Week 12 - looking at Trichomes & Final Flush!

Hello and welcome to week 12 of the Indoor Cannabis Grow Series by GreenBox Grown.  This is the final week of the series and will consist of flushing the cannabis.  During this time you may most notice your fan leaves turn yellow and begin drooping severely.  This is normal and is a sign of your plants taking the nitrogen from the fan leaves and pumping it up to the buds for added growth at the very end!  If the leaves are falling off the plant, pull them out of the grow space and throw them away as they can begin to rot and cause problems.  If they are still attached to the plant, there is no need to pull the, off so I recommend just leaving them.

Here we are for day 1 of the week, and you can see the buds are finishing up very well.  They are really dense and full, plus there are lots of trichomes covering the buds.  The soil is pretty dry, so I’ll be feeding plain pH’d water to the plants.  Now that we are flushing, you want to give extra water to the plants so you can do just that. Flush all of the nutrients that were left behind ins the soil and plants, and get it out of there.  Flushing is very important because first off it isn't healthy to smoke bud that still has fertilizer left in it.  And second, the taste and smoothness of the smoke is a million times better when properly flushed!

When smoking your cannabis after being cured, you can tell if you flushed it enough by the color of the ash after are have finished smoking it.  If the ash turns black, that means the bud wasn't flushed enough.  If the ash turns white, you did a great job and your plants were completely flushed!

Here we are a few days later, and the buds have grown even larger since the last shot in this video.  Today I will be giving them a sledge hammer flush from fox farms, and will mix 2 tsp per gallon of water.  This flushing agent helps dissolve and remove the nutrients left behind, making it that much more affective.  You will also want to pH this mix after string, but no coco wet is required.  Water till you get about 20% run off out of the bottom of each plant so you can really flush everything out.  Since we are doing such large waterings, it is important to wait until the soil is truly dry enough to be watered.  This means waiting until it is dry about an inch or more deep.  Once that happens you are ready to water.

A few more days later and these guys are ready for their next pH’d watering.  Before I do that, I want to give you guys a look at the buds real quick.  They are looking really nice and just about readyto be harvested, Just a few more days to go.  This time when you're watering only try to get 10% runoff from each plant as you do not need to soak as much.  

This is the final day of the grow as I have just looked at the trichomes with my macro lens and they are right where I want them to be!  Once you have reached this stage of your grow, you are ready to harvest your plants and hang them fro drying!  Visit the link below to watch out Harvest and Curing video series for step by step instruction on how to do all of that.  As always, thank you for watching and until next time...

Happy Growing!

Dylan @ GreenBox Grown