Autoflower Seedling Stage


What's up Cannabis Growers and welcome back for the LST Autoflower grow series by GreenBox Grown.  So in today's video I'm going to pick up right where I left off in the last video where I germinated my Autoflower seeds and I'm now going to Cover the seedling phase during this video. This video will lead you right up to the vegetation stage with your plants, and then that is where you want to jump over to part 3 of this grow series. 

Before I get started with this video I’d like to mention as always, to check out our patreon page from the link below in description, And to sign up for one of our grow packages if you want to work one-on-one with a grow expert on a daily basis so you can get the best results from your home grow. All right now that you guys know what we're doing let's get start with the video!

Alright folks, here we are at the seedling station about 12 hours after I planted the seeds into the rockwool cubes. Two of them have already sprouted above ground already, and the other two haven't popped up but they might have a little bit coming through, but what I'm going to do is pull the lid off and first turn the LED light off. So you guys can see how everything looks and then I'll turn on the white light. All right now I'll take off the lid, so you guys can see how they are. 

Alright, so up close you can see they are just barely standing up out of the tops of the rockwool cubes. And this tangerine dream, I’m sorry, this Blue amnesia is standing up a little taller. so it looks like we've got one of the Tangerine Dream standing and one of the blue Amnesia. So now I'm just going to give them a misting as well as spray the inside of the humidity Dome and put the lid back on, and I'll check back in a few hours to see how they’re doing.

 All right So I’m spraying them and this is pH’d water in the range of 5.5 to 6.5 and you want to remember to always have some water in the bottom tray here in the slats.  And of course this humidity down as it's really important to have a high humidity during the seedling and germination stage as they really enjoy those kinds of conditions as it helps them start off their root zone properly. Alright, I will be back when there's an update and the seeds have popped up a little further.

All right folks here we are the very next day, and all four of the seeds have popped up through the rockwool cubes. So I'm going to give you guys a close up of that really quick with the LED lights off. And again you're going to want to continue misting everyday, the inside of the humidity Dome as well as the plants and the seedlings, but that's what they are at this point. And you also want to make sure there's a slight amount of water in the bottom tray at all time so that keeps the humidity high, and it allows them to drink that water out. So they don't dry out. 

Alright so here's a little close up, this is the last one to pop up so a little weaker than the rest at this moment, but it will get better by tomorrow. The others you can see are doing really well, this one in the back is actually already dropped at see it off and is showing its Coachella Don leaves. But the other two still have the seed on, probably by tomorrow they'll have it off. For now just happy that they all popped up above ground and again I'm just going to miss them right now, and I'll be back tomorrow with an update. Hopefully they'll be a little bigger at that point.

 All right folks, here we are another 24 hours later and you can see in this tent right now it's about 75 degrees 76 degrees, so it's a little hotter inside the dome, which is fine. And the humidity is probably in the 70 to 80% range which is good for the stage as well. Again I'm still misting each day, and feeling the slats with pH water at the same level of 5.5. And today it looks like the seedlings have grown a little bit in height, they haven't shown all of their first leaves yet. Just that one in the back right has. Let me get this white light on for you guys to make it a little easier to see what's going on.

 So yeah the one in the back right here, it's starting to grow its first set of leaves and it's already got it’s cotyledon leaves showing. And then this blue Amnesia is about to open up its cotyledon leaves, it's not quite there yet, and he's other to have a little ways to go. But again you can see I'm keeping water in the slats below and I'm missing the interior several times throughout the day. And that's the interior of the Dome. Alright I'll be back tomorrow with an update and hopefully these guys will have all of their cotyledon leaves showing.

All right guys, here we are the next day and they are still not sprouting out those four sets of leaves. Just the first Tangerine Dream that already had its cotyledon leaves is doing that. You can see all the other ones have their first set of leaves developed, it's just that for whatever reason the shell is either still stuck on and isn't letting them open up, or the shell fell off like this one and it's just there being stubborn and they don't want to open. Cuz you can't see this one does have its first set of leaves kind of going out there it's just a good till dawn leaves are stuck at the top. And don't want to spread open. So I'm going to keep giving them to miss being and water at 5.5 pH and I will be back tomorrow hopefully with these guys showing their first leaves and having the seed fall off, but in the meantime just keeping the humidity high and keeping temp chair around 75° Fahrenheit and that's it.

 Here we are the very next day and you can see the seeds, couple of them still have the seed shell stuck on top of them and we don't want that because if you do leave it on after a while it will get stuck, so what I'm going to do today is pull them off very gently with this clean pair of tweezers. And so I mean when I say carefully, I mean very carefully you don't want any tugging on the plant, cuz that will damage the root zone and stunt the plant pretty much ending it right there.

 Alright, so this back one is coming off a lot more easily, so there it goes. See if I can get a close-up of that but yeah there you go. All right so yeah now hopefully this one will open up its leaves and the cotyledon leaves have already developed. It looks like its first leaves have developed, so it just needs to open up. Now this one's being a little more difficult, let's see. There it is okay. Alright, so now that is off, and I'll give you a close up of that one. You can see it wants to open up already, the plant, it's just been kind of stuck with the seed on Top. This is just 5 minutes later and you can see this guy's already opening up.  And what I did is after I pause the last video I missed add these plants a little bit, making sure I got drops of water right on top. Cuz you will see the ones that are still closed there's a little casing from the seed that was left behind, that think they're on the cotyledon leaves. And that's what's holding them shut. So all I really did was messed up here on that casing so I soaked it, and it eventually dissolved it and I poked at it a little bit to try and separate the two cotyledon leaves. But after a little bit this one did open up. It's going to take a little bit for the leaves to unfold since they've been wrapped up and they're all this time, but they will make it you just need to give him a little time. Alright guys I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully these last two will open and will be Off to the Races.

 All right this is actually the same day, and I'm coming back cuz I did just get this second Tangerine Dream to open up. And it's actually I want to show you guys how I did it, sometimes they say this happens because the humidity wasn't high enough in the humidity Dome, so the seed kind of hardens as well as they casing that's under it that's over the leaves. And that is why it stays on and sticks to it. So I'm going to try and show you guys how you can just pull off the casing, and it's kind of just stuck. There we go. And once you pull that little casing off the leaves will open up and the Austin growing. So there it is up close the little casing that was keeping them from opening. Okay now that I got these guys open I will be back tomorrow and hopefully they'll have some fish growth going at that point.

 This is another 24 hours later and you can see the humidity is really good in this down right now as it's all foggy and Misty on the walls. The seedlings are getting some good growth right now As well, you can see now that they've all opened up their first set of leaves are developing really nicely. A few things, they're almost ready for transplant into the Solo cups. And what I'm looking for is a root out of the bottom, as well as a little bit more in terms of vegetative growth. So if this one does have a little root coming out, but sent it to just open up a day ago with the foliage I'm going to give it some more time. So hopefully by tomorrow they will be ready for the solo cups.

But if not we'll just keep them in here with the same settings, temperature and humidity. I'm not sure if I mentioned this in one of the earlier videos, but it's important with these rockwool cubes that you keep this covering on on the outside. It seems like you're supposed to rip it off but not until you put these in soil speak to you want to take this rapper off. So leave that on for this stage and I'll bring that up again during transplant to remove it. Finally I want to talk to them slowly over the phone. So what do you want to do is harden off the plants and what that means is get them used to the conditions and environment of your grow room.

 So what you're going to want to do is Once you've transplanted them into the Solo Cup, you're going to start opening these up a little bit each day. Until they're opened up all the way, and at that point you're going to start cracking the lid and putting something under here so it opens up a little. And eventually you'll just have the lid completely off and they'll be completely adapted to the environment. So it's around this stage you want to be opening the vents a little bit each day, or you can wait until they are in the Solo cups at the very latest. 

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During this stage you still want to be missing the plant several times each day, as well as the interior of the humidity Dome. And make sure there's always water in the slats at the bottom, so I need to add a little bit more and I'll do that right after this video. Alright guys I'm stoked today because these babies are finally ready to be transplanted into their Solo cups. That means we are very close to starting the vegetative stage and ending the seedling stage. So first let me give you guys a close look at what these guys should look like once they're ready. Most of them don't have their Tap Root growing out of the bottom, of the rockwool cube, but they do have two sets of fan leaves over the Coachella don't leaves. So that is a good sign to show they are ready even if there isn't a root coming out of the bottom like this guy here. They're probably just filling up the rockwool cube here with roots they're going to laterally instead of down. So I'm going to take these rappers off and then plant them in the Solo cups, but first let's check out the supplies you will need.

 So you're going to of course need your Solo cups, and I've got four of them here since I've got for plants. You're going to want to cut some holes as well as slits around the bottom and Lower Side of the cut and that's just for drainage. And I'm using this Fox Farm soil which is going to be my potting soil and once we're in here we're going to want to start using a pH of 6.3 is that's what works best in Fox Farm. All right guys up or step one I'm just going to fill the Solo Cup a few inches from the top with a soil cuz you do want to be able to Berry the plug in there, I'm sorry the rockwool cube. You wanted to be completely covered with soil once planted. That is about 4 inches from the top and tall So that should Almost Persuaded line up with the broom at the top of the cups of the plants base is right there as well and that's exactly what you want.

 All right So now I've got my first Solo Cup ready, so I'm going to take this Tangerine, to poets will tag out there, and I'm going to start it does have a rude at the bottom but I'm going to start by cutting off the rapper of the rockwool cube. And this is something you want to be very careful with as you don't want to squeeze the cube or damage it. You don't want to apply any pressure to it cuz that can damage the root zone so just cut this off very gently and then pull it off. You can see there are roots coming out the side there which is most likely what's going on with these other ones and why there aren't roots coming out of bottom

 Now I put this guy and like so and bury it with soil so it's completely submerged and covered. You also want to make sure the cube is flat and not leaning to one side cuz that can cause problems. All right here we are with this finish transplant into the show of cut and you can see so I got it so the ceiling is right in the center of the cup and not willing to the side. You just want to gently pack the top don't push too much down, make sure not much is spilling over. And once you're done with that you want to give it a little misting with that water. As well as a light light watering and in fact if you missed it enough that will suck the soil just enough that you don't even need to water.

Now I keep them in the humidity Dome and you want to keep a little water in the slats below still. Just about a quarter inch tall of water and you want to keep missing the insides here daily as well as the plants. You're going to start opening the vents more and more each day, so right now I just got home cracked but I'm going to open them up almost halfway for today now that they are transplanted. And then in the next video I'll show you where we go from there. Now that we have finished transplant the rest of the seedlings and I'll show you what that looks like.

 All right here all four of them being finished transplant into the Solo cups. I'm going to keep missing them like I was saying but I'm going to open the vents lightly and I'm going to keep them on the same 18 hours of light on with 6 hours of Darkness each day. And I'll be back with the next video where I finished out the seedling stage and we get to vegetation where we transfer vinyl pots

Alright folks, that concludes part 1 of the seedling phase for my LST Autoflower grow, and I'll be back in the next video to show you guys the rest of the seedling stage as well as the beginning of vegetation where I transplant these guys into their final 2 gallon pots in the main tent. Now in the meantime if you guys enjoyed the video please give it a thumbs up and comment below with your feedback. Also feel free to subscribe to the channel and to turn on notifications for updates on my latest grows. As always thank you guys for watching and until next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown