one is a little bit then just cuz it wasn't getting enough light and that is also why it is kind of leaning to one side. 

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It was trying to grow towards the light, but now that we've got two of them in here only and they aren't crowding each other as you can see. They are all going to start growing taller and like this one, they are all going to have a  lot of little side cola's and tops growing from out from under the canopy so these are still going I would say they are going to get at least twice this size. In terms of vegetative growth so they are going to be some really nice yielders off of these Gorilla Glue Autoflower plant. So that is it for today's update and I'm going to go downstairs to show you an update of the plants outside and then I will be back here in 24 hours for day for the week. All right peace growers!

Alright so here we are outside in the garage with the other four plants, and you can see they're actually getting a pretty good-size to themselves as well and then this is the plant, the gorilla glue that was actually for their head than the rest. And you can see she has about five or six different colors already starting to form and Sprout. This guy is doing well also and actually also this one right here and then this one right here, they haven't really started flowering just yet so they're a little bit behind in terms of that growth. But that just happens with different phenotypes sometimes and you can see they are still growing really well in terms of vegetative growth.

Finally we have the fourth little guy back here, this one is the smallest so far but that would also make sense cuz this one is also in the smallest pot. But it was also in the corner of the tenant upstairs so it was kind of crowded and not getting much light at all so It should start doing a lot better now that it is out in this tent. Again these plants are going to be on the same exact watering and nutrient schedule as the two that are upstairs in the Stealth grow room, and I will be periodically checking in on these guys just to give you updates here and there.

 Now for the Lights I've got to going on in here, I've got the Mars Hydro reflector, this is the 480 what. And then I've got the bloom Beast 520 watt light right here with the dials. And it just has the seedling dial on at a hundred percent And then the veg dial is just at 50% right now. And then for this light I just have it on the veg dial or the veg button I should say or switch. And I've got them about all the way up to the top of the tent so they are not too close to the plants. But that is pretty much it for today's update, I will be back here in 24 hours 4 day 4 of the week. All right piece Growers.

So we are back here 24 hours later for day 4 of week 3 and plants are actually not yet ready for their next watering. They are just about there but I'm going to hold off until tomorrow and then I will be giving them that next plane pH watering. Now I just wanted to mention again I have this exhale CO2 bag in here. It is a natural CO2 bag that gives off extra CO2 into the grow room. And I can definitely say I am noticing a huge difference using this. 

Not only is the vegetative growth extremely  quick and the plants are getting much larger much faster than they normally would. But I would also say the plants are growing larger overall then I have  normally seen from autoflowers. So these are probably going to be some of the biggest Autos I have seen just yet. And you can also tell that the flower growth is taking off so much faster than it normally does without the CO2 bag in there.

So very excited decided to go with that CO2 bag, I am also going to have one in the tent downstairs with the other for plants. And I will be back here in 24 hours per day 5 of the week where I will be doing that next watering. Alright peace Growers.

What up what up GreenBox Growers, we are back here 24 hours later for day 5 of the week and just checked the soil and it is dry a little over an inch deep so they are more than ready for their next watering. I'm going to give them a plain pH watering and I have that mixed up right here at half a gallon. And I will be splitting that half gallon between the two of these plans. So I will be doing that watering after this clip but what I wanted to show you guys today as I'm going to be doing a little bit of the foliation on these two plants.

So what I’m going to be looking for is the big fan leaves only and the ones that are covering up lower Bud sites or are laying on top of other leaves. So you can see right here is a prime example, you can see this big fab leaf right here, it is actually completely covering up that bud site.  So to make it so more light can get to those buds and allow them to grow larger as well as more buds down the stem, not just at the very top. What I am going to be doing is removing these big fan leaves. So all you need is a clean pair of your trimmers, Fisker trimmers is what I've got right here.

And then you are going to cut about a quarter to a half-inch from the base of the plant, you want to leave just a little bit of a piece of that stem there so that  if it does get infected it doesn't go straight to the main stock right away. And then you just want to pull that leaf out of there and you were all done with that foliation. So what I'm going to do now is remove these main big leaves down here at the bottom as well as any others that are laying on top of each other or on these plans. And then that will be it for today. 

So I am going to finish that up and then I'm going to give them that watering of plane pH water and then I will be back here in 24 hours per day 6 of the week. And you can see before I go I just want to show you guys how well these buds are developing. You can see nice Bud sites at the very top and they are starting to spread all the way down throughout the different nodes. So I will be back here in 24 hours then for day 6 of the week.

What up GreenBox Growers, and welcome back to the Stealth Grow Series here 24 hours later since that last clip. So it is now day 6 of the week here and yesterday I did that first defoliation on the plants and I just want to show you guys how well they reacted to that defoliation. So first of all you will see I remove to pretty much all of the large fan leaves. Ones that were just excessively big, Left Behind the smaller ones as you can see but I will be doing more defoliation later on. And then any leaves that were laying on top of a bud site or covering up the bud site from the light. So you can see those were removed.

So you can see there was  good  Bud growth going on before I did the defoliation but now just 24 hours later you can see there are so many more Bud sites developing and a lot more rapid but growth going on down below the canopy here. That wasn't happening before that defoliation. So definitely seeing some instant good reactions from that defoliation and it is definitely helping the plants get larger buds. So you can see these guys are actually getting a pretty good size that they are almost a foot and a half to 2 ft and height. And they are getting some good main tops growing all the way around. 

So they are going to be some good yielders, probably around 2 to 3 ounces per plant and I may actually add another grow light in here if they outgrow the 600 watt Messi, I might just throw in another 300 watt Mars Hydro or something like that. Or I may just take out the lights and swap them for the 900-watt viparspectra that I have. But not thinking it will come to that I probably will just be adding the 300 watt and to the situation. But yeah I think also the CO2 bag is helping a lot Again this is the exhale CO2 bag, again because of these Autos or rowing and blooming a lot faster than they normally do when I grow autoflowers.

So no need to water just yet as they are still a little bit wet with the soil since that last watering so that is it for today's watering and I will be back here in 24 hours for a day 7 of the week. Alright peace Growers!

 Alright Growers welcome back 24 hours later here to the stealth grow room. And of course this is the last day of week 3 for the series, so plants are looking good and they are actually ready for their next watering so first I want to give you guys some study close-ups hear of the pistols developing at the bud sites. But they are ready for their next watering and that is going to be their third plain pH watering since their last nutrients feeding. And I am going to be splitting probably half a gallon between these two plants so another thing I wanted to mention as I now have the flowering or Bloom switch on for the messy 600 watt LED grow light in here.

 So since they started showing signs of flower and they are about a week in past showing those first signs of flower I decided it is time to turn on the second switch which is the flowering switch. Now it is important that you keep both switches on for the flowering face, you don't want to turn the veg one off at this point. You just want to keep both of them running. So you can see sense that defoliation I did a few days back, they have actually grown a decent amount more fan leaves. so I will probably be doing defoliation hopefully come week 4 or this coming week so in the next few days here I will be removing some of those larger fan leaves that grew in.

 So reason being is you will see they start to cover up the lower nodes and Bud sites pretty quickly and they will start laying on top of each other and just preventing more Bud growth. You will also notice that when you defoliate, the next day especially during the flowering phase, or well only during the flowering phase. But when you defoliate during the flowering phase you will notice the very next day your buds will almost double in size. And there will be a huge significant difference in their growth. So keep an eye on that for when you do the defoliations each time because it is pretty crazy how much they change overnight.

So I'm going to give them that plane pH watering now. Again about half a gallon split between these two plants and of course I am still following the same watering schedule with the other gorilla glue out of that were in here and that are now in that separate tent. Those ones are doing really well and I will be giving you guys a little look with an update clip in this week's video. So also dont forget I also have the flowering switch on and then that is pretty much it for week 3  of this grow. Alright Peace Growers!

Alright GreenBox Growers, so that officially concludes week 3 of the stealth grow series. And now that we are about a week and a half into flowering with these Autoflower plants, that means they are really going to start taking off with the bud growth at this point. especially now that I have that flowering switch on for the Meizhi 600w LED light.  

So definitely get excited because this coming week's video there should be a lot of Bud growth and development and they will still be growing in terms of vegetative growth and size so the plants will get  bigger that way as well. And I will definitely be doing some more deflation coming up here. So stay tuned for that and before I go I want to thank you guys as always for watching this week's video, I really hope you enjoyed it and then till next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown

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