Lower the Temperature in your Grow Room with this Swamp Cooler!

What's up Cannabis Growers! My name is Dylan and Welcome back to GreenBox Grown. So right now we have been having a crazy heat wave across all of California, and it has been in the 100 degree plus range up her in northern California. Now for me that is crazy hot, and for my Cannabis Plants it will kill them! So I needed a way to lower the temperature in the grow tent without spending a bunch of money on an AC Unit.

One of my growing buddies suggested I build a DIY Swamp Cooler as that worked great for cooling his tent down. Essentially this is an ice chest full of ice, with a fan mounted on top blowing air in, and an exhaust hose going out of the ice chest and into your grow room. The air cools down a lot when blown over the ice, and then is blown into your grow room! I went ahead and built one, and the results were so good I decided to do a video on it and share that with you guys! So now I will show you how to build a DIY AC Unit at home for under $30. And assembly time is under 20 minutes!


Alright, so the first thing I will do is cover the supplies you will need for the setup. I recommend looking around your house before going out and buying them, as you'll probably already have a lot of them. I also have a DIY AC Unit Package for sale on my website, and the link is at the top of this description. First you will need an Ice Chest or some sort of cooler, and it needs to be large enough to hold a fan on top. You can use either a Styrofoam or plastic, and the larger the ice chest, the more you can lower the temperature.

Next you will need your ducting, which I recommend 4in and something long enough to reach your grow room. Next you'll want a connector for connecting the ducting to the ice chest, and finally you'll need a fan for putting on top of the ice chest. The first step in this process is it stencil and cut out the holes for your ducting connector and fan. I just use a sharpie and outline the parts where I want them. Since I have the styrofoam ice chest, I will be using a basic saw blade to cut these out, but with a plastic ice chest you will need an electric saw of sorts.

Now that everything is cut out, you will want to put it all together. I recommend mounting the fan last as that will make it easier to add ice. You'll want to connect the ducting to your connector once it has been put into the ice chest, and then you can run the ducting into your grow room. Next fill the ice chest with ice and put the lid on. Remember the ice will melt over time so be prepared to have water in there.

Also, be sure to have the Venting hole high up so water doesn't leak through. Now you can put the fan facing into to the ice chest, and turn it on. Start at a medium to low speed just so you can see how it works and get a feel for how low the temp will go. Don't forget to change the ice regularly if you want to keep consistent temperatures and only run as needed.

Alright guys that is everything you need to know on how to build a DIY AC Unit. Remember to check out the link above for a prepackaged unit so all you have to do is assemble. As always, thank you for watching and until next time...

Happy Growing!

Dylan @ GreenBox Grown