You can now watch Week 3 of the Indoor Grow Series, Below!

What’s up cannabis growers and welcome back for week 3 of the Indoor Cannabis Growing Series by GreenBox Grown!  In this video I will be explaining exactly what you should be doing with your plants this weeks so they are growing properly and in optimal health.  For this week, we will not be doing any topping, but there will still be daily LST on the plants.  We will also be continuing with misting the plants several times each day and will be watering when the soil is ready, so lets go check that out!

Alright so here we are for day one of week 3 and you can see the plants are completely back to their normal green color and are no longer in shock, which is why you see so much growth has happened since the last video.  The soil is still pretty moist so no need to water yet, and I will be continuing the 3 finger LST an all branches of each plant.  Remember to bend slowly and downwards, and you should be bending all the branches out and away from the center of the plant.  This way they are going in different directions and aren't overcrowding each other.  Once you have bent the branch to the point where it isn't standing back up, you can move on to the next one.  I also like to train the younger newer branches right when I first spot them.  This gives you a lot more control of where they grow and makes it so they get used to the training a lot faster making it so they aren't affected by it.

This is the next day, and you can see that the trained branches are standing back up but, they are further outward and away from each other which is what we want.  You can also see it is allowing for more branches to grow up from below as they are no longer hiding in the shadows of the larger branches.  As you can see, this soil is dry enough for a watering, so I will be doing a plain pH’d feeding today with a plain misting as well.  Be gentle when watering of course, and you ill see the soil starts to move away from where the Rock Wool cube is.  That is normal and the soil will compact over time so don't worry about that.  The best solution is to just add more on top.  Just water enough to cover all the top soil and then mist the plants.  Right now I am watering about a quarter gallon per plant.

Here is a quick shot with an aerial view of how much the plants have grown.  You can see they are getting much bushier and taller, but they are also growing several new tops which is exactly what you want!  As we continue to bend these branches outward, more will grow up from the middle, which we will then train outwards as well, and will continue to repeat this cycle.

This is the very next day, and I will be continuing the LST process.  You can see each day, these plants are growing tremendously and they are sprouting new tops left and right!  The soil is clearly dry enough for the next watering, so I will be giving them another plain pH’d feeding and spray.  I would like to not that I am not showing every day of watering and misting for this series, as it would get extremely repetitive and boring very quickly.  It is pretty much the exact same process each time, and when any changes do occur, I will be sure to cover that in the video.  Alright so now that the watering and misting is complete, I will be moving on to some more LST.

This shot is great because you can see the main tops are quickly growing up and away from the base of the plant.  This growth is great, but I want it to be growing more outward instead of up, so I will bend all of these big branches down.  This will make it so more sunlight can penetrate down below on the plant, allowing for more growth in the end!

Now it is time for this weeks nutrient feeding, and I will be following the week 2 mix of the Fox Farm dirty dozen feeding schedule.  I will also be including 1 tsp of cal mag per gallon, and then half a tsp of coco wet per gallon.  Mix everything up and then pH and you are ready to water.  You can begin to increase the amount of water you feed the plants as they get larger in size, and you can see here I have definitely increased the amount i am giving when compared to previous waterings.  Now all you need to do is mist with plain pH’d water and the feeding is complete!

We are now at the second to last day of the week and when comparing these plants to the beginning of this video, it is almost unbelievable how much they have grown!  They have almost doubled in size and have tripled the amount of tops they have.  I am going to continue with the training process as it is clearly working out on these plants, and remember to always train the branches out towards the edge of the pot and away from the middle of the plant.  This provides more space to each top which allows them to grow larger than if they were crowded by other branches.  You can see there are some yellow damaged leaves left on the plant from when it was a clone and when it went through shock.  I recommend pulling these off as they aren't really needed anymore and will slowly die on their own anyways.  

Here is the last day of the week and all I will be doing is providing a plain pHd spray for these plants.  I will hold off on the LST for today as you can see all the branches have not yet stood back up and I want to wait for that to happen.  This rest will be good for the plants anyways and will allow them to recover from all the training I have given them.  That is all for week 3 of the Indoor Grow Series, but once you have completed this video, you are ready to move on to the Week 4 video in this series.  As always, thank you for watching and until next time...


Dylan @ GreenBox Grown