1st Low Stress Training for the Autoflowers


What's up cannabis Growers and welcome back to GreenBox Grown! Today I'm officially starting Week 1 of veg for my LST Autoflower grow and will hopefully be starting the actual LST training this week. So for this video I will be outlining exactly what you should do for this entire week if you are following along. I would also like to mention To check out our green box grown clothing and merchandise section. All you have to do is go to the GreenBox Grown website and click the clothing tab in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Also don't forget to hit the link in the description to sign up on our patreon page for one-on-one grow guidance from an expert such as myself. All right now that you guys know we're doing in this weeks video, let's get started!

All right here we are for the very first day of the week, and this is just 24 hours after transplanting these Autos into the 2 gallon pots. As I'm getting closer you'll see I actually lowered the right a few inches, and I'll be doing that each day until I'm about 2 feet away from the tops of the plants, and that's just a day of time to adjust and get used to a more powerful light. Before I bring it down all the way. You do want to get it closer but you want to start off with some distance. I only have this one ceiling fan going right now as it's my least powerful fan as I don't really need them to be blowing that. 

They are still really small and you can see that one fan has them just fluttering just enough anyways.  For those of you who watched my transplant video of these guys, first you'll know that when I first put them in here the temp was a little low but now it's right around 70 to 75 degrees when I close this up. And the humidity is right at 60%, it fluctuates between 60 and 65 which is a good range as well. And you can see these plants are just loving their new tent and again for those who saw the transplant video, I think these plants sprouted a whole set of leaves overnight. 

So these plants really blew up and I'll be starting the LST training in the next few days here which is exciting as well and will be covered in this video. And so that will help them take off even faster and growth as well. And hopefully in the next few weeks they will start their flowering. So I will be back in 24 hours, tomorrow with an update and I'm not even be starting to LST then.. Before I go I would like to mention that the soil is still damp And dark around where I watered them after the transplant yesterday. 

So they are good on water and that's one way you can tell, but they will probably need some water in the next day or so here.  

What's up Growers, we are back 4 day 2 of Week 1 for these autoflowers. And the first thing I'd like to point out as you can see I lowered the light at decent amount. I have it at 39 in from the tops of the plants right now and they're reacting really well to the light and are actually growing a lot faster which is a good sign I can lower it without disturbing them. So I will start with the LST today on these autoflowers and I will show you exactly how to do that.

Once I am done with doing that I'm going to give them a watering as well as a misting. I decided it is too early to cut the Misty so I'm going to be giving them a couple sprays each day now until I start to see some white hairs growing out, which is a signal of the start of flower. So that should be in the next week or so so I'll continue to spray until then. Of course I'm pH in the water on misting to 6.3 is that the new pH I'm using and then I'm going to use this soft tie gardening wire for anchoring the plants. As well as these paper clips.  

And that is literally all you need plus some scissors to cut the string but that is all you need to do the LST.  Which I've already done it to 2 of the plants as you can see back there, and basically what the LST is for is to expose those lower smaller branches 2 more light so they can grow up just as big as the main branch up top. So instead of having one big Cola you'll have several big man coolest. All right so now I'm going to show you guys these two plants and how I'm going to LST them.

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 Before I get started with the LST, just a quick reminder I'm only using the veg portion of this light right now so I only have the bed switch on. The bloom switch I'm going to turn on once he's got to start growing white hairs I was talking about a second ago, and during that point you'll have both switches going. All right I have my two plants up here and I have to Tangerine Dream on the right and the blue and Blue Amnesia on the left, and the goal is to be turning the plants to a 90° angle just about to expose light to the lower smaller branches. 

You can see what the guys back here what I did was I tied two hooks or two Loops, one that's holding the base of the plant and then 1 up top that's pulling the plant over. You can see that with this one here as well. So that's what I'm going to be doing to these plants right now. All right so for this I got my two paper clips and two strips of the gardening tie. So if you look underneath you can see here all those branches those little branches, that are going to shoot out to the side. And without the LST those will just be small little buds, but with this they will turn into big main colas.

So with this plant those branches are on this side and this side so what I want to do is spend it going that way or this way so they're both exposed to the light. If I went this way or that way going either those directions, then only one of the branches would be exposed and the other would be facing the soil and would be covered by the rest of the plan. All you have to do is take your piece of wire and turn it into a loop like so and twisted around like this so it will hold and not come undone. Okay so we are going to be bending it going this way, and this is going to be for the base of the plant. So now you're just going to Loop it around the plant very gently of course, and so you're under all the branches where the dirt meets the stem. Then you're going to take your paper quit and you're just going to clip this so it's taught into the start of your pot here.

All right I'm going to just put in the wire first and then attach it to the pot.  And that's how you give it some good stabilisation for when I pull the top half down the other way. So I just tightened up this anchor a little more as it was a little loose around the base, and now it's more taught once it’s clipped to the pot. I already pre-made the 2nd tie down and so now I’m going to loope it Around the upper part of the plant so that there is some foliage going through it. You don't want to slip through and this is the part where you got to be really careful and really gentle with it as you don't want to snap the branch or anything like that of course. Ruin all your hard work that got you to this point.  So I just try to get it between one of the nose which I think I have that right now, and now I'm just going to clip it onto the sidewall of the pot. Sometimes you got to go slowly when bending it over for the first time as you don't want to snap it like I said. So you might have to work it down to get to that position. But once you've got it there you can clip it in.  And then I'm going to pull this through the top.  

You don't want any of these leaves sitting in the soil  once you got them clipped it in because that can lead to a lot of issues because they are going to be wet and sitting in moisture and that's not going to be good for them. But yeah there is the plant and that is completely tied down. And trained as you can see it up close there. Good little Bend and it seems like it's dangerous it is, but that's why you have to go slowly and it won't break. These are very resilient plants and they can handle a decent amount of stress. So I'm going to loosen this one up a little bit because it does have some leaves in the soil but you guys get the idea, these are what you want your final results to look like.

All right now I'm going to do this final blue Amnesia now that this Tangerine Dream is done, and I'll show you what there's all look like and I'll show you guys made giving them they're playing watering. I want to see you guys this easy way of getting the loop over the plants and all you have to do is put it over the top and kind of let it use its way to pull it down and that's it. And the other thing is this isn't the last time I'll do training on the plants, this is something that will continue throughout the entirety of this grow. So that goes to show you that this is something you want to do almost, well not every day but once you get new branches you'll want to tie them down right up to the point where you see those white hairs. Right about a week after that point that's where I'll stop the training.

 All right now for their misting as well as they're playing pH watering. And I'll continue missing for a little bit like I was saying earlier and you want to start watering towards the outside of the pots as well as the middle as that will encourage the roots to grow out.  So this will be a decently light watering Now that they got their first training in. And tomorrow we should see some good growth from those Underside nodes that are now exposed. All right so I will be back in 24 hours to show you guys the latest update on these.

 All right ladies and germs we are back for the next day, and this is 24 hours after the first LST was done. You can see they already have grown back facing up and some of them you can tell these branches from the underside are now getting more light and are popping up. For now I'm not going to do any more training, I'm just going to leave them like so but I'll probably tie them down further in another day or so, probably two days from now. Just to let them get used to this first tie down, but the goal is to once you see a new top come up, you want to pull it down so you get more growing up like so. And you want to try and keep all of that to Tops around the same height, which allows them to all get the same or equal amounts of Light which prevents their buds being lower in the shade which turn into fluffy Airy buds that are not as big. So keeping them all the same height make sure you get the full potential out of each bud at the highest quality. So I watered them yesterday and it looks like they dried out a little bit so I'm just going to mist them with that pHd water.

Like I said I changed my mind about misting, I'm going to continue with that until I start to see a little buddy action start. All right guys that's it for today and I will be back for tomorrow. Hopefully we'll have some more tops that pop up from the training and we can tie them down

 What up what up here we are 4 day 4 of week one, and again another day of some great vegetative growth. As you can see here especially with the Tangie and blue amnesia's, those two in the backs are starting to catch up. You can see there's a second main branch now starting to grow on this plant back here and you should be able to see under here this main branch that is well this little side branch that is now growing and becoming a made branch. You can kind of gently push down on them to make them grow out word towards the sunlight but they are pretty small week at this point so don't be too hard on them. But yeah there's some good veg growth going on here.

 Don't need any water today and I'll give them a quick misting of pHd water.  And again keep them at 75 Fahrenheit degrees Fahrenheit temperature and for humidity I've got it at 60%, you want to keep it between 60 and 65% right now. They don't need water but they'll probably be good till tomorrow which will probably be a plane pH watering. And then after that they'll be ready for their next nutrients and they're not quite ready for being pulled down again, but once they get some more branches coming up then I'll pull this down.   All right guys I'll be back in another 24 hours.

 All right all right, here we are here for day 5 of the week, and these plants are actually ready for their next watering which will be a plain pHd watering.  Add 6.3 and I already have that mixed right here and this is the third one since their last nutrient feeding, so they're next feeding after this one will be there next nutrients feeding. The temp in here is still as close to 75 degrees fahrenheit as I can keep it, and humidity I'm trying to keep in the 60% range, 55 to 65% is optimal so right now it's about 60%.

 You can see the LST is working out really nicely in the plants have recovered from it and grown back up. This blue Amnesia is responding the best from it thus far as it already has a couple of tops pointing back up.  It doesn't look like they are ready again yet for another training so I'll give them another day or so before I pull them it down again. So now I'm going to give them a little watering as well as a misting and again I'm doing it out of the misting water bottle just so it doesn't move the soil around and it's still pretty gentle. But you can now so call of the soil all the way to the outside of the pot. Giving each plant a decent amount of water.

Now you also want to remember to keep the water you are feeding them at a warm enough temperature so it's not freezing cold.  So about 62 degrees Fahrenheit is the optimal temperature for your water that you feed your plants. So I like to take mine from the sink inside the house when it's cold out so that way it's a little warmer than the hose water.

 All right there all now done being watered and I'm going to give them a quick misting and they are all done for the day. Now for the next to LST I'm going to want to probably tied down again these main tops as I did grow back up pretty significantly covering the other foliage. But you will see it is exposing those under said branches a lot more and it's starting to grow a lot of vegetative growth under here, so pretty soon. I'll shoot out as well. So I will keep updating you guys each day and I will be back tomorrow in 24 hours.

 All right Growers this is actually the same day here and I decided I'm going to retie them down here and I already did this first one here. And I'm not going to add any hooks I'm just going to adjust the first one, and this is going to be the one that was pulling down the top of the plant, not the one that is anchoring the base.  And you just want to pull it in a way That it makes it so it's pouring the top down more than it currently is. So you may want to pull it up more on the top, you may want to shorten the hook you are using, we're sure wouldn't the Thai, but they are just like that. And I want to keep an eye on that to make sure it doesn't slip out from the hook, but hopefully they'll keep this down long enough to let this branch in this one here that you can't see, so they can grow and become just as big as this one here.

All right so now let me try these other two down, and get this steak back over here so I can see what I'm working with. All right so this is the blue Amnesia here and I'm going to adjust this is the top hook, and I'm going to pull it up a little higher, up One Node on the plant. I'm going to pull her down again like so.  You want to be very careful obviously these plants are very resilient but you don't want to snap any branches at this point as it isn't necessary. All right that looks like, and again you don't want the leaves really to smash into the soil so I'm going to pull them up. But yeah that that should help a lot now that it's exposing the underside more. Now let's try and get to this final guy, so here's that blue Amnesia in the front which was the one that was getting the tallest, pulled that back down. And now this is the Tangerine Dream over here.

 I'm going to readjust this top 1.  Alright Sometimes it's just a matter of hooking it on a part of the pot that's farther away or  tying it to a higher note. All right this little leaf right here is kind of in the way but now this is the main top that was just facing straight up Forza light and now it is facing straight out. And these branches out here getting to the main light and tomorrow we should see these branches popping up and I now will be back in 24 hours.

I lied I've got one more thing I want to show you guys, so you can see the middle of the light is obviously the center or where these pots are and you can see Some of the plants are tied so there towards the middle of the light like this Tangie or blue image of back here, or summertide away from the light like this blue and music here. So this guy is kind of tight across the middle so that's good but once that are tied away from the light, that'll actually cause them to grow back up towards the light so that can help you cover up an open space in my pot like here. Or if you have it like this will just keep growing at that side still have that side of the pot open and you'll have an unbalanced plant. So Im going to turn that pot around so I can even everything out. 

What up what up Growers back for day 6 of Week 1 here with the LST Autoflower grow. Last night I adjusted the first hooks that I'd put down just rehooking does tops down and today you can see already some great growth. Here's a new top right here and this will become another one right there and eventually this one will grow back up and this one will become one as well. The others those top the main table still seem to be dominating the overall gross or what I'm going to let him do is grow up a little more and then pull them down further away from the base of the plant just so I can further expose.  But you can see this one is starting to take off and this guy Down here. So once they break or reach the canopy they will really start to take off and Become their own tops.

So yesterday I gave them their  third playing pH watering since their first nutrient watering. And it seems like they are drying up nicely and hopefully tomorrow which will be day 7 of this week they will be ready for a watering. Which will mean it will be time for their second nutrient feeding. So I will be back for that tomorrow in 24 hours and for now I will just finish up with a quick misting of these plants. Alright peace!

What up what up what up we are back for day 7 of week one for this grow.  And you can see I've been lowering the light a little bit each day towards these guys, a lot of new veg growth going on here if you can see from the LST it's working out really well. And these first three are doing really well and this guy seems to be lagging a little bit but those underneath branches are starting to pop up. So since it is day 7 of the week and it has been 3 plain watering since the last nutrient watering, I'm going to do the second nutrient watering of this grow. I checked the soil in the plants are dry about an itch deep all the way around so they are good for another watering. So what I did is I went ahead and mixed on the dirty dozen feeding chart I went with Week 1 of the feeding chart cuz I already did this evenings and cuttings and this is the same as you will see.

 And what I'm going to do this time is last time I went quarter strength, this time I'll go half strength and I'll keep Where can I buy a quarter at a time until I'm at full strength. And you'll see what these Autos you're not going to be able to do all four weeks of veg as though start flowering before that. So what I'll do is probably Week 1 and then week 3 may be weak for depending if they start flowering already. And then I'll skip ahead a flower but more on that once we get to that point. So you'll see this makes all it called for is the Big Bloom and it's 6 tsp so I did 3 since I'm doing half strength and then a teaspoon of boomerang. And then a teaspoon of Cal Mag per gallon, so for this one just half a teaspoon and then after you stir everything together remember the pH to 6.3 and you're good to go. 

So now that these plants are alive bigger I'm also going to be feeding them out of the water bucket instead of the spray bottle, but I will still be giving them a misting once their water. At this size you don't need to be watering them too much and you still want to be gentle I didn't want to be gentle every time but try not to disrupt the soil and move it around.  And just get a little bit at a time, let it soak in and you can come back to the plant later to get us some more so just go all the way around and give it a quick and then go to the next plan. And you will see they might be ready for some more LST but I'm going to hold off for another day or two so that they can grow a little more in length and get a little taller so I can bend them further apart. Right now they're doing really well and you can see the under branches on most of them are starting to turn into mermaid tops and in a few days here they should really be taking off. Especially with this plant over here, there's Tangerine Dream she's kind of starting off a little slowly but she'll get going, in a few here.  All right there you go there all watered and now give them a missed. And this like I said with the misting I'm going to stop once I start seeing signs of flour by not saying that yet so I'm going to keep going.

  Alright Growers, that concludes this week's video which is Week 1 for my LST Autoflower series. And when I say week 1, I mean once week since the end of the seedling stage and when we started the veg stage.  Alright guys, if you enjoyed the video please give it a thumbs up and don't forget to comment below with your feedback.  Also feel free to subscribe to the GreenBox Grown Channel and to turn on notifications for updates on my latest grows. As always thank you guys for watching and until next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown