Watch Week 8 of the Indoor Grow Series Below!

Hello and welcome back for week 8 of the Indoor Grow Series by GreenBox Grown.  This is also the third week of flower so bud growth should really start to take off during the course of this week.  I would also like to point out that I switched the small LED and put it on the other side of the tent to try and even out growth.  I didn't want these branches on the right to get any taller or they may not receive enough light to truly develop their buds.  Looking at these buds however, you can really notice they are already filling out and getting bigger by the day.


Alright so here we are for day one and the soil is dry enough for the next watering, so I will be giving a plain pH’d feeding.  These plants should still be getting in the range of half a gallon each and you want to have some runoff out the bottom as well.  Getting runoff out the bottom is important because it shows you have gotten the whole root zone wet, and you are also flushing out what was left behind in the soil from the last watering.


One day later, and again the buds look even bigger.  They are starting to form that round shape at the top just like a cola, and they seem to be growing towards the other bud sites on the branch so they will eventually connect.  You might be able to tell at this point that vegetative growth is really slowing down as the plant is channeling all of its energy to bud growth.  The bud sites are a white and yellowish color and you should really start to be able to smell it from standing nearby.


The soil is clearly dry so I will be doing the next plain pH’d watering.  It is important to not wait too long for the watering during flower as that will cause stress on the buds and slow their growth.   Always make sure to water on timeand to give each plant the right amount.


A few days later and bud growth is really taking off.  The fan leaves are really starting to get more and more skinny as the buds take over the plant.  Today will be a nutrient feeding, and I will be following the Week 7 mix of the fox farms dry dozen.  I will also be adding a tsp of cal mag and half a tsp of coco wet per gallon of water in this mix.  Then I will pH everything after string and it’s all ready to water.  I’m getting a really even watering all around so I don't miss any of the roots and all of the plant is able to drink.


This is the second to last day of the week and you should able to notice the buds are not made up of just white pistils, but they also are starting to grow dense bud as well.  You may also notice some trichomes beginning to form on the leaves closest to the bud sites.  These will eventually become what are referred to as sugar leaves, and will be covered with trichomes!   


Here we are for the last day of week 8 and I want to give you some close ups on the different buds.  The smell is really starting to become potent in this grow room and they are giving off a very citrusy smell!  The soil is dry an inch deep so I am going to do the final pH watering of this week.  Don't forget to soak the rock wool cube in the center if it is sticking above grown like the one on his plant on the left. 

That concludes week 8 of the Indoor grow series, and once you are finished with this video you can move on to week 9 for the middle of flower phase.  Until then, thank you for watching and as always...


Dylan @ GreenBox Grown