Interview with U.S. Vet who Grows Cannabis at Home!!!

Hello Cannabis Growers, my name is Dylan and welcome back for another episode of GreenBox Grown! Today I will be changing things up a little bit as I am going to be interviewing another Cannabis Grower. His name is Cody Queen and he is a U.S. Vet who served in Both Iraq and Afghanistan and earned 2 purple hearts during his time overseas. Cody has been kind enough to share his story with us today, so lets go check that out!

Question #1. What injuries are you treating with medical marijuana, and how did you sustain those injuries?

During Cody's time overseas, one of his duties was to search for and disarm IED's. Unfortunately, Cody was near an IED when it detonated leaving him with a broken back and several severe brain injuries. Now that Cody is back home in the states, he suffers from chronic pain as well as PTSD in the form of flashbacks to the war. Fortunately, Cody has discovered the medicinal benefits of weed and has been using it with great results!

Question #2. How has Cannabis and the act of Growing helped with your PTSD and Pain?

Since Cody has been smoking weed for medical purposes, he has discovered that strong indica strains bring him the most relief. Whenever he has a flashback from his PTSD or is in a lot of physical pain, Cody smokes a little bit of some strong Indica. He says it instantly relaxes him and stops the flashbacks and other anxieties. He also feels a great amount of relief in his back pain, making it possible for him to move around worry free. Cody also explains that it isn't just smoking the weed that helps, but the act of growing marijuana is actually a very calming and soothing experience for him. It is his favorite hobby and he highly recommends growing to anyone else who is considering getting into it!

Question #3. What's your grow set up, and how many plants are you currently growing?

In the video, Cody gives us a quick tour of his indoor grow room, which he says this is the first time he has grown indoors. Usually he is outside growing in his backyard. He has a medium sized grow tent with 2 autos growing in there and a 600W LED Grow Light. The autoflowers are Northern Lights and he just added a third into the mix.

Questions #4. What is your favorite strain that you've grown and what strain do you someday hope to grow?

Cody's favorite strain that he has grown so far is White Widow, as he said it had very few problems and was very beginner friendly! White widow is also one of his favorite strains to smoke as it gives him significant relief on all injuries he has. For a strain that Cody hopes to grow someday, that would be Sour Diesel, a Sativa dominant strain known for it's potency in THC.

Question #5. If you were to share one tip about growing weed with a beginner, what would it be?

 Cody says the number 1 lesson he has learned from growing cannabis so far, is to be patient. Especially with autoflowers, he said he noticed himself always wanting to harvest too early and wasn't giving the buds enough time to fully develop. He said that once he started waiting for them to fully ripen, not only were they more potent and flavorful, but he was also getting larger yields out of the plants.

Final Question. What's your favorite way to consume cannabis?

When it comes to consuming his harvest, Cody prefers smoking with a pipe or a bubbler! He gets the best taste out of it that way and he really enjoys the high from using a pipe! That is the complete interview, and thank you again to Cody Queen for sharing his story with us! If you are interested in sharing your story, please comment below with your contact info and I will set something up. Until next time, thank you for watching and as always...


Dylan @ GreenBox Grown