The final Transplant for the LST Autoflower Grow Series


What’s up Cannabis Growers and welcome back to GreenBox Grown!  Today I'll be starting Part 3 of my Autoflower LST series, and that means I'll be starting the rest of the seedling phase and shown you guys all the way up to the start of veg. And when I transplant these guys into their final 2 gallon start smart pots. Before I get started with the video I'd like to remind you guys as always to visit the link down below to visit our patreon page.  From there you can sign up for one-on-one row guidance from myself, where I will show you exactly what you need to do to get the best results possible from your home grow. So now that you guys know what the video is about, let's get started. 

Here we are 24 hours From the end of part 2 of this groceries. So that is when I transplanted them into the Solo cups, and again here we are 24 hours later. Here you can see if there has been a little bit of growth now that they're getting used to this environment for the root Zone. And they're actually getting some pretty fast vegetative growth here, these leaves are a lot larger than they were yesterday when I put them in. You're going to want to keep the same conditions and terms of keeping some water in the bottom, and you're only going to want to miss these guys a couple times each day. Also each day you're going to want to be opening up these vents a little bit more.  

You'll see I've got both of the vent open about three-quarters of the way, and you want to also keep temperature in about 75 degrees temperature like usually don't want to change that. I still have the lights at the same height as before and I'm only using that led for the majority of the time, the white light does help at the beginning, but that is more just for filming purposes. Right now just keeping it somewhat humid in there and keeping water in the slats below while they transition in this phase to vegetation. So I'll keep the conditions the same as I said and I'll be back in 24 hours with an update. 

This is the very next day, so it's day to 4 these plants in the Solo cups, and I'm going to turn the LED off. You'll see they've got some good growth going already, the one in the middle of their got a lot taller, they are all getting some significant growth going. Nothing really to do except for giving them a light misting of pH water at 6.3 and make sure there is some water in the tray for them to soak up. And I'm not really even misting the interior of the Dome anymore, so I'm going to close this up and remember the vents up top should be cracked open a little more each day. So I'm almost fully open with these.

Eventually I'll show you how will be taking off the whole way for a little bit each day until we work up to it being off the whole time. Alright guys I'll be back tomorrow with an update but I forgot to mention to always be looking at the root or looking for the roots coming out of the bottom of the Solo Cup. That shouldn't be happening just yet but that's when you are going to know they are ready to transplant into the spinal pot.

 Alright here we are another 24 hours later in the seedlings are definitely starting to grow pretty fast, they're definitely going. Some of them already have their third set of fan leaves started and at this point I've got the vents completely open. I've got just a little bit of water in the bottom of the tray here so the cups are above slats where there's water below. So they can slowly drink go up on that. And then I'm just by spraying with pH water twice a day very lightly, humidity doesn't need to be to high at this point either.

Once these guys get about five sets of fan leaves that's when I'm going to give them their first nutrient feeding, and I'm going to give you guys more details on that once that point arrives. For now just keep temperature at 75 degrees Fahrenheit and be sure they aren't completely dried up down below on the tray. Don't soak them too much, as you don't need too much moisture in the cut just yet. And be looking up for roots that are coming out of the bottoms of the Solo cups cuz that will signify it's time for transplant. 

Ok I'll be back in another 24 hours with an update. I also just wanted to give you guys a good look at what they look like from above. So you can get an idea of how much vegetative growth is going on right now.  They are still technically seedlings cuz you can see these leaves are only three fingered leaves, but once they have their five-fingered leaves that's how you know they are adults. You can see hold on, yeah you can see they are really getting some good root growth going. All right I'll be back in 24 hours with another update.

 All right Growers we are back again another day later and these guys are starting to actually take off With some veg growth. I've got the lid off so you can get a better View and they're developing some bigger leaves. This is the second set for this guy but like I said once we get to the fifth set, that's when they will be ready for their first nutrients. Still keeping some water in the tray so I need to fill that up a little bit, this guy is a little bit on the small side and a little behind but that's alright still going strong.

 Now I'll also Be making sure to have the lid on the humidity Dome cracked open a little bit since I have the vents completely open at this point. So let me get this back on and I'll show you how to do that and again like I said I want to keep a little water in the tray below so I'll be feeling that up in a little bit and giving them a misting. And you should do the same if yours is drying up. What I like to do is take a rockwool cube like this one right here and just, take the cube and all you got to do is put it right there.

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Let it balance like that and now you got that open, just leave it like that with the fence completely open still. And now we're working out to getting these guys adapted to the environment so you can have this in humidity Dome off at all times. All right I'll be back another 24 hours later with an update and hopefully we'll have another set of fan leaves coming in on these guys at that point.

Alright here we are another day later and the reason these leaves are standing up like that is because it's been hot and that's just a reaction they have to high temperature.  The leaves will kind of perk up or go up words like this one is doing. Some good growth going I'm not seeing any roots out of the bottom just yet and it looks like they're all working on their third or fourth set up family so not ready for nutrients yet either. 

With the humidity Dome I'm just going to keep it cracked with the rockwool cube for another day and then I will be taking it completely off. So just keep it like this same temperature going to be misting the plants a couple times each day still. And making sure there's some water in the tray below. The most important thing to be doing right now is to be looking at the bottom of your Solo cups for roots coming out so you know if they are ready for transplant. But I'm thinking a few more days before they are ready for that.  

Really quickly I wanted to show you guys at the end of the last video I was rushing a little bit and when I close the humidity Dome I took off that other leave the young one that's just sprouting. You see there's just one and the one of the other side is gone and that's just as I accidentally bumped it with the Dome. This plant will be fine it might get a little shocked but nothing crazy and just be Careful I wanted to show you guys why it's important to always be cautious with your plants.

All right guys very next day and these guys are ready to have the humidity Dome taken off completely. I'm just going to go straight to taking it off completely for the entire Dave as I don't think they'll need an adjustment at this point since I had a cracked for 2 days. I'll still beat the missing them and keeping water in the tray below as that makes it a lot easier for watering them. I actually haven't had one of them yet as the misting has been keeping them perfectly fed. 

Again waiting for 4 to 5 sets of fan leaves before doing their first nutrients but that'll be soon since they're all on their 3rd And you can see this guy over here I damaged it like I showed you yesterday but is recovering just fine. It'll probably scroll another week there very soon. And no roots coming out of the bottoms as of yet.   But we will be back tomorrow with more.

 Alright guys this is the next day and I am already getting some root growth out of the bottom of these cups however the plants are not large enough in terms of foliage to be transplanted into their final 2 gallon smart pots.  Not with this one yet no roots but this one definitely does. They're not ready to be transplanted so I won't be doing that yet see the route there. So there are the roots. But the foliage, they only have about three sets of fan leaves and not ready for their first nutrients yet either. 

So what I'm going to do is tomorrow they'll probably be ready for their first nutrient feeding so I'll do that. Then after that or 2 days after that is when I think they'll be ready to be transplanted into the 2 gallon smart pot. So I'll be keeping an eye on those roots and I'll still be missing them as I haven't even given them water since I transplanted into here. 

Because the nest has been enough to keep them moist enough as well as the water in the tray below. Same temperature at 75 degrees And whatever the humidity is in here is just fine. All right I'll be back tomorrow. 

All right here we are at the very next day and these guys are ready for their first nutrient watering. So before I show you guys the next I'm going to give you guys a close-up of the plants and how to tell if they're ready. So the way you tell is first of all by the veg growth on top and they all have at least three sets of leaves. So this one here you'll see one two three and it's got its fourth coming in. You'll see some are already on their fourth set. And you'll see out of the bottom there are roots coming out.

That one has a little root coming out and that's just enough it doesn't have to be a whole lot. If you have too many roots coming out of the bottom theyll get all tangled up, there's a little one right there, and then I'll be hard to get him out of these Cups. So once you've got this good vegetative growth and it's usually right around the time these roots come out of the bottom, you are good for your first nutrient watering.   

Cuz I told you guys already I'm going to be following the dirty dozen buy Fox Farm and I also got my Botanicare calmag. Since this is the first nutrient watering for these guys I'm going to do it at a quarter strength and I'm also only filling up half a gallon cuz I don't want to waste much. So I'm doing a quarter strength and I'm doing the seedlings and cuttings which is the very first feeding on this chart. So 6 teaspoons of big bloom Which means just a quarter of that and I'm not doing the flower kiss foliar spray as you don't need that for autoflowers at this stage, but I will be using the boomerang.

 And like I said I only put in an eighth of a teaspoon of Cal Mag for this one. I'm going to work up to a full teaspoon per gallon of Cal Mag, but for now just in case. And again here's the Big Bloom as well as the boomerang and wants your new turn their mix them up and pH to 6.3 because I'm in the fox farm ocean Forest. I've got my plain water for misting and this is probably going to be the last time I miss them in the misting is just to help keep water in the slats below. 

I've got the Solo Cup for pouring water because you only need to give them a little of this mix right now Just said there's a little run out of the bottom and then that's it. Okay here's a better close up with the LED light off on the plants. I'm just going to feed them a little bit at a time and like I said you want to get a little bit of runoff, out of the bottom, and once you see a little run off coming out you are completely done watering. You don't want to pour it on a whole bunch because it'll move the soil and Roots around and and it's not a good way to let it soak in. You just want to give it a little time to soak and so there's a little dribbling and then one more quick pour.

That's enough and I'll do that for each plant and then I'll just miss them as well as missed a little water into the tray at the bottom. And that'll be it for the nutrients feeding. All right folks this is exactly one day after their first nutrient feeding so 24 hours later and you can see they have already had some significant vegetative growth.  Let me turn the LED off for you so let me pull these guys a little closer and you'll see especially those two in the back which one is a teenager and dream in the back right. And then on the back left here you can see that's the blue Amnesia and these guys are really taking off. 

These two in the front I think they just need a little more light they're okay, they're just not as big. And they're doing well also and all 4 of these plants have roots coming out of the bottom right now so let me give you guys a quick shot of that. You can see there it's got a big one there and then one on the side so I'm going to wait until tomorrow to let the smaller ones catch up a little further. And then I'm going to transplant tomorrow for sure into those 2 gallon pots and then I'll be putting them in the tent. 

That guy has a decent-size route coming out. But yeah I'll be putting them in the pots tomorrow is, 2 gallon smart pots, and putting them in the Big Ten with the big light by tomorrow. So I'll be back with that update and for now just keep missing them with that plane pH water and make sure there's a little bit and the tray below. This is at 6.3 pH now that we are in the Fox Farm Ocean Forest. 

All right guys here we are another 24 hours later and in the plans are now ready to be transplanted into the final pots in the full sized tent.  I'm going to show you guys how to do the transplant but first let me give you a quick look at the tent in the set up. Like I said they'll be going into the 2 gallon smart pots and I'll be using Fox Farm ocean Forest like I've already been using.

And I'll continue with the dirty dozen and Cal Mag for nutrients. Now water is pH that 6.3 now that they are in the ocean forest and no more misting either now that they are starting to flower soon. I don't think I'll need the heater on as I think it will be pretty warm with this 900 watt LED on, but right now it's just at 68 or 69 degrees so we'll see if the tent heats up or not.  If it doesn't then I'll just turn that on slightly, I've also got my light timer over here as they are still going to be on the 18 hours on 6 hours off schedule. I might bump them up to 20 hours on once they get a little bigger but for right now just 18. I've got my soft I wire as well as my paper clips for LST and that will start within the week as well. I'll keep you guys posted on that in the next video but for now let's just do the transplant.

 I forgot to mention that I have to light raised almost all the way up and the reason for that is it's in 900 watt light and currently there used to a 45 watt light so I want them to get used to it and I'll slowly lower it each day and they warm up to the light. But for now and starting with about three and a half to 4 feet distance from the top of the plants. And the temperature I’m aiming for is 75 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity is 55-65%.

Let's start the first transplant and I've got my gallon of water over here so that once they are transplanted you want to give them a little water so that they can start growing Roots into the new soil. I've got the water in the spray bottle It is easier to feed them that way as it's a little more gentle when they're smaller like this. 

As you can see I've got my 2 gallon smart pot here filled up about three-quarters of the way and now I'm going to take the plant I want to transplant which is this blue Amnesia and I'll save this tag for later. And you're going to want to take the Solo cup and put it right in the very middle of the pot. You're going to want to do this so that you can make a little hole for it. So I don't have to mess those roots up I'm just going to use this empty cup And you'll see this will make it a lot easier once you get the plant out of the Solo Cup.

 So now that you have your soil ready you're going to want to start squeezing around the edges to loosen up the soil very gently, and you're going to take your fingers and put them over the top like so. And then slowly turn it over and it'll slide right out and you can see we've got a great root system going on down there. And they are definitely ready to be put into these 2 gallon pots. All right so no this is the tricky part and you want to be very gentle put it right into the hole in the middle and then fill around with the soil the rest of the way up. You want to make sure the plant is standing straight up and not leaning to the side. And just like that my first blue Amnesia Autoflower is transplanted into its final pot.

Now I'm going to give it a little of this pH water again 6.3, and watering all the way around and towards the outside which will cause the roots to want to grow outwards and away from the center. That's just about right there, you don't want to pack the soil down too much just leave it light and I'll just put this pot right on one of these grates. Now I'm going to transplant the rest of these guys and I'll be back once I'm finished.

 Alright folks got them all transplanted into their final pots and I finished giving them their first plain pHd watering While in these parts. And that was actually the first watering they got since their first nutrients feeding which means only two more plain pH waterings and then we'll be on to the next nutrient feeding. But yeah that's all you really need to know about transplanting whether it's regular plants are autos.  I know people say never to transplant Autos but you'll see from this grow the result speak for themselves. You also see these are the two Tangerine dream's up in the front and you'll see in the back I've got those two blue amnesia's. And I'll be back with the next video where will be starting Week 1 of vegetation for these plants and will also be starting the LST training for them so stay tuned for that.

Alright folks that concludes part 3 of the LST Autoflower series and we are now officially in the beginning of the vegetation state with these autoflowers. I will be back with that video of week one where we began with the LST training for these plants and that should be up in the next week or so so stay tuned for that. And if you would enjoy this video please give it a thumbs up and don't forget to comment below. Also feel free to subscribe to the GreenBox Grown Channel and to turn on the notifications for updates on my latest grows.  As always, thank you for watching and until next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown