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What’s up Cannabis Growers and welcome back to GreenBox Grown!  Today I'm going to be giving you guys a little tour of my latest grow room. It's an indoor grow tent that's 4 feet by 4 feet. This grow setup that I have in there is very similar to all of our small size starter kits, so I wanted to let you guys see in person what it looks like, what you'll be getting when you order one of those size starter kits. 

So I'll be giving you guys a walkthrough of all the supplies it comes with and what it look like all set up and without the plants in there.  And before I get started with the video I'd like to mention is always to visit our Patreon page below and to visit the link in the description to sign up for one-on-one grow guidance from myself so I can help you each day get the best results from your home grow. Alright, now that you guys know what we'll be doing in this video, let's get started!

Alright, so here we are in my garage and you can see I have the tent right next to the water heater, so it is at 4 by 4 tent, so there's a good amount of space to grow in there but there's also smaller to fit in tight places. So it's a great option for growing in a basement or garage or even an attic if you have something tall enough. I believe this one's 4 by 4 by 6 and 1/2 feet or 7 feet. I don't remember exactly. 

But anyways, you'll see and hear you've got a fan back there for oscillating and getting in the mid-range area of the canopy, you have my fan down here as well. That gets the lower part underneath the canopy. And then I have this little fan up here that's just forgetting above the plants and such. Got my soil back there Which is the Fox Farm Ocean Forest, I'm going to be using the Dirty Dozen for nutrients as well as the Cal Mag by Botanicare. 

Got my smart pots, which are the 2 gallon and that's all you need for Autoflowers, and then I'll be doing LST on those guys. I've got this soft-tie garden wiring and paper clips and essentially what I'll do with my LST is clip these paper clips all the way around the edges of the pot.  Then I’ll use the soft tie wire and tie branches down with it using the paper clips as an anchoring point.  And that's an entire that the guy at my local Hydro Store showed me, so really cool time to show me that trick.

 Then i’ve got a misting bottle and that's good for the veg stage as well as the early part of an Autoflowers life. And of course I've got my temperature gauge / humidity reader here. Got my Viparspectra LED. And then of course I've got the awesome iPower carbon filter, which is going out through the roof and you can see it out here down the side and then there's the inline fan pulling their out. 

So that's pretty much the whole set up in a quick overview you can get a lot of growth Go in it and here, a couple pounds you can pull from this easily. And again if you guys want to learn how to grow and pull a couple pounds from a grow setup like this let me know, and we can work together one-on-one to get that accomplished. Again this is very comparable to the small starter kits that I have on my grow site.

 Different set-ups come with different equipment so for example the carbon filter doesn't come in all the of the lines. So check that out, and different kinds of nutrients Nutrients, different kinds of lines. So be sure to look into that and this is essentially just the basic layout for all of our small starter kits.

All right all right so like I was showing you guys I've got 3 different fans. I've got this tower fan, that one in the corner and then that one up here. Reason being is movement of air is very important, you don't want to stagnant air in your grow room but it's also important to keep the leaves and moving and the branches on the plan. So having a light breeze on them at all levels all the way to the canopy at the top and down below at the bottom of the root system is very important because it also prevents issues with mold and other pass. It makes it hard for those bugs to wind on the leaves of your plant so that's why it's amazing fans in here. You don't really want it really strong so it's damaging the leaves, but just so lightly fluttering.

Now with the nutrients I go with the dirty dozen because I really like the Fox Farm line and how it interacts with the fox farm ocean Forest, so I figured keep it the same brand as that's always a good idea. It comes with the full lineup of everything you need and more, and then I also throw in the Cal Mag because I just like having that throughout the entire grow. And all use a teaspoon of gallon of water every time I do nutrients for the Cal Mag, but of course I'll start off with quarter strength.   Of course except for the first couple ones I'll start off with quarter strength, but once I'm at full strength, 1 teaspoon per gallon of Water. I like the pH it whatever I'm feeding at 6.3 but it's great at buffering so don't worry too much about the pH.

 It's always important to have your water bottle of course because you want to be misting During the veg state for Autos during the seed laying and early veg State. That's pretty much it for those things, I've got the 2 gallon smart pots as I was saying and you don't really need anything larger for Autoflowers. Even when you're doing L St. It doesn't really need anything more than 2 gallon. All right so that's the nutrients and watering supplies, I forgot to mention a pH pen of course measuring spoons and then I've got my watering can and stuff in there too.  Always remember to pH you stuff after mixing it together.

All right the light like I was saying as a 900 watt Viparspectra, and it's massive it's got the six different LED panels and up top you'll see it's got two switches for lighting. Let's see if I can get a better angle, you've got one switch for veg and one switch for flower. When it's in flower you'll have both going and you'll see I'm going to turn it on right now so you guys can see the differences. So here's the veg switch, and that's just bad by itself, and when you want to go into flower you also turn on with the veg twitch also the bloom switch. That's what that looks like and you can see now right there it says veg, and Bloom, and that's just for the different switches.

 Now this is what it looks like if you just have flower going but that's not going to get you too much rows, so always recommend at least having the veg twitch on, and then once you're in flower do both. With Autoflowers I recommend the first couple weeks just doing Fetch and then once you see it start to see pistils coming out of them and they start budding, then you can turn on the flower switch for the rest of the grow.

So here's what it looks like on the inside there with the light on, and I've got the fans going and this guy list I can really hold a good amount of plants and it can yield a good amount of it could yield a couple plant pounds if you know what you're doing and if you got the guidance and have this tent filled with the plant, yeah you could really get a good yield out of this.

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What's also nice as you can see it can fit in pretty small spaces and it's pretty easy to hide because you can keep it in your garage or basement. Of course you've got the carbon filter so no older is escaping, and the fans are pretty quiet I'm sure you can hear them but just buried barely. So no one's going to be wondering what that is especially if it's in the garage or basement.

Wow here's a quick shot with just the flower on again it's pretty cool it's like a little film developing room. And then they're both on, and just veg. And you'll hear the light has a couple of fans on that kick on to keep it running cool so you can have the LEDs running all day. And it's not really going to affect the temperature in there. I mean it will warm it up a little bit, but nothing like an HPS light. Now I also have a little mini heater Little mini here that I throw in that I throw in some times when it's really cold but lately it hasn't really gotten to that point yet, usually I'll have it down in that bottom right corner where I don't really have anything just yet. It doesn't take too much power to keep this room up which is nice as well.

I forgot to mention the reason I have these grades down here is just for putting the pots on and that's to make it easy for the pots to drain easily so they don't have water stuck in them as that can lead to stagnant water that will cause issues. So having the rocks will allows the pods to easily drain and that way they can easily dry out a little faster making it so you can water more frequently which does help. 

Again feel free to hit me up if you guys are interested in learning how to harvest pounds of top quality Bud from this size tank. I can easily God you guys want exactly how to do that and again I'll be working with you each day just got along telling you what to do, exactly tailored towards your plan specifically. And not just the general basic idea. You'll be learning as you go along and you're guaranteed just about to get the best results possible.

One quick thing I forgot to mention while I was outside in the garage is this tent is also great as it just a veg tent. So if you're going to have two different tense going for a Perpetual grow, distance perfect cuz it smaller size but you can still get a lot of veg growth going in there. And then you'll probably want a bigger more roomy time for flower, but it'll be great to transition from that tank to another larger one. And I just wanted to let you guys know that for those who want to start of Perpetual grow it's a great idea and this will help you out and saving space. 

Alright folks, that concludes my walkthrough of my small indoor grow setup. Like I said that is very similar to all of our small indoor starter kits. If you guys enjoy the video please give it a thumbs up and don't forget to comment below with your feedback. And don't forget to sign up and to subscribe to the GreenBox Grown YouTube channel. Also feel free to turn on those notification so you get update on my latest grows. As always thank you guys for watching and until next time…

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown