Live Chat & Extracts Video section Now Live!!!

What's up cannabis growers, my name is Dylan and welcome back for another episode of GreenBox Grown! Today is going to be a quick update as I am going to share 2 new features that were just uploaded to the GreenBox Grown website. These features include Live Chat, as well as a new How To Videos section for Making Extracts!

The first new feature on the GreenBox Grown website I would like to cover is Live Chat, and what this does is allows you to connect with me from the website for a live conversation! Once on the greenbox grown homepage, you will notice a circular icon in the bottom righthand corner of the screen, with a chat icon in the middle.  

All you need to do is press this button and a chat window will open up. Enter your name and email address and you will then be chatting directly with me right there! This chat is available 24/7 so please don't be shy, and ask all the questions you have!

This feature is available on both mobile and desktop, and is a great tool for anyone who has an urgent question they need to get answered right away. Whether it is for cannabis growing or a question about our starter kits and supplies, do not hesitate to ask as I am always more than happy to help!

The next feature I am introducing to the greenbox grown website today is the "How to Make Extracts" video section. Just as the title implies, this section is all about showing you how to turn your homegrown bud and trim into top quality concentrates!  

This includes making everything from dry sift hash and Ice water hash, to pressing rosin! At the bottom of this page you will also see we have an extracts supply section full of all the tools you could ever need for your concentrate making! There will be new videos frequently uploaded to this section, so be on the lookout for new tips and tricks for making top shelf extracts at home!

Alright guys, so that is all I have to share about these 2 new awesome features on the GreenBox Grown website! If you enjoyed the video, please give us a thumbs up and comment below with your feedback. Also, don't forget to subscribe to our channel! Until next time, thank you for watching and as always...


Dylan @ GreenBox Grown