The next video of the Indoor Grow Series is now officially released

What’s up cannabis growers, and welcome back for week 5 of the Indoor Cannabis Grow Series by GreenBox Grown.  This week is actually the last week of the vegetation phase for these plants, and I will be switching them to flower on the first day of week 6.  So what that means for this week is we will no longer be doing LST or any sort of training on these plants.  The reason is we want the plant to recover from any sort of stress it may be in before the start of flower.  Now, everything we do is going to be focused around growing big and healthy buds!  Also, don’t worry about switching your grow set up for flower, as it is very simple and will be explained in next weeks video, which is week 6 in this series.  Finally, we will be flushing these plants with the Fox Farm Sledgehammer mix.  Now lets go check that out.

Looking from above, you can see just how much these plants have grown in the last few days and they are clearly in great health.  So since the soil has dried up I am going to give these plants their next nutrient feeding.  I’ll be mixing the week 4 solution here on this chartwith an added tsp of cal mag and 1/2 a tsp of coco wet.  This will be the last nutrient feeding before flower, so be sure to give each plant a good soaking!  Again you should water each plant, let them sit for 10 seconds and then water again.  Once you have completed the watering, give each plant a good misting of plain pH’d water and you’re all done.


Again looking from the top, you can see how many different tops these plants have, and you can see how they each have their own space for growing.  There isn't any overcrowding going on which is great for when the buds come in, and the tops will all be getting equal amounts of light which will help grow dense nugs!  After checking, the soil is clearly still too wet for a watering, so I’ll just be doing a pH’d misting.


Here’s a shot of the plants with the LED light on, and you can really get a sense of how bushy they are due to all the training.  Within a few weeks time all of these branches will be budding with white pistils and will be giving off a nice potent smell.  These plants are still not ready for a watering so I will just mist.


 This is the second to last day of the week, and the plants are starting to get some more good vertical growth.  We want this as the longer branches will grow bigger buds.  After checking the soil, it is clear these plants are ready for a watering, so I am going to give them the sledge hammer flushing.  All you need is 2 table spoons of sledge hammer per gallon of water as well as half a tsp of coco wet.  After string and pH’ing the mix, water each plant until about 20% comes out the bottom.  This process is really important as you want to really flush out the soil and plants so they can have a fresh start to flower.  Remember, this is the last week of veg so next week they will begin the budding process.  Once you have thoroughly flushed each plant, all you need to do is mist them and you are all done.  


This is the last day of week 5 and all I will be doing is misting these plants, but before I go I would like to mention this.  If you are looking to grow larger plants than what I have hear, all you need to do is repeat the process of Week 4 in this series until they are at the size you want.  At that point all you need to start flower, is go to week 6 in this series and pick up right where you left off.  You’ll also want to progress through the feeding schedule each week, so you aren’t just repeating the week 4 mix each time. 

Alright so that is all I have for this weeks video which means that is officially the end of the Vegetation stage.  Once you are ready to begin flower, just head over to the next video in this series and you will be good to go!  Until then, thank you for watching and as always...

Happy Growing!

Dylan @ GreenBox Grown