View the Week 4 video of the Indoor Grow Series

Hello and welcome to Week 4 of the Indoor Grow Series. This week is a very basic and easy to follow one, as all we will be doing is watering and some slight LST. You will want to continue with misting as well and do that on a daily basis. I would also like to mention that we will be starting the flowering process at the end of week 5 meaning vegetation is almost over! It’s crazy how much you can get these plants to grow in such a short period of time, and by the start of flower they will be much bigger than they are now. Another nice thing, is the cannabis plant will do what is called “stretching” during the flowering phase. And all this means is the plant will continue to grow another third in size during the flowering phase. Alright, now lets go see how these plants are doing here in week 4.

Alright so here we are on day 1 of week 4 and we are going to start with some LST on all the main branches. You’ll see these plants already have about 7 plus tops each, so they are really growing in size quickly. Since the soil is now dry over an inch deep, I am going to give a the plants a plain pH’d watering. During this watering you can see I am giving each plant almost half a gallon total. Then of course once you are done watering, a nice misting will be great for the plants. Also be sure to get the backside of the plants where the back of the tent is.

This is a few days later and you can see the plants are already standing back up and have grown in height a decent amount. You will also notice the branches are very flexible now that i have been training them for some time, and I can really bend them a lot which makes it easier to position them the way I want. As these plants grow in size you should be noticing how busy and low they are staying due to the training we have been using. This is exactly what you want because it creates more tops with even light coverage, meaning much higher yields. With out this training and topping, you would have one tall stem going straight up with a main cola up top and a few small side colas below.

Here we are for this weeks nutrient feeding, and I will be following the Fox Farm Dirty Dozen Week 3 mix on their feeding schedule. You should be mixing at full strength at this point and should be adding half a tsp of coco wet per gallon of water, as well as 1 tsp of cal mag per gallon of water. Stir everything up and then pH accordingly. Again, I like to start at the base and then water all the way around covering the entire topsoil. At this point you should be watering each plant so about 10% drains out the bottom afterwards. Be sure to water a little at a time however, as it takes a few seconds to soak in. Then you can give the plants a pH spray and you are all finished.

Today we are going to lay off of the LST and will just be doing a misting. I like to skip LST for a day once every week or so just so the plants have a time to recover and recuperate from all the stress that goes along with it. You can see these plants are a beautiful green showing they are healthy, and the tops are standing tall. When spraying the plants, make it so the mist is as fine as possible, as that helps the leaves soak in the water. Here we are for the 5th day of the week and the plants have clearly had some significant growth since the beginning of this video. The soil is nice and dry to the point of needing water, so I will be doing a plain pH’d feeding.

Over the grow you will notice the soil starts to compact and push down while exposing some roots and the rock wool cube. This is normal and as I have mentioned in previous videos, all you need to do is add more soil on top to fill that void. Once you are done with the watering give a nice misting and you are all done. I would also like to point out how that branch on the right plant in the back is starting to really take off and grow up above the rest.

This is the last day of week four and I will just be doing a misting today. The plants are really taking off with rapid growth, and they are not showing signs of any deficiencies which means they are really healthy. Alright, so that is the end of week 4, and once you have completed this video you are ready to move on to week 5 in this grow series. As always thank you for watching and until next time,

Happy Growing!