Week 6 of Flower for the Indoor Grow Series

What’s up cannabis growers and welcome back for Week 11 of the Indoor series by GreenBox Grown!  Today will be the last week I feed these plants nutrients, as I will be starting their flush at the end of this week.  I like to flush for around 1-2 weeks but I’ll go into more details on that in the next video of this series.  For now I will focus on finishing up these buds, and I will also be checking the trichomes later in this video so you can have an idea of what they are looking like.  It is important to realize that with a flush, you need know how to properly time when to start it, so that the flush finishes right when the buds are ready for harvest.  And that will be covered in this video as well, so lets get started.

This shot is to just give you an idea of how far the buds have come since last week.  You can see they are way more dense and a lot fuller, running most of the length of the branch.  Also, when you get up close you can see they are becoming very dense with trichomes, which causes them to look frosty!  These plants definitely are not ready for water so I will hold off on that for now, but be sure to constantly check as you don't want too wait to long and dry your buds up.

1 day later and you can see the buds have grown some since yesterday.  The hairs are starting to turn orange and they are curling in towards the bud.  This of course is a sign of maturity and that they are getting closer to being finished.  And the soil is clearly dry so I am going to give the these plants their final nutrient feeding.

Alright, so I will be mixing the week 9 mix of the fox farm dirty dozen schedule, and will be adding 1 tsp of cal mag + half a tsp of coco wet per gallon of water.  After pH ing the mix, be sure to water each plant very thoroughly as it will be the last time they get any nutrients.  Be sure to get about 15% runoff out of the pot before you finish the watering.

Another day later, and the buds are even bigger.  I will give you a shot of the plants with the lights off so you can get a better idea of how they really look.  You can see the hairs are actually orange now instead of white, and it’s easier to see the trichomes on the plant in this lighting as well.  

You can see how the buds that are up higher are receiving more light and in return have grownlarger than the rest of the buds.  That’s why it is so important to try and keep all tops at the same height because that way they all receive the same amount of light.  Using a SCROG can make it much easier to accomplish this goal.  Now the soil is ready to be watered so I will be doing a plain pH’d watering.  Since I watered the last mix of nutrients already, that means we have officially begun flushing these pants with every watering from here on out!  So be sure to give a little extra for each plant to help really clear everything out!

Here is another look at the buds under the purple LED light, and you can tell there is yet again more growth since the previous day.  The soil is still damp so no need for a watering, but since we are starting the flush lets have a look at the trichomes, just to make sure we are on time with everything!  I recommend turning the purple lights off as you will have an easier time assessing the trichomes without it.  Be sure to watch our full video on trichomes and when to harvest as it goes into more detail, but I prefer to have about 20% amber trichomes, so I start my flush when there is about 5% trichomes.  This seems to be the perfect starting point for them to be at 20% amber by the end of flush.

Alright so I have my macro sense on my iPhone and now I am going to take a closer peek at the buds.  Remember to only look at the trichomes on buds and not sugar leaves as the buds are what will tell you when to harvest best.  Sugar leaves turn amber much sooner than the buds do.   So on these buds you can tell they are all milky and have very few turning amber.  That’s okay as I want to have less than 20% amber when finished so these buds are at a great position for starting flush.  Also, you can extend flush by a few days or so if need be so you can reach the level of amber that you want.  You'll alsowant to look over several different sections of the buds just so you can get an idea of where everything is in terms of development.

Now I’ll put the LED back on and that concludes this weeks video for the indoor grow series.  Once you have completed this video, you are ready to move on to the final video in this series which is week 12!  This will be the complete explanation of flushing your plants, and can be extended to more than a week or 2 if need be.  Until next time, thank you for watching and as always...