Harvesting my Cannabis Plants!!!

Hello and Welcome back for another episode of GreenBox Grown! Today I will walk you guys through the harvest of my basic medical cannabis grow, which of course was homegrown. When I say "Basic" Cannabis Grow, I am referring to the video series I have been doing as of late, which has covered a cannabis grow with very minimal training to the plants and a shorter vegetation period. For example, I only topped these plants a couple times, and used very minimal LST. For the Pre-98 Bubba plant in the video, I only gave that plant 3-4 weeks of vegetation, which is less than usual.

So the first thing I want to do is show you the different plants I will be harvesting. For the indoor grow tent, I am harvest 1 lemon banana sherbet plant and 1 double tangie banana plant. For the Greenhouse I have outside, there is 1 chocolate hashberry plant, 1 pre-98 bubba plant, and 1 coco monkey balls plant. Before you can harvest your cannabis plants, you must first determine if they are ready, which is done by looking at the trichomes under a lens. I like to harvest my plants once all the trichomes have turned milky, with around 10-15% of them amber. The window for harvest begins at 100% milky trichomes and stops once they become 100% amber, so you want to harvest somewhere in the middle. Where is up to your preference and the type of high you would like to get. For more details on that, you can visit my video about Looking at Trichomes on Cannabis Plants.

Now that I have determined these plants are ready for harvest, it is time to get all your supplies ready. You will need trimmers and a regular pair of scissors. String for hanging the buds from, tape for strain labeling, gloves for keeping the resin off your fingers, and a few other optional supplies. Once you have everything ready, it is time to harvest! I start my harvest by chopping down each branch one by one and putting them into a trash bag for transporting to my trimming table. I put different strains in their own bags to keep order of which is which. Once you have chopped down all the branches, you can remove all fan leaves from the buds. This makes things much easier for trimming.

Now that you are ready to trim, all you need is a tray that will collect the sugar leaves you trim off, your latex gloves, and trimming scissors. You will notice a gooey gunk that builds up on your scissors and gloves after awhile of trimming. This is called scissor hash and can be smoked, so be sure to scrape it off and save for later! To trim, I like to start with the scissors facing vertically to the bud so I can do a quick trim of all the really large sugar leaves, them I turn the scissors to be perpendicular to the buds making it easy to get a more precise trim. Once the buds have been trimmed up, you can hang them from a string to dry.

I use the same tent I grew in as the drying room. It is important to clean everything out first however, so there are no issues with the buds when they dry. Also be sure to keep some fans going so there is air movement in the dry room, and be sure to keep the humidity low. After 3-7 days, you buds will be finished drying and you can then move on to the curing part of this process, which will be explained in my next video. You can tell when the buds are done drying by bending the smaller stems on the branch. If the stem simply folds over it is not ready, but if the stem snaps or makes a cracking sound when bending, then it is ready to go into the mason jar for curing!

That is all I have for now, but like I mentioned above, stay tuned for my video coming soon which will cover the curing process for these buds! Until then, thank you for watching and...


Dylan @ GreenBox Grown