View Week 6 of the Indoor Grow Series below!

Hello and welcome back for week 6 of the Indoor Cannabis Growing Series.  Today is officially the first day of flower for these plants, and that requires a couple of changes in the grow room.  The first and most important is the lighting schedule, as your plants will now only need 12 hours of light and 12 hours of total darkness each day.  So be sure to switch you light time if you have one.  You will also want to lower the humidity into the range of 50% as this will help prevent issues like bud rot and powdery mildew.  Another difference during the flowering phase is you will be feeding your plants a different set of nutrients which will be geared towards bud growth and flavor!  Also as a heads up, the first week to two weeks is considered pre flower, which is more of a transitional period for the plant.  You will see some changes during this period but don't expect to have huge buds right away.

Here we are for the first day of the week and I want you guys to see how the branches that were directly under this additional LED are much taller than the rest.  That shows how big a difference some extra lighting can make in a grow room.  I would also like to mention now that you are in flower, you should completely stop with misting your plants.  You can continue a little here and there for the first week or so of flower, but I prefer to stop right away.  Misting can cause bud rot as well as other issues with the buds so there is no need to continue on.  

Alright so this is going to be the first nutrient feeding of flower and will be week 5 on thefeeding schedule!  I will still be adding my 1/2 tsp of coco wet as well as my tsp of Cal Mag per gallon of water.  Now that you are in flower be sure to really give your plants a good watering.    Be sure to get around 15% drainage after each watering so you know they are really getting a good soaking.

Here we are for the next day, and I want to show you guys how the plants are already changing over into flower mode.  It's a slight one, but if you look you will notice at the center of every top a pistil has sprouted up.  It is also clear the plant are still growing in height as well.

This shot is under the LED light, and you can see in this close up there are some more white pistils growing out of the center of every top.  These are the very first parts of your baby buds and pretty soon there will be tons of them all over.  You should also notice that that the further into glower you get, the more narrow the fingers on your fan leaves get.  

The soil is dry enough for a feeding so I will be giving the plants plain pHd water.  Always remember to cover all over the tt op soil so you aren't just watering in one place.  The plant has roots through out the whole width of the pot at this point, so it’s important to feed them all!  Looking in close, you should also be noticing white pistils growing out from lower parts of the branches.   

This is the last day of week 6 and you can see the centers of the tops are turning a slight yellow color which is supposed to happen as it’s just a sign of flower.  The change is still only slight since we are still in pre flower, but after next week your buds will start showing noticeable growth from each day to the next.  

Since the soil is dry I’m going to do another pHd watering.  I really like to spread out my nutrient feedings by at least 2 plain pH’d waterings, but I usually will go with 3.  If you are noticing signs of nutrient burn go 5 waterings with out nutrients to flush them out.  Then you can start again with a lighter dose.  That is all I have for this weeks video, but before I go I would like to mention one thing.  During Flower it is crucial that you keep your plants in optimal health as any form of stress will reduce the growth in buds.  Once you have finished this video, you are ready to watch week 7 of this grow series which is also the second week of flower.  As always thank you for watching and until next time...


Dylan @ GreenBox Grown