MarsHydro 480w Reflector Series LED


What's up cannabis Growers and welcome back to GreenBox Grown! Today I am super stoked because I just received a little gift in the mail from Mars Hydro, and as you can see I couldn't contain myself and I started to open it. But as you can see it as that 480 watt LED from their reflector-series, and huge shout out to Mars Hydro for hooking that up and sending that out for free. And I'm going to be unboxing this light in the video or at least the rest of the unboxing and then I'm going to hang it up and do a little test run for you guys. 

Be sure to stay tuned for the end of the video where I will provide you guys with a little discount opportunity for this light and I’ll add  the link down in the description for where you can purchase the light.  I would also like to mention that you guys should check out our merch Section where you can get some awesome GreenBox Grown gear like what you see up here, and also don't forget to check out the link Down Below in the description where you can check out our Patreon page and sign up for 1-on-1 growing advice from myself, while I guide you from seed to harvest so you can get the best results possible. Alright now you guys know what we're doing today let's get started with the video!

All righty so here is the Box, bam, so first thing we will see here is the instructions as well as the warranty card. But these lights are usually pretty simple and basic so I'm not going to read those. Okay pretty cool color, and you'll see right away we've got the gross which which is for veg and Bloom which is her flower. And with most of the Divas why it's the way it works is you run both of these switches for a bloom and just one for veg. In this is the reflector serious so that's why it has all that Chrome wear reflective material there.

 As usual we've got the power cord and one of these light hangers. Let's see in the back here we just got the one plug there so you can't really do the daisy chain, but that's okay because I don't plan to do that. All right now I'm going to hang it up so we can test this out.

All right so we are in the spare bedroom that is actually empty right now and this closet is actually a pretty sick little spot to turn into a grow room. It is completely cleaned out and it's got a great little rack for hanging things from and it is a good size, it's about 3 ft Deep by 8 or 9 ft wide. So I'm going to hang this light up in here and see how well it will light the closet up. And I will turn the lights off.  

 So as you guys can see this is the hanger that comes with and it has two separate ones so you'll see it's got to carabiners on the end and their two clips one for each. So there you can see they're all hooked up and now I'm going to hang it from the bar. and I'm just going to hang it using this big Carabiner here, let's see if it will fit, there we go.  I like to hang it so I've got the switches hanging out so I can see them.

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So that's why that's doing that, you always want to make sure these clips are on proper as sometimes they get kind of stuck on the sides and then it makes it hang funny. It makes the light hang funny. Okay, I should probably turn off the lights for this 1 second. Okay I've got the lights off now let's see, I'm going to Blind you guys with all light. All right so this first one will just be the veg switch, oops sorry that was the balloon switch, okay this is the veg switch. All right guys that is actually looking like a very powerful light which is good. Now that's just the veg switch on right there so now I'll hit on the bloom switch and you'll see it gets a lot more pink because those red lights kick in. You'll see if I turn the bed switch off and it's just the bloom switch it turns really red. And I know you'll see the Fans turn off when the bed switch is off that's why I always want to have the veg switch on when using the bloom switch.

So for those of you guys still watching, tell me what you think I should grow with this light cut about it because I already had the auto strong with the 900 viparspectra light.  I'm thinking this light is good for one plant, maybe one medium sized plant, feminized or just a regular not an auto. So let me know what you guys want or if you guys want me to grow an auto with this it's a 480 watt light. So maybe one regular or to Autos, just depends on what you guys think and what you want to see. So let me know in the comments.

All right folks that concludes the unboxing and little demonstration of the 480 watt reflector led by Mars Hydro. I like I said in the beginning of the video I have a 3% discount for this light and all you have to do to get that 3% discount on this light is emailed that email address down below and description which is, and again I have that address down below in the description with the link to where you can purchase it.  

But all you have to do is email that address and say you want to purchase the 480 watt reflector series and tell them you have the promo code GreenBox, and again this is all down below in the description and they will apply that discount for you.

So now that the video is over, if you enjoyed it please give us a thumbs up and don't forget to comment below with your feedback. Also feel free to subscribe to the GreenBox Grown YouTube channel and to turn on notifications for updates on my latest grows. As always thank you guys for watching and until next time

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown