Week 7 of Indoor Cannabis Grow now Live!

What’s up cannabis growers and welcome back for Week 7 of the Indoor Grow Series by GreenBox Grown.  This is also the second week of Flower, which means by the end of this week you would be past the transitional phase and will start to see some significant bud growth!  At the end of this weeks video you will also see these plants have changed noticeable and will have the first stage of bud growth.  At this point you should be able to tell a difference in your plants, especially at the center of the tops and down the length of the main branches. 

Here is the second day of week 7 and you can see the buds a little more easily under the LED light.  They look more yellow and stand out a lot better.  For only being a week into flower, this is some significant growth already.  The buds are now showing their first pistils, but they are also growing all the way down the branch meaning there will be lots of bud!  

Today I will also be doing this weeks nutrient feeding and will be giving the week 6 mix on the Fox Farm Dirty Dozen Schedule.  Now that we are in flower, the schedule will focus more on nutrients that help with bud growth and taste.  Next I will add half a tsp of coco wet, then I will stir and pH accordingly.  Now you are ready to water.  I recommend about a half gallon per plant at this size each watering, but don't feed it all at once.  Water each plant a little at a time so the other has time to soak up what you just feed it.

This is the very next day and it’s obvious from this shot, the plants are still growing upwards a decent amount.  The buds are really starting to develop as well and you can see little pods of them running up and down all of the main branches.  You may be able to notice some smell at this point but only if you get up close or rub your finger on one of the bud sites.  You can also see all of the fan leaves are looking very healthy which is great and shows no signs of stress on the buds.

One more day later and I want to show you the progress while under the LED lighting.  This branch on the right is almost touching the light, and the rest are growing in height as well.  Here is a close up on the bud really quick so you can see all the white pistils standing up.  These ones have buds growing almost all the way to the base of each stem, so that is another sign of healthy thriving plants.  The soil is clearly ready for a feeding, so I will do a plain pH’d water.  Remember to no longer spray the plants.  Give each one enough water so there is 10-15% runoff and you are good to go!  You’ll notice it takes a little more water each time you feed, but that is perfectly normal and just means your plants are growing big and strong!

This is the second to last day in week 7 and now the buds are really starting to take off.  they look like little fuzzy balls at the centers of each branch, but pretty soon they will be massive dense buds that are densely covered in trichomes.   The soil is still wet from yesterdays watering, so I will hold off for now.

This is the last day of the week and we have some noticeable change from yesterday.  The buds look a little more full with white hairs, and the branches have grown a little taller.  Next week will be a very exciting one as you will start to see drastic changes in your buds during that time.  That is the end of week 7 of the Indoor Grow Series, but once you have completed this video you are ready to move on to week 8.  As always, thank you for watching and until next time...


Dylan @ GreenBox Grown