Your first Nutrient Feeding

In this video I explain when you should give your cannabis seedlings their first nutrient feeding. I also demonstrate how to mix the nutrients at the appropriate strength and pH level for seedlings.

The first and most important step in this process is knowing exactly the right time to feed your seedlings their first bit of nutrients. If you do it too soon it could damage the plants and if you wait too late, the plants might exhibit some deficiencies. The best time to give the first nutrient feeding is when your plant has 3 nodes or 3 sets of fan leaves. At this point the plant can handle a low dosage of nutes. 

I always start with 1/4 strength of what the feeding chart recommends for the first feeding. So if the chart calls for 1 Tsp of CalMag per gallon, I'll do 1/4 Tsp per gallon instead. Once it is time for the next nutrient feeding, I'll do 1/2 strength, then 3/4 strength, until finally I am doing full strength for the rest of the grow.

Once you have added and mixed your nutrients and coco wet ( if growing in coco based medium), you will want to pH your mix. This is crucial, and the desired pH will vary depending on the growing medium you use. In a coco based medium I pH to 5.8 and that works really well. 

Now that you have your nutrients prepared, it is time to feed the plants! Be sure to gently water so you do not move the soil around and disrupt the roots. Water a little bit at a time and stop once 20% starts pouring out of the bottom. At that point you have completed the watering. Also be sure to water all around the plant so that you cover all areas of your growing medium. 

And that is all you need to know about giving your cannabis seedlings their first nutrient feeding. Remember to only provide nutrients once every 2-3 waterings, and you will be able to grow a perfectly healthy and massive cannabis plant! 

As always, thank you for watching and until next time...

Happy Growing!!!

Dylan @ GreenBox Grown