We are getting close to Harvest!

What’s up cannabis growers and welcome back for week 10 of the Indoor Grow Series by GreenBox Grown.  This is now officially the 5th week of flower, and at the end of next week I will begin the flushing process of these plants.  Some plants may not be ready for flushing by this time, so if that is the case, just repeat This weeks process until they are at the point of being ready.  It is also important that you begin looking at your trichomes with a magnified device during this week so you can see exactly where your plants are in growth.  We have a video under the “Intro to Cannabis Growing” section that shows you exactly how to look at your trichomes and how to know if they are ready or not.  Once you have watched that video you will know how to gauge your plants and when they are ready to start the flushing process.  Just make sure to start keeping an eye on your trichomes by the start of this week.  

This is day one of the week and you can see the white hairs are starting to slightly grow orange and some are beginning to curl inwards, which is just a sign of them maturing.  The strings and stakes are holding them all up perfectly, so it looks like their growth is back to full speed and there are no signs of stress.  The soil is looking pretty dry so I'll give these guys a good ph’d watering.  You’ll notice I have some of these stakes stuck into the soil here, and if you do this be very careful not to damage the roots.  When putting the stake in, stay on the very outside of the pot as that’s where less roots will be.  And slowly push the stake in so you aren't moving the dirt around in an aggressive manner.  Once you get about 15% runoff you are done watering.

A day later and I want to show you guys how the buds look up close so you can see what they different stages of maturity look like.  Here you can see the hairs on this bud are turning orange and aren't sticking out so straight like before.  That is one of the key signs of maturity, and it you look closer you will notice lots of trichomes growing on the buds as well as on the leaves sticking out of the buds.  It will look like sugar sprinkled on your buds and is exactly what you want them to be growing as it contains the THC. 

Now you can see the buds are really starting to fatten up and some are even casting a shadow over the others because they are so large.  The soil has dried up again so I will be feeding another plain pH’d watering.  Really soak all of the topsoil on each plant and then let it soak in before watering some more.  You want to also make sure you're humidity levels are low enough in the grow space during this time, now that your buds are getting bigger.  This is important because as they get larger they become more susceptible to mold, and in a moist environment it is bound to happen.  So keep the humidity in the 50-55% range and you will be ok.  Also keep the temp as close to 75 degrees F to help keep bud growth consistent.

Day six of the week and the buds are doing really well.  Here is a close up of the Lemon Banana Sherbet I believe, and it is hard to tell from this shot, but the buds are extremely frosty and covered with trichomes!  There are also starting to smell really strong and potent, and look really dense.  These other buds are smelling great as well and are developing just as nicely as the other plant.  Underneath you can see this branch didn't develop much of anything but that is expected as the whole length of it was covered from the light.  

Here we are for the last day of week 10 and once again the buds have grown in size over night!  The soil is pretty dry so I am going to do another plain pH’d watering.  That is all for this weeks video, and once your plants have reached this point, you are ready to move on to week 11 of the Indoor Grow Series.  That is the final week and will include you flushing out your plants and checking on the trichomes, but I’ll save all the details for that video!  Until then, thank you for watching and as always...


Dylan @ GreenBox Grown