Check out Week 4 of Flower for the Indoor Grow Series!

Hello and welcome back for Week 9 of the Indoor Grow Series by GreenBox Grown.  Now that we are at the beginning of the 4th week of flower, you should be seeing a substantially sized bud growing on all of your branches.  There will still be white hairs standing straight up, but some may be curling inwards already.  You should also notice the buds are starting to consume the leaves as they fatten up and grow!  This week I will be doing a sledge hammer flush on these plants, and I will also so you how to use plant stakes and string to hold up branches that are falling over due to the weight of the growing buds!

Alright so here is a good look at the buds without the purple LED on, just so you can get an idea of what they really look like.  You can see the buds are still mostly made up of white pistils, but there is a lot more size to them and you can see the trichomes growing as well.  Since the soil is dry an inch deep, I will be giving the plants a plain pHd watering.  Even though we are not experiencing much vegetative growth, these plants still need plenty of water to help with fattening up those buds up above!  Make sure to get some drainage out of the bottom, and any leaves that are dying and curling up like this can be pulled off and disposed of outside your grow space.  This just happens because they are not getting any light due to being directly under the thick canopy.

Now lets take a look at the buds under neath the Purple LED light.  Unfortunately you aren't in this grow room, as the smell is very citrusy and becoming really potent!  As the flowering stage goes on you can see the buds start to over take the branches and the leaves tend to almost disappear into them!  Some of these main tops are already connecting their buds from the top all the way down which is a sign of a large yield! 

Now it is time for the sledge hammer flush, but first let me give you guys a quick look at the buds.  You can see here, some of the branches are starting to fall over, which is due to one of 2 reasons.  First, buds are getting so heavy the branch cannot hold their weight and is falling over.  Second, there isn't enough lighting and there fore the branches are growing weak and falling over because of their own weight.  In this case I believe it is due to the weight of the buds and there for will be using stakes and string later on in this video to help stabilize the branches.  If it is due to a lack of lighting, just add another light of the same strength and you'll be good to go.

Now I am going to mix the Sledge hammer flush by Fox Farm and will be doing 2 tsp per gallon plus half a tsp of coco wet per gallon.  Then stir and pH andyou are good to water.  I’m giving each plant a little over half a gallon for this watering so they can really get the left over notes flush out.  This flush is done in the middle of flower just to prevent too much of a build up in the soil and plant, so that when harvest is near and it is time to do the final flush, it wont take forever and a day to complete the process.

Ok, this falling over has gotten severe enough, so I will be speaking the buds back upright in this shot.  All you will need to to this is some stakes like these which you can get at a gardening sore or on the greenbox grown supply store.  When Staking the branches, be very gentle with the buds as you don't want to harm or damage any of them.  Try to have the stake only touch the plant in places where there isn't bud growing if possible.  If you cant that’s ok just be very gentle.

This shot shows how they look after adding the stakes, and you can see I reached my goal which was to have all the branches standing back up s the buds are right under the lights!  It’s also a good idea to take advantage of this opportunity to space your tops out, which is something I like to do.  When staking them just make sure to leave an even amount of space so the buds can grow big and fat.

Here we are a day after adding the stakes, and everything is looking back to normal.  The buds are still filling out and growing in size which is what we want in the end anyways.  You can also se I tied strings to the top of a lot of these branches and pulled them up by the frame of the tent.  This was to help stand them straight up in order to absorb the most amount of light possible.  This seems to be helping and the buds are getting noticeably bigger by the day.

The soil is dry and the plants are ready for their nutrient feeding of the week.  I will be following the week 8 mix of the fox farm dirty dozen feeding chart and will be adding 1 tsp of cal mag plus half a tsp of coco wet.  After mixing everything together, I will pH to 5.8 and water.  Really try and get at least 20% runoff out of the bottom for these feeding, to help the plants grow their buds.  Once you have gotten the proper amount of runoff you are all finished.  That also concludes the end of Week 9 of the Indoor Grow Series.  Now that you have finished this video you are ready to move on to week 10.  As always, thank you for watching and until next time…


Dylan @ GreenBox Grown