Dry Trim and Cure your Buds to Perfection!!!

Hello and welcome back for another episode of GreenBox Grown! Today I will be covering the trimming process for marijuana buds and I will show you how to properly cure your buds as well. In previous videos I have mentioned doing what is called a "Wet Trim" which refers to trimming the cannabis buds before you dry them. For this most recent harvest of mine, I did what is referred to as a "Dry Trim" and all that means is I trimmed the buds after hang drying them. This was actually the first time a did a Dry Trim, but I must admit it was much easier than a wet trim. Now with dry trimming, you will notice that a lot of the leaves will just break off right from contact, if you have dried them long enough, and will make the whole process much easier since you don't have to trim off each individual leaf!

Once you have trimmed all the buds to your liking, it is time to begin the curing process. Curing is actually one of the easier parts of the harvesting process and only requires 2 supplies. First you will need mason jars for putting the buds into, and second I highly recommend using humidipaks to regulate humidity levels in the mason jar. I use the Boveda Humidipaks and they are great at preventing mold and creating the perfect environment for curing cannabis. They also help for long term storage. I also recommend using the quart sized mason jars as they are the perfect size for curing an ounce of dried cannabis. Now all you have to do is trim the buds off of the main stalk they are attached to and put them in the jars with a humidipak in the middle.

The final step in the curing process is to open the jars up once every 24 hours. for the first week you will leave the lid off for 30 minutes each time, and then 20 minutes for the next 3-4 weeks. After that it is up to you if you want to continue with curing your marijuana. It is important to note that the curing process helps tremendously with bringing out the best flavors and smoothness of your cannabis buds. It also helps make them really dense and tight opposed to airy.

That is all I have for this video, but before I go I would like to mention one more thing. Once you have reached the beginning of the curing process, your bud is ready to be smoked. If you can resist and hold off, it is best to wait until after a few weeks of curing. But if you really want to try out your homegrown marijuana, that is the point where you can start to smoke it. You will also be able to see how the quality of the smoke increases as you get further into the curing process.

Also be on the look out for my next video which will be released later this week, as I will be reviewing Rosineer Rosin Press I recently picked up from Amazon. Until then, thank you for watching and...

Happy Growing!!!

Dylan @ GreenBox Grown