New Week by Week SCROG Series:  Transplanting Clones

What’s up Cannabis Growers, My name is Dylan and welcome to the very first video of my GreenHouse SCROG Series!  This will be a 17 week grow which will consist of 8 weeks vegetation and 9 weeks of flower.  I will be growing in my backyard with the Large GreenHouse Starter Kit from the GreenBox Store so you guys can see exactly what that kit is capable of!  The Large Indoor Kit is very comparable to this one as well, but I will be filming a separate grow series for that one.  

In this tent I will be growing 4 Blue Dream Plants from clones I got up in Santa Cruz California, and I will be using a lot of Low Stress Training as well as Topping to get these plant nice and bushy!  Finally, I will be using the Lollipopping technique as well as a SCROG during the Flowering Stage of this grow!  The Plants will be in 7 Gallon Smart Pots with a Coco Coir Perlite Mix, and I will be using the Fox Farm Dirty Dozen Nutrient Line.  The Supplemental lighting is coming from 300w MarsHydro LEDS!  Now that you guys know what to expect from this grow series, lets start by transplanting our clones into the smart pots and give them their first pHd watering and spray!

Alright so here we are with the clones, and you’ll see I’ve already got the smart pots filled up to about an inch from the top of the brim.  Usually I will grow the clones in a solo cup for a week or so first just to get the roots going, but in this grow I'm gonna put them right into the big pots.  I recommend going the solo cup route, especially for you new growers, as it’s much easier to get the plants off to a strong start.  For more info on how to do that visit our Intro to Growing Video Section.

The first thing you’ll want to do is Make a little hole in the very center of the pot for where your plant will be buried.  If in a solo cup you can place it in the center and twist it in a circular motion to make a perfect sized hole.  Now you'll see that most clones come in a rock wool cube like this tan one hear, and then sometimes they will come in a mini pot of soil.  With the rock wool cubes you just bury them into the soil and with the clones that come already in soil, lightly squeeze around the edges and then pull it out of the pot.  You don't want to mess the the roots or soil, so be very gentle and just bury it in the center of the pot.  Now your transplant is complete! 

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Once finished with the transplant, I like to feed the plants with a plain watering pHd at 5.8.  Don't give them too much as their root system is pretty tiny at this point.  Start by watering in a circular motion around the base of the stem about 4 inches out in all directions.  Here I am giving the plants a plain pH’d misting which I will be doing several times each day throughout the entire vegetation part of this grow.  Be sure to mist all the leaves and to get the undersides as well!  Finally, here’s a shot of the 4 blue dream plants all transplanted and in the large greenhouse.  

That is the end of the very first video of the Greenhouse SCROG Series, and next we will be back to do the first bit of topping and low stress training on these plants.  I like to get going right away with them as it speeds up their growth and helps prevent shock later on in the grow.  For the full SCROG Grow Series, please visit and it is listed under the Grow Videos Tab.  As always, thank you for watching and until next time…

Happy Growing!

Dylan @ GreenBox Grown