Week 2 of the Indoor Grow Series is Now Available!

Hello and welcome back for week 2 of the indoor cannabis grow series by GreenBox Grown.  This week will include our first topping of the plants as well as the week 2 nutrient feeding.  There will also be some Low Stress Training, which is more commonly referred to as LST.  You should also notice your plants are coming out of shock at this point and will begin growing at a more noticeable pace.  Alright, now lets get started!

Here we are for day one of the week, and I will be performing the first topping for each of these plants now.  So first you will need a pair of trimmers that are sharp and have been sterilized.  That is very important as you do not want to infect your plants and have them die early on.  And what you’re going to want to do is find the very top node on your cannabis plant, and you are going to cut it right where it meets the main stem of the plant.  For a more in-depth video on how to top your cannabis plants, please visit our “Intro to Cannabis Growing” Video Section.

Ok now I will top this plant.  Now some plants will have multiple tops at this point, and you can top all of them at the same time for best results.  Over the next couple of days you will notice significant growth coming out of the area you cut, and it should be in the form of 2 new branches.  I will also top down here as this plant has another main stem.  It’s always a good idea to give the plant a good misting after topping it, so it can stay hydrated and the leaves can stay healthy during this time of shock.

Ok this is the very next day and you can already so some massive growth coming from the areas that were topped.  You will also see I am starting to bend these side branches down and outwards, which is referred to as LST or low stress training.  This will help those branches reach more light and therefore they will grow larger.  Now I am going to top this other plant as I did not do so the day before.  Here is a great shot up close on the top and where we will be cutting it.  You want to be sure to cut right at the base there and not too high above the stem.

Now I will cut the top, and you can see here in my hand it has stayed together and didn't fall apart, which means I cut it right at the base.  It you cut it too high you will know because this bunch of leaves will fall apart as they are being held together by the base.  This little guy also has a second top, so I will cut that one as well, and then just like the previous day I will spray these plants with plain pH’d water.

Here we are one more day later and I want to give you guys a quick close up of where the plants were topped.  You can see there is already new growth coming up from the sides in the form of two separate branches!  So now that the plants have been topped, it is time to add in our second bit of training, which will be LST.  So what I am going to do is take my thumb, pointer and middle fingers and will be begin bending the main branches of the cannabis plants over!  Make sure to have your thumb on the bottom of the branch with you other 2 fingers on top while bending.  This helps with preventing any damage to the plant and from over bending it.  You'll want to start slowly, and work your way up to bending the plant completely over.  Trying to push it too far right off the bat will cause severe damage. 

Alright, here we are another day later, and the plants are ready for their next watering, which will be plain pHd water.  Remember to check the soil each day to see if it is ready for watering, and you will know it is once it is dry at least an inch deep.  Gently pour the water around the base of the plant until all the top soil has been covered, and then give each plant a good missing!  You are all done.

In this shot you can see the plants started to stand back up a little bit after our last 3 finger LST bending.  So what I am going to do is start bending them some more and from several different spots up the main stem.  You really want to get them to stay bent over almost completely in half, without causing any damage.  The more bent they stay, the more rapid their growth will be and they will grow more main tops.

Now you can see they are staying more bent over and aren't standing all the way back up!  From doing this the other day, you can already see the lower branches are growing much more quickly and are starting to become main branches themselves.  The idea behind all of this topping and training is to cause the plants to grow faster as well as to grow more tops.  More tops mean more bud in the end, so this is all about increasing yields!  You can also grow a shorter bushy shaped plant this way, making it easier to grow in a small space while still getting great yields.

This guys will be getting another misting of plain pH’d water here, and you can see these plants are really starting to take off!  The main branches have grown back upwards with that bend still in them, which is exactly what you want as it will expose more of the plant to light.  Be sure to keep misting your plants every day, and even a couple of times each day.

Now it is time for the nutrient feed of this week.  I have checked the soil and it is plenty dry for the next watering.  You an see these plants suffered some shock at first but they are coming out of it and starting to get back to that normal green color they are supposed to be.  Alight, so I will be following the week 1 mix here since I did the seedlings and cuttings mix last week.  Remember to add you coco wet after the nutrients, stir and then pH.  You will also be misting the plants today with plain pHd water.  Since this is one of the earlier nutrient feedings, you don't want to give to much, but be sure there is enough to cover all the top soil.  Now I will mist the plants, and the nutrient feeding is complete.

Here is the last day of week 2 and you can see this plant is really getting bushy growth.  These 2 new branches up top are from the topping, and they already have grown significantly.  I have been using a little LST every day on all the branches, just to keep them from growing back up. I also like to bend the new branches as they come in, so they get used to the idea of growing out.  Alright cannabis growers, that concludes week 2 of the indoor grow series, but once you have completed this video you are ready to move onto week 3!  As always, thank you for watching and until next time...


Dylan @ GreenBox Grown